Reverend Insanity
496 Di Qiu Inheritance
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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496 Di Qiu Inheritance

Chapter 496: Di Qiu Inheritance
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The ink lines changed and morphed randomly, after a long while, it settled and formed a terrain map.

At the center of the map, there was a heightened land. There were no cliffs as the slope was very gentle, there was an opening that resembled a tunnel.

On this place, two words were indicated — Di Qiu.

All around Di Qiu, there were swamps and forests, at the southwest corner, there was a river.

At the lower area of the map, there were four lines — "light in the soil, shine up to a hundred thousand feet high, swimming in the sky for a hundred li, praising plum fragrant snow."

Fang Yuan muttered it silently, but after a long time, he had no idea what it was saying 1 .

These four lines were like poems, or not. They sounded like Gu recipes, but unlikely.

But Fang Yuan was sure about one thing, these four riddle-like lines were definitely clues left behind on purpose.

More amazingly, after the map formed for a while, it faded from the grey-white stone slab.

Soon, this stone slab in Fang Yuan's hands turned white, there was nothing left on it.

But when Fang Yuan closed his eyes, he could easily recall every detail on this map, at an extreme clarity.

This was not his outstanding memory, instead —

"Painting idea Gu. A painting idea Gu was once used on this stone slab. This Gu can turn into scenery images and etch itself into a Gu Master's memory, so that they will never forget it."

Light of comprehension flashed across Fang Yuan's eyes.

Evidently, this was an inheritance that a Gu Master left behind.

In order to appraise these stone slabs, Fang Yuan had taken many crystal clear Gu, sunshine Gu, moonshine Gu etc from Ge tribe's inventory.

Just earlier, he had used these Gu worms and injected his primeval essence skillfully to test them.

These methods were unique ways to appraise grey-white stone slabs.

In the end, these methods became the key to activating the secret of this stone slab.

"The Gu Master who created this stone slab counterfeit not only used painting idea Gu, he also used other Gu worms to form this effect. This is an inheritance from a Gu Master, in order to find the inheritor, he spent quite a bit of effort."

Fang Yuan smiled, to think that under such a situation, he obtained the clues to a Gu Master's inheritance.

Inheritance was one of the cultural identity of this world.

Be it righteous or demonic Gu Masters, they would choose to create an inheritance, to leave behind an imprint unique to them in this world.

Although he was lucky to receive clues about this inheritance, Fang Yuan did not show much joy.

In his previous five hundred years, he had encountered many of such situations, he was used to it.

Most Gu Masters would leave their inheritances behind.

Therefore, inheritances were always in ample numbers. There were Gu Immortal inheritances, rank four or rank five Gu Master inheritances, these were the truly valuable ones. But there were also many rank two or three inheritances, even those made by rank one Gu Masters.

With the passing of time and natural or man-made disasters, many Gu Masters often leave disappointed when exploring an inheritance.

Some inheritances were destroyed long ago. Others were already taken by the time someone found it. For some inheritances, they were demonic inheritances, traps created by someone meticulously, those mentally twisted Gu Masters who wanted to take revenge on the world before dying.

"I am too busy right now, I cannot abandon my plans for such a vague inheritance. Moreover, with just this map, where am I going to find that 'Di Qiu' place anyway."

Getting Di Qiu inheritance map was only a tiny accident, Fang Yuan quickly forgot about it.

In the following days, he continued cultivating while refining Gu.

From what he gained from the two tribes, he saw an improved recipe and found it interesting.

Taking out a few Gu worms from Ge tribe's warehouse, he spent a few days, and after failing twice, he refined the rank three eagle wings to the rank four eagle rise Gu.

Speaking of which, this eagle wings Gu was nearly unused in his hands. After Fang Yuan left poison grassland, he came to Hong Yan valley and reached Ge tribe camp. When he walked around the few markets that were set up during his stay, he bought it.

Wolf King Chang Shan Yin was not a flying expert. Fang Yuan would not use this master level technique easily.

This was a trump card, once he used it, it would shock the world.

Chang Shan Yin went missing for more than ten years, it was easy to make an excuse. Who knows what opportunities and inheritances he came across during the years, why couldn't he become a flying expert?

A few days after refining eagle rise Gu, Ge Guang visited Fang Yuan personally and brought the latest news with him.

"Ma tribe had completely absorbed Fei tribe, and became Tian Chuan heroes assembly's main character…"

"At Meng Qiu heroes assembly, Nu Er tribe's representative is a rank five Gu Master Nu Er Tu."

"Cao Fu's Zhao tribe? Mm, that Zhao Lian Yun, Ma Hong Yun's wife, the wondrous woman who became a wisdom path Gu immortal in the future, is only a young innocent girl now."

"No matter what, Ma tribe gained so much attention now, they definitely planning something big, to fight for the coveted throne of the Lord of the Imperial Court. This is the same as in my previous life's memories. But will Ma Hong Yun appear?"

Fang Yuan thought about it as he recalled.

He could vaguely remember that during this contest, Ma tribe showed outstanding strength, especially during the start, they had strong troops and high morale, they defeated many strong foes.

But a tall tree is the first to face destruction, soil that is nearest to the water will be the first to be swept away by the currents.

Ma tribe gained too much attention, they were targeted by experienced tribes of the Huang Jin family, after several tough battles, although they won, they had great losses and were weakened.

Eventually, Ma tribe was forced by Hei Lou Lan, facing encirclement. Hei tribe had a great number of people, but Ma tribe had fortified defense, they were able to protect themselves.

Hei Lou Lan brought his troops personally but was unable to gain victory, seeing the approaching blizzard, he had to relent.

After Ma tribe submitted to Hei tribe, they gained the rights to enter the Imperial Court. Ma Hong Yun, with his absurd luck, also managed to get in.

Precisely because he used this opportunity, he obtained the partial inheritance of an Immortal Venerable inside the Eighty-Eight Edge Treasure Building, which became the foundation for his rise in the future.

At this moment, Ge Guang spoke, asking Fang Yuan: "Lord Supreme Elder, most of the heroes assembly are taking place fervently now. Our Yu Tian heroes assembly also has many experts and competitors, engaging in fierce competition. Among them, Liu Wen Wu and Hei Lou Lan are the two tribes with the greatest strength, the other forces cannot compete with them."

"Right now, only our tribe is still left in crescent lake. Even the large-sized tribes have set off for Yu Tian, to attend the heroes assembly. After these days of recuperating, we have already digested most of our battle spoils, and stabilized the situation. If we don't set off now, we might not make it in time."

Fang Yuan nodded.

The heroes assembly was a place where forces probed each other and created powerful alliances.

Although Ge tribe gained strength quickly, they were only a mid-sized tribe. If they did not attend the heroes assembly, and detached themselves from the rules of the game, they would be ostracised, that had a huge impact on them.

Although Ge tribe leader was Ge Guang, every since Fang Yuan took the role of supreme elder, his decision was already the number one priority of Ge tribe.

During these days, Ge Guang and the other higher-ups were starting to get anxious.

They did not have Fang Yuan's memories, they did not know that during this Yu Tian heroes assembly, there would be a huge contest, and thus it ended the latest.

Fang Yuan had made his arrangements in light of this.

He waved his hand, saying to Ge Guang: "Although the tribe has stabilized, that is only on the surface. In the dark, there are still many people whose hearts are not with us. If we really went to battle, even with a mid-sized tribe's scale, we would not be able to unleash the corresponding strength."

Ge Guang lowered his head, listening to Fang Yuan's teachings patiently.

Fang Yuan continued: "Yu Tian heroes assembly's contest has just entered the climax. We are in no rush to get there. For now, we are going to onion valley."

"Onion valley?" Ge Guang showed some confusion.

Onion valley was a place like crescent lake, it was a wide valley overgrown with green onions, it was a unique habitat.

There, large numbers of beast groups lived, at a larger scale than crescent lake. of course, there were countless wild Gu worms.

Among them, there was the extremely famous rank two Gu, onion explosion Gu.

This Gu looked like an onion, but it was not green or white, instead it was red like fire. Once activated, it would emit an intense odor.

When wild beasts smell it, they would turn irascible, showing their wild nature, they would be more likely to attack people.

Thus, onion valley was much more dangerous than crescent lake.

Why did he want to go to such a dangerous place instead of attending the heroes assembly?

But soon, Fang Yuan said his reason: "Very long ago, I bred some wolves in onion valley, after these years of growing, they should've matured and expanded."

"So that's it!" Ge Guang's eyes shone.

It was very resource expending to nurture an enslavement path Gu Master, just the food needed to feed their wild beasts daily was an astronomical figure.

These days, in order to take care of Fang Yuan's wolves, Ge tribe had expended a lot of their resources, causing Ge Guang to wince in pain and have a clear understanding of this.

Thus, many enslavement path Gu Master would choose to let beast groups grow on their own.

They would choose some appropriate locations and leave some beasts behind as the seeds.

Once in a while, they would go to check their growth, if the beast group expanded, they would have profited.

Of course, the chances of having gains was low, in most situations, the beast groups would shrivel, or even get exterminated.

But even so, most enslavement path Gu Masters would choose to do so.

After all, enslavement path was a huge burden on resources. How many moral Gu Master could be like Fang Yuan, sending their beast groups into the blessed land?

After Fang Yuan said that, Ge Guang immediately understood.

"After so many years, the wolf king is still around, but I do not know how many wolves there are left. But this time when we attend the heroes assembly, the more wolves there are, the better it is for us. We will have greater authority and voice if our wolf group is larger."

Hearing Fang Yuan's words, Ge Guang nodded, agreeing: "Lord Supreme Elder is right, then when do we set off?"

"Today." Fang Yuan said.


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