Reverend Insanity
510 Great Battle
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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510 Great Battle

Chapter 510: Great Battle
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"Tang tribe! The humiliation back then, I will repay it double today!!" Wang Jiang had a malevolent expression on his face as he gave a deep shout, his whole body inflated like a black bear as he violently smashed towards Tang Fang.

Tang Fang was startled and furious at Wang Jiang's fierce momentum, and had the intention to battle with his life.

Pellet fire Gu!

He pushed his right palm and an orange fire shot towards Wang Jiang.

The fire made an arc in the air, quickly approaching Wang Jiang's face. Wang Jiang felt the burning heat before the fire even struck him.

But he just laughed nastily and actually opened his mouth, without any intent to dodge.


He swallowed the pellet fire!

"This is rank four swallow fire Gu!" Tang Fang was shocked.

Swallow fire Gu was not an offensive Gu but a storage Gu. But using Gu always relied on a Gu Master's wits. Who was to say storage Gu could not be used for battle?

Tang tribe always prioritized fire path Gu worms. Wang Jiang spent a huge price to purchase a rank four swallow fire Gu, so he could use it against Tang tribe sometime in the future.

"Wang Jiang, we will help you." At this time, two Gu Masters rushed over, both with rank three cultivation.

Tang Fang and the Tang tribe elder's expression turned pale. The swallow fire Gu could already restrict them, now the other side had three people, occupying a huge advantage.

"Third young master, leave quickly, I will hold them back!" The Tang tribe elder saw the critical situation and stood up to fight to give Tang Fang an opportunity to escape.

Tang Fang was not a conceited man, he gnashed his teeth and turned around to leave: "Elder hold on, I will quickly come back with reinforcements!"

"Chase!" Wang Jiang and the two others naturally were not willing to let Tang Fang escape safely, but who could have thought the Tang tribe elder that remained was a defensive Gu Master and moreover had a rank three rare Gu 'slow steps'.

As this Gu's name implied, it could slow down Gu Masters' speed for a period of time.

Wang Jiang and the two others were slowed down and could only give up on Tang Fang, then with a belly filled with anger, attacked the Tang tribe elder.

The Tang tribe elder could not fend off against the numbers although he had slow steps Gu. First, he was struck by Wang Jiang's punch, then his arm was severed by wind blade. Finally, a snowball turned him into an ice sculpture, killing him.

"Elder!!" Tang Fang watched with tearful red eyes; when he came back with reinforcements, he could only collect the corpse of this elder.

The flames of hatred raged in his heart, but he could not find his enemies.

The battlefield was in chaos. Large numbers of wolves rushed forward and created a havor. Besides them, there were fox groups, war crabs, bats and other beasts. Metal, wood, water, fire, earth, wind, lightning, light, darkness… All kinds of attacks streaked through the sky and landed on the ground; rocks were smashed, flames ablazed, ice spread, lightning dazzled the eyes…

Gu Masters shouted and screamed; some attacked while some retreated; some were rushing to reinforce while some were defending.

A great chaotic battle between hundreds of thousands of people was enough to fill a range of thousands of miles.


Suddenly, an enormous blue wave with the momentum of covering the sky, descended like an evil flood dragon.

Large numbers of wolves and Gu Masters were swept by the enormous wave.

This part of the battlefield was instantly cleared up, several large puddles forming in this cleared grassland. A Gu Master arrogantly stood in this center of the battlefield while laughing wildly.

"It is Water Demon Hao Ji Liu!" Tang Fang's pupils shrunk as he recognized this man.

"Retreat, this person is a rank four upper stage expert, he is a demon." Many surviving rank three Gu Masters wisely chose to retreat.

Water Demon's fierce gaze swept through the battlefield and landed on Tang Fang's side who had the highest numbers.

These rank three Gu Masters were moving battle merits to Water Demon, representing a bountiful reward after the war.

Water Demon licked his dried lips with his scarlet tongue, a bloodthirsty killing intent filling his face.

"Consider it your bad luck to have ran into me!" Water Demon laughed loudly as he fiercely pushed forward his two palms.

Rank four waterfall Gu!


In an instant, an enormous torrent bubbled and charged towards Tang Fang and his group with an immense momentum.

Facing such a majestic attack, Tang Fang felt he was like a single person facing a tsunami, feeling he was facing a great catastrophe alone.

"Third young master, we will hold it back, retreat quickly!" Several elders who had been accompanying Tang Fang, gnashed their teeth and stood in front of Tang Fang.

They combined their strength and were finally able to hold back this waterfall.

"Leave!!!" The elders' urging caused Tang Fang to feel stifled.

"Hold on, I will get father to come rescue you!" He gnashed his teeth and finally chose to leave.


Water Demon laughed wildly and engaged in the battle with the several Tang tribe elders. His offense surged forward, his water abilities charged forward with huge momentum as he used his power to overwhelm the elders, and although the Tang tribe elders had many people, they were falling into a disadvantage and it was becoming difficult for them to hold back Water Demon.

After several moves, an elder lost his life at Water Demon's hands.

After dozen or so moves, only one elder remained, with the rest dead.

Water Demon laughed sinisterly and was just about to make the final move when suddenly a cold killing intent pounced on him.

His plentiful battle experience had given Hao Ji Liu an intuitive feeling towards danger. He did not even look and immediately retreated backwards, giving up the battle contribution that was within his reach without any hesitation.


A soft ripping sound echoed and right at the instant of his retreat, a four-leaf wind blade crossed through the air and brushed past him.

The wind blade kept on rotating, making a long arc through the battlefield, everything that it passed through, whether it were humans or beasts, were cut through; blood flew and limbs scattered.

The light green wind blade spiralled a long arc in the air before flying back to its master.

"It is you? Wind Demon Tan Wu Feng!" The sinister smile on Water Demon gradually disappeared and a solemn look appeared in his eyes.

Tan Wu Feng and him were called wind and water demons, both having rank four upper stage cultivation.

Previously, Water Demon rampaged in the eastern areas of Northern Plains while Wind Demon wreaked havoc in the western areas, their fame echoing with each other. But later, Dong Fang Yu Liang devised three escapements scheme to subdue Wind Demon. Tan Wu Feng became Dong Fang Yu Liang's subordinate and sided with Dong Fang tribe.

"Water Demon, your laughter is too ear-piercing. Lord has ordered me to bring an end to your life." Wind Demon Tan Wu Feng was clothed in green clothes, hovering in midair, grasping the wind blade that had returned.

The wind blade only had three sides remaining from the consumption in the way, but with Wind Demon pouring in primeval essence again, it gradually began to recover back to the previous four-leaf wind blade.

Normally speaking, wind blades could not be retrieved once they were sent. Wind Demon played with the wind blade like some toy, he clearly had extraordinary wind manipulation skill.

"Hmph, it seems you have been taught pretty well by your master over these years, seeing nothing worthwhile around you." Water Demon laughed sinisterly, gazing at Wind Demon like a falcon.

Wind Demon's expression suddenly turned gloomy. He swung his palm and shot out the four-leaf wind blade, and at the same time, he also charged towards Water Demon.

"Come!" Water Demon was at ease, a huge wave rising from below his feet. He stepped on the wave and charged towards Wind Demon.


A huge explosion echoed, wind screamed madly and water wave surged high, unfolding an intense battle of rank four level experts.

Surrounding Gu Masters hurriedly retreated and soon a special battlefield was formed for the battle of wind and water demons.

As time passed by, not only these two, other rank four Gu Master experts also found their opponents.

Dozen or so battle rings emerged one after another in the chaotic battlefield. These battle rings were not set in place, but instead moved with the battle between the experts.

With the battle of higher level forces, the whole battlefield began to become clear.

First of all was the large battle rings for the fight of the rank four experts. Surrounding these large battle rings were small scale battle rings where rank three Gu Masters fought. And beyond that were the fights between groups of rank two and rank one Gu Masters.

Fang Yuan took this chance to assemble his wolf group.

The two armies faced off against each other, creating a deadlock.

Usually, the side which broke through this balance would obtain the initiative which would accumulate into advantage. After their dominance was accumulated enough, it would change into victory momentum.

Both Hei Lou Lan and Dong Fang Yu Liang knew this.

Thus, their gaze landed on their elite troop.

These elite troops that were either made of three-four hundred soldiers, or five-six hundred, had received strict training to deploy their Gu worm together and create a formidable attack in an instant. They were the weapons to rampage the battlefield, the trump cards of their commander.

Not every tribe had the ability to form elite troops.

Hei Lou Lan's side had five divisions of elite troops while Dong Fang Yu Liang had six.

Dong Fang Yu Liang first deployed hundred blossoms elite troop.

This was Hua tribe's elite troop who were quite weak at attacking and defending, but were specialized at healing.

With this division of elite troop moving out, they immediately healed large groups of wounded and stabilized the situation, providing a great assistance to Dong Fang side's base level Gu Masters.

Hei Lou Lan looked at this scene from the main tent and snorted, commanding blue butterfly elite troop to attack hundred blossoms elite troop.

The blue butterfly elite troop that contained five hundred soldiers who detoured the rank four Gu Masters battle rings and easily pierced through the battlefield, charging towards hundred blossoms elite troop.

Just when it looked like they were about to succeed, three elite troops charged in separately from east, south and west, surrounding the blue butterfly elite troop.

Dong Fang Yu Liang had already planned for this and sent hundred blossoms elite troop as the bait while making these three elite troops lie in ambush.

Hei Lou Lan naturally was not willing to see the annihilation of blue butterfly elite troop, immediately sending other elite troop divisions as reinforcements.

Each elite troops of the two sides quickly converged and formed into several lines of encirclement; the situation once again entered a deadlock.

"Lord tribe leader, let me go forward and crush them!" Dong Fang She could not restrain anymore as he requested to be sent to battle.

Dong Fang Yu Liang slowly shook his head and did not permit him.

Dong Fang She was Dong Fang tribe's feather arrow elite troop's commander with rank four upper stage cultivation.

But as long as Hei tribe's black banner elite troop did not move, this flower feather elite troop could not be sent out.

Dong Fang Yu Liang slowly swept his gaze through the battlefield and placated Dong Fang She: "Elder She does not need to be impatient, this is not the time for you to take the stage. The current situation is already within my expectations."

Saying so, he calmly smiled and turned towards the three enslavement path Gu Masters: "It is time for you to show your strength."

These three were precisely E Xuan Ming, Wei Xin, and Jiang Wan Shan.


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