Reverend Insanity
478 Main Pillar
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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478 Main Pillar

Chapter 478: Main Pillar
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"Eh?" Hearing Bei tribe, Zheng tribe and Pei tribe had already allied, Wang tribe leader slightly furrowed his brows.

In northern plains, it was not strange for tribes to form an alliance. The struggle for the Imperial Court was arriving soon, the appearance of alliances also increased.

"I have a doubt. Ge tribe was originally weaker than Yan tribe, how could such a small existence swallow a bigger force?" Wang tribe leader questioned.

Bei Cao Sheng laughed: "Ge tribe could absorb Yan tribe all because of one person. I wonder if Lord Wang tribe leader has ever heard of Chang Shan Yin?"

"Chang Shan Yin?" Wang tribe leader slightly frowned, this name brought a familiar feeling in the depths of his heart as if he had heard it somewhere.

Soon after, his furrowed brows relaxed and an astonished look appeared on his face: "Chang Shan Yin… could it be the Wolf King who had killed Ha Tu Gu?"

"Hehe. I am in admiration of tribe leader's knowledge." Bei Cao Sheng cupped his fists, "Yes, it is because of this person's meddling that led to Ge tribe's victory. Who would have expected that the hero of northern plains would still alive after all this time? No one knows what happened in all these years. He appeared with low profile and with his lone strength, made Ge tribe, a small existence, swallow the big Yan tribe. Of course, this is also because Yan tribe's higher-ups were schemed against by Chang Shan Yin and were taken down collectively. This allowed Ge tribe to have dominance when they attacked Yan tribe camp."

Bei Cao Sheng spoke with assurance, he was actually very clear of this inside story.

In truth, after Yan tribe was exterminated, there were naturally some who were able to escape alive and went to Bei tribe to request protection. With such informants, Bei tribe was naturally very clear of the situation.

Wang tribe leader's brows furrowed deeper: "back in those days, Wolf King with his lone strength could bypass realms and kill rank five Gu Master Ha Tu Gu along with his bandit group. Such strength truly intimidates people. How can we deal with such expert with our strength?"

Rank four Gu Masters were already the leaders of small-mid scale tribes. Rank five Gu Masters were at the peak of the mortal world.

Long ago, the news of Chang Shan Yin killing Ha Tu Gu had created an uproar in the whole northern plains.

Reputation, whether good or bad, follows closely like a shadow; Chang Shan Yin's deeds had spread throughout northern plains for so many years, it was natural for Wang tribe leader to have some apprehension.

Bei Cao Sheng laughed loudly: "Hahaha, it is natural for lord tribe leader to have worries. Wolf King was indeed an amazing character. But times have changed, today's Wolf King is no longer as valiant as before."

"Eh? I would like to hear the details."

"Everyone knows the strength of enslavement path Gu Masters is determined by their troops. Wolf King has just come back, his wolf group is no longer of the same scale as before, with not even a single mutated beast. There are only ordinary wind wolves, night wolves and turtleback wolves with him. And in the battle with Yan tribe, they already suffered huge losses. His battle strength is not so mighty."

Bei Cao Sheng continued: "Moreover, Wolf King attacked Yan tribe without rhyme or reason, this is the conduct of the demonic path, slaughtering ordinary mortals goes against northern plains' rules. He is no longer the hero of our northern plains, but a demon everyone needs to hunt. The one we are punishing this time is a sinner who creates conflicts, an evildoer who invades at will! We have righteousness with us while Ge tribe is at the side of injustice and evil. The heroes assembly has not begun yet, the struggle for Imperial Court has not started yet, but they dared to openly wage a war with another tribe, this is unforgivable. Looking at the history of northern plains, which of the people that violated the bottom line like this has ever had a good ending?"

Bei Cao Sheng's words were full of passion, indeed as the political advisor of Bei tribe, his words had the power to incite people's hearts.

But Wang tribe leader also was a seasoned character and not someone who could be easily influenced. His gaze flashed and said with hesitation: "Although it is so, Wolf King is after all the Wolf King. In the battle between giants, there will definitely be injuries. After the battle ends, there is bound to be enormous losses."

Bei Cao Sheng shook his head and smiled without concern: "Hehehe. Wolf King might be strong, but two fists cannot defeat four hands. Ge tribe has just absorbed Yan tribe, they have eaten too much this time and inflated very quickly, they will not be stable for a long time. As long as Wang tribe joins us, why would our four tribes' alliance be afraid of a puny Ge tribe?"

Wang tribe leader muttered irresolutely for a while and said: "I am not afraid of Ge tribe, but Wolf King is the Wolf King. He mysteriously disappeared for so many years, who knows what happened, he might have even had fortuitous encounter. He definitely has some plan in making his appearance now. Such a character is sure to have trump cards that he has not shown yet."

Bei Cao Sheng scoffed: "Reputation usually comes from exaggeration. Wang tribe leader, why should we puff up the enemy and lower our morale? Why are you so afraid of the Wolf King? He is already past his prime, even if he has trump cards, he is no more than an enslavement path Gu Master in the end. Since he is an enslavement path Gu Master, we have ways to deal with him."

"Truthfully speaking, our Bei tribe also has enslavement path Gu Masters, our tribe's forest soldier corps which has made its name in northern plains; it can completely face Chang Shan Yin. Besides them, Zheng tribe has the renowned lightning spear battle formation while Pei tribe leader Lord Pei Yan Fei is a famous expert in northern plains and has already advanced to rank four peak stage. Even if Wolf King has much more troops, Lord Pei Yan Fei can move past the troops and directly attack and kill the Wolf King!"

It was common knowledge that enslavement path Gu Masters feared beheading the leader tactics.

As long as this tactic succeeded, even a huge army of millions would immediately fall into chaos and flee in disorder.

Wang tribe leader, however, was still hesitating, and evaded it saying he needed a few days to consider as it was a serious matter.

Disappointment flashed past Bei Cao Sheng's eyes: "This is a serious matter, it makes sense for Wang tribe leader to consider it carefully. However, this matter cannot be delayed, if we allow the Ge tribe to recover their senses and digest the spoils of the war, our losses when we fight will be much more larger. Please take note of this, lord tribe leader."

Wang tribe leader nodded: "At most three days, during this period, you can stay in our tribe and receive our warmest welcome."

Bei Cao Sheng could only take the initiative to say his farewell after hearing these words.

When he had just left the hall, a person entered.

This person was thin with a yellowish face, there were three strands of beard on his chin and a pair of sharp and bright eyes. He was Wang tribe leader's competent assistant; Wang tribe elder Wang De Dao, an experienced strategist.

"Lord tribe leader, are we really going to agree to Bei tribe and join this alliance?" Wang De Dao asked with some worries.

"Hehehe, of course not, you don't need to worry." Wang tribe leader laughed.

Wang De Dao let out a breath of relief: "Tribe leader is wise to not be bewitched by others. The power struggle for Imperial Court is arriving, and years of battle will follow it. Preserving strength is our main priority. The thoughts of Bei, Pei and Zheng tribe, these three mid scale tribes, are very clear. Yan tribe is in-laws of Liu tribe, Yan Cui Er is Liu tribe young master's fiancee. They are thinking of becoming dogs of Liu tribe, to curry favor with Lord Liu Wen Wu, but they want to involve my tribe to share the risks."

"Yes." Wang tribe leader nodded, "Our Wang tribe is a large scale tribe, we need to make our moves very carefully. The struggle for the Imperial Court is like a battle of dragons and snakes; in the end, who can become the final winner? We need to observe carefully and choose the side we are siding with."

Every ten years in northern plains, there would be a terrifying and shocking blizzard.

Only by entering the Imperial Court, could one have protection to not be affected by the blizzard.

But the quota in Imperial Court was limited; there were too many that wanted to enter, thus they would go through bitter battle, and after eliminating the weak, the master of the Imperial Court would be decided.

Wang tribe might be a large scale tribe but was classified as those tribes with superficial foundation, having no intents to vie for the throne. They only wanted to side with the correct force and become the one with the greatest contribution, thus entering the Imperial Court and avoiding the disaster.

"If we can't enter the Imperial Court, our tribe will definitely suffer disastrous damage during the blizzard. We will fall from our current large scale force to mid scale, small scale or even complete extermination with a high probability. But if we can enter Imperial Court, through the support of the resources of Imperial Court, we can recuperate and if our luck is good, we can have the qualifications to vie for the next rulership of Imperial Court!" Wang De Dao said with a grave expression.

This matter concerned the survival and prosperity of the whole Wang tribe; every Wang tribesman was cautious and careful.

"Then, how should we deal with Bei Cao Sheng?" Wang tribe leader asked.

Wang De Dao stroked his beard and said after a while: "We should properly entertain this person, and three days later, we can tactfully decline their alliance invitation. At the same time, we will send a letter to Ge tribe behind their back, to express our goodwill to the Wolf King and tell them of this matter. Let them fight each other while we will watch safely from the sideline. If there is an opportunity, we can have no worries in benefiting from their conflict."

"Hahaha, your words deeply resonates with my heart." Wang tribe leader could not help laughing heartily.

Gazing at the letter in his hand, Ge tribe leader Ge Guang had a worried expression.

All the Ge tribe elders beside him were also silent.

The atmosphere had become so heavy in the main tent that it was almost suffocating.

"Bei, Pei and Zheng tribe have allied to combine their strength and pass judgement to our tribe. They are wantonly attracting more allies now. Wang tribe leader has sent this information secretly, I am afraid not long later, the allied army would make their move. Elders, do you have any good plans?" Ge Guang asked.

"This matter is not looking good. Our tribe has just absorbed Yan tribe, although our morale is high, we have yet to digest the spoils of the war."

"If the enemy invades us, it is hard to say if the Yan tribe captives we have won't rise up in rebellion."

"At that time, with both external and internal threats, our Ge tribe won't be far from extermination!"

"Then should we retreat?"

"Retreat? Where? We have a camp now and can defend our positions. But if we retreat, there will be nothing to protect us, do we just wait for those tribes to surround us then?"

The elders started discussing.

Ge Guang looked at them with a disappointed gaze, the elders were just making random comments with no one giving reasonable suggestion.

This instead caused the atmosphere in the tent to become more repressing and was vaguely shaking up their battle will.

"Alright, no need to say anymore." He raised his hand and put an end to the discussion.

"I won't hide this from you, few days ago, Lord Wolf King Chang Shan Yin has agreed to become our tribe's supreme elder. We need to invite him to discuss this matter." Ge Guang revealed the news.

He had kept this news hidden, now that he said it out, it was like a cardiac stimulant that caused the elders to feel a rush of morale.

"Lord Wolf King has become our tribe's supreme elder?"

"Great, great, this is a cause for celebration!"

"With Lord Wolf King with us, we have a chance of survival."

The suppressing atmosphere in the tent was immediately swept clean and the fallen morale rapidly soared. This was the effect of an expert; in times of crisis, they were the main pillar that could hold up the sky and earth.

Seeing this, Ge Guang realized why only Gu Masters with high cultivation could become the ones in power in tribes.


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