Reverend Insanity
482 Pei Yan Fei
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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482 Pei Yan Fei

Chapter 482: Pei Yan Fei
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The night wind whistled and the wolf group howled.

Pei tribe and Ge tribe were fighting an intense battle around the walls.

Flames, golden light, lightning, vines, all kinds of attacks converged to become a scene of brilliant fireworks, lifting the veil of the night.

"Kill, break the walls, then we can destroy the Pei tribe!"

"Fight them, kill these Ge tribe thieves!!"

The two sides roared with all their might to boost up their morale.

Thick blood smell was lingering around the battlefield.

Large numbers of cut limbs and bodies were everywhere. The normally respected Gu Masters had lives as cheap as grass here. Of course, there were even more corpses of wolves.

Seeing the turtleback myriad wolf king being repelled back again, Fang Yuan sighed to himself.

Because they had charged through Bei and Zheng tribe one after another, information was inevitably leaked; when Fang Yuan led Ge tribesmen to attack Pei tribe, the other side had already made tight defensive preparations.

After losing the night wolf myriad beast king, Fang Yuan only had two myriad wolf kings left - turtleback myriad wolf king and wind wolf myriad wolf king.

Originally, the attacks from both kings would pose threat to Pei tribe's defensive formations. But because of one person, Fang Yuan could only send one myriad beast king to attack.

This person was Pei tribe leader Pei Yan Fei!

He was the focus point of this battlefield, being in even more limelight than Fang Yuan's two myriad beast kings.

Pei Yan Fei was eight feet tall with a stately appearance. His eyes were sharp and full of power, his back wide and his waist thin; right now, he was charging through the wolf group, sweeping everything in his path and revealing the demeanor of an unparalleled general.

The characteristic that was the most focused on was his black eyebrows that shone with a dark luster. The eyebrows were thick in the middle and sharp in their two ends with the tip raised slightly, like a swallow's wings.

This was not a natural characteristic but the imprint of two rank four swallow wings Gu.

It was precisely because of this person rampaging around the battlefield with no one able to hold him down that Fang Yuan had to make one myriad wolf king stay for protection to defend against Pei Yan Fei's sudden attack.

With this, only turtle back myriad wolf king went to battle in the frontline, causing the charge towards Pei tribe to decrease by a lot.

"Ahh!" One Ge tribe elder let out a bitter scream before death.

Following his scream, his head flew to the air; cut by Pei Yan Fei.

"Another elder died under Pei Yan Fei's hands!" Ge tribesmen's eyes twitched at this scene.

Pei Yan Fei did not directly attack Fang Yuan, but instead rampaged in the wolf group and had already killed three Ge tribe's elders.

With this way, he was not entangled by the myriad wolf king and had his hands free. He was also indirectly restricting wind wolf myriad wolf king from fighting. One could see his wisdom along with his bravery.

"Is there anyone else?!" Pei Yan Fei used swallow wings Gu to fly in the air and shouted majestically.

His voice suppressed the wolf howls, and spread clearly to all parts of the battlefield.

Ge tribe was silent while Pei tribe's Gu Masters' morale was greatly increased.

"Truly a fierce general!" Fang Yuan lightly praised.

Pei Yan Fei possessed extremely strong flying techniques, being an expert in low altitude flying. Although he was not at master level, he was not too far from it.

He was a metal path Gu Master; his attacks were very sharp and ordinary Gu Masters would find it hard to block them, and he also possessed outstanding movement ability. He was moving all over the battlefield with a very fast speed, like a celestial horse going wherever it wanted. Usually, those that were stronger than him did not have a movement ability like his; while those that could catch up to him, did not have a battle strength that could match his.

Several times Fang Yuan tried to mobilize wind wolf myriad beast king towards the frontline but Pei Yan Fei would detour and charge towards him.

Ge tribesmen were unable to block him, so Fang Yuan could only make wind wolf king return.

This wind wolf myriad beast king was slightly stronger than Pei Yan Fei, but it was a wild beast after all and did not have enough intelligence. Even if it was controlled by Fang Yuan, its flexibility could not match with Pei Yan Fei.

"I have very few myriad beast kings, it is getting so difficult just to deal with one Pei Yan Fei. The wolf group's scale is also not big. A truly mature beast group would have at least hundred thousand beasts. The current three enslavement masters of Northern Plains - Ma Zun, Yang Po Ying and Jiang Bao Ya - have beast groups of hundreds of thousands of beasts. They even have a small group of mutated beasts as their trump card."

Fang Yuan's mind was on expanding the beast group as he observed the battlefield.

His beast group might have had taken shape, but its strength had clearly weakened after repeatedly fighting three battles. Most of all, the main battle strength was not powerful enough.

The ones that truly decided the war in the Gu Master world were still the high rank Gu Masters.

Fang Yuan pondered while mobilizing thousand wolf kings and hundred wolf kings to lead the wolf group to form a wave of concentrated attack towards the Pei tribe camp.

The wolves howled and charged forward aggressively like a tsunami, causing the Gu Masters on the walls to tense up and hurriedly mobilize everything.

"The attack this time is really fierce, bring the reserve troops here quickly to defend!"

"Earth path Gu Masters, restore the walls fast!"

"Hold on, we must hold on, don't stint on your primeval essence!"


Large amount of flames shot down and exploded towards the wolf group. Golden spears and arrows flew like dense school of fish, striking down on the wolf group, causing massive casualties.

Several elders joined hands and created two-three small scale tornado that that sent the wolves flying fifty-sixty feet high; the wolves fell to their death.

"Let's attack!" Ge tribesmen also started their offence.

Ghost flame Gu!

Two-three balls of eerie blue ghost fire smashed towards the wall, hitting a group of Gu Masters; the Gu Masters' whole bodies were covered with the chilly ghost fire.

They let out the most tragic shouts. The ghost fire did not injure their body, but directly burned their souls; such pain was extremely intense.

Fist stone Gu!

An enormous stone that looked like a clenched fist whizzed through the sky, producing a rumbling sound like that of a lion or tiger, then it heavily smashed on the wall.

A deep crater immediately formed on the wall and the cracks quickly spread towards all directions; the Gu Masters on the wall could not maintain their balance and fell down.

Lightning net Gu!

A large net formed from lightning current flew towards the sky and fell down towards a part of the wall.

The Gu Masters on that part of the wall were paralyzed by the lightning; some stubbornly resisted with their defensive Gu, while some were scorched like coal - dead.

The fierce explosions caused huge numbers of casualties within a short period of time, and also quickly consumed the Gu Masters' primeval essence. Thus, after a while, they had to stop.

Pei tribe's and Ge tribe's Gu Masters stopped attacking and retreated. Some directly sat down on their spot and grasped every second to recover their primeval essence.

"Now is the time." Fang Yuan's eyes brightened as he saw this while sitting on the white eye wolf.When the two sides were gasping for breath, he made his move.

Wolf smoke Gu!

Wolf smoke surged, covering the battlefield and quickly healing the wolf group's wounds and recovering their battle strength.

Wolf howl Gu!

Fang Yuan let out a long howl towards the sky, and after the mournful howl, the wolf group also roared, their battle strength raising rapidly.

Another portion of wolf group rushed to the battlefield, joining with the remaining wolf group in the battlefield, forming a new wave of attack.

This offensive was directed towards a specific part of the wall.

This part was already on the verge of collapse after being smashed by the giant fist stone.


The turtleback myriad wolf king also rushed forward!

The Gu Masters on the wall struggled to stand up and used all kinds of attacks, but turtleback myriad wolf king forcibly resisted the attack and smashed the wall into pieces.

The wall collapsed; a hole appeared in the defensive line. Countless wolves rushed through the hole and started killing Pei tribe's Gu Masters. Pei Yan Fei immediately activated swallow wings Gu to quickly go back.

Rank four golden coat Gu!

His whole body shone with a golden light which then dimmed down and formed an armor.

Rank four swallow wings Gu!

Another pair of swallow wings grew out from his back, and with two pair of wings, his speed was doubled.

Rank four rainbow transformation Gu!

CLAP , he put his two palms together and raised them above his head, his whole body like a straight pencil, then like a golden arrow, he made an arc through the air.

With the activation of the rainbow transformation Gu, his two pairs of wings and his whole body gradually turned into a golden halo.

Three rank four Gu activated together to form into a killer move.

Pei Yan Fei's killer move - Golden Rainbow Strike!

Like a rainbow, his whole body turned into a golden meteor, letting out dazzling light like a fragment of the sun, forcing people to narrow their eyes.

Golden rainbow carved out a stunning arc through the air before instantly striking turtleback myriad wolf king.

Under Fang Yuan's control, in the moment of imminent crisis, turtleback myriad wolf king turned its body and faced Pei Yan Fei with its shell.


The golden rainbow struck the turtleback, producing a huge sound and also giving off infinite golden light.

For a moment, the Gu Masters on the battlefield had no choice but to close their eyes, but even so, the dazzling light caused their eyes to tear up.

The golden rays of light dimmed down, and the Gu Masters slowly opened their blurred eyes.

The turtleback myriad wolf king's shell was unexpectedly pierced through by Pei Yan Fei, creating a hole from where one could see the right side of the wolf king from its left.

The turtleback myriad wolf king let out a mournful howl; with such injuries, its battle strength had fallen to the bottom.

Meanwhile, Pei Yan Fei's expression paled as he hovered in the air.

Many shocked sounds echoed at this moment.

Ge tribe's Gu Masters looked stifled, while Pei tribe's morale soared, shouting the might of their tribe leader.

"Lord, Pei Yan Fei has battled intensely for so long and now has used his killer move to injure myriad wolf king; his primeval essence should be exhausted. Now is the time to go in for the kill!" Ge Guang excitedly shouted.

Fang Yuan narrowed his eyes. Ge Guang was right, Pei Yan Fei had battled for so long, he should not have much primeval essence left.

Fang Yuan naturally knew this clearly.

But with his five hundred years of memories, Fang Yuan knew Pei Yan Fei had a mysterious Gu called do or die Gu. This Gu was a rank five Gu that could provide the Gu Master with large amounts of primeval essence instantly, but its after-effect was a decrease in their cultivation stage.

Of course, just this point was not enough for Fang Yuan to give up. But...

"Is there any bad news from our camp, Zheng tribe camp and Bei tribe camp?" Fang Yuan asked.

Ge Guang promptly replied: "Not yet."

Fang Yuan immediately knew something was up and sneered, before sending the command: "Our tribe's battle strength has fallen and Pei tribe has suffered even more casualties. We shall retreat."


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