Reverend Insanity
474 Surrender
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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474 Surrender

Chapter 474: Surrender
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In the fire of war that spread everywhere, the wolf group surged forward with craze.

The attack on Yan tribe camp had already lasted for four hours. Yan tribe's Gu Masters were experts at defense, but because of the successful ambush and there being no leader, the Yan tribe camp was already ruined beyond recognition by now. There were broken walls everywhere along with human and wolf corpses.

"Brothers, hold on, we need to hold on!" In the center of the camp, the remaining forces of Yan tribe stubbornly resisted.

However, the wolf group surged forward with no end, and the whole defense line was already on the verge of collapse.

"Kill, kill these invaders!"

"Despicable Ge tribe, I curse your entire clan to perish!!"

Besides these curses, there were also the weeping of the old and feeble, the women and the children.

Seeing their family and friends behind them, the already exhausted Yan tribesmen squeezed out every bit of strength they could muster.

In their hearts, a thought kept them going, telling them to hold up their defense, that they must defend! Behind them were their wives, children and their parents. If they could not resist, then all their relatives would end up in the wolves' mouths!

Suddenly, a thousand wolf king broke through the battle line and charged into the depths of the formation.



"Get away!"

The Gu Masters at the frontline roared with fury in their eyes, but it was already too late for them to rescue anyone; they could only stare as the thousand wolf king opened its bloody mouth and started slaughtering the old, feeble, women and children.

"Bastard, you are looking for death!" At this time, a seriously injured Gu Master who was lying on the ground with just one hand and one leg remaining, jumped up with a strength that god knew where it came from and threw himself into the wolf's mouth.

The thousand wolf king bit his waist and almost severed him into two.

The Gu Master foamed from his mouth, and gave a desperate yet satisfied smile.

He fiercely clenched the wolf's head and roared: "Evil beast, die with me."

With that, he self-destructed; blood splashed everywhere and the thousand beast king also died with him.

The encircling Ge tribesmen all saw this scene; someone sighed: "Yan tribe's sons are so brave!"

Fang Yuan lightly nodded.

Although Yan tribe did not show initiative, they were experts at defense and were extremely united. In this invasion, the number of wolves that died were truly beyond his original estimation.

However, Fang Yuan did not feel any pain and snorted: "What is the use even if they were to be more brave? Those defeated usually have no hope of reprieve; this is the cruelty of the struggle for Imperial Court. Okay, this is enough, go ask them to surrender."

These words caused the Ge tribe's Gu Masters to feel a chill: If they were ever to be defeated, their tribe would be at the same state as the Yan tribe before them.

However, when their gaze landed on Fang Yuan, their heart relaxed: With the Wolf King beside us, our Ge tribe has a great tree to lean on. We still need to rely on the Wolf King to lead us.

The intense and fierce battlefield gradually quietened.

The wolf group stopped their offence and slowly retreated, opening up a path. A Ge tribe elder moved through the path and appeared before Yan tribesmen.

"Yan tribesmen, surrender." The Ge tribe elder shouted loudly, "Northern plains elites are those who can adapt to circumstances!"

"Bullshit! I shall never surrender to you shameless sneak attackers!"

"Come, just cut my head off."

"Yan tribe's descendants would rather die than surrender!"

Some Gu Masters roared furiously, but there were also some whose gaze loosened and showed hesitation.

The Ge tribe elder sneered: "If you don't surrender, we won't lose anything in killing you all. But shouldn't you consider your wives and children behind you? They will die a cruel death just because of your stubborn resistance. You will be the ones who harmed them."

These words caused the Yan tribe's remnant forces to quieten.

The chilly wind blew across everyone's faces. Those Yan tribe's Gu Masters who had been roaring furiously had a sluggish expression now. They looked back and their expressions turned soft.

Only the Yan tribe elder felt extreme hatred towards Ge tribe's psychological tactics when he sensed everyone's fighting spirit crumbling. However, this discontent, when it reached his mouth, turned into a sigh.

Under everyone's gazes, he walked forward and said forcibly: "Our Yan tribe… surrenders!"


"Lord elder…"

Yan tribe's Gu Masters shouted one after another; some couldn't believe it, some weeped with grief and some felt relieved.

At the same time, Ge tribe's Gu Masters also rejoiced.

"Victory, victory!"

"The situation is set, we have annexed Yan tribe!"

They were both at the same place, but their situation was as different as cloud was from mud.

"Gather the troops and clean up the battlefield." Ge Guang also had a joy he could hardly contain on his face. Considering their strength, Ge tribe was below Yan tribe, but they were able to swallow this big force in one move!

"As long as we digest these war spoils, our Ge tribe's strength will increase by three times, even surpassing the strength we had back at Hong Yan valley. This is all thanks to lord Chang Shan Yin!" Ge Guang could not help looking at Fang Yuan when he thought of this.

Truthfully, Ge Guang had hesitated when he received Fang Yuan's letter.

But this hesitation was only for an instant before it turned into resolution. The fact had proved his choice was a correct one.

"If I had refused the Wolf King back then, I'm afraid our Ge tribe would have had the same ending as the Yan tribe." Ge Guang's reverence towards Fang Yuan deepened by another level.

Fang Yuan sized up the whole Yan tribe camp from above the hump wolf.

There were broken debris everywhere; fire still lingered, corpses littered the place and blood dyed the ground red.

All the Yan tribesmen who were hiding were searched and arrested. Yan tribe's Gu Masters were tied with manacles and leg-irons, their Gu worms seized and their primeval essence locked as they were taken as captives and were strictly watched.

Fang Yuan's expression was tranquil, he had seen such situations many times. In the great battle of five regions in his previous life, the situation had been much more bitter and terrifying than this.

"Yan tribe is annihilated, next is the heroes assembly. Before this, I need to return to Hu Immortal blessed land. I also need to go to Lang Ya blessed land once, if my luck is good…."

Three days later, it was a night where many stars filled the sky.

Fang Yuan led the wolf group and came upon a remote area. He first used moving perspective cup Gu to communicate with Little Hu Immortal, then used stargate Gu to return back to Hu Immortal blessed land.

This time, thousands of wolves entered with him.

These wolves were either injured or old with weak battle strength.

Ordinary enslavement path Gu Masters' only choice, in this case, would be to sacrifice them as cannon fodder in battle to stop them from consuming more rations. However, Fang Yuan possessed a blessed land and thus had a better option.

That was to breed them.

"These wild wolves can reproduce at the blessed land and several months later, they should be able to give birth to wolf cubs." Fang Yuan moved this wolf group to the western part of the blessed land.

In this world, the wild beasts' ability to reproduce were very strong; adding on to the Hu Immortal blessed land's six times faster time flow than northern plains, Fang Yuan's troops would from now on be self-replenished.

With this, Hu Immortal blessed land's western part became the wolf group's farming land; the northern part was almost completely cut off by Fang Yuan; eastern part was covered with dark clouds along with tens of lakes which filled the air with moisture; and the southern part was the stonemen's homeland.

In the center was Dang Hun mountain which was gradually dying after being struck by gruel mud Gu.

"Master, master, I have already settled down the starlight worms according to your instructions. Come take a look." Little Hu Immortal was extremely happy at seeing Fang Yuan again, and dragged Fang Yuan to the eastern part of the blessed land.

"Master, look up!" Little Hu Immortal said with a delicate voice.

Fang Yuan looked up at the sky, and saw a large expanse of light blue color clouds.

Threads of starlight shone down like a dreamy gauze and shook gently with the breeze. The scene was very beautiful as if it was carved out of a painting.

Fang Yuan looked carefully and discovered these clouds were not originally blue color, but rather a large number of star fragment grass were planted on them. Star fragment grass were deep blue in color, and starlight fireflies fluttered among the grass, shining with spects of light. Moreover among the starlight fireflies were starlight firefly Gu that blossomed with true starlight radiance.

"Not bad." Fang Yuan evaluated.

Little Hu Immortal immediately squinted her eyes in happiness, rubbing her small head against Fang Yuan's hand and said with her delicate voice: "Master, pat me."

Fang Yuan lightly smiled and rubbed Little Hu Immortal's head.

Little Hu Immortal's long snowy tail immediately curled, the two furry ears on her head also lowered gently and her face reddened in happiness.

Fang Yuan had bought many star fragment grass from treasure yellow heaven. However the grass was extremely peculiar and could not be planted on any mortal soil, only on clouds.

When they had transacted, Fairy Yao Guang had suggested Fang Yuan to buy cloud soil to raise star fragment grass. But Fang Yuan did not take her suggestion because there were enormous scale of dark clouds in Hu Immortal blessed land.

These dark clouds were created from the water and fire collision, when Fang Yuan eradicated the earthly calamities' effects.

The dark clouds did not dissipate and covered the eastern part of Hu Immortal blessed land, and was a problem that was neither big nor small. It had been obstructing light for a long time and was affecting the whole eastern part's ecology.

However, now, Fang Yuan used it to plant star fragment grass and turned this calamity into fortune. Not only was it making use of trash, but it also saved Fang Yuan a lot of expenses in buying large amounts of cloud soil.

At present, large plots of star fragment grass were already growing on the dark clouds. The starlight firefly worms lived among them, filling the whole eastern land with beautiful starlight.

"As long as I properly cultivate these star fragment grass, there will be guarantee in the reproduction of the starlight firefly worms. In future, there will be much more starlight firefly Gu to use. If the cultivation raises to an optimum level and there is a surplus of starlight firefly Gu, I can put them at treasure yellow heaven to sell. In the battle of five great regions, starlight firefly worms will be one of the Gu worms with most demand."

Fang Yuan slightly looked forward to the beautiful future, before returning to Dang Hun mountain with Little Hu Immortal.

Standing at the peak of the mountain, he grabbed the soul burial toad Gu.

When he besieged Yan tribe's higher-ups and during the whole process of attacking Yan tribe camp, he had been using the soul burial toad to collect the souls on the battlefield.

He released all the souls from the soul burial toad.

These pitiful souls had just exited when they were shaken up by the mystical power of Dang Hun mountain, and were turned into the purest nutrient, nourishing the whole Dang Hun mountain.

"Tomorrow, Dang Hun mountain will again be filled with guts Gu." Fang Yuan nodded his head with satisfaction.

Gathering large numbers of souls was one of the reasons why he killed Yan tribe.

"Tonight, it is time for me to breakthrough to rank five." Fang Yuan's cultivation did not receive any suppression when he got back to Hu Immortal blessed land, he was at true rank four peak stage.

He had already stayed at rank four peak stage for a long time. And with his current A grade aptitude, it was time to challenge the boundaries of rank five realm!


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