Reverend Insanity
475 Soaring Cultivation
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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475 Soaring Cultivation

Chapter 475: Soaring Cultivation
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The ninety percent primeval sea in the aperture surged with high waves, and true gold primeval essence shone brightly on the aperture walls.

The aperture walls were also extraordinary; sparkling and clear like crystals, containing life force in them. This was the crystal membrane of rank four peak stage realm.

Waves continually surged, reaching towards the sky. Then, they crashed towards the crystal membrane wave after waves.

At first, the crystal membrane was like the reef of a sea, being unmovable. But it gradually became unable to endure the fierce waves and cracks started appearing.

As time passed, bigger cracks appeared.

The primeval sea slowly reduced, while the crystal membrane was full of cracks and appeared extremely fragile. However, there was still a little distance left from breakthrough.

Fang Yuan was sitting cross-legged on the bed with both his eyes closed, and almost all his attention was on the aperture.

He possessed ninety percent aptitude which was classified as A grade, and also had very deep accumulation; he could breakthrough to rank five realm just by relying on his own strength.

Right now, there was about twenty percent left of the primeval sea; the sea waves had also weakened and was getting to the point of being tranquil.

But suddenly, as if it was accumulating its strength, a huge wave erupted out of the true gold primeval sea.

This wave was fierce and majestic, surpassing any of the waves from before; it was like a tsunami, soaring up and then fiercely smashing towards the aperture walls.


A soft sound echoed, and the aperture walls were finally unable to bear the pressure. They were smashed into pieces by this enormous wave.

The shattered fragments of the crystal aperture walls were like a broken ice mountain, and as they fell into the sea they turned into pure essence before slowly melting down.

After a while, the fragments on the crystal walls had all fallen down, leaving behind a light membrane that covered everything.

The light membrane was dazzling with very powerful aura, far surpassing the rank four peak stage crystal wall; this was the appearance of a true rank five initial stage!

Following it, a trace of light purple primeval essence appeared in the depths of the sea.

Rank one Gu Masters had green copper primeval essence; rank two had red iron primeval essence; rank three had white silver primeval essence; rank four had yellow gold primeval essence; and rank five was purple crystal primeval essence.

Although it was only a thread of light purple, it was a qualitative difference.

From now on, Fang Yuan's primeval essence would be light purple primeval essence!

"Since my rebirth, I have wandered around everywhere, drifting miserably. Yet now I am finally a rank five Gu Master." Inside Dang Hun palace, Fang Yuan slowly opened his eyes and sighed with joy.

Rank five Gu Masters were the lords in this mortal world, the true peak stage. Those who could cultivate to this stage were not even one in ten thousand.

If it were others, they might have already become wild with joy. However, Fang Yuan had already experienced this in his previous life. Right now, rather than ecstasy, what he felt was joy towards his future prospects.

"Compared to my previous life, being able to enter rank five at such a young age is truly a success."

Fang Yuan was only thirty and so at present; cultivating to rank five at this age was a performance that would only be seen in the absolute top geniuses of the five great regions.

"But rank five is not my end point; it is only a starting point. Next, I need to once again advance to Gu Immortal!"

Those genius Gu Masters would feel some hesitation when they talked about charging to Gu Immortal realm. However, Fang Yuan had his previous life's experiences, thus he had plenty of confidence in advancing to Gu Immortal realm.

"After becoming a Gu Immortal, the deadly crisis from Spring Autumn Cicada can be completely resolved."

Fang Yuan looked at Spring Autumn Cicada.

Since this rebirth, Spring Autumn Cicada had fallen into deep hibernation, continually absorbing the water from river of time and recuperating.

Right now, it had already mostly recovered and a faint pressure was filling Fang Yuan's aperture.

For a long time now, Spring Autumn Cicada was like a guillotine hovering above Fang Yuan's neck. As time passed, this enormous guillotine would move closer towards his neck.

Spring Autumn Cicada gave Fang Yuan an enormous death threat, forcing him to risk dangers and do everything he could to advance his cultivation.

Only by reaching the rank six Gu Immortal realm, could Fang Yuan's aperture be able to store Spring Autumn Cicada.

At that time, Fang Yuan would have more freedom and leisure, and not be so repressed like now.

Light purple primeval essence continually appeared in the aperture, settling down below the remaining gold primeval essence.

Fang Yuan gathered his concentration and slowly stood up, walking out of this secret room and into another room.

There were several large vats in this room.

There was green liquid in the vats and a purple crystal relic Gu was floating on each liquid.

There were six purple crystal relic Gu. Most of them had been purchased by Fang Yuan or Little Hu Immortal from treasure yellow heaven.

Purple crystal relic Gu could raise a rank five Gu Master's cultivation! Fang Yuan had paid a considerable price for them.

Fang Yuan only required three purple crystal relic Gu to raise his cultivation to the peak stage. But right now, he looked at the vats with various liquids.

One vat had muddy green liquid; another had a mixture of green and yellow; and the purple crystal relic Gu on two of the vats had tiny purple black hair growing out of them.

The remaining two vats had clear green liquid with no change.

Fang Yuan snorted; most of these six purple crystal relic Gu had been tampered with.

With his five hundred years of experience, Fang Yuan was able to conjecture something wrong with these relic Gu.

Among the purple crystal relic Gu in these six vats of green liquid, only two could be used. Fang Yuan immediately took out the two purple crystal relic Gu from the clear green liquid and used them.

Using two relic Gu, Fang Yuan's cultivation immediately rose to rank five upper stage realm.

Fang Yuan again took out two purple crystal relic Gu whose bodies were filled with tiny hairs, and repeatedly used them.

The two relic Gu's strength combined and was able to raise his cultivation to rank five peak stage!

In a short period of time, Fang Yuan advanced from rank five initial stage to rank five peak stage, completing an enormous jump. Moreover, relic Gu had no side-effects and would not cause his foundation to weaken.

Gu Master's cultivation was extremely focused on resources. As long as there were enough resources, cultivation could make rapid progress.

Theoretically, as long as one had sufficient relic Gu, a Gu Master's cultivation could advance in a lightning speed. But in reality, extremely few Gu Masters did this.

One reason was that relic Gu could only raise a Gu Master's cultivation by a small realm; every great realm required the Gu Masters to breakthrough by themselves. It was extremely easy to raise cultivation with enough relic Gu, but this would instead cause normal Gu Masters to be reliant on them, and breaking through a great realm would become much harder.

Second, higher realm did not represent everything. To survive in this cruel world, one still needed planning, wisdom, opportunity, experience and training. A sudden increase in strength without the knowledge to control it was like an infant brandishing a broadsword, they could injure somebody and injure themselves.

Third, relic Gu were extremely expensive, few Gu Masters could enjoy advancing so lavishly. Even if a Gu Immortal's descendants could enjoy such treatment, their elders would not allow them to be so spoiled.

Finally, there was an even more important point, and that was aptitude. Without good aptitude, relic Gu would have no use even if there were more of it. Fang Yuan could smoothly advance to rank five because of his experience and also the great help from A grade aptitude.

Fang Yuan might be the only one who could could use relic Gu like this repeatedly to sharply raise his cultivation.

If it were other rank five Gu Masters, even if they were geniuses from the Shang house clan, they would still have to follow the prescribed order. After all, a Gu Master's cultivation still required long training of Gu worms. High cultivation could not directly indicate the battle strength, it was no more than making oneself look like a fat target.

Previous life experiences were Fang Yuan's great wealth that allowed him to smoothly control this burst of strength.

Unknowingly, a night had already passed while dashing through the cultivation levels. Fang Yuan walked out of Dang Hun palace and onto Dang Han mountain.

Just like he expected, many guts Gu had grown on the mountain rocks.

He walked a few steps and crouched, casually kneading one, but it was only a pile of yellow mud.

Even since Dang Hun mountain was struck by Immortal Gu Gruel Mud, it gradually began to die and a part of the guts Gu created on it would become yellow paste.

Fang Yuan's expression did not change as he had already expected this; he again pinched seven to eight guts Gu.

But in this process, he only got two good guts Gu. Using their strength, his wolfman soul slightly strengthened once more.

"The Immortal Gu Gruel Mud's strength has already invaded deep. I remember that four to five guts Gu would be intact out of ten. Now, only three or four are good." Fang Yuan sighed.

Although these yellow mud were all gruel mud and could be sold at treasure yellow heaven, but compared to the guts Gu, the difference in worth was as different as night and day, and was an enormous loss.

Fortunately, all these guts Gu belonged to Fang Yuan alone.

Although six or seven out of ten guts Gu were useless, with their enormous numbers it was still enough for Fang Yuan's soul to progress greatly.

"Now, I am at rank five peak stage, and the next step would be to attack the Gu Immortal realm. But this matter is quite difficult and I need many preparations and attempt it slowly." Fang Yuan inwardly planned.

With rank five peak stage aperture, Spring Autumn Cicada's pressure had greatly resolved.

The urgent matter was to rescue Dang Hun mountain.

Though Dang Hun mountain was dying, saving it would be a great help to Fang Yuan's future cultivation, even after he advanced to Gu Immortal realm.

After completely cleaning off all the guts Gu on the mountain, Fang Yuan entered Dang Hun palace again and collaborated with Little Hu Immortal to activate connecting heaven Gu.

Wave after waves of divine sense were mutually tangling up in treasure yellow heaven.

Just after they opened connecting heaven Gu, a large divine sense rushed was transmitted to Little Hu Immortal, asking about the price of gruel mud.

Fang Yuan had sold great amounts of gruel mud and this attracted many Gu Immortals' interest.

Using these gruel mud for the Immortal Gu recipe, one could refine the Immortal Gu Gruel Mud. Although this Gu could only be used once, it was a genuine Immortal Gu. In this environment where Immortal Gu were scarce, Gu Immortals scrabbled madly for Fang Yuan's gruel mud.

As for these gruel mud, Fang Yuan's price was Immortal Gu Gruel Mud's recipe.

Originally, these Gu Immortals brought incomparably damaged remnant recipes that did not have even ten feet of treasure light. But after a few days, the recipes these Gu Immortals brought out had already reached a treasure light of thirty to forty feet.

Fang Yuan still kept on disregarding them; he had large amounts of gruel mud to sell. In fact, none of the gruel mud recipes that appeared nowadays could satisfy him.


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