Reverend Insanity
492 Getting another mutated wolf
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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492 Getting another mutated wolf

Chapter 492: Getting another mutated wolf
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"This way, the wolf group's numbers have hit two hundred thousand! But… this is still not enough." Fang Yuan eyes were shining with contemplation: "I do not need to gather ordinary wolves, by that time, someone will naturally bring them to me. Now, I need to prioritize on my upper-level battle strength."

Although there were beast emperors on sale in treasure yellow heaven occasionally, they would be quickly bought by Gu Immortals after appearing for a short time.

Fang Yuan knew that it was not realistic if he wanted to buy a few more wolf emperors. Thus, he placed his attention on mutated beasts.

Every mature mutated beast had battle strength equivalent to a myriad beast king.

Any first-rate enslavement path Gu Master would have a troop of mutated beasts as their trump card and ultimate force.

For example, southern border's King Quan had a mastiff group, Jiang Bao Ya had the mountain drilling rat group, Yang Po Ying had the thunder eagle group, and Ma Zun had the pegasus group.

There were many wolf-type mutated beasts. At this moment, four types were sold in treasure yellow heaven.

The first was blood forest wolf.

This wolf had a huge body, almost like a mound. An adult standing beside it would look like a fox standing beside and elephant.

The blood forest wolf had blood red fur, and the fur looked dry like wormwood. On each of their backs, there was a 'white forest'.

These 'trees' are actually the blood forest wolf's bones, they protrude from the back and grow vertically upwards. The white bone trees have blood red leaves growing on them. As the trees grow closely to each other, it looked like a 'blood forest'.

After a blood forest wolf gives birth, it would send the cub into the blood forest on its back, and the huge space would allow the child to live comfortable. The blood fruits on the trees would provide nutrients for the cub.

Blood forest wolf were like mobile fortresses, although they were not fast, they had overwhelming strength. This was something not even myriad beast kings could do.

The second type was shark fin wolf.

This was both a land and aquatic mutated beast, it looks like an elephant but there were smooth and shiny crocodile scales on its body. At the same time, there are sharp deep blue fins on the side of their bodies. On their backs, there are rows of fins that resembles a shark's, these fins form a line extending from the wolf's head to its tail.

Shark fin wolves had the greatest defense among mutated wolves, at the same time, they could fight underwater.

The third was frenzy wolf.

The frenzy wolf has a silver and grey body, it has three eyes and a body that was not large, around the same size as thousand beast kings.

But those who looked down on it due to its size would often pay a terrible price.

Once the frenzy wolf battles, it goes into a berserk state, it moves extremely fast and would not stop until the enemy is dead. Especially after its third eye opens, its battle strength will surge by five times!

Once the three eyes are open at once, regardless of the battle results, it would die.

This was a type of wolf breed that disregards their own body when entering fierce battles.

The fourth was the white-eyes wolf.

The eyes of the white-eyes wolf were pure white. They had extremely good eyesight, even during the night, their vision cannot be obstructed.

In treasure yellow heaven, there was one blood forest wolf, three shark fin wolves, two frenzy wolves, and five white-eyes wolves on sale, they were all bought by Fang Yuan.

At the same time, far away in southern border's Shadow Sect blessed land, Old Man Yan Shi squinted his eyes as he stared at the connecting heaven Gu in mid air.

Fang Yuan bought wolf groups in bulk, even wolf emperors and mutated wolves, it attracted the attention of this wisdom path Gu Immortal.

"This Fang Yuan, he suddenly bought so many wolves, what is he trying to do?"

This mysterious rank seven wisdom path Gu Immortal who had always stayed in the background frowned.

He tried using his Gu to make a deduction.

But the result was that Fang Yuan wanted to rear wolf groups for profit and business.

This result did not satisfy him.

"Hu Immortal blessed land's environment is most suited for growing fox groups. Although wolves are similar to foxes, they are different after all."

Blessed lands are blessed, they were the land of fortune. But every blessed land was different, they received different blessings.

For example, Hu Immortal blessed land was most optimal for raising foxes. Foxes that lived in this area would grow better and breed faster. As for Lang Ya blessed land, it was suited for refining Gu, the environment was suitable for hairy men to live in.

Shadow Sect blessed land benefited the cultivation of soul path Gu Masters.

The instinct deep within his heart told Old Man Yan Shi that Fang Yuan's actions had much deeper meaning.

But wisdom path was not all-knowing, it had its weaknesses. Otherwise, wisdom path would rule the Gu world, there would not be a scene of variety where many paths flourished.

Wisdom path needed evidence to make deductions. The more evidences they had, the more reliable their deductions would be. The wisdom path Gu Master would be guided towards making a more accurate answer.

But for Old Man Yan Shi, although he was a wisdom path Gu Immortal, he would never have expected Fang Yuan to be from the future.

Old Man Yan Shi had deduced that Fang Yuan used Fixed Immortal Travel Gu to go to Hu Immortal blessed land. But he would never be able to guess that Fang Yuan went to northern plains.

If Fang Yuan had sold divine travel Gu in treasure yellow heaven, he might have been able to make the connection.

But Fang Yuan was vigilant, he sold divine travel Gu to Lang Ya blessed land. Old Man Yan Shi lacked the most critical piece of information, thus his deduction ended up being wrong.

He tried for a few more times, but he still received the same result.

"Do I really have to use my vital Gu for this?" Old Man Yan Shi thought of this as his pores expanded, as traces of cloud smoke flowed out of him.

The white cloud smoke rose up and gathered above his head, forming into a rumbling cloud.

The cloud was misty, once it appeared, a thick Immortal Gu aura burst out of it.

But this rank seven Immortal Gu had an indiscernible aura, it was like the stars in the night sky, there was no way to locate it. It was also like the scent of a lotus from a thousand steps away, the presence was extremely faint.

Every time the cloud rumbled, there were infinite changes undergoing inside, there was no way to understand it all. If outsiders forced themselves to comprehend it, they would receive ambiguous answers.

This was Old Man Yan Shi's vital Gu — Heavenly Secret!

Heavenly secret Immortal Gu!

It could expose the secrets of heaven and earth, even if the Gu Immortal did not have any evidences or clues, it could directly lead them to the truth.

When Old Man Yan Shi found out that killer ghost doctor was under the slavery Gu, he used the heavenly secret Gu to deduce that Fang Yuan would one day return to southern border.

Thus, Old Man Yan Shi set up this trap and waited for Fang Yuan to come.

Right now, Old Man Yan Shi was hesitating, he was wondering if he should use heavenly secret Gu.

Although heavenly secret Gu was powerful, it had a weakness.

Old Man Yan Shi would not succeed every time he used it, out of ten tries, at least eight would fail. Once he fails, Old Man Yan Shi would face the backlash of an Immortal Gu.

If this backlash was common injuries, so be it, but it was extremely powerful and caused anyone to feel fear.

Old Man Yan Shi's soul and body would be intact, the heavenly secret Gu's backlash only targeted his lifespan.

Once he faces a backlash, Old Man Yan Shi would lose ten to seventy years of his remaining lifespan!

A Gu Master's cultivation to raise his rank did not have any effect on his lifespan. To extend their life, Gu Masters had one way that was the best, that was lifespan Gu.

Lifespan Gu can be used to increase a Gu Master's lifespan without any consequences.

Other than that, there were other unorthodox methods that could increase lifespan. But each of these methods had either weakness or flaws.

"My current body has around eighty years of lifespan left. Even the most severe backlash will only take seventy years of my life, I will still have ten years left, it is enough to execute my heaven defying plan! But these small matters would usually not give a huge backlash, most likely, I will lose about thirteen or fourteen years. But…"

"Is it worth it for me to use heavenly secret Gu for this? This act of defying heaven will definitely be noticed by my enemies when I reach the crucial stage. In the future, I will still need to use heavenly secret Gu to predict the future."

"But, if I can get the fixed immortal travel Gu that Fang Yuan has, it is a great help towards my plan. Just talk about now, if I had fixed immortal travel Gu to attack Lang Ya blessed land, I will be able to attack or retreat at will. What can Lang Ya land spirit do to me? I will not have suffered such a huge loss this time."

Old Man Yan Shi thought through it, and decided to give up.

Although heavenly secret Gu was powerful, it was a huge trap. The chances of success was simply too low, furthermore, the consequences of failure was too severe, Old Man Yan Shi did not want to waste his lifespan for nothing.

Back then, in order to deduce that Fang Yuan had fixed immortal travel Gu, or where he went, he first spent seventy years and got a result that stunned him for a long time.

He was in central continent!

He was in Hu Immortal blessed land!

How did he get there? What opportunity did he get, in order to get a visual image of Hu Immortal blessed land?

Okay, Fang Yuan started hiding inside the blessed land and refused to come out, Old Man Yan Shi's plan to take Fixed Immortal Travel Gu flopped before it even began.

But thankfully, he used heavenly secret Gu and expended another eighty years of his lifespan to find the most possible opportunity to strike.

In the future, on some day, Fang Yuan will return to southern border and join the battle of Yi Tian mountain!

For this Fixed Immortal Travel Gu, Old Man Yan Shi spent a hundred and fifty years of his life.

"Nevermind, since I got the results already, I shall wait here for him. The matter of him raising wolves is not a concern. As a wisdom path Gu Immortal, how can a mere mortal escape from a scheme that I made myself? Hehe."

Old Man Yan Shi snickered as he opened his eyes.

His eyes were like the white-eyes wolf, there were no pupils, only white color.

He stared at connecting heaven Gu, his lips becoming more curled as he said: "You are a mere mortal but you wasted a hundred and fifty years of my life. In the future when you die from my plot, it will be your greatest honor. But now, don't think you will have a good time!"

Old Man Yan Shi worked for a while, very quickly, Fang Yuan felt something amiss inside Hu Immortal blessed land.

"Oh no, someone is buying the materials for refining wolf enslavement Gu in bulk!"

Fang Yuan wanted to buy these materials, but Old Man Yan Shi was a step ahead of him.

He quickly tried to buy them, but faced much obstruction. A number of Gu Immortal purposely raised the prices against him, causing him to spend a lot more, and the total amount of materials he procured was less than expected.

Fang Yuan squinted, his gaze sharp like a needle: "Someone is intentionally making problems for me. Hmph, it can't be Lang Ya land spirit, it does not have such influence. Then, other than Immortal Crane Sect, it can only be that mysterious Old Man Yan Shi!"


Suddenly, Fang Yuan laughed.

If it was before, he would be helpless against such a situation. But now, it was different.

He had a large number of wolf enslavement Gu recipes. These recipes ranged from rank one to five, and at every rank, there were different types of wolf enslavement Gu recipes.

These materials that the Gu Immortals obstructed him from getting were merely materials in ordinary wolf enslavement Gu recipes. Many Gu recipes had innovative ideas and took different routes, especially Lang Ya land spirit's personal recipes, how could these Gu Immortals understand the use of these materials?


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