Reverend Insanity
490 Second Aperture!
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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490 Second Aperture!

Chapter 490: Second Aperture!
Translator: ChibiGeneral Editor: ChibiGeneral

While the chaotic situations converged in Northern Plains, the transaction in Lang Ya blessed land also reached the end.

"You want the information of Eighty Eighth True Yang Building? is not impossible." Lang Ya land spirit muttered before looking at Fang Yuan with a sharp gaze.

Lang Ya land spirit's obsession was related to space escape Gu and Great Dream Immortal Venerable.

Moreover, Giant Sun Immortal Venerable had already passed away and Lang Ya land spirit was also not the Long Hair Ancestor himself, but a different living entity.

"When the Immortal Gu house was refined, only Giant Sun Immortal Venerable was there as the bystander. How could you know such a secret?" Lang Ya land spirit asked.

Fang Yuan smiled.

In his previous life, Ma Hong Yun entered the Eighty Eighth True Yang Building and obtained the inheritance of Giant Sun Immortal Venerable.

Later, Ma Hong Yun was defeated and was chased until he mistakenly entered Lang Ya blessed land and obtained the destiny left behind by Demon Venerable stealing heaven. Lang Ya land spirit saw his tracks and while discussing, spoke of this secret.

Ma Hong Yun became a Gu Immortal later on, turning into a cornerstone of the northern plains, a great hero who resisted the invasion of the Central Continent.

In an intense conversation once, he spoke of this secret which then spread out to the world.

Naturally, Fang Yuan would not admit this fact in front of Lang Ya land spirit.

"I have inherited the inheritance of Thieving Heaven Demon Venerable. And have many clues regarding Giant Sun Immortal Venerable as well. The reason I know of this secret is actually is from calculations and deductions," Fang Yuan answered with a slight arrogant smile appearing on his face.

Lang Ya land spirit looked at Fang Yuan's expression and suddenly realized something as he asked: "Are you?"

"Yes, junior has some attainments in wisdom path." Fang Yuan casually lied with an extremely honest expression.

Lang Ya land spirit sighed, the gaze he looked at Fang Yuan carried a complicated expression.

Wisdom path appeared long ago; tracing back its origins, it was created three million years ago in ancient times by an almighty rank nine.

This person was a rarely seen female venerable.

She was called by the world as Star Constellation Immortal Venerable. She controlled heavenly court as the second generation Immortal King.

It was rumored that she had once held wisdom Gu itself and created the wisdom path.

Before her death, she deduced heavenly secrets and made three arrangements for the three millions years after that.

After her death, three Demon Venerables appeared successively in human race, each charging their way to the Heavenly Court but were blocked by these three arrangements in the end.

Being able to calculate the appearance of three venerables, one could see some grandeur of wisdom path from this.

"Kid, you are actually able to deduce to this degree, it seems you have indeed obtained the essence of wisdom path." After learning Fang Yuan was a wisdom path Gu Master, the land spirit's tone unexpectedly became milder.

To this age, there were extremely few true inheritors of wisdom path, but even then no one would have contempt for wisdom path Gu Masters. Wisdom path Gu Masters were good at scheming and deductions, and many of their enemies would not even know how they died.

Moreover, since ancient times, refinement path was closely connected to wisdom path. To comprehend the world and deduce Gu refinement recipes, Gu Masters would need to use many methods of wisdom path. Many Gu refinement masters and grandmasters would request help from wisdom path Gu Masters when they met a bottleneck in creating recipes.

Lang Ya land spirit was disgusted with Fang Yuan's slyness, but when he knew Fang Yuan had extraordinary achievements in wisdom path, his attitude became gentler.

Lang Ya land spirit liked refining Gu, and naturally also liked researching and innovating Gu recipes. In this process, he would naturally encounter many obstacles which would be hard to resolve with just his wisdom.

"Maybe I will have to request his help to deduce recipes in the future?" This thought emerged in Lang Ya land spirit's mind.

As the saying goes: One can be austere if he has no selfish desires.

Since Lang Ya land spirit had some request for Fang Yuan, his attitude naturally turned better.

He summoned a rank four east window Gu and held it.

This gu was a rank four Gu under information path. It was like a ladybug but its carapace was square shaped like a window frame and was especially used to store information.

Lang Ya land spirit poured his thoughts within it and loosened his hand only after a while.

East window Gu opened up its window-like carapace and flew, making a circle in the air before flying towards Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan sent out his thoughts and checked it; his face immediately revealed joy.

"This is the information you wanted. Now, it is your turn." Lang Ya land spirit reminded.

Fang Yuan chuckled: "Since second aperture Gu has formed, I also am somewhat impatient to use such a good thing. I will send you the news before I use it."

"Slow down!" Lang Ya land spirit showed its cleverness, "How would I know till when you are going to delay it? You are a wisdom path Gu Master, you are the top in scheming, are you still thinking of using this to cheat me again? We have not transacted this east window Gu yet, hehe, with my one thought, the east window Gu on your hand will self-destruct."

Fang Yuan frowned: "Could it be you don't trust me?"

Lang Ya land spirit had suspicions all over his face: "Hmph! Just the fact alone that you are the inheritor of Demon Venerable Stealing Heaven, I can't trust you. You are so crafty and also have wisdom path methods; once you exit the blessed land, can I still be able to chase you? In case, you delay and take the chance to extort again, what would I do?"

"Then how about you tell me what should we do?" Fang Yuan impatiently said.

"Of course, now. Use this second aperture Gu right in front of me. Only then can I be at ease." Lang Ya land spirit stroked his grizzled beard, pleased at thinking of such a good idea.

Fang Yuan grinned: "Heh, I am only a mere rank five now, how can I use this Immortal Gu without immortal essence? Wait till I go out of the blessed land and ask for grandpa to help me."

"Your grandfather can help you, but I can't? Don't speak rubbish, lend the second aperture Gu to me, I will personally do it!"

"This…" Fang Yuan tried to make an excuse.

The land spirit saw this and felt that Fang Yuan had really wanted to trick him, thus his attitude became more firm.

Fang Yuan looked like he had no choice and reluctantly let Lang Ya land spirit help.

Lang Ya land spirit received the second aperture Gu and poured immortal essence in it before throwing it to Fang Yuan.

This second aperture Gu turned into a bean-sized green light and flew into Fang Yuan's body.

Fang Yuan's whole body shook intensely.

The bean sized green light first poured into Fang Yuan's navel area.

But in there, it was rejected by Fang Yuan's aperture and could only hop over to the center of Fang Yuan's chest.

Then an explosion sounded like the thunder from the sky.

The bean-sized green light exploded and formed into a new aperture that looked both real and virtual.

Second aperture!

"This is second aperture?" Fang Yuan felt his chest and mumbled to himself in a daze.

"Nonsense, what is it if not the second aperture?" Lang Ya land spirit rolled his eyes, "Second aperture has great advantages to cultivators like you, providing even greater advantage when you become Gu Immortal. But, if you are still thinking of having the third aperture Gu, that is impossible. You would have to deduce and infer this whole new third aperture Gu's recipe."

Fang Yuan returned to his senses and looked profoundly at Lang Ya land spirit. The other intentionally raised this topic; no doubt it meant that he wanted to cooperate and deduce the Gu recipe.

Lang Ya land spirit's face reddened when he saw Fang Yuan's evident gaze.

Fang Yuan laughed and said his goodbye to Lang Ya land spirit: "We will talk of this later, I will take my leave now."

"Get lost, get lost!" Lang Ya land spirit repeatedly waved his hand.

Only when Fang Yuan had completely left did Lang Ya land spirit let out a breath of relief, a trace of humiliation appearing on his face for having his intentions seen through: "This sly kid."

But when he thought of Fang Yuan's last words which showed the intent of cooperating, Lang Ya land spirit's eyes flickered brightly.

He stroked his beard and could not help falling in daydream; he had dozens and dozens more of incomplete Gu recipes.

"Since that kid could deduce such secrets, he definitely has extraordinary achievements in wisdom path. With his help, I will be able to make some breakthrough in most of these Gu recipes, and thirteen of them could even be perfected. But just two people's cooperation is far from enough to complete the remaining seven Gu recipes."

""But I need to be vigilant when I interact with this kid in the future to avoid being schemed by him. Fortunately, I was cautious today and made him use second aperture Gu on the spot, otherwise I might have been blackmailed by him again! Eh, something does not feel right… I wasted immortal essence to activate the second aperture Gu!""

After exiting Lang Ya blessed land, Fang Yuan returned to Hu Immortal blessed land through stargate Gu.

Under his management, Hu Immortal blessed land already showed many good changes.

In the beautiful western part of the blessed land, large numbers of wolf groups and small numbers of fox groups were co-existing with each other.

Wolf groups' arrival might have disrupted the easy life of the fox group, but they did not disastrous casualties.

The credit for all this went to the large numbers of iron shell flowers planted on the ground.

Countless pink rabbits lived in this sea of iron shell flowers.

Pink rabbits could be easily multiplied and became the main source of food of wolf groups and fox groups.

At the eastern part, dreamy starlight pervaded the area, covering all the lakes with starry gauze.

The wide expanse of dark clouds were planted with star fragment grass. The star fragment grass grew rapidly, and while they could only occupy the central area of the dark clouds at first, now they had already spread to the edges of the clouds.

"Fairy Yao Guang's planting methods are really good. Star fragment grass are the food of starlight fireflies, and at the same time their growth is rapidly increased with the help of the starlight fireflies."

Fang Yuan repeatedly nodded his head. It was precisely because of the exchange for the starlight firefly group's breeding insights from Star Lord Wan Xiang, Fairy Yao Guang and others, that he could avoid many detours and obtain quite a bit of gains.

"It is only that although the starlight firefly group is also expanding, but the number of starlight firefly Gu are instead decreasing. These days, I have been repeatedly using stargate Gu, the consumption of the starlight firefly Gu is much higher than the rate of their creation."

Fang Yuan then turned his gaze towards the lakes on the ground.

These lakes were created by him drawing in the water in reverse to quench the fire.

Now, many water wolves were living around these lakes. These water wolves made their nests beside the lakes, eating the blue jade crucian carps in the lakes and sometimes going ashore to devore the earth skin pigs who came to drink water.

Blue jade crucian carps and earth skin pigs were both animals Fang Yuan purchased before. Now, large groups of them had adapted to the new environment under Little Hu Immortal's control and became a part of the Hu Immortal blessed land's food chain.
Especially the earth skin pigs, its reproducing ability was stronger than even pink rabbits and could eat almost anything, including mud. The pig group's scale was gradually expanding. If not for water wolves and poison beard wolves, the number of earth skin pigs would have been thirty to forty percent higher.


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