Reverend Insanity
479 Good weather to kill
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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479 Good weather to kill

Chapter 479: Good weather to kill
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Fang Yuan was invited into Ge tribe's main tent.

"Oh, three tribes are allying to deal with us?" Fang Yuan heard this and his eyes shone, asking: "Which three?"

An elder immediately replied: "Reporting to lord supreme elder, it is Pei tribe, Bei tribe, and Zheng tribe."

Pausing for a second, this elder continued: "Pei tribe's Pei Yan Fei has rank four peak stage cultivation, he is a fierce general famous in northern plains. Although Bei tribe is only a middle-sized tribe, it has two enslavement path Gu Masters. As for Zheng tribe, although they were created not too long ago, their lightning spear battle formation is nothing to be trifled with."

Fang Yuan nodded, he had heard a familiar name, that was Pei Yan Fei.

This person was truly a fierce general in northern plains, after joining Liu Wen Wu, he became Liu tribe's third general.

In the future battles, he often fought his way into enemy formations alone, assaulting and disrupting their battle formations, as he charged through unstoppably, he aimed for the leader's head.

As for Bei tribe and Zheng tribe, although Fang Yuan had no memories of them, it did not obstruct him from estimating their strength.

Either of these two tribes were equal to Ge tribe back in Hong Yan valley.

Bei tribe had two enslavement path Gu Masters, this meant that they could resist Fang Yuan's wolf group head on. As for Zheng tribe, it seemed that they grew to power using the lightning spear battle formation, this was Zheng tribe's trump card, it could not be underestimated.

"However, I need large numbers of souls to feed Dang Hun mountain and strengthen my own soul. The alliance of the three tribes will allow me to kill many people right? Hehehe."

Thinking so, Fang Yuan's lips curled into a cold smile.

"Right now, the three tribes have allied, the situation is precarious, uncle Chang Shan Yin, what should Ge tribe do?" Ge Guang was yearning for an answer.

Fang Yuan raised his brows, his words oozing with killing intent: "What can we do? Since they want to kill us anyway, we will strike first and attack them immediately! You have to know, the best defense is offense!"

"What? Attack?!"

Hearing this, Ge tribe higher-ups were shocked.

In their earlier discussions, some people suggested retreating, some suggested defending, but no one had suggested attacking.

This idea was too aggressive and risky. After all, the power of the three allied tribes greatly surpassed Ge tribe. Now that Ge tribe had just assimilated Yan tribe's captives, they had internal woes as well.

"Is it too crazy to just attack them now?" The elders looked at each other, sensing each others worry from their expressions. But because of Fang Yuan's attitude, they did not dare to speak out.

At once, everyone went silent.

Ge Guang hesitated for a while, before meekly saying: "Uncle Chang Shan Yin, the enemy is strong while we are weak, but we are going to strike first and give up on defending the camp?"

Fang Yuan snorted: "If you are thinking like this, so are our enemies. Precisely so, we have to initiate the attack and catch them off guard."

"Tonight, we shall gather our forces and assault them in the dark! Which tribe is the closest to us?"

"The closest is Bei Tribe, following by Zheng tribe and then Pei tribe who are the furthest." Ge Guang replied.

Fang Yuan smiled coldly: "Very good, then we shall wipe out Bei tribe first, before slaughtering Zheng tribe and then find a chance to finish off Pei tribe. This battle will be tragic, be mentally prepared. But we cannot make progress without sacrifices, after we devour the three tribes, our Ge tribe will strengthen even further."

The tribe elders looked at each other, tongue-tied, shocked by Fang Yuan's ambition.

With Ge tribe's current situation, he still wanted to devour the allied enemies who were two to three times stronger than them. This was unimaginable.

Seeing the hesitant gang, Fang Yuan waved his hand: "Then that will be the plan, go and prepare for it."

"Yes." The higher-ups replied.

That night, the night winds blew and the moon was high in the sky.

Ge tribe camp opened its gates as the wolves ran out like a flowing river. Countless Gu Masters were mixed in with them, as they charged forward with strong killing intent.

"What a good weather, this is a perfect weather to kill people." Fang Yuan sat on a mutated beast as he laughed.

This mutated beast was that white-eyes wolf, it was an infant earlier, but after Fang Yuan used the time path Gu worm to accelerate its growth, it rapidly aged. Now, this white-eyes wolf was several times its original size.

Having a body of white snow-like fur, its body shape was slim and smooth like water, only slightly smaller than a hump wolf.

But its current battle strength was only comparable to an ordinary hundred wolf king. There were no wild Gu inside its body.

Time was needed for wild Gu to live in a beast king. During a beast king's long period of growth, multiple wild Gu worms would come to seek refuge with them.

But this white-eyes wolf grew too fast, it lacked the foundation built with time, and because it was always by Fang Yuan's side, there were no Gu on it.

Because of that, Fang Yuan used it as his steed and let it accompany him. Sometimes, using its vision, he could scout areas quickly.

The army moved quickly towards Bei tribe.

Bei tribe camp was situation on a mound, there were originally many trees on the mound, but now they were all removed and a tall wall was erected all around Bei tribe camp.

On the wall, there were observational towers that were giving off a bright light, lighting up the dark camp. On the surface of the wall, there were wooden spikes and several Bei tribe Gu Masters were standing at set intervals, giving off a strong impregnable aura.

"Lord, are we really attacking?" The army stealthily got closer as Ge Guang observed the wall, his heart jumped as he had the urge to retreat.

Fang Yuan laughed: "We will definitely win."

"What does lord supreme elder mean?" An elder did not understand and asked.

Fang Yuan pointed at the wall: "Precise because of the sturdy wall, these Bei tribe Gu Masters are complacent, sending only a few Gu Masters to guard it. The fact that we could get to near to them is proof of this. Furthermore, this light is too bright, it shows Bei tribe's intention to scare off the weak. Such a false bravado, while attempting to show that they were a stronghold, revealed all their little secrets."

Hearing this, Ge tribesmen were assured.

Fang Yuan instructed again: "Later, I will send the wolves to crush the wall, you will send the Yan tribe captives to charge and lead the way, while Ge tribe Gu Masters watch them. If anyone tries to rebel or run away, kill them on the spot!"

His icy cold voice made everyone shudder.

The moment he said that, before waiting for the elders to react, Fang Yuan waved his hand as two myriad wolf kings led their wolf groups and rushed out. In a few breaths' time, they got into the lighted area.

"Wolves, why are there so many wolves?!" Bei tribe Gu Masters rubbed their eyes, finding it unbelievable.

"Enemy assault, enemy assault!!" Some people reacted and shouted loudly, using their Gu worms to send signals.

"Block them, reinforcements are coming!" The Gu Masters shouted with all their strength.

But Fang Yuan's attack was ferocious and overwhelming, it was like two iron fists that had been storing energy for a day.

The battle strength of a myriad wolf king was not to be underestimated, often, a rank four Gu Master and multiple rank three experts were needed to deal with one.

Two myriad wolf kings, under Fang Yuan's manipulation, unleashed their strongest attacks without hesitation.

Bam! Bam! Bam!

Every impact was soul shaking. The study wall swayed in the wind like a flimsy paper.

Especially the turtleback myriad wolf king, it had a thick skin and a strong body, it caused the most damage to the wall.

Bei tribe Gu Masters were busy retaliating, but their scattered attacks were blocked by the myriad wolf king's defensive Gu.

When Bei tribe's reinforcements arrived in a hurry, they saw the collapse of an entire segment of the wall. Two myriad wolf kings led their endless wolf armies as they charged into the camp.

"Night wolf myriad beast king! Turtleback myriad wolf king!" Bei tribe leader saw this sight and he was shocked out of his wits.

These were two types of wolves, as wild wolf groups, they will never work together. This situation only meant one thing, there was someone controlling them.

Who was the culprit?

Bei tribe leader did not need to think twice before a name appeared in his heart — Wolf King Chang Shan Yin!

"Chang Shan Yin…" Bei tribe leader gritted his teeth and fire almost spewed out of his eyes.

But his fury could not stop the attack of the wolf group.

So be it if they were ordinary wolves, but under Fang Yuan's control, strength and knowledge became the best companions.

Bei tribe tried resisting, and formed many defensive formations, but the wolf group charged without worry for casualties, it was an all-out attack.

The Ge tribe Gu Masters behind the wolf group were like spectators.

Rank four — grass puppet Gu!

Bei tribe leader injected his primeval essence into the grass below his feet.

The grass grew to the size of a person, turning into a grass puppet, holding a green leaf long sword.

This was the grass sword elite soldier!

Large numbers of grass sword elite soldiers charged towards the wolf group.

The grass sword elite soldiers successfully resisted the wolf group's attack, they formed a formation near the main tent and blocked the wolves like a green monolith.

But this situation was only temporary, when Bei tribe leader's primeval essence was used up, the grass sword elite soldiers were out of steam and the monolith became smaller, submerged by the wolves.

"Retreat, we will retreat to Zheng tribe! As long we are alive, Bei tribe will have the hopes of returning one day." Bei tribe leader saw that the defeat was set in stone and resolutely decided to retreat.

"Hahaha." Fang Yuan rode the white-eyes wolf as he looked at the escaping Bei tribesmen, laughing loudly.

"Lord, we won!" Ge Guang said excitedly.

"We've only won the first out of three battles. Leave some people behind to clean up the battlefield, we will chase them!" Fang Yuan waved and the tens of thousands of wolves howled and changed directions towards Zheng tribe.

"They are chasing us!" The Bei tribe Gu Masters who were escaping saw such a grand army and were scared till their souls trembled.

"No wait, Chang Shan Yin's next target is Zheng tribe." Someone understood.

"Not only did he take down our tribe, he also wants to take down Zheng tribe?!" Someone furiously screamed.

"Tribe leader, what do we do? My primeval essence is almost used up, soon, they will catch up." Someone shouted frantically.

Bei tribe leader hesitated for a moment, he did not have much primeval essence left, he could only change directions and enter the forest near him.

Fang Yuan led the army and ignored these people, charging straight for Zheng tribe.

"He did not chase us, he went to Zheng tribe after all." Bei tribe's higher-ups breathed roughly, standing in the forest, they watched the stampede of over ten thousand wolves.

Bei tribe leader's expression was solemn, the veins on his fists were about to burst, the hatred in his heart and the flames of fury almost incinerated him, but there was nothing he could do!


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