Reverend Insanity
470 Water Demon
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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470 Water Demon

Chapter 470: Water Demon
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"Halt!" The patrolling Ge tribe Gu Master saw the Yan tribe Gu Masters and shouted.

Yan tribe Gu Masters stopped their hump wolves, as an elder spoke: "The person beside me is Yan tribe leader Lord Yan Tian Ji, we are here to visit Ge tribe leader."

"Yan tribe?" Ge tribe Gu Master's expression changed.

"That's right, our main tent is about a hundred li away."

"Please wait here lords."

According to northern plains time, Ge tribe had just reached crescent lake and had set up camp for just a day. Ge tribe camp was still busy constructing their homes.

"Lord, the wolf group footprints all entered Ge tribe camp." A tribe elder said softly at Yan tribe leader Yan Tian Ji.

Yan Tian Ji nodded, his gaze turning firm: "To think this enslavement path Gu master is from Ge tribe. It seems we came to the right place, this is a strong aid in dealing with Water Demon Hao Ji Liu."

"But Ge tribe might not necessary help us." A tribe elder was worried.

Yan Tian Ji sneered, acting as if he had Ge tribe dancing in the palm of his hands: "Hmph, Ge tribe wants to attend the heroes assembly. My daughter is Liu Wen Wu's fiancée, if I use Liu tribe's name to ask for reinforcements, can this tiny Ge tribe refuse?"

Saying so, the newly constructed camp gates opened, as Ge tribe's new leader Ge Guang came out with the band of elders.

"Yan tribe leader has come personally, it is our honor. Please follow me to the main tent." Ge Guang invited him enthusiastically.

"Why is he only a rank three Gu Master?" Sensing Ge Guang's cultivation, the Yan tribesmen showed contempt.

Bringing the Yan tribesmen into the camp for a banquet, after they had some wine, Yan tribe leader gazed at his elder.

The elder quickly said: "To speak the truth, Ge tribe leader, we are here today to ask for help from your tribe."


The elder continued: "That's right. Our tribe's big missy Yan Cui Er was kidnapped by Hao Ji Liu, this person is unscrupulous and shameless, hiding in crescent lake and extorting our tribe. He is a water path Gu Master, he has great battle strength when fighting underwater, our tribe's few attempts at saving her failed. This time, we would like to ask for Ge tribe's help."

"Hao Ji Liu? You mean, that Water Demon Hao Ji Liu?" Ge Guang thought of this person and his expression changed.

This person was a rank four upper stage Gu Master, he walked the water path and his vile name was famous in northern plains, he was a devious and scheming demon.

Ge Guang frowned deeply, after thinking about it, he rejected: "Members of the demonic faction deserves to be brought to justice. As a member of the righteous faction, Ge tribe should help out, but right now, we do not have the ability to do so. My father had died in battle, I was tasked to be the tribe leader immediately after. We have already suffered great losses, we have no strength left to exterminate the Water Demon."

"Why? Ge tribe leader is unwilling to help?" Hearing Ge Guang's words, Yan tribe elders' expressions sank.

An elder sneered: "Ge tribe leader, you are too young, you do not know certain things, let me tell you. Our tribe's big missy Yan Cui Er had been engaged to Liu Wen Wu, her status is Liu Wen Wu's fiancée. If you do not help us save her, when Liu tribe pursues the matter, you will not be able to explain yourselves."

Ge Guang's expression changed.

There were a few super tribes in northern plains, among them were Hei tribe and Liu tribe.

Liu tribe's third young master Liu Wen Wu, was an expert in both the brush and sword , he had outstanding talent and high aspirations. This time, he brought his supporters from his tribe and separated from Liu tribe, trying to create his own tribe from scratch, he was one of the few most famous competitors for the throne of the imperial court.

Liu Wen Wu had a huge force, Yan Cui Er was his fiancée, if Ge tribe did not save her, Liu Wen Wu would definitely find trouble with them during the heroes assembly.

But now Ge tribe was in dire straits themselves, they had just lost a lot of high rank Gu Masters. If they fought the Water Demon, they would have to shoulder a great loss.

Ge Guang thought about his tribe's benefits and did not wish to make enemies with the Water Demon for no reason, but if they did nothing, it might attract Liu Wen Wu's animosity.

Ge Guang was very troubled.

Yan tribe leader saw Ge Guang's hesitation and laughed: "The righteous path had always stuck together, I believe that Ge tribe would not leave us in the lurch. Ge tribe has outstanding strength, you do not need to conceal it. When we came, we found a large number of wolf footprints, as long as Ge tribe mobilizes your enslavement path Gu Master, we are willing to pay three thousand primeval stones in advance."

Ge Guang was secretly furious.

Just three thousand primeval stones, were they giving loose change to a beggar?

He controlled his anger and laughed bitterly: "You might not know, this enslavement path Gu Master is not a member of Ge tribe, I cannot command him. He is Lord Chang Shan Yin."

"Chang Shan Yin?" Yan tribe leader was stunned, thinking that this name was very familiar.

Ge Guang then told him what he knew about Fang Yuan's origins and identity.

Yan tribe's gang were overjoyed at hearing the news.

"Chang Shan Yin, he is alive!"

"I remember now, he is someone from my generation. He was once famous throughout northern plains, a highly acclaimed genius enslavement path Gu Master."

"This is great! Even heaven is helping us, Chang tribe had already submitted to young master Liu Wen Wu, if we tell Chang Shan Yin our request, he will definitely help."

Yan tribe leader was candid: "Tribe leader Ge Guang, lead the way."

Ge Guang laughed bitterly: "If I can bring you to him, I would have done it long ago. Lord Chang Shan Yin returned this morning and announced he was going into closed cultivation to refine Gu, if we interrupt him, I'm afraid…"

"What are you afraid of?" Yan tribe leader stood up: "Chang Shan Yin is from the same generation as me, I've heard of him long ago. Chang tribe and Yan tribe are already under young master Liu Wen Wu, we are on the same side. Young master Liu Wen Wu is Chang Shan Yin's master. Furthermore, this matter is so important, it is no big deal even if we interrupt his Gu refinement. Bring me there."

"This…" Ge Guang hesitated.

Yan tribe leader's expression turned stiff: "Ge tribe leader, do not stall for time. If we are too late and my daughter faces mortal danger, when young master Liu Wen Wu blames you…"

Ge Guang gritted his teeth, conceding: "Alright, I will bring you there."


"Water Demon Hao Ji Liu?" Fang Yuan raised his eyebrows, looking at these Yan tribe Gu Masters.

"Brother Chang, you have been asleep for twenty years, you might not know this. This Water Demon was a rising star from the younger generation, after receiving a mysterious opportunity, he is already rank four upper stage at thirty-five years old." Yan tribe leader explained.

Fang Yuan nodded, exclaiming: "Northern plains is huge, there are countless heroes and conquerors! Since Yan tribe is asking with their life on the line, I shall make this trip."

The expression of Yan tribe's gang changed.

What was Chang Shan Yin saying! What 'life on the life', it sounded like they were very feeble and defenseless.

"Lord Chang Shan Yin, why are you lauding the spirit of the enemy and belittling that of our own? That Water Demon is scheming, hiding inside crescent lake while holding our big missy hostage, that is why we cannot take him down." An elder was indignant.

"Lord Chang Shan Yin, your Chang tribe has already submitted to young master Liu Wen Wu. This is your opportunity." Another elder spoke as if he was thinking for Fang Yuan's benefit.

Yan tribe leader smiled lightly: "Hehehe, brother Chang, with your help this time, what can a mere Water Demon amount to?"

Fang Yuan snickered: "By logic or emotion, I should help out. I will battle alongside all of you."

Yan tribe was overjoyed: "Good, let us set off now."


"Yan tribe's old man, I want ten million primeval stones and that backwater battle Gu, did you bring them?" Water Demon stood at the edge of crescent lake as he looked at the people with caution.

"Of course I brought it. Where is my daughter?" Yan Tian Ji said, taking out two Gu, one was a rank five storage Gu, the other was backwater battle Gu.

Backwater battle Gu was a rank five Gu, it could greatly boost the power of water path Gu worms, it was very precious with no market supply.

Seeing these two Gu, Water Demon's gaze became heated.

He had a young appearance, his face was pale as he had broad shoulders and a thin waist, he was handsome and had a carefree disposition. His sideburns were already turning white, giving him a mature aura.

"Return my daughter and I will pass you what you want. Now I want to see my daughter first." Yan Tian Ji said solemnly.

Water Demon snorted, snapping his fingers.


In the lake water behind him, waves started moving as a giant fanshell appeared from under the water.

This fanshell was as big as an elephant, the surface was shiny. As the two sides of the shell opened, a young girl could be seen inside.

The young girl was tied up tightly, her mouth was gagged. When she saw Yan tribe leader she was so agitated that tears were flowing on her face as she struggled.

Water Demon snorted: "You've seen your daughter, now hand over the Gu. Don't try anything funny, your daughter is in my hands, if anything happens to her, how will you account to Liu Wen Wu? Hehehe…"

Damn it!"

"Despicable scum, fight me fair and square if you have the guts!"

Yan tribe elders gritted their teeth.

Yan tribe leader's expression was calm as water as he tossed two Gu towards Water Demon.

Water Demon received it carefully, he did not use his hand to grab it, but instead let the two Gu fall onto the ground.

"You did not do anything fishy to these Gu worms right?" Water Demon squinted, looking at Yan Tian Ji sharply.

Yan Tian Ji's expression was livid: "Hmph, go ahead and refine it."

Water Demon snickered: "Step back by thirty steps."

Yan tribe's gang had no choice but to comply.

Water Demon stared at the Yan tribe Gu Masters, before squatting down and picking up the two Gu worms.

He first inspected them and found no problems with them. Next, he carefully started refining the backwater battle Gu.

Backwater battle Gu had Yan Tian Ji's will, as he cooperated with Water Demon, it allowed him to refine the backwater battle Gu easily.

Water Demon chuckled: "Very good, Yan Tian Ji, you are very tactful. Next, I will inspect the primeval stones, if the amount of correct, I will return your precious daughter to you. Don't worry, I do not wish to be enemies with Liu Wen Wu, your daughter is still a virgin, I did not even touch her hands."

"Hmp!" Yan Tian Ji snorted, not saying a word.

He willed and aided Water Demon in refining the storage Gu.

Water Demon's mind entered the Gu as he saw a large amount of primeval stones, unable to control his joy as it showed on his face.

But at this time, from among these primeval stones, a Gu flew out and crashed onto him at breakneck speed.

Rank four — immobilization Gu!

"Strike!" Yan Tian Ji shouted, and the elders surrounded Water Demon quickly.

"Oh no!!" Water Demon was grabbing the storage Gu, as he was unable to move, he watched himself get surrounded helplessly.

"Water Demon, today will be your death date." Fang Yuan rode the hump wolf as he and a large group of wolves emerged from a nearby woodland.


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