Reverend Insanity
506 Three Hearts Combination Soul
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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506 Three Hearts Combination Soul

Chapter 506: Three Hearts Combination Soul
Translator: ChibiGeneral Editor: ChibiGeneral

After a few days of ominous rain, it finally stopped.

The dark clouds dispersed in the sky, as pillars of light shone through the clouds, landing on the wet grassland.

The sky was wide and huge, a truly grand sight.

Hei alliance army formed into a current as they flowed towards Cao Fu.

Looking ahead, there were people all around; looking back, the dark troops looked like a tail, extending beyond where one could see, but this was only the middle troops, other than this, there were the vanguards, support troops, left and right defense troops, this displayed Hei alliance's grand army perfectly.

A huge twin-headed rhino's body was covered in steel armor as it moved like a small astle. With sixteen pairs of pillar-like legs, it moved forward, stepping on the grass causing a dent in it.

This was the rank four strength huge beast twin-headed steel rhino, it was being manipulated by an enslavement path Gu Master as it gave off an imposing aura. Hei tribe's main tent was on its back, as Hei Lou Lan sat at the center of the main tent, the tent was propped up highly and their field of vision was very wide.

He was black and fat, his face was full of hair, he laid down on the tiger skin chair, raising his head to gulp some wine in one mouthful.

"Hahaha, looking at my army's formation, there is no reason to fear that Dong Fang Yu Liang lad." He looked around, the flames of ambition burning in him, as his laughter revealed a brutal and violent aura.

"Lord alliance leader is right!"

"I'm afraid that Dong Fang lad is already peeing his pants in fear already?"

"Haha, with all the heroes present here, our army can definitely take down the opponent swiftly in this battle."

In the main tent, the higher-ups present were mostly rank four experts, there were few rank three peak stage Gu Masters, they were laughing and optimistic, agreeing with Hei Lou Lan's words.

Only one person was seated right beside the main seat, he was expressionlessly resting his eyes, like an outsider, paying no heed to the conversations.

But this did not make anyone unhappy, in fact, this felt natural to them.

Hei Lou Lan filled his wine cup as he toasted this person: "Brother Shan Yin, let's have a drink!"

Fang Yuan opened his eyes, raising his cup as he toasted Hei Lou Lan, drinking the delicious wine together.

"Brother Shan Yin, still thinking about that assassination? Hahahaha, that Shadow Sword Expert is indeed a beauty, I have sent my men to deal with her already. That Dong Fang lad is shameless, he dared to carry out an assassination, but we cannot show any weakness! After we win this battle and capture that woman, she will be yours to deal with!" Hei Lou Lan urged with his rough voice.

Everyone laughed.

"With Lord Wolf King's assistance, any defense line can be broken!" A Gu Master immediately bootlicked.

"Extremely true, I heard that Shadow Sword Expert is beauty as a flower, she would definitely be fun in bed!" A male Gu Master winked, showing an expression that all men can understand.

"What assassination can take our Lord Wolf King's life? Hmph, it is but that Dong Fang lad's wishful thinking, no matter how many assassinations they carry out, we are not afraid." The Gu Master in charge of the camp's defenses laughed.

Fang Yuan snorted, looking at this person coldly: "How many assassinations do you want? Letting someone sneak in here and leave as they wish, aren't you ashamed at all?"

The tent turned quiet.

Hei Lou Lan quickly soothed the atmosphere: "Sigh, don't be angry brother Shan Yin…"

But before he finished, Fang Yuan interrupted him: "Never mind the rest, but Hei tribe leader, where are the materials and Gu worms that I wanted?"

Using the opportunity of the assassination, Fang Yuan flew into a rage and demanded some 'fright recovery fees'.

Hei Lou Lan's eyes flashed with unhappiness for a moment, as he laughed: "I have sent them to your tent, brother."

Fang Yuan nodded in satisfaction, standing up: "In that case, I shall go and cultivate, when the battle begins, call me."

Saying so, he did not wait for Hei Lou Lan's reply before jumping off the twin-headed rhino, leaving everyone's vision.

"Hmph!" Hei Lou Lan snorted with his nose, slamming his wine cup on the table.

After he succeeded in making the alliance, he became the alliance leader, the authority of controlling tens of thousands of people made him feel great satisfaction, he could not tolerate Fang Yuan's arrogant attitude.

The tent was still silent.

But quickly, an ominous voice spoke: "This Lord Wolf King… I understand now why Chang tribe could not tolerate him back then."

Everyone heard this and did not say anything, but agreement could be seen on their expressions.

Chang Shan Yin was arrogant, but any organisation had its chain of commands, any person in power would not allow a subordinate's disregard for the system.

"Oh, it is Cunning Gentleman Sun Shi Han." Hei Lou Lan turned his gaze over and saw the person speaking, he pointed at Fang Yuan's seat: "Come, since Chang Shan Yin left already, you shall sit here."

Sun Shi Han was overjoyed, he made bad remarks about Fang Yuan in order to please Hei Lou Lan after all.

Hei Lou Lan accepted his goodwill, after all, Fang Yuan's seat was the closest to Hei Lou Lan, but this was the reason why not anyone could sit there.

Sun Shi Han was called Cunning Gentleman, he was a cunning and devious person, adept at using schemes and plots, but he always had a good excuse for what he did, using the banner of righteousness to abide by the rules of the game, although he was extremely shameless, no one could do anything to him.

Sun Shi Han had rank four initial stage cultivation, he knew he had no qualifications to sit on Fang Yuan's seat.

But he had a plan, he stood up from his seat and bowed to Hei Lou Lan: "Thank you alliance leader, but there cannot be reward without hard work, for this battle, I have thought about it for seven days and seven nights, I have twenty-three ideas to offer to you."


Sun Shi Han immediately said his twenty-three ideas, each sentence cut to the point, he was extremely familiar with Dong Fang alliance army, especially all the expert Gu Masters that they had, he evidently put in great efforts for this.

At once, everyone's attention was on him.

After he finished, Hei Lou Lan clapped as he laughed: "As expected of Cunning Gentleman, that is a good plan."

Sun Shi Han laughed as he continued: "Reporting to alliance leader, just earlier, I have thought of a new plan, it is called expression weakness to the enemy. That Dong Fang Yu Liang assassinated Wolf King Chang Shan Yin, the Wolf King was affected by soul explosion Gu but did not die. Dong Fang Yu Liang would definitely plan again and make many moves against Lord Wolf King. Why don't we make do with this, and order the Wolf King to stay put, only after we tear down Dong Fang Yu Liang's methods in battle will we call the Wolf King to strike, to put an end to the enemy. What do you think about this, alliance leader?"

Everyone heard this and raised their brows, some were silent.

Hei Lou Lan's gaze shone for a bit, he thought about it and said solemnly: "Sun Shi Han's plan is not bad, we will see about it."

This answer was very vague, but Sun Shi Han showed a happy expression.

"Sit." Hei Lou Lan pointed at the seat again.

"Thank you lord for the seat, I am honored." Saying so, Sun Shi Han really kneeled on the ground and kowtowed to Hei Lou Lan.

Many of the Gu Masters present showed a look of disdain, while some old tribe leaders had an expression deep in thought.


"E Xuan Ming, Jiang Wan Shang, and Wei Xin pays respect to Dong Fang alliance leader."

In the study room, three enslavement path Gu Masters, two males and one female, greeted Dong Fang Yu Liang together.

Although there were no enslavement masters like Fang Yuan in Dong Fang alliance army, there were quite a number of enslavement Gu Masters from the different tribes, and among them, these three were the most outstanding.

Dong Fang Yu Liang sat as he moved his head slightly at the three, immediately getting to the point: "The reason why I called you three here today is to discuss how to deal with Wolf King Chang Shan Yin."

Wolf King Chang Shan Yin!

Hearing this, their expressions changed.

A person's name was like the shadow of a tree.

This was an enslavement path master, having shook northern plains decades ago, now that he had returned, he challenged three mid-sized tribes in one night, not only did his strength increase, he even had the night wolf emperor. With the help of Hei tribe, he controlled half a million wolves, and could affect the entire battle single-handedly!

Such an expert, how could they be his match?

These three enslavement path Gu Masters looked at each other and saw the solemn fear they all had.

But at this point, there was no use being afraid, the three said collectively: "We will listen to Dong Fang alliance leader's instructions."

Dong Fang Yu Liang laughed, but he changed the topic, asking them about the details of enslavement path cultivation.

"Enslavement path requires the most resources, although we have our tribe's support, my crocodile group is only about fifty thousand in numbers. I am ashamed." E Xuan Ming said.

"I'm sure alliance leader knows my circumstances, I was not an enslavement path Gu master from the start, I started halfway when I found Blood Sea Ancestor's small inheritance during an expedition, and obtained quite a number of the bladewing blood bats group. These years, I have been gathering the relevant enslavement path Gu worms, but my progress is slow." Jiang Wan Shan sighed.

Wei Xin sighed too: "In my opinion, the hardest part about enslavement path cultivation is the soul. Using ordinary Gu worms to strengthen and refine the soul has too low efficiency. I worked hard for twenty years, almost cultivating daily, but now I have only reached eight hundred man crabman soul."

Among the three, the oldest and strongest person was Wei Xin.

Soul path, enslavement path, and wisdom path, the three paths had a deep relationship, after Dong Fang Yu Liang heard Wei Xin's words, he thought about his own cultivation, and he showed an understanding expression.

He slowly spoke: "Soul cultivation is very difficult indeed, ample patience is needed to accumulate your growth. Although I used the coptis rhizome Gu, and slow slicing Gu to gain a thousand man soul, it expended ten years of my precious time."

The three heard this and their expression changed when they looked at Dong Fang Yu Liang, turning into a look of admiration.

Coptis rhizome Gu and slow slicing Gu, the former could strengthen the soul, but once a Gu Master uses it, they would experience the most bitter taste in the world, eating anything would be a painful torture to them, if they used this Gu for a long time, they would be unable to eat anything, and the Gu Master would became extremely thin and weak.

Meanwhile, slow slicing Gu could refine the soul, and get rid of the impurities in the soul, but in the process, the Gu Master would feel extreme pain, like their flesh was being sliced away piece by piece.

Dong Fang Yu Liang had outstanding talent, reaching rank five at this young age, but this was also due to his hard work, achieved through an uncountable amount of tears, blood and sweat.

Dong Fang Yu Liang's expression turned serious: "Do you know about our Dong Fang tribe's combination killer move used by three people, called three hearts combination soul?"

Killer move — Three Hearts Combination Soul!

The three's pupils shrunk, Dong Fang tribe's famous triple combination killer move, who in the world would not know about it?


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