Reverend Insanity
507 Surprising Thieving Heaven Inheritance
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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507 Surprising Thieving Heaven Inheritance

Chapter 507: Surprising Thieving Heaven Inheritance
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Red, green, and black, three colors intertwined in the air violently.

A flickering light was reflecting in Fang Yuan's eyes, he was extremely focused as he concentrated on the half finished product in front of him, trying to stabilize the situation.


Suddenly, a shrill buzzing erupted.

The sound waves vibrated in the air, forming a violent wind as it overturned the table and chairs in the room, even the flower vase fell and smashed on the ground, ink on the table fell on the ground as writing paper flew in the air.

The three colors vanished, and the half finished product exploded into a pool of blue blood traces, splattering on the surrounding walls.

"Failed again…" Fang Yuan sighed lightly.

These days, he had been refining Gu, this Gu was called nauseous crying baby Gu, used mainly to deal with three hearts combination soul.

Three hearts combination soul was a famous killer move of Dong Fang tribe, it could allow three Gu Master's soul to fuse into one temporarily, going into a state where all three work as one, regardless of defending, attacking, or retreating.

With Fang Yuan's experience these few days, his unclear memories started to become more vivid as well.

He vaguely remembered that Hei Lou Lan suffered greatly in this battle against Dong Fang Yu Liang, only winning by a margin. Because of three hearts combination soul, Hei Lou Lan's side suffered great losses.

After that, Ma Hong Yun rose up, and when he was dealing with Dong Fang tribe, three hearts combination soul caused great problems for him.

Once, he was set up by some people, and lost terribly against this killer move, getting captured alive by Dong Fang tribe.

Ma Hong Yun thus became a prisoner, and met with Dong Fang Qing Yu by accident, gaining her affection. Not only did Dong Fang Qing Yu let him escape secretly, she even told him all the secrets regarding this killer move.

Ma Hong Yun returned safely, and together with his wife, Sheng Ling Er, who was a refinement path master, created the nauseous crying baby Gu, specifically to deal with three hearts combination soul.

Nauseous crying baby Gu had great effects on the battle, using this, Ma Hong Yun obtained a great victory, while Dong Fang tribe lost consecutively.

After they failed too many times, the killer move three hearts combination soul was slowly phased out of use.

During the battle of the five regions, chaos was everywhere and three hearts combination soul was stolen by central continent Gu Masters, they improved upon it and it became a powerful move again. Ma Hong Yun thus released the recipe of nauseous crying baby and after everyone learnt it, they modified it based on the original Gu recipe, to deal with the improved three hearts combination soul.

Thereafter, three hearts combination soul finally lost its use, and was left behind in history.

Fang Yuan rebirthed, with five hundred years of memories, he naturally knew the recipe of nauseous crying baby Gu.

But nauseous crying baby Gu was rank four, while the refinement materials were not rare, the refinement difficulty was extremely high. Even with Fang Yuan's near refinement master level skills, he attempted it more than ten times but failed them all.

Sighing, Fang Yuan got up and walked to the window.

This window was destroyed by the Gu refinement failure, the air blast broke the glass, as a huge hole was created. The wind from outside carried the smell of the grass as it flowed into the room through the hole.

Fang Yuan pressed his hand on the window as he sent his primeval essence over.

Quickly, the new window panel started growing, forming and blocking all the wind outside.

The walls moved like intestines, the earlier crevices and holes created were all filled, while the broken vase fragments on the ground as well as the blood traces were devoured.

This was the convenience of the large lizard house Gu.

Large lizard house Gu was rank three, advanced from the rank two lizard house Gu.

The lizard house Gu was already large as a bus, it looked like a four-legged lizard on the outside, with a pathway inside the lizard that splits into rooms on both sides.

The large lizard house Gu was like a two-storey building, its body was five times the size of a lizard house Gu.

It was split into two storeys, there were more rooms and a larger space within,. This was given to Fang Yuan by Hei Lou Lan personally after he joined Hei tribe.

His daily cultivation was all done inside this room.

Aside from Fang Yuan, there were six rank three Gu Masters guarding the surroundings.

They took turns as sentries, paired with their investigative Gu that could deal with all hiding and lurking Gu Masters.

If shadow sword expert attacks again, before she even gets close to a hundred steps, she would be discovered by Gu Masters, and her traces would be exposed. This was a measure set up after Fang Yuan's assassination.

At this moment, Fang Yuan looked down from the window, seeing large numbers of mortals and Gu masters anxiously setting up their defenses.

Some of them were digging canals, some were growing trees, erecting arrow towers, or building mud walls… a tight defensive line was starting to form.

This was the third line of defense.

Northern plains' terrain was mostly flat grassland, there were little obstacles and horses could run freely. Thus, since long ago, when two forces in northern plains engage in battle, the moment one side loses, they would not be able to escape, the winner would definitely be able to chase them down.

Once a battle is lost, it would mean that it was the end, a tribe would quickly weaken or even face its demise.

But with a defensive line, the results would be different.

Once a battle is lost, be it retreating and escaping, or avoiding the enemy temporarily, waiting for a chance to counterattack, these defensive lines would have great use.

Battles were a matter of life and death, it decided the fate of the tribes, it was dangerous and hard to predict, one tiny accident or a mistake from either side could result in failure.

At this time, when a tribe retreats and defends according to their defensive line, they would stabilize their footing and would be able to regroup.

This was the world of Gu. An individual had mysterious powers, it was not difficult to construct a long defensive line that was longer than the great wall on Earth.

People soon realized the benefits of these defensive lines.

Because battles in northern plains were not decided quickly, defense battles were much more advantageous than offensive assault.

"According to our intel, Dong Fang tribe is already starting on the growth defensive line, there are still about three thousand li of distance between us. According to their habits, every eight hundred to one thousand li would have a new defensive line." Fang Yuan recalled from his memories.

These days, he had been cultivating in closed doors, but he had a firm grasp of the outside information. He was a higher-up of Hei alliance army, everyday there would be Gu Masters coming to give him information.

"Looking at the time, tomorrow our vanguards will meet and begin the battle. But there is still some time before I strike."

Fang Yuan was guarding the central camp now with Hei Lou Lan.

A few days ago, Hei Lou Lan had sent someone to convey the message of the showing weakness tactic. In all, they wanted to make use of the opportunity to lure Dong Fang Yu Liang to make arrangements that he had prepared so that Fang Yuan could deal with him.

Fang Yuan laughed coldly towards this.

He had the night wolf emperor, the night wolf group was easy to replenish. But Hei Lou Lan refused to use these cannon fodder, while he wanted to deal with Dong Fang Yu Liang, he also wanted to suppress Wolf King Chang Shan Yin.

Fang Yuan had displayed Chang Shan Yin's arrogance perfectly, this made Hei Lou Lan unhappy, as the alliance was newly formed, all the different tribes were contesting against each other secretly, especially when the current situation was Hei tribe's dominance. thus, all the Gu Masters were competing for battle merit, suppressing others to vie for more benefits.

Water Demon Hao Ji Liu stood in front of the main tent for three days without moving in order to compete for the vanguard's general position. He blocked the door for three days and made a din requesting to participate in battle, and after defeating over a dozen competitors, he got his wish.

Cunning Gentleman used his schemes to emerge victorious, gaining Hei Lou Lan's favor by showing his allegiance, now he was the number one strategist in the alliance army.

This was the internal strife.

Any organisation or political system had no lack of internal strifes.

Chang Shan Yin was a loner, and also had five hundred thousand wolves, thus he was ostracised by everyone — since he is so strong, if he strikes, all the battle merits will be his, what would become of our benefits then?

Hei Lou Lan agreed to Cunning Gentleman's plan because he had to stabilize his position as the leader, and also to defend the hierarchy — Wolf King is way too strong now, it gives me great pressure, there has to be balance, he has to be suppressed.

Towards these issues and these people's thoughts, Fang Yuan was clear as day.

His situation was different, the fight for the Imperial Court was just a jumping board, his motive was greater, much more than anyone could imagine, with the blessed land in his possession, he had little need for these battle gains.

"Since they do not want me to strike, I would use this time to cultivate, isn't that more advantageous for me?"

What Fang Yuan lacked now was not these ordinary resources, but precious resources and large amounts of time.

A day later, Water Demon Hao Ji Liu led the vanguard troops and engaged in battle with Dong Fang alliance army.

When the generals were fighting, Hao Ji Liu displayed great strength as he killed the enemy's general as well as three sub-generals.

The enemy troops were without a leader, they lost their morale and were overwhelmed by Hao Ji Liu's army, allowing him to gain a great victory. But in the process of chasing them, he was attacked by shadow sword expert Bian Si Xuan, and got heavily injured.

Hao Ji Liu had to stop the attack and make a base there, nursing his wounds while waiting for the main troops to arrive.

Three days later, Hei Lou Lan led the central army and entered the frontlines.

Five days later, the two armies converged.

The two camps were only several hundred li apart, the tribe flags were erected all around the camp as battle was around the corner, the atmosphere was heavy.

Late at night, the bright moon shines in the sky with few stars.

In the room, Fang Yuan sat on the cushion as his eyes were shut, activating space thought Gu.

Space thought Gu, rank five, was bought in treasure yellow heaven. Using moving perspective cup Gu, Fang Yuan obtained it from Hu Immortal blessed land.

Under the effect of space thought Gu, Fang Yuan had half-transparent thoughts that appeared like bubbles, getting closer to the brain explosion Gu in his skull.

Brain explosion Gu was only rank four, Fang Yuan used Spring Autumn Cicada's aura to forcefully subdue it back then.

But the brain explosion Gu still remained in his head.

These days, the brain explosion Gu had been absorbing his brain matter, while being corroded by space thought Gu, it had finally reached a qualitative change!

In an instant, the brain explosion Gu scattered into a lump of black light, a lump of white smoke, and a fist-sized space thought.

"The reverse refinement succeeded." Seeing this, Fang Yuan breathed out heavily as his heart was filled with joy.

He moved the black light and white smoke out of his head, as they formed into two rank three Gu.

These Gu were ordinary, Fang Yuan casually placed them at the side.

The important thing was that space thought.

Fang Yuan placed the space thought into his brain and read the details in it.

Soon, his body shuddered as his pupils expanded, his face showing an undeniable joy that could not be concealed.

"This particular Thieving Heaven Demon Venerable's inheritance leads to Luo Po valley?!"


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