Reverend Insanity
488 Ma Ying Jie
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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488 Ma Ying Jie

Chapter 488: Ma Ying Jie
Translator: ChibiGeneral Editor: ChibiGeneral

Thud Thud Thud…..

A series of hurried sounds came from afar.

Soon, a group of Gu Masters riding terror claw horses came to the swamp.

Terror claw horses had bloodshot eyes with fangs and were carnivorous.

They did not have any hair on its body. The skin was tight and their muscles were clearly visible, giving a feeling of strength that could not be underestimated. The most peculiar point was that they did not have horse hooves, but instead had four long sharp claws.

There were also webbings connecting the claws, so terror claw horse were not only suitable for climbing but could also move freely at swamps.

"Lord elders, they have passed through here towards that direction." An investigative Gu Master's eyes flickered with red light as he scanned all around and reported.

A young Gu Master at the side immediately frowned and anxiously said: "Not good, uncle! If we continue along this way, we will reach rocks pool over there. Once they cross rocks pool, they will be out of warm pond valley. It will be difficult to kill them then."

"Relax, Fei Qing has been struck by your dad's poison Gu and is in imminent crisis, moreover he is bringing his child with him. The further he moves with his ghost cloud, the more the poison will worsen. Hehe, he won't be able to run far. Let's continue our chase!"

The elders laughed and waved their hand, continuing the chase.

After they chased into the sparse woods, the swamp they had been standing at suddenly surged and a yellowish silkworm drilled out.

The silkworm was broken from the inside and two people walked out; a middle-aged Gu Master and a child.

The two looked in a very miserable state and gasped for breath as they dropped to the ground.

"We finally deceived them." The middle aged Gu Master, Fei Qing, had a purple hue all over his face; the poison had spread deep.

His movement Gu — the swift ghost cloud Gu, had been tampered with. Fei Qing had been feeling something wrong when they were chased all the way, thus he immediately gave up the swift ghost cloud Gu and let it fly away. After that, he took his son and hid within the swamp.

But with this, he lost his movement ability and his body was also poisoned; there was no longer any hope to escape.

"Fei Chang you despicable person! For the clan leader position, you actually secretly poisoned me, your own cousin! Damn it you abomination…."

Fei Qing got more angry the more he thought about it; under this desperation and with fury filling his heart, he suddenly spurted out a mouthful of green blood.

"Father, father! Are you okay? You need to hang on." The child started weeping when he saw the blood and threw himself into Fei Qing's chest.

"Son…" Fei Qing's despairing eyes showed a trace of hope and resolution.

He lovingly looked at his only heir and rubbed the small head: "Little Cai, father can't go on. Fei Chang has plotted deeply, I can only deceive him this one time. Not long later, he will definitely find something wrong and return back. Leave quickly, father will hold off these people for you. Go along that small path I told you of, and perhaps you can survive on."

"No, father, I want to leave with you. Let's run together… father, I beg you…" The son, Fei Cai, weeped in grief.

Fei Qing was feeling very anxious, so he roused his spirits and grabbed Fei Cai's shoulders: "Little Cai, don't cry. Northern Plains men can shed blood but not tears. You need to have confidence, in your body flows Giant Sun Immortal Venerable's bloodline, you are a member of the Huang Jin family. The bloodline in you is thick and rarely seen. You have the qualifications to enter Eighty-Eighth True Yang Building."

" Cough, cough …." Green blood continued to seep out from Fei Qing's mouth and nose, "Little Cai, take care of yourself. If you have a chance in the future to enter Imperial Court blessed land, go to Eighty-Eighth True Yang Building and obtain the grace Ancestor Giant Sun left behind for the later generations. Only then can you avenge me!"


"Leave, it will be too late if you delay any longer!"

Fei Qing pushed his son; Fei Cai took back several steps, helplessly looking at his father with tears filled face.

"Leave quickly!" Fei Qing growled.

Fei Cai wiped away his tears before tears immediately fell down. He fiercely gnashed his teeth, turned around and ran.

"Son, father has done his best, as long as you can escape the evil clutches…" Fei Qing sat on the ground and looked at Fei Cai's receding figure; but soon his eyes gradually widened.

"Fool, stop!" Fei Qing could not help straightening up his upper body and shouting at his son.

"Fa… father…" Fei Cai had only run a few steps before he heard Fei Qing's shout; he gazed back with doubt.

Veins popped out of Fei Qing's forehead as he shouted: "You idiot, I told you to run towards north-west direction. Why are you running towards south-east? Are you thinking of going back to the tribe camp to look for your own death?!"

"Ah, ah!" Fei Cai quickly changed direction.

But Fei Qing soon shouted again: "You dunce, that is south-west direction!"

Fei Cai quickly changed direction again, moving towards the correct path, and only then did Fei Qing let out a breath of turbid air.

"Sigh…." The middle aged Gu Master helplessly sighed. His son had thick bloodline, but was somewhat of an idiot and moreover had a really poor sense of direction. Could he truly escape to see the day?

Thinking of Fei Chang's deep conspiracy, Fei Qing did not have big hope, but he had done what he could do, now it all depended on the heavens.

After a while, like Fei Qing expected, Fei Chang returned with a gloomy face, leading three Gu Masters on their terror claw horse.

"Fei Qing, hmph, you were sure enough hiding here!" Fei Chang's voice was gloomy and hoarse; his gaze as sharp as a knife, not concealing the dense killing intent within.

"To think I would die by a vile character like you." Fei Qing scoffed with disdain; right now, his body was already paralyzed and could not budge.

Fei Chang snickered coldly, and said with an expression like that of a cat playing with a mouse: "I won't kill you so quickly. Fei Qing, Aren't you noble and aloof? Wait till I capture your son, I will let you witness your son being tortured and killed. Hehehe…"

Fei Qing couldn't keep his calm anymore and stared furiously: "Fei Chang, you are his senior, to think you actually can be so vicious!"

"Hmph, when you cut grass, if you don't root it out, then it can grow again when the spring wind arrives. Men, bring Fei Qing to me." Fei Chang ordered; the Gu Masters beside him immediately moved and bound Fei Qing tightly, then using a hemp rope, they dragged him on the ground.

"Hehehe, Fei Qing, get a good taste of the mud. Chase, we must find that kid and kill him!" Fei Chang laughed loudly, full of satisfaction.

Fei Chang was thinking: Since Fei Qing was caught, catching that stupid kid would be an easy matter.

But reality was different.

Fei Chang came to the rocks pool, but he did not find anyone besides his men.

"F*ck, this kid didn't run towards here? Speak, where did he go?" Fei Chang asked in a chilly voice.

Fei Qing had been dragged all the way, his body was badly battered and had already lost his consciousness.

Fei Chang kicked him awake, but he only got Fei Qing's ridiculing gaze.

Fei Chang laughed sinisterly: "You think I won't know if you don't speak?"

Saying so, his eyes let out a weird light that shone on Fei Qing's body. Fei Qing's body shuddered, his soul immediately receiving heavy injuries.

Soul search Gu!

Fei Chang stretched out his bony right hand and grabbed Fei Qing's head before closing his eyes and agitating his primeval essence.

Fei Qing's body shuddered and started foaming. The two Gu Masters at the sight kept quiet in fear.

In an instant, Fei Chang opened his eyes; his face had paled and his gaze was blurred.

This rank three soul search Gu could search a portion of the memories stored in the soul. But it had a lot of restrictions; first the memories it obtained would be very disordered and secondly it could not be frequently used, otherwise it could confuse the soul and make one have blurred consciousness; thus could be extremely harmful to oneself.

Fei Chang had grievances with Fei Qing for a long time and also knew Fei Cai had a thick bloodline; he could only be at ease when he personally killed the kid. Thus, he did not stint on using soul search Gu.

"So there was a hidden path nearby. Hmph!" Fei Chang smiled proudly; he was fortunately able to search the memories he wanted.

He turned around his horse and immediately moved towards that hidden path.

But when they arrived at this place, he could not find any traces of a person.

"How can this be? That kid is still not of age and has not opened his aperture yet, is only a mortal. It is impossible for him to hide from my investigative Gu. Could it be the memories I plundered is only a part of the crucial point?" Fei Chang scouted once more and saw the narrow road in the bushes; his face became very cloudy.

Wooo Woooo….

Right at this time, a deep and powerful bugle horn sounded from outside the warm pond valley.

Fei Chang and the rest immediately paled.

"Lord elders, lord elders, please go back to reinforce the troops! Ma tribe has brought a huge army, starting a war without any notice. The tribe is already is a state of emergency!" A Gu Master hurried over on a flying bird with the information.

"What?!" Fei Chang was extremely surprised, just as the Fei tribe's internal disorder had started, Ma tribe came to invade, this timing was too coincidental!

'If there is no Fei tribe, then what meaning would there be in taking the Fei tribe's tribe leader position? Defend, defend to death, we must defend! Warm pond valley is easy to defend and hard to attack, Ma tribe's army retreat isn't impossible. Right, I still have hope!' Thinking of this, Fei Chang immediately threw Fei Cai off his mind, then hurriedly rushed to the tribe camp.

However, Ma tribe's invasion had been planned in advance. They took advantage of Fei tribe's internal disorder and ambushed.

Fei tribe might have the advantage of occupying warm pond valley, but they finally could not resist Ma tribe's strong and huge wave of soldiers.

Right as Fang Yuan entered Lang Ya blessed land, a great event occured in Northern Plains -

A large scale force of the Huang Jin family — Fei tribe that were occupying warm pond valley was exterminated!

No doubt this news would create a huge influence in the whole Northern Plains.

On a slope, Ma tribe's higher-ups were observing the ruined Fei tribe camp from their war horses.

These people were circling around a young man, like the stars surrounding the moon.

Seeing batch after batch of goods being stored in the carts and groups of captives being escorted away, Ma tribe's higher ups had a joyous expression.

One rank three Gu Master elder cupped his fists towards the young man in the center: "Congratulations to young master! It was all because of young master's plan to drive a discord and create internal disorder in Fei tribe that we could so easily capture warm pond valley, swallow Fei tribe and establish great merits for the tribe!"

This young man was Ma tribe's young tribe leader Ma Ying Jie.

He had a wide back with thin waist, sharp brows and bright eyes, a heroic spirit and a cultivation of rank four middle stage. He was an enslavement path Gu Master with some fame, also called Little Ma Zun!


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