Reverend Insanity
511 Dark Vortex and Cloud Whirlpool
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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511 Dark Vortex and Cloud Whirlpool

Chapter 511: Dark Vortex and Cloud Whirlpool
Translator: ChibiGeneral Editor: ChibiGeneral

At Dong Fang Yu Liang's words, E Xuan Ming, Jiang Wan Shan and Wan Xin glanced at each other before nodding and activating their Gu.

Rank three, djinn heart Gu, to enhance the spirit.

Rank two, heart sound Gu, to strengthen the voice of one's heart.

Rank two, harmony Gu, the harmonization of one's heart and voice.

Rank three, flying soul Gu, the soul can leave the body.

Rank three, soul chain Gu, souls can be interlinked.

Rank four, soul combination Gu, three souls can be linked and fused as one.

Killer move — Three Hearts Combination Soul!


A soundless explosion burst out, as the three Gu Masters' souls flew out of their bodies and merged together into a complete entity in the air.

For a moment, in the radius of two hundred li, all Gu Masters with at least five hundred man soul could feel a strong pressure spreading and weighing down on their souls.

The Gu Masters with less than five hundred man soul, however, could not sense anything.

"This pressure… it is already at the level of one thousand four hundred man soul, as expected of three hearts combination soul!" Fang Yuan immediately reacted and gazed towards Dong Fang tribe's main tent.

He had a thousand man soul originally, but there was injuries from the soul explosion though he was able to escape from most of its force. His soul strength had fell to eight hundred man soul and after these days of recuperation, it had recovered to nine hundred man soul level.

Nine hundred man soul naturally was not able to match against the other side's one thousand four hundred man soul.

"Unfortunately, there are many eyes within the alliance army, I cannot get rid of them, otherwise I would have gone to Dang Hun mountain and used guts Gu to easily heal all the injuries on my soul."

Fang Yuan inwardly sighed while mobilizing the wolf group.

Large numbers of night wolves, water wolves, wind wolves and turtleback wolves formed into a enormous force that charged towards the enemy army like a raging river.

"Wolf King, let us experience your brilliance today!" Wan Xin, E Xuan Ming and Jiang Wan Shan simultaneous spoke. Because their souls were temporarily merged together, their every movement was done simultaneously and was completely in sync.

Under their command, large numbers steel pincers crabs, crystal drilling crabs and big qi crabs flocked together, forming into a firm defensive line within several breaths of time.

The wolf group fiercely smashed into this defensive line, like a flood striking the dam.

Sharp wolf fangs and claws collided intensely against the firm crab shells.

Fang Yuan snorted and gazed afar while standing on the twin-headed rhino. Under his exquisite control, the whole wolf group formed into waves after waves of offense; the defensive formation formed by the crabs soon was on the verge of collapsing.

"This is… the nine layered wave charge! Quick, reinforce me, my crab group won't be able to persist longer." Wan Xin had just thought of this when the other two felt it.

Under the effect of three hearts combination soul, they were just like one person, any thought would be immediately known by the others.

"No need to worry, my crocodile group is coming." E Xuan Ming's expression was unshaken as an excited battle intent emerged in his concentrated gaze.

'The enemy is the famous Wolf King, being able to fight with such an existence, this life was really not in vain!'

Under his control, large numbers of six legs crocodile, lava crocodiles, rock crocodiles and shadow plunder crocodiles soon rushed to the frontline.

After the addition of these new forces, the defensive line that was on the brink of collapsing showed a sign of being indestructible.

"Whether it be crabs or crocodiles, they are both beasts excelling in defense. At the same time, under the three hearts combination soul, they are like three people merged together, increasing their beast commanding skills greatly, directly reaching master level."

Fang Yuan squinted his eyes, there was no signs of irritation due to not getting any results.

Suddenly, he stopped the fierce attacks and wisely chose to slow down the offense.

He was not wholeheartedly controlling the beast group, instead he divided half of his concentration to observe the battlefield.

His enemies were not these three people, neither Jiang, Wei nor E. As a person of importance who could influence the whole battlefield, he was extremely likely to encounter another assassination attempt from shadow sword expert Bian Si Xuan.

Since the battle started, shadow sword expert was nowhere to be seen and was likely observing Fang Yuan from the darkness, looking for a good opportunity to kill him.

It was only that beside Fang Yuan was the rank five Gu Master Hei Lou Lan. Maybe because of this, shadow sword expert had not revealed herself.

Right at this time, a large group of blood colored bats emerged above the wolf group.

These bats possessed four wings; the wings were sharp and firm like knives. Under the attack of the bat group, large numbers of casualties started appearing among the wolf group.

The crocodile and crab groups took this chance to attack pushing forward their battleline by a hundred steps.

"Sure enough, it is Jiang Wan Shan's bladewing blood bats group." Fang Yuan's gaze flashed, he was not a bit surprised.

With the intel from Hei tribe, he had a rather good understanding of the enemy Gu Master experts. Dong Fang Yu Liang did not have any enslavement path masters under him, so Fang Yuan had guessed Dong Fang Yu Liang would use three hearts combination soul to deal with him.

And the candidates to use this killer move were extremely likely to be the strongest three enslavement path Gu Masters.

Now, under Fang Yuan's probe, these three were sure enough Jiang Wan Shan, Wan Xin and E Xuan Ming.

Bladewing blood bats' offense were extremely violent, changing the direction of this part of the battlefield the moment they joined the fray.

The wolf group that had been occupying the upper hand was being defeated bit by bit, while crocodile group and crab group seized the chance to attack. Mud crabs, small qi crabs, big qi crabs, steel pincers crabs, crystal drilling crabs, six legs crocodiles, lava crocodiles, rock crocodiles and shadow plunder crocodiles formed into a large mixed army that stretched out like an opened steel fist, defeating the wolves in its way and charging straight towards Hei tribe's main tent.

According to logic, enslavement path Gu Masters would find it hard-pressed to cooperate with each other. A mixed beast group would usually impede each other, making one plus one less than two.

But Wei, Jiang and E, these three merged their souls with three hearts combination soul and were like one person, forming a qualitative effect of having one plus one greater than two.

"Brother Shan Yin." Facing the mixed beast group's strong charge, Hei Lou Lan could not help feeling some pressure and his expression turned dark.

If they let this group of beasts charge over, he would have to use black banner elite troop earlier than scheduled. But if he did so, they would not be able to contain Dong Fang Yu Liang's feather arrow elite troop.

The scales of victory was slowly inclining towards the other side.

Fang Yuan said to Hei Lou Lan in a low voice: "The other has bladewing blood bats group which has very sharp offensive power, and my wolf group is unable to do aerial attacks. More importantly, the other side has used three hearts combination soul to achieve thousand man soul and are able to lead this mixed beast group as if they were one person. If we can break through this killer move, the mixed group will disperse without even putting up any fight."

Hei Lou Lan frowned deeply, an ominous glint flashing rapidly in his eyes as he made a decision.

"Brother Shan Yin, concentrate on the battle, I will resolve this quickly!"

He suddenly extended his arm that was the size of an ordinary person's thigh, his right palm formed a claw while his palm faced upward. Rank five aura rose fiercely while the primeval essence in his aperture fell rapidly, pouring into four different Gu.

"Dong Fang tribe has three hearts combination soul, while my Hei tribe has dark vortex!" Hei Lou Lan smiled sinisterly, an intense killing intent raging in his heart.


A pitch black stream rose in the air and rotated once before flowing towards Hei Lou Lan's palm.

Following, the second stream, third stream, fourth stream…

In a blink of an eye, large numbers of dark streams were created one after another and converged in Hei Lou Lan's right claw.

Whoosh Whoosh Whoosh….

Countless dark streams rose and merged with each other, creating a wild gale.

These finger sized dark streams pressed at each other and formed a dark speck of light.

As large numbers of dark streams continued to pour into it, the dark speck of light gradually inflated, forming a fist sized dark sphere.

The dark sphere seemed to have immeasurable depth in it as if the night was condensed into it, even absorbing the light around it, causing a terrified feeling to grow in people.

Hei Lou Lan, however, revealed an extremely excitement and a mad killing intent when he looked at this dark sphere.

"Dong Fang lad! Take this!!" Hei Lou Lan suddenly shouted and disappeared from his place.

The next moment, he appeared above the enemy main tent.

"Go and die!" Hei Lou Lan let out a crazed laughter and flipped over his wrist; as if he was holding a thousand jun of weight, he exerted all his strength to slowly push the dark sphere towards Dong Fang Yu Liang.

Following his movement, that small dark sphere madly expanded and in several breaths of time, had expanded to size of a small hill.

The pitch black giant sphere pressed down with a seemingly slow speed but was actually very fast. It covered the light of the sun and casted a giant darkness on the ground.

Before the giant sphere even struck, all the Gu Master experts in the main tent felt terror like they were facing a calamity.

They looked at the pressing giant sphere, and felt heaviness as if lead was poured into their body. They wanted to retreat but were barely able to move!

"Damn it, it is Hei tribe's killer move dark vortex!"

"Retreat, retreat!!"

Gu Masters exclaimed in shock, not having even a trace of intent to resist. Wei Xin and the other two had a despairing look on their face. They were under three hearts combination soul state, and would require at least two-three minutes to get rid of this killer move.

The corners of Dong Fang Yu Liang's lips, however, curled up.

He looked towards the sky, the dark sphere growing bigger and bigger in his sight, but his expression was a scene of calmness: "Sure enough like I expected, Hei Lou Lan, I have been waiting so long for your move."

He slightly raised his right foot and lightly pressed on the white cloud below his feet.

The originally tranquil white cloud crazily surged as clouds and mists burst out in blink of an eye like boiling water, and formed into an enormous whirlpool.

The whirlpool slowly rose up like a giant opened mouth and swallowed the dark sphere.

"This is?!" Hei Lou Lan was shocked and furious. At this moment, he realized he had fallen for Dong Fang Yu Liang's scheme.

Dong Fang Yu Liang had meticulously arranged this trap, waiting for Hei Lou Lan to come crashing in.

"Let me teach you, this is the killer move I spent three years of my life to plan meticulously, cloud whirlpool, it was specially created to deal with your dark vortex. Hei Lou Lan, you have lost just like many years back." Dong Fang Yu Liang proclaimed his victory.

"Damn it…" Hei Lou Lan gnashed his teeth, his forehead filled with sweat. He wanted to pull back but the cloud whirlpool was firmly sucking in his dark vortex.

The smile on Dong Fang Yu Liang's lips became even bigger as he summoned: "Dong Po Kong, Bian Si Xuan."

His voice was not loud, but under the effect of Gu worm, it could be clearly heard by everyone.

Hearing his command, the shadow sword expert who had been concealing herself for a long time, turned into a dark shadow, and moved while wriggling in the shadows on the ground; in a blink of an eye, she was in front of the twin-headed rhino.

And at the same time, a flash of lightning broke through the air and crossed the battlefield, instantly arriving in front of the twin-headed rhino.

The lightning dispersed and turned into a valiant man, who then pounced towards Fang Yuan.

Flying Lightning Dong Po Kong, Shadow Sword Expert Bian Si Xuan!

In an instant, both Hei Lou Lan and Fang Yuan had fallen into danger!


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