Reverend Insanity
468 Scheme
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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468 Scheme

Chapter 468: Scheme
Translator: ChibiGeneral Editor: ChibiGeneral

An Immortal Gu was hovering in the air, emitting quiet and exquisite light.

A lemon colored halo completely covered Bai Ning Bing's body and sank into her aperture.

Yellow-green light colored vines had already creeped around her aperture walls, densely attached to the walls.

After a moment, Old Man Yan Shi took a deep breath and recalled the Immortal Gu back to his aperture: "Alright, I have used everlasting Gu's ability on your aperture; you will be fine for the next three months. According to your cultivation speed, you must come here after three months to reinforce your aperture again."

It has already been a long time since the San Cha mountain battle. Bai Ning Bing's aptitude had already recovered to a hundred percent, restoring one of the ten extreme aptitudes - Northern Dark Ice Soul physique.

A hundred percent primeval essence emitted an extremely great pressure on her aperture. If not for Old Man Yan Shi using everlasting Gu to reinforce her aperture, Bai Ning Bing would not have survived till now.

Although Old Man Yan Shi was her life saving benefactor, Bai Ning Bing did not feel any gratitude, instead she stood upright with an ice cold demeanour.

After Old Man Yan Shi took away the Immortal Gu, she opened her blue eyes, her gaze cold and her expression indifferent.

She was no more the novice, greenhorn kid from back then.

By travelling alongside Fang Yuan, she had learned many things.

Old Man Yan Shi had taken the initiative to look for her after knowing about her through Chou Jiu, clearly to make use of her. Her joining Shadow Sect was also no more than a transaction.

Old Man Yan Shi smiled warmly: "Bai Ning Bing, as long as you sincerely pledge allegiance to Shadow Sect, and make a new sea oath, I will turn you back to a male."

"Hmph, no need. You are helping me to suppress my aperture, so I am joining Shadow Sect temporarily to help you deal with Fang Yuan and obtain fixed immortal travel Gu from him; this is nothing more than a fair transaction. As for my male body, I will personally retrieve it, only then can it be spectacular. How could I, Bai Ning Bing, do something like relying on others?"

Bai Ning Bing then turned around and left.

Only when she exited the secret room, did Bai Ning Bing's ice cold expression loosen up, her brows furrowed and her gaze turned cold.

She did not like this rank seven wisdom path Gu Immortal Old Man Yan Shi; she always felt he had a hidden motive.

Although the other was a Gu Immortal, Bai Ning Bing had never feared death. As a person who was not afraid of death, why would she be afraid of Gu Immortals?

However, they had the same objective, both f them wanted to deal with Fang Yuan, so Bai Ning Bing agreed to this transaction and joined Shadow Sect temporarily.

"Fang Yuan…"

When she thought of him, Bai Ning Bing could not help thinking back to the scene at three kings blessed land.

Under countless people's eyes, Fang Yuan flew towards heaven and with a mortal body, refined an Immortal Gu!

Shortly after, three kings blessed land collapsed and everyone fell into chaos as they hurried to leave San Cha mountain. Winds of assimilation blew and wiped out the whole San Cha mountain until it was a barren land.

Little beast king's name was talked by countless people and soon spread to the whole southern border crazily. Fang Yuan disappeared, and Gu Immortals gave orders to all their forces to look for him.

Bai Ning Bing who had travelled together with him, naturally became a target all great forces chased after. Whether it was righteous path or demonic path, they all wanted to get her.

If not for Wei Yang's sense of brotherhood and thus intentionally let go of Bai Ning Bing, as well as her meeting Chou Jiu while gravely injured, Bai Ning Bing would have been a captive somewhere already.

After Chou Jiu healed her injuries, he made a proposal to her to join Shadow Sect and deal with Fang Yuan together.

After Bai Ning Bing's scheme against Fang Yuan failed, she was even confident of her guess that Fang Yuan had a prediction Gu. And when she heard behind Chou Jiu was a similar predictive wisdom path Gu Immortal, she could not help but be moved.

Although she did not fear death, she was truly not resigned to losing her life like that and letting Fang Yuan live; it would be her greatest defeat, and was too lackluster.

Thus, she agreed to Chou Jiu's request and temporarily joined Shadow Sect, making an oath in front of the Immortal Gu, Sea Oath Gu, with Old Man Yan Shi and Chou Jiu: She was free to leave and regain her freedom once they killed Fang Yuan. At the same time, Shadow Sect cannot directly or indirectly make a move against her.

When Bai Ning Bing's receding figure disappeared, Old Man Yan Shi's expression slowly turned dark.

Bai Ning Bing had a demonic nature, causing even this wisdom path Gu Immortal Old Man Yan Shi to find it hard to control her.

"This kid has no care for laws and morality, and is only joining hands with me because of the situation. She is absolutely not someone who will stay under others for long." Old Man Yan Shi's gaze was extremely profound.

"But it is not important. I have planned for so many years in my quest for immortality, why would I be afraid of the tiny ripples that this little fish can create? Hmph!"

Old Man Yan Shi coldly snorted and turned his gaze to connecting heaven Gu's screen.

Right at this time, a divine sense was transmitted to him —"I have second aperture Gu's recipe here, I want to exchange with your divine travel Gu."

The owner of the divine sense called himself Lang Ya old immortal.

"Hehehehe…" Old Man Yan Shi laughed heartily.

The fish has taken the bait!

Who said this bait could only lure Fang Yuan? Fang Yuan was only a small fish, Lang Ya land spirit was the true big fish.

"Lang Ya blessed land is rumored to have stored countless recipes. It has dropped from a grotto-heaven to a blessed land, and in the present age, it can be said to be the number one blessed land! Even more importantly, this blessed land has a lot of Immortal Gu as well. Heavenly Essence Treasure Imperial Lotus is at the top, I must obtain it!"

Old Man Yan Shi's eyes flickered with a burning light filled with avarice.

He had been scheming since a long, long time ago.

In actual fact, the second aperture Gu recipe that Lang Ya blessed land had was intentionally due to his planning.

With Lang Ya land spirit's love for collecting recipes and refining Gu, he would definitely want to refine second aperture Gu!

"Now I have to wait for a good opportunity!" Old Man Yan Shi sneered at the side while sending out his divine sense to accept Lang Ya land spirit's offer and began their transaction at Treasure Yellow Heaven.

Divine travel Gu came out from the mirror, even if the connecting heaven Gu's ability had been amplified by many other Gu, it still caused the connecting heaven Gu to be filled with cracks, and after several breaths, completely collapsed.

Lang Ya land spirit did not care about this connecting heaven Gu, there were still many connecting heaven Gu left in the blessed land.

The land spirit looked at divine travel Gu with a burning gaze and laughed heartily: "I had already wanted to refine second aperture Gu, haha, this is really too good!"

He took out another connecting heaven Gu on the spot and connected to treasure yellow heaven, looking for Gu refinement materials without restraint.

"Hehehe, an easy pray!" Old Man Yan Shi laughed heartily as he looked at this scene through connecting heaven Gu.

A heavyweight transaction relating to Immortal Gu naturally would be noticed by many Gu Immortals.

Fang Yuan was also paying attention.

"Who bought the divine travel Gu?" Fang Yuan's gaze flashed and immediately asked Little Hu Immortal.

"It is Lang Ya old immortal." Little Hu Immortal replied with clear voice.

"Lang Ya land spirit… Just like what I expected." Fang Yuan slightly narrowed his eyes before concentrating on connecting heaven Gu again.

After a moment, he discovered Lang Ya land spirit wantonly buying Gu refinement materials; his eyes flashed with rays of cold light.

"Hmph, so many Gu Immortals are dumping precious Gu refinement materials to Lang Ya land spirit. This is clearly a trap. The land spirits have wisdom, but their obsessions are much deeper and can be easily exploited by Gu Immortals. Wait a second…"

Fang Yuan's thoughts suddenly shook.

The immortals selling the Gu refinement materials were metal path Gu Immortal Tie Jia Zi, soul path Gu Immortal Wang Gan Yang, wood path Gu Immortal Fairy Tan Xiang, enslavement path Gu Immortal Great Immortal Xue Xiong… These names were familiar.

'Weren't they the Gu Immortals who participated in the second wave of attacks against Lang Ya blessed land?'

For a moment, Fang Yuan's eyes flickered with sharp light, he became aware of an enormous scheme that had not been recorded in the history.

"So it was like this! In my past life, Lang Ya blessed land endured six waves of attack before finally collapsing in the seventh wave. So there were manipulators behind the scene, they were hatching a sinister plot."

Before, Fang Yuan was only an audience, but now that he was involved, he discovered this truth.

"This Old Man Yan Shi's purpose in selling divine travel Gu is not just to aim at me, his bigger target is Lang Ya blessed land. Out of the seven waves of attack, how many did he organize?"

"If he is southern border's Gu Immortal, then why would these northern plains Gu Immortals listen to his arrangements? Is he indirectly making use of them or did he give them a direct order?"

No doubt, the wisdom path Gu Immortal Old Man Yan Shi had organized a group of immortals; just this information created a formless pressure.

Fang Yuan did not know right now that this organization was the Shadow Sect he had heard before!

But this did not hinder him from guessing the strength and the mystery of this organization.

An organization that spanned across southern border and northern plains, how big would it be? But Fang Yuan had never heard of such an organization, even in the five hundred years of his past life. How mysterious was this organization?

"Of course, all these speculations are based on the foundation that Old Man Yan Shi is a Gu Immortal of Southern Border. Maybe it is all just a coincidence?"

"Let me think again, did Old Man Yan Shi plan the first wave of attack? As for the next waves of attack, did he have a hand in them? As for the seventh wave, it was Heavenly Court's move, that was absolutely not something Old Man Yan Shi could control."

Fang Yuan was certain of this.

Heavenly Court was high above others, it originated from central continent and had a formidable background, it was not something an immortal of Southern Border could interfere in.

Among the five great regions, since ancient times till now, the greatest Gu Immortal organization was only the Heavenly Court.

Heavenly Court's might made people feel suffocation. Only rank eight and rank nine Gu Immortals could establish their presence there.

This point could be judged from the conclusion.

After the Heavenly Court made their move, they left after taking away all the recipes in Lang Ya blessed land.

"Where was Old Man Yan Shi at that time in my previous life?"

Old Man Yan Shi was a mysterious character who had hidden in the depths of the history! Behind him was a mysterious organization that had influence in both northern plains and southern border, two great regions.

"Wisdom path Gu Immortal, a mysterious organization, Heavenly Court… The path to immortality is truly fraught with danger at every step. When I burst through these obstacles, how great would I feel?"

The higher the difficulty and stronger the enemies, the more fighting spirit Fang Yuan would have.

The path he was walking on was destined to be a lonely one from the start, destined to make an enemy of the world. Heavenly Court and the mysterious organization were like two giant beasts blocking this path. At the same time, this dark path was filled with thorns, traps and schemes.

This was an incomparably difficult path.

And no one had been able to reach the end since ancient times.

Fang Yuan, however, was fighting by himself, marching by himself and waging war by himself.

The source of all his motivation was the simplest, most insatiable, most sneered at and most incomprehensible…


A seemingly unrealistic dream about eternal life.

Whether he could succeed or not, Fang Yuan had never considered it.

He only knew that even if he failed and died, he would have no regrets.

Today, through a transaction, he discovered the whirlpool that had been hidden in the shadows. Then he looked at the prospects of his own path which was filled with incomparable darkness, incomparable danger and dead ends at almost every step.

"Since there is no path to walk on, I shall carve out my own path."

Fang Yuan smiled, his gaze containing a profound light and his disordered thoughts all tidied up as he once again concentrated on connecting heaven Gu.

It was time to buy relic Gu.


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