Reverend Insanity
483 Safely Retrea
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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483 Safely Retrea

Chapter 483: Safely Retreat
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Bei Cao Chuan had been observing the development of the battle situation.

Beside him, there were eleven Gu Masters. Other than the Bei tribe elders, there were also several Zheng tribe elders, they are all summoned by Bei Cao Chuan.

Their only motive was to kill Chang Shan Yin, to reverse the outcome of this battle.

"Ge tribe is nothing but scattered sand, we do not have to worry about them. The only problem is Wolf King Chang Shan Yin. As long as we kill him, victory is ours! We can still win!!" Bei Cao Chuan's eyes shone brilliantly as he observed the battle while raising the morale of the people around him.

Zheng tribe elders were all convinced by him: "Bei tribe leader is right, but when do we attack?"

Bei Cao Chuan squinted his eyes: "We have to wait! Wolf King is very vigilant, he only sent the turtleback myriad wolf king to lead the attack, while the wind wolf myriad beast king was always near him. He has ample defensive forces around him, although we are strong, there is only one chance for us to attack him. Once we fail, we can only force our way through. By then, we would be in a hopeless situation, being surrounded by the wolf group, there will be little chance of killing Chang Shan Yin."

At this moment, the most intense clash happened on the battlefield.

All sorts of attacks, in all shapes and colors, filled the battlefield. The loud sound of explosions occurred continually.

Seeing this, everyone's hearts shuddered. In such a battlefield, even a rank three Gu Master was cannon fodder. Only rank four or five Gu Masters were the main force.

"Lord, now is the best time to attack." An elder suggested.

"No hurry." Bei Cao Chuan waved his hand.

After the attack persisted and eventually ended, an elder could not stand it anymore: "Lord tribe leader, now is the time. While Ge tribe Gu Masters are recovering their primeval essence, we can charge in and catch them unguarded."

"No! Our target is only Chang Shan Yin. Although they had an intense battle, the number of wolves near Chang Shan Yin had increased in numbers instead." Bei Cao Chuan rejected solemnly.

Next, Fang Yuan struck and made good use of his timing to destroy a portion of the defensive wall.

This was a crucial development.

Pei tribe's defenses were finally broken, large number of wolves charged in as the turtleback myriad wolf king also arrived.

"This is bad! Once the defensive line is broken, the wolf group would carry out a full frontal assault, Pei tribe would not be able to handle it, this is an emergency!"

"Lord, we have to attack. If not, Pei tribe is finished."

"If we strike now, we can still salvage this situation."

"No!" Bei Cao Chuan stood up, his eyes were flashing as he was filled with joy, the long-awaited chance had arrived.

As long as Pei tribe's defenses were broken, Chang Shan Yin would need to mobilize the wolf group and attack Pei tribe camp. This way, his defenses would be greatly weakened, it would give Bei Cao Chuan a good chance to kill him.

"If we strike now, it would only alert Chang Shan Yin and he would recall his wolves, causing the battle to turn into a stalemate again. After we expose ourselves, we would lose the precious chance to kill him. Our three tribes are allied, why was Pei tribe's losses so much less than ours? The Wolf King is so vigilant, he is not easy to deal with. Only with Pei tribe as the bait, allowing him to taste the sweetness of victory, can we kill him at the moment when he lets his guard down!"

In an instant, Bei Cao Chuan's brain worked intensely as he had several thoughts.

But he could not say that out loud, instead he said: "Wait a bit longer, we cannot be anxious. Believe in Pei Yan Fei! He is a famous general in northern plains, do you think he is so weak?"

The rank three Gu Masters heard this and stopped their charging momentum.

Bei Cao Chuan had just said that when Pei Yan Fei unleashed his killer move, Golden Rainbow Strike, the intense explosion forced everyone to raise their arms to shield their eyes from the bright light.

After the light dispersed, turtleback myriad wolf king suffered heavy injures while Pei Yan Fei floated above the rubbles of the defensive wall, his expression was pale.

"So strong!"

"With just one strike, he heavily injured the myriad beast king."

"This is Pei Yan Fei's famous killer move, it is truly formidable!"

"Bei tribe leader is amazing, he understood the battlefield so well, I have learnt much."

The elders expressed their amazement at Pei Yan Fei's battle strength, while praising Bei Cao Chuan's judgement.

Bei Cao Chuan's lips twitched, he would rather see Pei Yan Fei fail in guarding his camp.

"There is still hope, we have to wait a bit longer. Pei Yan Fei definitely used up a lot of his primeval essence for such a strong move. Looking at his expression, he must be at his wit's end. As long as wind wolf king is near Chang Shan Yin, he is near invincible. Pei tribe still had the lower hand, if the wolf group attacks Pei tribe camp again, I will continue my plan from earlier. If Pei Yan Fei has the advantage, I will make use of the opportunity and cooperate with him, dealing the fatal blow to Chang Shan Yin!"

Sparks were flying in Bei Cao Chuan's head, he blinked as he modified his plan.

"I have a chance, there is still hope! I cannot fluster at this moment, I have to calm down and endure… As long as we kill Chang Shan Yin, not only will we turn this around, I will also gain fame. After I become Liu Wen Wu's subordinate, I can gain important roles and fight for more opportunities for my tribe!"

Bei Cao Chuan cheered for himself in his heart.

But at this moment, his pupils shrunk as he swore: "Oh my god, what the f*ck!"

The elders sent him a peculiar gaze.

All along, even though the battle was tense, Bei Cao Chuan was extremely confident and had the situation in his grasp, why was he losing his nerves now?

Bei Cao Chuan could not care less about the gazes, he stared at the battlefield as he spoke out uncontrollably: "Why is this Chang Shan Yin retreating now of all times?"

The Wolf King was in an advantageous situation, although the turtleback myriad wolf king was heavily injured, it was not dead. He still had another wind wolf myriad beast king!

In contrast, Pei Yan Fei was at his wit's end. Most importantly, Pei tribe camp's defenses were broken. As long as he attacked following this weakness, Pei tribe's pressure in defending would be many times of before! Most likely, they would not able to hold on.

Once the wolf group invades Pei tribe camp, Bei Cao Chuan would have the chance to attack, dealing Wolf King the fatal blow from behind!

But now, he was retreating?!

Why was Chang Shan Yin retreating, Bei Cao Chuan had no time to think about this already.

He was extremely nervous now, his confident face started to show some anxiety.

Wolf King still had much strength now, once he retreated, the assault that he had painstaking waited for would be ruined.

The worst thing was, Bei tribe camp and Zheng tribe camp were in Ge tribe's control. Once the wolves retreated, they would bring all these captives and resources away, Bei Cao Chuan would lose his tribe completely.

Without even a tribe, only left with several elders, Bei Cao Chuan's tribe leader status would become the biggest laughingstock.

Just look at the current situation, once he goes to Liu Wen Wu, he would definitely not receive an important position.

"No, I cannot let Chang Shan Yin retreat so easily. Once he leaves, we have no hopes of succeeding!"

Bei Cao Chuan screamed in his heart.

He stood up abruptly, shouting: "Everyone, we cannot wait any longer. Chang Shan Yin is out of steam, they are trying to retreat, now is the time we attack and kill the Wolf King. Everyone, it is time to take back our tribe!"

The elders near him could see the battle situation too.

Bei Cao Chuan's words made them energized as their battle intent surged.


"Chang Shan Yin, don't think of leaving!"

"Wolf King, fight me one on one if you have the guts!!"

A group of rank three Gu Masters left their hiding spot and started attacking Ge tribe's army from the back under Bei Cao Chuan's lead.

"Hmph, they appeared as expected." Fang Yuan foresaw this, he did not fluster upon seeing these people.

He understood clearly, Bei Cao Chuan and gang did not go back to reinforce their tribes, thus there were only two possibilities.

One was that they were attacking Ge tribe's main camp to exact revenge. The other was that they were reinforcing Pei tribe.

Since the three tribes and their camps were intact, these people were definitely hiding nearby.

If Fang Yuan continued attacking Pei tribe camp and fought with Pei Yan Fei with all his strength, during the crucial moment, he would definitely face an assassination. Thus, retreating was the wisest choice.

"But these people were really good at waiting, they appeared now after I forced them, it seems they have deep motives." Fang Yuan rode on the white-eyes wolf as he thought calmly.

Ge tribesmen were anxious.

Bei Cao Chuan and the other eleven people were experts, they were unstoppable in their attack, it brought a huge mental pressure to the Ge tribesmen.

"Lord supreme elder, what do we do?" Ge Guang asked.

"Why are you panicking, listen to my command and retreat." Fang Yuan laughed coldly.

Retreating in the battlefield was extremely risky. Often, when retreating, enemies would chase after them and cause them to fail in getting away. In his previous life, Fang Yuan had participated in many battles, he knew that these wolves were good for covering them when retreating. He had the ability to face pressure from two sides and escape.

He moved the turtleback myriad wolf king near him and recalled his wolf group, making the hundred wolf kings, thousand wolf kings gather towards the center of the army.

As for those ordinary wild wolves, they were left behind to expend the enemy's primeval essence.

As expected, after a moment, Bei Cao Chuan and gang lost their momentum, starting to use the primeval essence in their apertures sparingly.

"Damn it, do we just watch Chang Shan Yin retreat like this?" Bei Cao Chuan bit his lips, his eyes had turned red from killing, he was extremely indignant in his heart.

"Pei Yan Fei, why are you not attacking? If we cannot take the Wolf King's life today, how will we have the face to participate in the heroes assembly?" Bei Cao Chuan screamed.

Pei Yan Fei snorted, he was not a brute, he knew that Bei Cao Chuan's sudden assault was after he threw Pei tribe under the bus, he wanted to use them as bait.

But Wolf King Chang Shan Yin could not be let off.

During this battle, Ge tribe fought three tribes at one go, if they retreated successfully, they would shoot to fame, and these three tribes would become their stepping stones.

Moreover, Pei tribe suffered huge losses, how could he not take revenge for such deep hatred?

Thinking of this, Pei Yan Fei resolved himself.

Rank five — Do or Die Gu!

Swish swish swish!

Pei Yan Fei's heart felt hollow as large amounts of primeval essence appeared from thin air, filling up his dry aperture.

"Chang Shan Yin, hand over your life!" He howled, rushing over.

Ge tribesmen were flustered.

Fang Yuan laughed, asking around: "Who is this?"

Ge Guang admired Fang Yuan's calmness and the anxiety in his heart vanished, answering solemnly: "Bei tribe leader Bei Cao Chuan!"

"Bei Cao Chuan… Pei Yan Fei… hehehe, heroes emerge in chaotic times, very good, very good." Fang Yuan praised them loudly as his voice resounded in the air.

Next, he jumped down from the white-eyes wolf, changing his steed to a hump wolf.

White-eyes wolf took a few quick steps, standing together with wind wolf myriad beast king and turtleback myriad wolf king.

"That is…" Bei Cao Chuan's momentum froze, his pupils shrunk.

Pei Yan Fei's expression was grim, he was extremely bitter.

White-eyes wolf was a mutated beast with strength equalling a myriad beast king! Earlier, they were too focused on Fang Yuan, thus ignoring his white-eyes wolf. Now that the white-eyes wolf stood out, its identity was immediately exposed.

"Damn it!" Pei Yan Fei gritted his teeth, stopping his attack helplessly.

If Fang Yuan only had the wind wolf myriad beast king left, that would be fine, but with a white-eyes wolf, he had enough strength to resist their attacks and even fight back.

Pei Yan Fei did not dare to take the risk and place Pei tribe in danger again.

He chose to give up.

On the other end, Bei Cao Chuan had no choice but to stop his steps.

He looked at the army retreating, he not only felt dejection in his heart but also a strong chill: "Wolf King Chang Shan Yin, just how many trump cards do you have?"


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