Reverend Insanity
481 Bei Cao Chuan
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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481 Bei Cao Chuan

Chapter 481: Bei Cao Chuan
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In a distant dark corner, close to ten people were gazing at the battlefield; they were the higher-ups of Bei tribe who had escaped.

"Zheng tribe is done for." Bei tribe leader Bei Cao Chuan sighed.

"Who would have thought Chang Shan Yin had a third myriad wolf king!" An elder exclaimed in shock, expressing everyone's inner thoughts.

They had never expected Fang Yuan to be hiding his strength. In the attack against Bei clan, this myriad wolf king had been hidden all along and never made its appearance.

"With three myriad wolf kings, it is normal for Zheng tribe, a mid scale tribe, to be defeated even if they have the lightning spear corps."

"However, Chang Shan Yin is really sinister, he could actually wait so patiently to this degree. Such temperament is terrifying!"

"Hehe, so what? Zheng tribe leader killed night wolf myriad beast king before his death. Now, Chang Shan Yin only has two myriad wolf kings left."

Some of the remnant Bei tribe elders sighed with sorrow while some sneered.

Capturing a myriad beast king was not an easy matter. Fang Yuan's loss appeared to be very disastrous to them.

But in fact, replenishing the myriad wolf king was only a thought away for Fang Yuan who could connect to treasure yellow heaven.

"This Chang Shan Yin is crazy and cruel, he could have made the night wolf myriad beast king retreat temporarily, but he kept on pushing it firmly, leading to its death." An elder said with a chill in his heart.

Bei tribe leader narrowed his eyes, recalling the battlefield that was vivid in his mind: "If he had not pushed this strongly, they might not have been able to settle the battle so quickly. Ge tribe is unable to sustain a battle of attrition when attacking a large group with their small group. Chang Shan Yin's move was very wise."

"It is a pity Zheng tribe leader also died. He was a rank four upper stage expert, if he could have lived…" Bei tribe elders sighed.

The reason for this was also because Zheng tribe leader was overly fond of battles, using all his strength to fight with the enemy. After a long battle, his primeval essence was greatly consumed, but when he wanted to escape, his path was cut off by night wolf myriad beast king and in the end, did not manage to escape.

And Zheng tribe's lightning spear corps were almost completely exterminated with only two to three small-fry remaining.

These two matters were fatal strikes to Zheng tribe's morale.

Their tribe leader sacrificed himself and the corps was exterminated; Zheng tribe lost resistance and was utterly destroyed.

Ge tribesmen charged into the camp and unfolded an unrestrained massacre. Zheng tribe showed no intent to battle and did their best to escape; cries of agony and pleading could be heard endlessly.

There even appeared scenes where a rank one Gu Master chased after two to three rank two Gu Masters.

It was not that these rank two Gu Masters did not want to fight, but their primeval essence had been severely consumed in the battle with the wolf group.

Without primeval essence, a Gu Master's battle strength would fall to the abyss.

The remnant Bei tribesmen fell into silence as they saw Zheng tribe's miserable state.

They could not help thinking back to the scene where their own camp was attacked; everyone of them gnashed their teeth and clenched their fists, their heart filled with fury and also a bleak feeling.

Chaos was descending!

Every ten years in Northern Plains, a disastrous blizzard would appear, causing great unrest where heroes rose and vied for supremacy.

At that time, the unrest would spread to the entire Northern Plains; this situation was no more than a prelude of it.

Human lives would be cheap as grass as tribes wandered around without a home. Small or mid scale tribes would be like duckweed, being involuntarily swept up by the whirlpool of the battle; they could be crushed if they were in the slightest bit careless.

Even large scale tribes had to be extremely cautious and careful. Only those super tribes who had Gu Immortals and possessed blessed lands had the foundation to remain standing for ages.

"Lord tribe leader, our primeval essence is already recovered. Originally, we wanted to rescue Zheng tribe, but they are already defeated now. Why don't we go back and take down the Ge tribesmen at our camp and save our tribesmen!" At this moment, an elder suggested.

"Right, Chang Shan Yin's appetite is too big. He broke through our camp, then went on to destroy Zheng tribe. According to his crazy momentum, he might even be going to Pei tribe. We need to take the opportunity to go back and kill them."

"The people Ge tribe left behind there might be more in number, but they are all rank one and rank two Gu Masters, with only one rank three elder."

The elders could not help being agitated as they looked at their tribe leader.

Although they had fewer numbers, all of them had rank three cultivation while their tribe leader was at rank four realm. With such strength they had a huge chance to go back and save their tribe.

However, the young Bei tribe leader shook his head and resolutely refused: "We cannot! Although Ge tribe left behind very few people and we can go to seize back our camp, but what happens after that? We are too few in numbers, information about our return will definitely leak. After Chang Shan Yin obtains the news and if he returns, would we be able to defend? Can we escape safely with our tribesmen?"

The group of elders went mute.

Bei Cao Chuan was correct.

When they had been defending before, they were at full strength, yet they were still broken by the wolf tide, let alone now.

"Let them become captives. Relax, you saw that after the battle ended, Ge tribe bound the tribesmen and did not kill them. They want to expand their strength, hmph, their appetite is too big!"

Bei Cao Chuan snorted and continued: "We will leave our tribesmen with them for the moment. In a short period of time, this will cause their rations to be consumed and they will have to use more manpower and divide more energy."

An elder's eyes suddenly brightened: "Then why don't we directly attack their nest? Ge tribe is only a mid-sized tribe now and they have brought out almost all their forces; their camp definitely has poor defenses right now. We will kill and loot, empty their rations and increase the burden on them, and let them have a taste of being attacked!"

"Good idea!"

"Right, this is a good way!"

"I will definitely let Ge tribe taste the pain of being homeless!!"

The elders discussed in excitement.

"Fools!" Bei tribe leader slammed the suggestion and looked at everyone with a chilly and sharp gaze, "Do you all have pig brains? If we destroy their rations, the ones who would suffer would be our tribesmen. You think they won't kill the captives to reduce the consumption? If someone recognized us, what will we do if they kill the captives to vent their anger?"

Bei Cao Chuan let out a breath of turbid air, his eyes shining with wisdom as he said in a heavy voice: "True revenge is not indulging in quick pleasure. Attacking Ge tribe camp is a small thing, we can't hurt their foundation with it. Only by killing Chang Shan Yin, removing Ge tribe's main source of power, can we overturn the situation! We need to fight."

These words enlightened all the elders.

"Lord tribe leader is wise!"

"With lord tribe leader with us, our tribe has hope."

"We will listen to tribe leader's arrangements!"

The elders looked at Bei tribe leader with respect and admiration.

Bei tribe leader Bei Cao Chuan was also an outstanding person!

He had been pushed aside by his siblings when he was young; the most unlikely candidate to the young master position.

He took less actions, disguised his strength and showed a low cultivation, thus he would be taunted and ridiculed by his siblings in banquets and gatherings.

Bei Cao Chuan was an expert at enduring silently, he restrained himself from making a move. His brothers had internal conflicts while he silently accumulated his strength.

When the old Bei tribe leader was critically ill, he finally got the opportunity.

The old Bei tribe leader was injured because of a backlash from a Gu worm and required a specific Gu to heal. However, the tribe found that this Gu was residing in a spirit rhino myriad beast king.

The spirit rhino beast group had about eighty thousand in numbers, the tribe could do nothing and gave up all hope; but Bei Cao Chuan infiltrated the beast group's dwelling by himself.

After several days of observation, he discovered this spirit rhino myriad beast king would occasionally leave his group to roll and play in a mud swamp. After it played to its fill, it would sleep soundly.

The mud was as smelly as dung and many maggots lived in it; Bei Cao Chuan buried himself in the mud for seven days and seven nights without moving.

Hard work paid off; the spirit rhino myriad beast king finally came again to play. However, spirit rhino myriad beast king was huge and when it rolled about, it stepped on Bei Cao Chuan's leg, crushing it immediately.

Bei Cao Chuan silently endured the pain and did not even let out a groan!

When the myriad beast king played to its fill and was sleeping soundly, he quietly stole that wild Gu worm from the myriad beast king's body.

Bei Cao Chuan obtained the wild Gu worm; and he narrowly escaped this dangerous place, moving without stopping, hopping back to the tribe with his one leg and saved the old tribe leader.

The whole tribe was in an uproar!

Bei Cao Chuan's actions contained shocking filial piety, outstanding courage and meticulous planning; causing the whole tribe to look at him in a new light.

His siblings were also extremely surprised when he revealed his rank three peak stage cultivation.

After the old tribe leader survived, he emotionally shed tears: "The number of times I have cried in my life can be counted by my fingers. Today, I am crying not because I managed to escape from death's door, but because I have a son like this; as a father, I am moved by his filial piety, and as the tribe leader, I am happy for the future of my tribe!"

On the spot, Bei Cao Chuan was appointed as young tribe leader.

Bei Cao Chuan did not conceal himself anymore, he started to deal with all the tribe affairs and fought for everyone's approval. On another hand, he suppressed his siblings and fortified his position, not giving any opportunity to his competitors.

In the end, he became the tribe leader and made vigorous efforts to gradually expand Bei tribe. After repeatedly overcoming several difficulties, he had finally walked to this day.

Although Bei Cao Chuan was only about thirty or so, he had established deep prestige within the tribe and was trusted by all the elders!


"Lord supreme elder, lord tribe leader and elders, we have already finished controlling Zheng tribe camp and have gained a lot of resources!" The elder who was in charge of cleaning the battlefield reported excitedly.

"From our initial estimations, we have obtained at least eight million primeval stones. We have obtained thousands of Gu worms with a hundred rank three Gu among them. There is also a Gu house secret room which we are opening right now."

Listening to such spoils of war, Ge tribesmen had extreme joy in their face.

The gains from Zheng tribe was much more than from Bei tribe.

Zheng tribe was a mid-sized tribe, but was a tribe with deep foundation. Even though there were much losses in the battle, the resources that were preserved were still enormous.

"Lord supreme elder, lord tribe leader, what should be our next course of action?" This elder asked after he finished reporting.

All the Ge tribesmen looked at Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan said expressionlessly: "Continue attacking, our next target: Pei tribe!"


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