Reverend Insanity
480 Go die, go die
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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480 Go die, go die

Chapter 480: Go die, go die
Translator: ChibiGeneral Editor: ChibiGeneral

"Prepare the lightning spears!" Zheng tribe leader shouted furiously as he went to the frontline.

After crushing Bei tribe, Fang Yuan led his army without stopping towards Zheng tribe camp.

A bitter battle erupted instantly.

Fang Yuan commanded two myriad beast kings to attack together, breaking through Zheng tribe's two defensive lines in moments. However, at the third line, they were finally stopped.

The ones who stopped the wolf tide was Zheng tribe's renowned trump card — the lightning spear corps.

These rank two Gu Masters stood in a row on the walls, emitting strong elite aura; forging a wall made of flesh and blood.

Hearing the tribe leader's shout, these Gu Masters immediately pushed forward their right hand and poured their primeval essence into the lightning imprint on their right palm.

This was the imprint of the lightning spear Gu.

Next, Ge tribesmen saw lightning emitting out of these Gu Masters' palms before forming into silverish blue colored spears.

These spears were four feet long and were completely condensed from lightning; lightning flickered and emitted a soft sizzling sound.

"Shoot!" Zheng tribe leader shouted.


In an instant, five hundred and eighty lightning spears flew together and drew a dense arc in the sky.

The shining lightning illuminated the battlefield for a moment. The blue light shone on everyone's faces.

The difference was Ge Guang and his group had ashen expressions, while Zheng tribe leader had a proud smile.

Lightning spears rained down upon the charging wolf group.

Even though turtleback wolves had strong shells, they were still pierced by the lightning spears. Let alone the wind wolves and night wolves who were weak in defense.

The volley of lightning spears showed an extraordinary might, instantly clearing up a large area of the battlefield.

The densely packed wolf group also became thinner.

Over five hundred wolves fell, dead. The offense of the wolf group had slowed down.

"Hahaha, look, this is our tribe's lightning spear corps!"

"With such strong troops, who dares to look down on our tribe?"

"This is the strongest blood and flesh wall of our tribe, what could happen to us even if there were more wolves?"

Zheng tribe's Gu Masters shouted in excitement at this sight, their morale increasing rapidly. In contrast, Ge tribesmen had grave expressions.

"Chang Shan Yin." Zheng tribe leader used sound amplification Gu to amplify his voice, suppressing all the chaotic noises of the battlefield.

"You invaded my tribe without rhyme or reason, the heroes assembly has not started yet but you are recklessly starting a war with no care for law and order. Your brutal massacre will be punished by all the tribes of northern plains. You have not made a great mistake yet, you still have a chance at redemption, retreat quickly! Otherwise, I shall let the world know of your evil nature, you and the Ge tribe behind you shall be called rats by all northern plainsmen!" Zheng tribe leader berated and warned.

"Lord supreme elder…" Ge tribe's elders looked towards Fang Yuan with hesitation on their faces.

Fang Yuan's mad war campaign was indeed violating the rules. Although the three tribes allied to deal with Ge tribe, they had yet to act. Just relying on the evidence gathered by Ge tribe, they could not prove anything.

Northern plains Gu Masters liked to battle but they did not battle recklessly and everything was based on proper reasons.

The more sensible and grand the reasons were, the better it was.

Moreover, the struggle for the Imperial Court had not begun yet, so the tribes were mutually restraining each other. Back when Ge tribe was at Hong Yan valley, Man tribe clearly had more strength than Ge tribe, but they still did not make a direct move. Instead, they used schemes to create a wolf tide. This was because Man tribe did not have a proper reason to swallow Ge tribe.

This was the rule of the righteous path, the game rule between the tribes of northern plains.

Fang Yuan leading Ge tribe to invade the three tribes alliance was clearly breaking this rule. They were attacking without appropriate reasons which meant their actions lacked righteousness.

Ge tribe's invasive conduct which reeked of demonic nature would cause them to be isolated; other tribes might be vigilant towards them or even attack them.

Thus, Ge tribe's higher-ups were worried. But because of Chang Shan Yin's strength and prestige, they did not openly oppose him.

Right now, the wolf group's offense was obstructed and the Ge tribesmen were starting to show the first signs of worries.

Fang Yuan sat indifferently on the mutated beast white-eyes wolf, gazing at those Gu Masters on the wall.

"The lightning spear corps are indeed extraordinary."

His gaze continued to flash as he saw the ingenuity behind this

In the entire lightning spear corps, there were over five hundred offensive Gu Masters, but the truly important characters were the hundred or so support Gu Masters who were hiding in the corner and were strictly defended.

These Gu Masters used their Gu worms to strengthen the power of the lightning spears or condense the force of the lightning spears into an even stronger attack.

Fang Yuan then looked at the night wolf myriad beast king as well as turtleback myriad wolf king.

These two wolf kings were obstructed by Zheng tribe leader personally along with the lightning spear corps' combined strength, so they had no choice but to retreat.

Their bodies were riddled with wounds. Turtleback myriad wolf king was slightly better, but the night wolf myriad beast king's defense Gu was killed, its entire body was covered with blood and some wounds were so deep, one could even see the bone.

Even though Fang Yuan used wolf smoke Gu to heal most of these wounds, the night wolf myriad beast king's strength had dropped by a level.


Does retreating mean that the others won't pursue?

Fang Yuan sneered, retreating was the fastest way to die.

Only by advancing without stopping, charging forward, defeating the three tribe alliance, annihilating the survivors, could the bad influence of breaking northern plains rules be reduced to the minimum.

Right now, Ge tribe was like a drawn bow, there was no other option but to press on.

Ge tribe's higher-ups were short-sighted, so they could not see the situation clearly. But Fang Yuan, with his five hundred years of experience, naturally was a seasoned veteran and could clearly see the situation.

"Everyone, we are at the most crucial moment now. Ge tribesmen, charge forward, fight to the death, whoever dares to retreat a step shall be killed without question!" Fang Yuan shouted coldly while actively mobilizing all the remaining forces with him.


Wind wolf myriad beast king lead the wind wolf group and rushed to the battlefield. Fang Yuan had been intentionally hiding this myriad wolf king outside. He had not brought it to Ge tribe camp and did not use it even when attacking Bei tribe.

"The third myriad wolf king!" Ge tribe and Zheng tribe's Gu Masters changed expression at the sight of this wind wolf king.

Ge tribe's higher-ups revealed joy, while Zheng tribe's Gu Masters felt like a heavy stone had landed on their hearts.

Fang Yuan's eyes flashed with cruel killing intent; he waved his hand and the three wolf kings rushed forward together.

Seeing three myriad wolf kings charge together, Zheng tribe leader's expression paled and furiously attacked.

Killer move — Thunder Bird!

The primeval sea level in his aperture violently dropped as three Gu worms were activated together, forming an enormous lightning bird in the air.

The giant bird flew towards the turtleback myriad wolf king and obstructed it.

"Lightning spear corps, shoot together!" Zheng tribe leader hastily shouted.

Hundreds of lightning spears were shot to the sky. Support Gu Masters acted together, converging the flying lightning spears together. In the blink of an eye, the lightning spears combined to form into a lightning snake.

Eagle claw Gu!

A rank three elder suddenly activated his Gu at the lightning snake. The lightning snake immediately grew out two sharp and steel-like claws.

Rhino horn Gu!

Another Zheng tribe elder activated his Gu; a sharp golden horn grew out of the lightning snake's head.

Silver scales Gu!

Another elder added bright silver colored, firm scale armor on the lightning snake's body.

This completely armed lightning spear made a circle in the air, looking like a divine dragon descending into the world. Next, it charged down valiantly towards the wind wolf myriad beast king.

"This move again." Fang Yuan's eyes twitched; previously, the night wolf myriad beast king had been obstructed by this killer move and suffered serious injuries.

This was the killer move — Gold and Silver Lightning Dragon!

Gu Masters nurtured, used and refined Gu; each aspect was a deep field of study. There was the killer move in the aspect of using Gu.

Some Gu Master experts would exquisitely activate many Gu worms' abilities consecutively in a very short period and fuse them into an even stronger attack. This was a killer move.

Normal killer moves were activated by one Gu Master. Like Zheng tribe leader's killer move thunder bird.

The gold and silver lightning dragon, however, was a killer move formed from the cooperation of hundreds of Gu Masters. It condensed the strength of hundreds of Gu Masters as well as rank three experts into an extremely terrifying attack.

As it was obstructed by gold and silver lightning dragon, the wind wolf myriad beast king had no hopes of advancing further temporarily.

However, Fang Yuan was not discouraged.

He still had a myriad wolf king!

Night wolf myriad beast king began a crazed assault under his control.

"Block it, block it!"

"Hold it back even if you die."

"Tribesmen, our parents, wives, children, brothers and sisters are behind us, we absolutely cannot lose!"

"This myriad beast king no longer has its defense Gu, we still have hope!!"

Zheng tribe's Gu Masters raised their morale and attacked fiercely.

Countless attacks shone brilliantly like fireworks as they landed on the night wolf myriad beast king's body.

This night wolf myriad beast king's defense Gu had already died. The attacks easily caused its flesh to lacerate, causing it to howl bitterly in pain.

The intense pain agitated the night wolf myriad beast king; its eyes reddened, its killing intent burst out and its offense became fiercer.

"Damn it!" Seeing the night wolf myriad beast king kill the lightning spear corps, destroying Zheng tribe's most precious trump card, Zheng tribe leader almost spurted out blood in anger.

However, he could not go to stop it, as right now, he was using all his strength to pin down turtleback myriad wolf king.

To protect their home and family, Zheng tribe's Gu Masters burst out with much greater strength.

"Die beast!" A rank three elder dashed out without a thought for his safety and flew towards the night wolf myriad beast king's eyes, fiercely piercing forwarding with his hands.

The night wolf king had no time to dodge and its eyes were pierced.

Amidst the incomparable pain, it opened its mouth and bit this rank three elder apart.

The rank three elder's body was split into two; but he had a smile on his face before dying.

He used his final trace of primeval essence to inflict heavy injuries on the night wolf king.

Such a situation was not rare. To block the night wolf king, many Zheng tribe's Gu Masters chose to sacrifice themselves and protect their home.

"Truly brave warriors!" Fang Yuan praised while laughing coldly.

In his mind, Fang Yuan sensed the night wolf king's intense desire to retreat. But he did not allow that and forcibly made it continue attacking.

Lightning spear corps suffered serious losses in the intense fight with the night wolf king, not even ten percent survived. With there being no decent resistance, Ge tribe's Gu Masters charged out and created an opening rapidly.

The scales of victory tilted towards Fang Yuan.

Time passed, gold and silver lightning dragon dissipated in the air and the wind wolf king became free; under Fang Yuan's control, it started killing Zheng tribe elders.

Next, the wolf group charged inside Zheng tribe camp like a tide, mercilessly killing the old, the weak, women and children.

Wretched screams, despairing shouts and shrieks resounded throughout the battlefield.

"Die, go and die, the more deaths there are, the more souls I can obtain." Fang Yuan looked expressionlessly at this living hell, as he secretly used his storage Gu.


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