Reverend Insanity
487 Immortal Gu Transaction
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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487 Immortal Gu Transaction

Chapter 487: Immortal Gu Transaction
Translator: ChibiGeneral Editor: ChibiGeneral

"Screw off! If accept you as my disciple, I reckon one day I will die from anger. My children are the best, giving me no worries. Now get lost, I don't want to see you." Lang Ya land spirit kept on waving his hand, refusing Fang Yuan's request to be his disciple without hesitation.

He could have obtained the second aperture Gu, but Fang Yuan plotted against him and made him offer the successfully refined second aperture Gu readily along with losing the divine travel Gu.

Fang Yuan chuckled, not minding the land spirit's refusal.

Land spirits were formed from the obsessions of the Gu Immortals; they were simple and biased, their refusal now meant they would still refuse in the future.

"Such a pity, I originally intended to give divine travel Gu to you as our apprenticeship gift."

"Hmph, the people I don't like the most are crafty people like you. The hairy men are still the best! I will tell you the truth, I have already taken eighteen hairy men as my disciples. In the future as well, I will only take hairymen as my disciples!"

"Alright, give me the second aperture Gu." Fang Yuan stretched out his hand.

Lang Ya land spirit's expression turned sluggish and glanced at the Immortal Gu on his hand with reluctance. This was the Gu he wanted to refine and now he had succeeded, but he had to give it up without even getting cozy with it.

But the agreement back then had formed a type of will that became a part of the land spirit. He was unable to violate it, and also did not intend to violate it.

"Kid, I will remember you!" Lang Ya land spirit growled and stuffed the second aperture Gu in Fang Yuan's hand.

This second aperture Gu looked like a beetle with two sharp ends and a fat middle body.

The beetle was the size of a young man's fist. It was like blue jade, and felt soft and cool to the touch.

There was a golden eye on its plump back. The golden eye flashed with lightning and had ample spirituality.

"This is the Gu I took the risks for at San Cha mountain and wanted to refine by all means. I hadn't expected I would obtain this in this way." Fang Yuan sighed, but did not use it hurriedly and stored it in his pouch first.

Under the cooperation of Lang Ya land spirit, this second aperture Gu was already Fang Yuan's object, but he was still not a Gu Immortal and did not have green grape immortal essence, so he could not activate it now.

"You already have the Immortal Gu, you can leave now if you don't want to use your final chance." Lang Ya land spirit wanted to make him leave.

Fang Yuan, however, took out divine travel Gu and waved it in front of Lang Ya land spirit with a smile: "You don't want this Immortal Gu?"

Lang Ya land spirit's brows raised: "What, you want to sell it?"

He had connecting heaven Gu and could connect to treasure yellow heaven to buy all kinds of Gu refinement materials. Even the human apertures required to refine second aperture Gu could be obtained by buying enslaved Gu Masters and killing them.

Second aperture gu was an expendable Gu; it would disappear after Fang Yuan used it.

Lang Ya land spirit could completely refine another. Of course, the precondition was that he needed to have divine travel Gu. Without divine travel Gu, he would never be able to refine second aperture Gu.

Fang Yuan, however, did not directly answer and instead asked: "Tell me, if I use another second aperture Gu, can I have a third aperture?"

"Hmph, keep on dreaming." Lang Ya land spirit immediately scoffed, "This is the second aperture Gu, not the third aperture Gu. You want to form a third aperture? Then go refine the recipe for third aperture gu!"

Fang Yuan nodded and said sincerely: "I also thought so."

The land spirit would not deceive him just because it wanted the divine travel Gu. At the same time, he also knew second aperture Gu's recipe, so he had already deduced this.

He asked this just to confirm it.

With this, the divine travel Gu and the semi-finished second aperture Gu with Fang Yuan had lost their use.

Fang Yuan already possessed a second aperture Gu; he was a lone force and did not have any trusted aide to support, so he did not need another second aperture Gu.

Moreover, when he observed the land spirit's Gu refinement process just before, he knew the final step was extremely dangerous! The light ball's inflation and contractions required extremely strong control which required at least thousand man soul to maintain.

How could Immortal Gu be so easy to refine? Fortunately, back at San Cha mountain, Fang Yuan did not set his heart in refining the second aperture Gu after rebirth. Otherwise, with his strength back then, he would absolutely have had a terrible ending. Just the backlash could put him on the brink of death.

Of course, he could also sell them at treasure yellow heaven.

But if he did so, he would attract Old Man Yan Shi's attention and expose many of his trump cards. At the same time, the things he got might be tampered with by other Gu Immortals.

Transacting with Lang Ya land spirit was different.

At least, the land spirit would not give him shoddy goods, and also had robust financial resources, so he could buy divine travel Gu to refine Gu.

Last but not least, Fang Yuan could also avoid revealing himself, thus it was very secure.

"Land spirit, take a look at what this is." Fang Yuan thought for a while before directly taking out the semi-finished second aperture Gu that he had personally refined.

This semi-finished product had a vague appearance like a semi-finished pottery, with no hints of life.

It was like a piece of grey stone that was carved into a beetle. Its big belly looked elegant with sharp head and tail, but no antennas or legs.

Although its appearance was similar to the real second aperture Gu, they clearly could not be compared because of qualitative difference.

Lang Ya land spirit's eyes could not help but brighten when he saw this semi-finished product: "To think you had actually reached such a stage. But the most difficult step in refining second aperture Gu is the final step. The steps before it, can be refined by the refinement path Gu Masters at master level."

The land spirit's tone carried a trace of joy.

Fang Yuan had divine travel Gu and also the semi-finished product. If he could get them both, then only the final step would be remaining to refine second aperture Gu.

To Lang Ya land spirit, this temptation was hard to resist."Speak, what do you want?" Lang Ya land spirit removed his burning gaze and looked at Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan looked at the divine travel Gu on his right hand and immediately said: "Immortal Gu are priceless, so of course I want to exchange it with another Immortal Gu. This is the old rule in transacting Immortal Gu."

Lang Ya land spirit's expression immediately fell: "Although it is the old rule, it is not suitable for our situation. First of all, divine travel Gu is not practical and can only be used as an escape means as a last resort. In case it teleported the Gu Master to the depths of a volcano or to the depths of the earth, it would simply be finding one's doom. Secondly, I will be using divine travel Gu to refine Gu. But what use can second aperture Gu be for a land spirit like me?"

Fang Yuan was happy; the land spirit's gaze was fixed on the divine travel Gu when he was haggling over the price. Although he sounded unyielding, his expression betrayed his thoughts.

"Land spirit, you are too stingy. I know Lang Ya blessed land has many Immortal Gu. Divine travel Gu is a rank six Immortal Gu, I won't be greedy and only want to exchange it for a rank six Immortal Gu."

The land spirit shook his head repeatedly and said many things, but Fang Yuan did not loosen up. The land spirit gradually felt anxious and fury filled his expression. He looked like he wanted to eat Fang Yuan alive.

When Fang Yuan saw that the time was right he said: "Let's do this then, I shall take a step back and exchange for one of your expendable type rank six Immortal Gu. When I have used this Immortal Gu, you can then refine it again, right?"

The land spirit's expressions relaxed; Fang Yuan taking the step back first gave him a satisfying feeling of victory.

He snorted few times and raised his head, looking arrogantly at Fang Yuan: "Alright, we shall do it like that."

He then spread out his hands and brought five Immortal Gu out of nowhere.

"Lang Ya blessed land's foundation is really strong." Fang Yuan sighed inwardly - he was suddenly stupefied when he looked at them.

"I want this Immortal Gu." Fang Yuan's expression was slightly strange as he pointed to one Immortal Gu among them.

This Immortal Gu was none other than Immortal Gu Gruel Mud, the perpetrator in causing Dang Hun mountain to slowly die. He had not thought Lang Ya land spirit would refine it.

The two sides quickly completed the transaction. Fang Yuan obtained the Immortal Gu Gruel Mud; he did not put it in his aperture, but stored it in his pouch for the moment.

"I used all my mental and physical efforts for this semi-finished product, you will be saving great expenses by getting it. We are both familiar with each other now, I will sell it to you cheap; I only need one thousand hairy men. I won't be greedy, you can give me those old hairy men that refined the Gu just before as well."

"Bullshit!" The land spirit was fuming with anger, "You think I am a three year old kid? Those hairy men are at least of master level in Gu refinement, the treasure light if they are put in treasure yellow heaven will be at least seventy feet high!"

Fang Yuan snickered, he really coveted these hairy men. These hairy men would be of enormous help to him.

"Alright, I don't want a thousand, eight hundred will do."

"Bullshit eight hundred, all these hairy men are my children, I won't sell a single one!" Lang Ya land spirit roared in anger.

"All things have a price. We can still discuss!"

"Not for sale means not for sale! If you mention this again, you can take your semi-finished product with you, I am not buying it."

Fang Yuan was inwardly shocked at Lang Ya land spirit's firm attitude. He had dropped down the price to the bottom and Lang Ya land spirit would clearly have profited, but he still did not agree to sell the hairy men. It seems he really had emotional attachments to the hairymen.

This situation was not strange.

Many Gu Immortals raised variant humans in their blessed land like raising pets. They would see their growth and even expend many efforts in raising them. And when they died, the Gu Immortals would also shed tears because of heartache.

Of course, this situation would never happen to Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan felt a pity at not being able to buy these hairy men, so he changed his request: "Since it is so, then I want to exchange for wolf enslavement Gu's recipes."

There were large numbers of recipes in Lang Ya blessed land. After gathering them from ancient times until now, one could even say they were as vast as the sea.

It was impossible for it to not have common recipes like that of wolf enslavement Gu.

Fang Yuan had been wanting to purchase these recipes all along, but ever since he discovered the existence of Old Man Yan Shi, he had been restraining his actions in yellow treasure heaven.

Wisdom path Gu Masters were experts at deductions, but deductions need a foundation and require large amounts of information. With these information as the base, they could then deduce and predict the outcome.

If Fang Yuan wantonly bought wolf enslavement Gu recipes from yellow treasure heaven, it was hard to guarantee that Old Man Yan Shi would not be be able to deduce something.

"Take them. These are the recipes for rank one to rank five wolf enslavement Gu." Lang Ya land spirit handed a large stack of recipes to Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan skimmed over them and saw that there were eight types of recipes just for the rank five wolf enslavement Gu recipe. They used different materials and different procedures to obtain the similar Gu worm. And there were even more types of rank one to rank four wolf enslavement Gu recipes.

"This transaction is worth it!" Fang Yuan was inwardly happy.

"Transaction is finished, you can leave now." Lang Ya land spirit impatiently waved his hand.

Fang Yuan, however, smiled: "No hurry, no hurry, I still have a transaction you will definitely be interested in."

"Hmph, young man, don't talk big. There are not many things that can interest this old man in this world." Lang Ya land spirit stroked his beard and said with pride.

"What I am transacting this time is information. This information is about the time I will use the second aperture Gu."

Lang Ya land spirit's expression turned sluggish and looked dazedly at Fang Yuan, his brows deeply furrowed and looked at Fang Yuan with intense disdain and hatred: "You, how can you be so despicable and shameless!? Aren't there any limits to the degradation of your morals?!"

"Hahaha." Fang Yuan laughed loudly, "Could it be you are not interested in this information?"

Lang Ya land spirit immediately felt like he had been raped and he still had to bear the humiliation to apologize to the criminal.

Could he not be interested?

The second aperture Gu was an Immortal Gu and Immortal Gu were unique. If Fang Yuan never used it, then he would forever be unable to refine another second aperture Gu.

"How do you want to sell it?" The land spirit endured the impulse to beat up Fang Yuan and asked, swallowing his anger.

Fang Yuan narrowed his eyes, sharp rays of light flickering in them: "I won't take advantage of you, so I want to exchange information for information. I want to know all the information about the Eighty-Eight True Yang Building in Imperial Court blessed land."

"Eighty-Eight True Yang Building? You actually know that this Immortal Gu house has something to do with me!?" The land spirit was shocked.


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