Reverend Insanity
491 Expansion of the wolf group
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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491 Expansion of the wolf group

Chapter 491: Expansion of the wolf group
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What Fang Yuan was most concerned about was air bubble fish's situation.

The lakes where air bubble fishes were placed on was carefully selected by Little Hu Immortal. Above these three lakes were the starry clouds where there was the most dense amount of star fragment grasses and also large numbers of starlight fireflies.

The air bubble fishes grew on these lakes where there were no water wolf groups, and even the numbers of blue crucian carps were very few.

These three lakes were personally protected by Little Hu Immortal to let as much precious air bubble fish grow smoothly from the fish roes and mature.

Now, there were many newly hatched fishes moving about these lakes.

These baby fishes were similar to goldfish with round bellies, small and pointed head and tail. However, it was not brightly colored as a goldfish and was mostly milky white. It also did not have the wavy fins and tail; their tails were small and exquisite.

Moreover, their swimming method was different from other fish species. These baby air bubble fishes were moving while bobbing up and down.

"If there is no big change, at around the end of this year, Eastern Sea's air bubble sea will be poisoned because of a fight between Gu Immortals. The price of air bubble fish in treasure yellow heaven will greatly increase. But I don't have enough air bubble fishes for my own use, let alone sell them in a short period of time." Fang Yuan pondered.

Whether it was the starlight firefly Gu or air bubble fish, they were both long term investments. It would require at least a hundred years for him to start receiving the profits.

Regarding the knowledge in breeding air bubble fish, Fang Yuan did not buy it from outside.

With his know-hows from his past life, he could increase the reproduction rate of the air bubble fishes by thirty percent. That is to say, he was at forefront among Gu Immortals at this.

Fang Yuan was satisfied from this inspection.

He praised Little Hu Immortal, causing her to feel extremely happy; her face reddened and her snow-white tail excitedly wagged.

However, Dang Hun mountain was still in a worsening condition.

Standing on Dang Hun mountain, Fang Yuan could sense a kind of dying aura. This caused Fang Yuan's mood to become grave.

Dang Hun mountain was the most valuable thing in the whole Hu Immortal blessed land. Starlight firefly Gu or air bubble fish could never be able to compare to it.

Fang Yuan returned to Dang Hun palace and summoned Little Hu Immortal, activating connecting heaven Gu to link up with treasure yellow heaven.

Just as they connected, several divine sense were transmitted.

"Are you selling gruel mud or not?"

"I will add a pair of hole earth Gu on top of Gu recipe."

"Although my remnant recipe only has a treasure light of sixty-five feet, but I can give some hairy men as complementary. Everything can be discussed."


These divine senses were all regarding the transaction for Gruel Mud.

Fang Yuan had put large amounts of gruel mud for sale before, directly requesting Immortal Gu Gruel Mud's recipe as the exchange. As this concerned Immortal Gu, this transaction had attracted many attention.

"Although Gruel Mud is one of the necessary materials to refine the Immortal Gu. But the Gu recipe's value is no doubt many times higher than Gruel Mud. These Gu recipes they want to exchange for have already reached the highest price."

Fang Yuan took a glance and knew the time for the transaction was ripe.

The prices everyone gave had reached the maximum amount possible with little difference between them. Fang Yuan looked at the prices but took a fancy upon one side.

The other was called Immortal Mudfeet; his Immortal Gruel Mud remnant recipe had a sixty-five feet high treasure light.

This level of treasure light was a bit lower than the other competing bidders. But the message he left showed he could add some hairy men to complement for this difference.

Normally, Gu Immortals raised hairy men to help them in refining Gu.

With the help of a large number of hairy men, Gu Immortals would not lack rank five Gu, but they would have to keep on trying for Immortal Gu.

Treasure yellow heaven transacted slaves and hairy men were one of the most popular among them, with price that was often higher than slaves of other races. Rockmen could not even be mentioned together with them.

Fang Yuan had already intended to buy some hairy men back at Lang Ya blessed land.

Thus, he had been excited when he saw those hairy men at Lang Ya blessed land. Unfortunately, Lang Ya land spirit did not yield in selling them, and Fang Yuan could do nothing about it.

Now, he required a large number of wolf enslavement Gu.

He already obtained rank one to rank five wolf enslavement Gu recipes from Lang Ya land spirit. He only lacked these hairy men to help him refine them.

If it was only him and Little Hu Immortal who refined the Gu, they might not be able to refine the amount he required even in two-three months.

Immediately, Little Hu Immortal conveyed the divine sense.

Immortal Mudfeet also happened to be present, immediately replying: "I am willing to add in ten thousand hairy men!"

But Fang Yuan was disappointed when he looked at the goods: "Although you are giving a lot of hairy men, they are all young ones and won't be a big help in refining Gu. What I need is the old hairy men."

"Old hairy men? Then the quantity will be decreased." Immortal Mudfeet pondered before replying. In these years, the hairy men's population in his blessed land had reached an excess so he was trying to get rid of a batch and was thus selling them cheaply.

After a round of haggling, Immortal Mudfeet finally agreed to sell over three thousand old hairy men and over seven thousand young hairy men to Fang Yuan.

For this, Fang Yuan had to add in half an immortal essence stone.

The transaction was finished. Fang Yuan checked the remnant recipe of Immortal Gu Gruel Mud.

The recipe was indeed damaged with only sixty percent of the contents in it. And the contents in it should moreover have been tampered by Immortal Mudfeet many times which required Fang Yuan to comb through them for the real contents.

This was not surprising.

Immortal Gu recipe was very precious, and if it was him who sold them, he would also tamper it like this. Although the treasure light would decrease after the tampering, the competition between Gu Immortals was precisely like this.

"With this remnant recipe, I have a foundation to deduce the complete recipe for Immortal Gu Gruel Mud in future; it will be much easier than deducing it with no foundation! More importantly, Immortal Gu Gruel Mud is with me. As long as I don't use it, no one will be able to refine the Gu. I can still keep on selling the gruel mud and profit."

But he could not bring the Immortal Gu Gruel Mud to Hu Immortal blessed land for the moment. After Fang Yuan left Lang Ya blessed land, he used many methods to cover the Immortal Gu's aura and bury it.

This was something he had no other way to deal with.

Before he became a Gu Immortal, he could only deal with it like this.

Most of the Gu Immortals who purchased these gruel mud wanted to refine Immortal Gu. Unfortunately, it was impossible for them to reach their objective.

Fang Yuan continued to put gruel mud for sale while checking the wolf groups.

Wolves possessed very strong reproductive ability, and most of the blessed lands would get rid of the surplus every once in a while.

Thus, there were many Gu Immortals selling wolf groups in treasure yellow heaven.

"The wolf group suffered a huge loss in the battle with the three tribes, I need to replenish the number of myriad beast kings. Eh, someone is actually selling wolf emperor."

Fang Yuan was pleasantly surprised.

The structure of beast groups was quite simple, they were separately classified into - ordinary beasts, hundred beast king, thousand beast king and myriad beast king. Above myriad beast king was beast emperor.

Rank five wild Gu resided in the beast emperor's body. They had the battle strength of a rank five and could control myriad beast kings.

Ying Ming and Ba Huang whom Fang Yuan used in the three kings blessed land were dog emperors. These two dog emperors were able to help him to hold off the attacks of rank five Gu Masters. Unfortunately, Fang Yuan was later occupied with escaping for his life and could not attend to them. He did not know if they were killed in the battle or were taken in by others.

Normally speaking, very few Gu Immortals would sell beast emperors as the beast emperors were a reflection of the blessed land's strength.

Fang Yuan looked at the particulars and realized the reason.

It turned out that this was an old beast emperor with wounds all over its body. The wild Gu on it were badly damaged with only two-three remaining.

"It seems a new wolf emperor appeared in the night wolf group and fought with the old wolf emperor. This old wolf should have been killed by the young wolf emperor, but the Gu Immortal moved at the crucial time and put this old wolf emperor for sale." Fang Yuan Guessed the reason correctly.

But even so, this old wolf emperor still got three bidders.

Divine sense kept on exchanging and finally, Fang Yuan used two immortal essence stones to buy this old night wolf emperor along with over eighteen thousand night wolves.

Then, Fang Yuan continued to buy thirty thousand turtleback wolves and ten thousand wind wolves; among them, there were two turtleback myriad wolf kings and one wind wolf myriad wolf king.

Adding in the previous wolf group, Fang Yuan's wolf group reached a hundred thousand.

"This is the benefits of having a blessed land. I can stand on the shoulders of Gu Immortals and casually transact beast groups, instantly recovering their size and also would not have to worry about feeding or logistics problem. But a hundred thousand is still few. Ma Zun, Yang Po Ying and Jiang Bao Ya, these enslavement path masters have beast groups of at least four hundred thousand beasts. Especially Jiang Bao Ya who had over six hundred and fifty thousand beasts in his prime!"

The heroes assembly was to begin, where heroes rose and vied for supremacy.

Fang Yuan knew he was unable to avoid competing with these people with his identity as Chang Shan Yin.

So he had to expand his wolf group further!

Fang Yuan started to buy again, buying ten thousand water wolves which contained one water wolf myriad beast king and 6 thousand wolf kings.

Then he carefully pondered for a while and finally decided on vermillion flame wolves.

He bought eighty thousand vermillion flame wolves from different Gu Immortals.

In northern plains, vermillion flame wolves were quite rare compared to turtleback wolves, wind wolves and night wolves.

Vermilion flame wolf had red fur all over its body which shone like fire. They attacked fierce and quick and had flame path Gu worms on them. They could very easily destroy the grassland and create an inferno. If one could use this superiority properly, they could cause enormous casualties to the enemy.

Fang Yuan's plan was to have a wolf group of a hundred thousand vermilion flame wolves. He only got eighty thousand after buying from everyone, so the task of buying the remaining twenty thousand was given to Little Hu Immortal.

"Six vermillion flame myriad wolf kings, one water wolf myriad beast king, three turtleback myriad wolf kings, two wind wolf myriad beast kings, one mutated beast white eye wolf and one night wolf beast emperor."

Fang Yuan surmised his wolf group's batter strength had increased by tenfold at once.

If it were common Gu Masters without the methods of Gu Immortals, they needed the help of a large tribe to reach this stage and even then would require six-seven years of searching all over the northern plains.

There were all sizes of wolf groups in northern plains. The small wolf groups often only had few hundreds and were not good enough. The large wolf group had tens of
Capturing wolf groups required careful planning or it was better to not do it. A bitter victory would not work, and only by getting a decisive victory could one get the most harvests.

Fang Yuan's current leap to success seemed easy, but actually could be concluded as a Gu Immortal's methods.


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