Reverend Insanity
472 Power of the Enslavement Path!
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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472 Power of the Enslavement Path!

Chapter 472: Power of the Enslavement Path!
Translator: ChibiGeneral Editor: ChibiGeneral

"What?" Water Demon Hao Ji Liu was furious.

Ever since he started travelling the world, no one had dared to make such remarks about him or showed such contempt.

"Wolf King, you are too arrogant! Today, I shall make you pay the price for it!!" Water Demon Hao Ji Liu roared furiously and pushed forward with his palms.

Rank four — waterfall Gu!

His primeval essence poured crazily into the Gu, causing water vapor to fill the air, then with a rumbling sound, an enormous water stream appeared out of nowhere.

The water stream was incomparably fast, just like a waterfall crashing down from a high altitude.

The light silver rapid stream brought with it an intense chilly might as it fiercely struck the wolf group.

In an instant, over a thousand wolves died or were injured. The rapid stream spread far away, thoroughly clearing the area around Hao Ji Liu.

At the same time, Yan tribe's Gu Masters jointly activated a Gu worm.

This was a rank five wind barrier Gu; and when activated, it formed an enormous wind. The wind was silky, and brought with it some green threads as it surrounded everyone.

The wolf group's assault was all blocked by the formless wind. The wild Gu on many wolf kings attacked the wind barrier, but it was like a pebble falling into a sea as the attacks vanished without trace.

"How can this be?" On crescent lake, Yan Cui Er who was taken as a hostage looked at the intense battle on the lakeside with a dumbfounded look.

She had never expected the situation would develop in such a way. She, who had been the main reason of the fight previously, was now a spectator instead.

Hump wolves retreated, pulling distance from Fang Yuan and Water Demon Hao Ji Liu.

"Idiots." Fang Yuan sneered as he looked at Water Demon Hao Ji Liu charging over, approaching closer, and Yan tribesmen who were in a defensive formation.

Water Demon Hao Ji Liu and Yan tribe leader Yan Tian Ji were two rank four Gu Masters. Moreover, there were also Yan tribe's higher-ups; a dozen or so rank three Gu Masters, their strength could be said to be truly formidable.

However, an enslavement path Gu Master's strength was the ability to fight an army alone!

Back then, Chang Shan Yin led his wolf group and battled higher realm experts, not only killing rank five Gu Master Ha Tu Gu, but even exterminating Ha Tu Gu's group of valiant generals.


Because he was an enslavement path Gu Master.

At present, the wolf group with Fang Yuan had already taken shape to form a decent size. The wolf group's scale had reached thirty thousand and above; not only did it contain hundred wolf kings and some thousand wolf kings, there was also a night wolf myriad beast king and a young mutated beast white-eyes wolf.

This scale might not even be half the size of the wolf group Chang Shan Yin had at his peak period, but it was already enough to annihilate two to three Ge tribes!

And right now, Fang Yuan only had to deal with just twenty or so Gu Masters, it was like using an ox cleaver to kill a chicken.

Sure enough, after some time, Water Demon Hao Ji Liu was gasping and his momentum gradually stopped.

He felt exhausted!

"Damn it! Such troublesome wolf manipulation skills, there are only some hundred wolf kings and thousand wolf kings…" Water Demon Hao Ji Liu's gaze towards Fang Yuan had already changed right now.

It was not that he had not fought enslavement path Gu Masters, but how could those enslavement path Gu Masters he had fought before compare to Fang Yuan?

"Is this the Wolf King's wolf manipulation skills… being in it is like falling into a deep swamp, you sink deeper and deeper!" Water Demon Hao Ji Liu's heart turned cold as he kept on warding off the wolf group's assault.

He divided a bit of concentration to look into his aperture and grumbled.

That intense charge and the activation of many powerful abilities to clear the path had caused his primeval essence to be expended intensely, now there was less than half his total primeval essence left.

Once the primeval essence was at the point of exhaustion, a Gu Master's battle strength would start plummeting to the abyss.

Hao Ji Liu had no choice but to exercise restraint once he considered this to be a long battle. Like this, his momentum thoroughly disappeared and he was firmly surrounded by the wolf group.

"Water Demon Hao Ji Liu, a rank four Gu Master who uses water path Gu worms, has great offense and is an expert at fighting one against many. He roamed all over northern plains since his early years and has committed many crimes, gaining a bad reputation… After capturing Yan Cui Er and successfully extorting Yan tribe, he then went on to participate in the heroes assembly, offering Yan Cui Er to Hei Lou Lan. Hei Lou Lan was joyous and gave him great status. After entering Wang Ting blessed land and making great merits, Hao Ji Liu became Hei Lou Lan's number three general."

Fang Yuan recalled the relevant memories, his gaze flickering faintly.

In his past life, this Hao Ji Liu was also able to make a name for himself and after living actively for eighty-nine years, he was killed by Chang Shan Yin.

"Great offense usually means a huge consumption of primeval essence. Hao Ji Liu is nothing to worry about anymore, and right now, he should be secretly making an escape path for himself. He is good at escaping in water, it will not be easy to make him stay today. After all, there are not many water wolves with me. But my main target is not him, but Yan tribe's Gu Masters."

Fang Yuan turned his gaze towards the Yan tribesmen.

Yan tribe's Gu Masters were experts in defense and were famous for it in northern plains. These Gu Masters sure enough defended extremely well, their rank five wind barrier Gu was simply like a tortoise shell, firmly protecting everyone within it.

"Hmph, these Yan tribesmen are really naive, they still have the intention to protect their energy and watch from the sidelines when they are trapped. No wonder, history said Yan Tian Ji was extremely conservative, lacking initiative. Even though they want to stall for time, this is also exactly what I want." Fang Yuan sneered inwardly and intentionally slowed down the wolf group's offense.

As time passed, Hao Ji Liu and the Yan tribesmen's primeval essence were also being depleted.

Suddenly, a large group of shadows emerged from the woods.

"Lord Chang Shan Yin, we have arrived!" Ge tribe's current tribe leader Ge Guang arrived with Ge tribe's Gu Masters behind him.

"You came quite fast." Fang Yuan indifferently glanced at him with a profound meaning.

Ge Guang seemed to be pierced by the profound light in Fang Yuan's eyes as he unconsciously lowered his head and thought with reverence: ' This is the true heroic nature of the Wolf King, I didn't think I would see it today!'

"Yes, after receiving lord's letter, we immediately hurried over. People need to repay favors; lord, you have helped our Ge tribe time and again, lord's hatred is our Ge tribe's hatred too." Ge Guang immediately answered.

It would not have been good for Fang Yuan to make a move at Ge tribe camp, thus, he agreed to Yan tribe on the surface. After gathering all the wolves, he used a Gu worm to send a letter when they were halfway to the lake.

When Ge Guang received the letter and read it, his face was immediately filled with shock and horror.

"Lord Chang Shan Yin wants to attack the whole Yan tribe?" He could not help but cry out on the spot.

Stabilizing his emotions, he continued reading and saw Fang Yuan's reason for it.

It turned out that back then, Chang Shan Yin's mother had been secretly poisoned and Chang Shan Yin entered deep into poison grassland to search for the Gu worm that could detoxify the poison. On his way, he was ambushed by Ha Tu Gu and his group of experts. The whole matter was a sinister plot, it was due to internal conflict in Chang tribe and a move to suppress Chang Shan Yin.

In Fang Yuan's past life, after Chang Shan Yin was saved by Ma Hong Yun, he did not return to his tribe but instead joined Ma Hong Yun; it was also because of this reason. Later, after Chang Shan Yin helped Ma Hong Yun ascend to the position of Lord of the Imperial Court, he targeted Chang tribe, getting rid of all the Chang tribe higher-ups. He then became Chang tribe leader and took revenge for what happened back then.

Now, Fang Yuan was using this reason to deal with Yan tribe and persuade Ge Guang.

Ge tribe originally had ties of friendship with Chang tribe. When old Ge tribe leader had first met Fang Yuan, he had said that his second daughter was married in Chang tribe.

But after Ge Guang read the letter, he immediately made a decision to stand with Fang Yuan.

"Ge Guang, you have matured, Ge tribe will prosper under your rule." Fang Yuan lightly commented while sitting on a wolf, then waved his hand, "You don't need to move in this battle. It will be enough for you guys to make a tight encirclement. Remember that every Yan tribe elder that we block means a higher chance of success when we attack Yan tribe camp."

"Yes, junior shall listen to Wolf King's instruction!" Ge Guang agreed and brought the group of Gu Masters to outside the battlefield, forming an encirclement formation.

Seeing Ge tribe Gu Masters coming over to reinforce Fang Yuan, Yan tribe Gu Masters were shocked and furious.

"Ge Guang, you despicable, shameless scoundrel!" A Yan tribe elder shouted furiously.

"Ge tribe, you have made a wrong decision. Making our Yan tribe your enemy means you are going against young master Liu Wen Wu. None of you will have a good end!" Another elder cursed.

Ge Guang sneered, his heart filled with disdain.

Bringing out Liu tribe's name when their death was imminent, was there any use?

"We cannot wait any longer, we need to charge and break through!" Yan tribe elders realized the severity of the situation as they shouted with ashen expressions.


Yan tribesmen charged together, attempting to carve out a blood path.

Pill fire Gu, gold silkworm Gu, frost breath Gu, snowball Gu, tornado Gu, thunderclap Gu, fire claw Gu and other Gu were activated one after another. Fire and snow continually shot out, golden silkworm turned into a light ray and charged, blue frost breath was breathed out, tornado caused havoc, thunder rumbled in all directions, flames formed into claws and attacked…

Under this fierce assault from Yan tribe's Gu Masters, Fang Yuan's wolf group suffered heavy injuries, but they moved forward unceasingly, coming waves after waves disregarding their death.

"These Gu Masters might be experts among mortals, formed from rank three and rank four, but so what?" Fang Yuan maneuvered the wolf group while sitting on a wolf.

He had wolfman soul which made it a lot easier for him to maneuver these wolf group than when he had hundred man soul. It was as smooth as a wolf king personally commandeering them.

Fang Yuan's expression did not change at the sight of the wolves dying like flies, he remained aloof and indifferent.

These wolves were only ordinary wild beasts, if they died, then so be it, there was no heartache over it.

Instead, using them as cannon fodder to wear down these Gu Masters' primeval essence would be a great beneficial deal.

The weakness of these Yan tribe Gu Masters was their low numbers. Although they were experts, they lacked subordinates to share the pressure of the battlefield.

The battle was already in Fang Yuan's control and was moving in his intended direction; they simply did not have time to calm down and recover their primeval essence.

"Terrifying, there is actually such a fearsome wolf manipulation skill in this world!" A Yan tribe's elder said with ashen face.

"Could it be that we are going to die like this?" The aura of death was already pouncing upon them.

"Chang Shan Yin, by killing us, are you not afraid young master Liu Wen Wu would take revenge?!" An elder was hoping to pressure Fang Yuan.

"Charge, don't stop!" Yan Tian Ji shouted, his voice had already become hoarse and his primeval essence was less than half of his total amount.


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