Reverend Insanity
497 Mo Shi Kuang
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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497 Mo Shi Kuang

Chapter 497: Mo Shi Kuang
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The sky was pure and azure, and the ground was like a sea of jade.

The soil here was especially fertile with water plants growing lushly, reaching up to a man's knee.

This was the famous Yu Tian of Northern Plains, reputed as one of the most abundant pasturelands. Now, people were gathering here with their banners fluttering in the wind.

Yu Tian's heroes assembly had already lasted for half a month.

In the first week, every tribe was shouting their own slogans, causing clamor and disturbance. But gradually, all the forces began to join up through alliances. And now, the two strongest forces remained.

One side was Liu tribe's Liu Wen Wu and another was Hei tribe's Hei Lou Lan.

At this moment, the two sides were valiantly confronting each other.

In the center of the people was built a spacious battle stage.

In the battle stage, two Northern Plains' Gu Masters were having an intense battle; both of them with rank four cultivation.

Outside the stage, everyone was looking at the battle intensely. Battles at tribe leader levels were not something they normally had a chance to observe.

Especially the two people on the stage; one righteous and another demonic, both were famous characters and had deep hatred against each other!

"Water Demon, hand over your life!" The middle aged Gu Master in the battle stage shouted and stamped his foot, jumping into the air.

In the air, he took a deep breath then breathed out a basket-sized dark flame towards his opponent.

Water Demon Hao Ji Liu's heart gave warning signs.

His eyes flashed with blue light as he crazily poured his yellow gold primeval essence into water wall Gu.


He raised his two palms from bottom to top; his movement looked heavy as if he was lifting a weight of ten thousand catties.

Following his movement, boundless water vapor formed into a blue waterfall that rose up from the ground.

The waterfall charged up in reverse and then came down, forming an arch of thick water wall.

The dark flames slowly fell onto the water wall and was immediately extinguished.

"Huh?" The spectators were stunned. They were just about to ridicule Water Demon for making a big fuss over nothing, when suddenly the spark with only a bit of light left in it suddenly exploded!


The deafening explosion was like the crackling of the thunder.

Great amounts of flames rushed forth and evaporated the thick water wall into water vapor.

The strong impact created a frantic wind that rapidly spread everywhere.

But the storm could not get out of the stage. There were Gu Masters standing around the battle stage, activating their defensive Gu to form a round barrier that firmly guarded the stage.

"Such terrifying skill!"

"Such intense explosion has already neared the effect of a rank five Gu. This killer move has all along been concealed by Fire Prodigal Chai Ming!"

"Although Water Demon detected it, he still underestimated Lord Chai Ming's attack."

As the shocks from the explosion started to dull down, everyone started discussing and making a din with their gaze concentrating on the battle stage.

Even Hei Lou Lan and Liu Wen Wu were unable to take their eyes off.

But within the round light barrier, water vapor caused the stage to become a scene of white, making people unable to see clearly.

Everyone patiently waited and when the water vapor dispersed, Chai Ming was still standing tall on the stage while gasping and looking at the body under his foot: "Water Demon, did you think a day like this would come when you killed my father that year?!"

Water Demon Hao Ji Liu spurted out mouthfuls of blood showing a pained expression under Chai Ming's step.

"Hahaha, it is our win!"

"Lord Chai Ming is mighty!"

The spectators were dazed for a while before the side belonging to Liu Wen Wu burst out with extremely loud cheers.

On the other hand, on Hei Lou Lan's side, some onlookers were silent, while others had twitching mouths.

"Brother Lou Lan, you let me win 1 ." Liu Wen Wu stood up from his seat and cupped his fists towards Hei Lou Lan with a smile, showing an elegant demeanour.

Hei Lou Lan looked like he had not expected this result as he coldly snorted. Just as he was about to say few words to keep up with the formalities...


A soft sound sounded out, and Chai Ming looked towards his chest in shock.
A sharp water blade protruded out of his heart.

He looked back slowly to see his enemy Hao Ji Liu malevolently smiling towards him with his face full of blisters from the fire.

"This is the real body, then under my foot is…." Chai Ming was full of doubts.


Coincidentally at this time, the 'Hao Ji Liu' under his feet turned into a pool of water and dispersed.

"It is water image Gu!" someone exclaimed.

"Water image Gu is a rare rank four Gu, but Water Demon clearly used many other methods to make his water image look so lifelike."

The sounds beside his ears allowed Chai Ming to understand the reason for his defeat.

"Despicable…." He said the last word of his life and died with an extremely indignant heart.

"Lord Chai Ming!" Many people cried out in sorrow.

"Brother!!" Chai tribe leader cried out with tears rapidly flowing down his eyes.

"Hahaha…" Hei Lou Lan threw his head back and laughed loudly without concealing his joy in the slightest. He raised his thumb towards the Water Demon, "Hao Ji Liu, you did great! Come, drink this wine!"

"Many thanks for lord's reward." Water Demon walked off the stage while grimacing in pain from the burns that were all over his body, but still accepted the cup of wine and drank it in one shot.

"Great wine!" He gave a flattering smile and returned the wine cup to Hei Lou Lan.

Although everyone disdained his shamelessness, his strength was displayed in front of them and with adding in his evil reputation, no one ridiculed or mocked him.

Hei Lou Lan waved his hand and spoke with his coarse and boorish voice: "Take this cup as a reward too. Yan Cui Er, come, bring me a new cup and pour me the best wine!"

Following his beckoning, a beautiful young girl in gorgeous attire obediently walked forward and places several wine cups in the table in front of Hei Lou Lan, then gracefully poured wine.

She was the eldest daughter of Yan tribe, Liu Wen Wu's fiancee; kidnapped by Water Demon Hao Ji Liu, she was offered to Hei Lou Lan as a meeting gift.

Hei Lou Lan hurriedly brought Yan Cui Er with him to the heroes assembly as an attack against Liu Wen Wu.

"Young master Liu, you can't win against me. Why not admit defeat and I shall return your fiancee to you?" Hei Lou Lan drank the wine in one shot and boorishly wiped off the wine that dropped to his beard.

"Hehehe, why does a man have to worry about having no wife? This girl is beautiful, but how could she replace the ambition inside my heart? Brother Lou Lan, haven't you heard of the old saying that women are like clothes while brothers are like our hands and feet ? Since brother Lou Lan likes her, feel free to have her." Liu Wen Wu chuckled, showing not even a bit of anger.

"Young master Liu is really ambitious!"

"Young master Liu Wen Wu is a true man of our Northern Plains."

"Right, only such a person is worthy for us to follow!"

Liu tribe's side spoke one after another in support of Liu Wen Wu. Since it was a woman, they were not moved and did not have any thoughts of retorting.

This was the tradition of Northern Plains, regarding men as superior to women; w omen are like clothes and brothers are like hands and feet — this saying was said by none other than Giant Sun Immortal Venerable.

The bloodlines that Giant Sun Immortal Venerable had passed on was collectively called as Huang Jin family.

Huang Jin family held the supreme authority in Northern Plains and also followed the old ancestor's tradition.

Since Liu Wen Wu could compete with Hei Lou Lan on equal terms, he was naturally not somebody easy to deal with. His words were instead secretly ridiculing Hei Lou Lan's lustful and unambitious nature, giving him an appearance that he was not infatuated with the mortal affairs.

Hei Lou Lan furiously snorted: "Your Liu tribe has always been able to talk well. But so what? Come come come, we will send our people on the stage and have a match!"

Liu Wen Wu's expression immediately changed a little.

Rather than Yan Cui Er, this was his greatest weak spot.

In the previous nine matches, he only won three matches and lost many experts. In the battle just before, he even lost the rank four expert Fire Prodigal Chai Ming.

Now, Hei Lou Lan was inviting him for battle again, and he had no choice but to accept.

If he did not accept, it would show his cowardice. The men of the Northern Plains despised a cowardly master the most.

But if he accepted, he was sure to lose more than win.

"Damn it, this bastard is intentionally challenging me to weaken my elite battle forces. But I cannot show weakness in the heroes assembly. Who should I send this time?"

Liu Wen Wu inwardly gritted his teeth, his gaze sweeping beside him.

There were people from both righteous and demonic path who had sided with him, with no lack of famous characters. But at this moment, they did not dare to meet Liu Wen Wu's gaze and either lowered their head or gazed far away.

Right as Liu Wen Wu's subordinates were feeling awkward, a loud voice came from a distance: "Big brother, no need to worry, send me!"

"Third brother has come." Liu Wen Wu was very happy at the voice.

The crowd parted and created a passage. The person who walked through the path caused everyone to be surprised.

This person was tall with a beefed up body, a fierce mouth and wide nose, skin as dark as ink, with snowy white lush hair and beard that seemed to blend together like a lion's mane.

The white hair and black skin was such an unusual appearance that caused the crowd to be dazed for a while before someone exclaimed, revealing this person's identity - "This person — is an inkman!"

Rockman, eggman, hairy man and inkman were not Ren Zu's descendants but variant men.

Inkman was also recorded in the Legends of Ren Zu. Their homeland was the Book Mountain.

The book mountain had an Ink Waterfall which would crash down on the Literature Spring, and the raging ink would fall on the rocks, forming inkmen.

"Big brother, little brother is late!" This inkman walked to the center of the site and bowed deeply towards Liu Wen Wu.

"Not late, not late. You came at a good time." Liu Wen Wu patted the inkman's shoulder and introduced him to everyone, "Everyone, this is Mo Shi Kuang, whom I have sworn brotherhood to at my early years."

"Mo Shi Kuang…. Young master Liu really has good vision, fooling around with an insignificant variant man. Alright, let my Viper Prince exchange moves with your brother."

From Hei Lou Lan's side, a male Gu Master with triangular eyes walked out.

"Come." Viper Prince walked to the battle stage and beckoned Mo Shi Kuang with his finger.

Mo Shi Kuang was provoked by this action and immediately jumped to the stage in fury: "Die!"

He clapped his two palms.


An invisible force swept everything, crushing towards viper prince without any obstacle.

"What? Qi path!? Rank four peak stage!! Shit…" Viper Prince could not even finish speaking before he was crushed into minced meat which then splattered everywhere.

The result was decided with one move.


The sounds of sucking in cold breath resounded in the air.


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