Reverend Insanity
467 Wisdom Path
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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467 Wisdom Path

Chapter 467: Wisdom Path
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Despite having purchased over a hundred thousand starlight fireflies, the trade was far from over.

Fang Yuan also needed to take care of the issue of feeding these insects.

"Starlight fireflies consume star fragment grass, I happen to have a large amount of star fragment grass on me, I can sell them to you." Starlord Wan Xiang conveyed his thoughts using divine sense.

"I need the seeds as well as your farming knowledge. Let's look at the treasure light intensity first." Fang Yuan spoke through little Hu Immortal, who relayed the information to Starlord Wan Xiang, Fairy Yao Guang, and Di Yuan using divine sense.

Soon, three documents entered into treasure yellow heaven, each giving off a strong treasure light.

This time, instead of Starlord Wan Xiang, it was Fairy Yao Guang's document which had the greatest treasure light, at nearly two meters tall.

"I am most fond of growing grass, I deliberately migrated a small swarm of starlight fireflies for the production of star fragment grass. If you follow my instructions, you will definitely not suffer losses." Fairy Yao Guang conveyed with her divine sense.

Fang Yuan contemplated.

Originally he had already forgotten about it, after all in his previous life, he had had no use for and had never use the stargate Gu.

Now, through the successive reminders from Lang Ya land spirit, connecting heaven Gu, and Starlord Wan Xiang, his brain gradually began to recall more distinct memories.

In his memories,once stargate Gu came into the limelight, everything related to starlight firefly Gu became secret, not a single person wanted to sell information.

"Now that Lang Ya land spirit had obtained stargate Gu's recipe, perhaps it might refine the stargate Gu, then put it in treasure yellow heaven for sale. Once the stargate Gu is put up for sale in treasure yellow heaven, getting more of such secret information will not be easy."

Thinking of that, Fang Yuan made his decision, he let little Hu Immortal transmit his thoughts: "I will buy from all three of you, we'll deal using immortal essence stones."

The purchasing power of immortal essence stones was very high.

One piece of immortal essence stone, could purchase all three documents, with a quarter remaining.

Fang Yuan opened the three documents, and saw many things written on them—

"Star fragment grass can only be planted in the sky, it grows on clouds. Therefore, it is a good idea to use high quality cloud soil…"

"Star fragment grass is fond of yin energy, but loathes yang energy, therefore excessive sunlight can kill the star fragment grass. However, it cannot be completely derived of light, the amount it requires is about…"

"If starlight fireflies live in the star fragment grass, it will aid in spreading the seeds, and possibly increase the area that the grass can grow in as well as its quality…"

Among the three documents: Di Yuan was simple and brief, Starlord Wan Xiang had innovative ideas, and Fairy Yao Guang was verbose and detailed. Fang Yuan used their knowledge to make up for his shortcomings, and quickly memorized everything. In an instant, he became an expert in cultivating star fragment grass.

He laughed internally: "With this, I will become the largest seller of starlight fireflies in the future. When the stargate Gu is becomes popular, I will make a fortune!"

"It's time to buy liquor." Fang Yuan did not forget the need to purchase top quality wine.

He had already collected three kinds of top quality wines, this was the last one left.

Within treasure yellow heaven, naturally, top quality wine was sold. It was primarily used to refine Gu by Gu Immortals, but it was also an excellent beverage for enjoying life.

But when Fang Yuan wanted to purchase his wine, the whole of treasure yellow heaven erupted, as countless divine senses were stirred up.

"Immortal Gu, someone is selling Immortal Gu!" Little Hu Immortal land spirit cried out.

The mirror flashed, and the image of an Immortal Gu appeared.

"Divine travel Gu!" Fang Yuan's pupils shrunk.

The immortal Gu that was being sold was exactly the one he needed, divine travel Gu. Someone was one step ahead of him and had already grabbed possession of the divine travel Gu.

"Sigh, after all is said and done, I was late by one step." Fang Yuan was stunned for a moment, then laughed out loud.

He wanted to refine second aperture Gu, thus he needed divine travel Gu. But in three kings blessed land, due to the circumstances, he refined divine travel Gu into fixed immortal travel Gu.

According to the records in <>, consuming four top quality wines was the criteria to obtain divine travel Gu. Fang Yuan had been collecting wine for this purpose, but now, someone was a step ahead of him.

"Without divine travel Gu, the second aperture Gu would be stuck at the last step, I won't be able to complete it. Thankfully, there is still a few decades of its lifespan."

"All in all, it was because I was too high profile on San Cha mountain when I refined the Gu, causing everyone to know about it. It is not strange that someone snatched it from me."

Fang Yuan shrugged, he had predicted this long ago.

When he used divine travel Gu to refine fixed immortal travel Gu, it was seen by a lot of Gu Masters. This definitely caused a great commotion, the Gu Immortals in southern border were not idiots, how could they not act?

But earlier, Fang Yuan was banking on the competition between Gu Immortals, that they would restrict each other and delay their progress, thus he was working hard to collect the wines.

In life, there were always a few things that one had to work hard for despite a low chance of success so that they would not have regrets. If they did not even work for it, then it would be absolutely hopeless.

"Regarding matters in this world, most do not go according to one's wishes, I am used to that. But since this divine travel Gu was put up for transaction here, I have to take a look, there might still be a chance."

Fang Yuan took it in his stride, he did not worry about losses or boast over gains, his mind was always peaceful and calm.

Since treasure yellow heaven was the greatest transaction market among Gu Immortals, there were very rare instances where Immortal Gu were sold.

These transactions were mostly using Immortal Gu to trade for Immortal Gu. But the Gu Immortal who sold the divine travel Gu, Old Man Yan Shi, had a rather peculiar transaction request.

"I want to use this divine travel Gu to exchange for the second aperture Gu's recipe."

The information in this request was too stunning, it created a lot of commotion. In treasure yellow heaven, the divine senses of all sorts of Gu Immortals were interacting with each other, turning the scene into chaos.

"Divine travel Gu! To think that we will get to see this legendary Gu worm today."

"Although it is an Immortal Gu, the divine travel Gu's ability is way too random. Back then, even Ren Zu's son got into trouble using it, it will be even more dangerous for us tiny Gu Immortals."

"But divine travel Gu is still an Immortal Gu, keeping it with you, when you are forced into a dead end, you can use it to gamble at the moment of despair."

"Compared to the divine travel Gu, I am more interested in the second aperture Gu's recipe!"

"That's right, I've heard of the second aperture Gu long ago, but to think the recipe really exists?"

"A second aperture! Hehe, mortals might not understand the full value of this, but to us Gu Immortals, who would not be moved?"


Fang Yuan had already stood up, gazing at the connecting heaven Gu in mid air.

He had the second aperture Gu's recipe, he just needed a thought to exchange for this Gu.


"This Old Man Yan Shi who is selling the divine travel Gu is coming for me. He requested for the second aperture Gu's recipe… and his timing in selling this Gu was neither early nor late, he picked the exact moment when I was browsing through… impressive! This Gu Immortal is mostly likely on the immemorial wisdom path, he is adept at predictions and deductions. The fact that I had used connecting heaven Gu and was trading in treasure yellow heaven was already foreseen by him!"

Wisdom path was a very mysterious path among Gu Masters. It had been passed down since the immemorial era, but the numbers were always very small.

The creator of the wisdom path was Star Constellation Immortal Venerable, the lord of the second generation heavenly court. She lived for nineteen thousand years, and had the second longest lifespan among the rank nine Gu Immortals.

Before she died, she deduced from the heavenly secret, and obtained the information of all that happened three million years after her death. She found out that after her death, the heavenly court would be without a lord for a long time, causing a long period of turmoil as three Demon Venerables appear.

She made three arrangements that dealt with each of the three Demon Venerables respectively. Next, she instructed her descendants to follow what she said to ensure that the heavenly court was peaceful for three hundred years.

After she died, there was a huge turmoil indeed as the era shifted, as during three great generations, three Demon Venerables appeared one after another.

The three Demon Venerables were invincible during their times, attacking the heavenly court but were obstructed by Star Constellation Immortal Venerable's plans, failing and causing the heavenly court to stay intact.

"Wisdom path Gu Immortal… Old Man Yan Shi…" Fang Yuan squinted his eyes, muttering. It was not a good thing to be targeted by a wisdom path Gu immortal.

Wisdom path Gu Immortals knew about the heavenly secret and were most skilled at making arrangements ahead of time and making predictions about the future. Often, they could scheme against people without them knowing, causing others to fall into traps unknowingly.

"I gathered too much attention in southern border, and ended up attracting a wisdom path Gu Immortal. Hehehe, in this life I was courageous and made great progress, charging through a dangerous cliff, I went too fast and with just my mortal body, I gained the attention of a Gu Immortal!"

Such a scenario was like an ant attracting the attention of an elephant.

At once, Fang Yuan could almost see a pair of wise and scheming eyes piercing through the connecting heaven Gu to observe himself.

The air was filled with formless pressure.

But Fang Yuan's state of mind was no longer like before, he laughed with his head up high, dispelling the pressure in his heart.

"Good, the schemes of a wisdom path Gu Immortal makes this much more interesting. Hmph, just a mere divine travel Gu, just a mere second aperture Gu, how can that entice me?"

His five hundred years of experience nurtured a keen instinct that was sensitive to danger.

Fang Yuan had a vague feeling, this divine travel Gu was likely bait that Old Man Yan Shi was using to attract him.

"Although an Immortal Gu is good, my goal is eternal life, this so-called Immortal Gu is merely a tool in my cultivation journey."


At the same time, in southern border, Sheng Si blessed land.

An old man, wearing a black robe, gave off the eerie aura of a rank seven Gu Immortal as he sat on the cushion silently.

His face was wrinkled, his eyes were dark without any white parts in them.

He stared at the connecting heaven Gu in the sky, feeling the divine senses moving about inside treasure yellow heaven. He was expressionless and motionless.

It was Old Man Yan Shi!

Before the old man was the kneeling killer ghost doctor Chou Jiu.

He looked at connecting heaven Gu for a long time, before showing disappointment: "Supreme Master, it seems that Fang Yuan did not take the bait."

Old Man Yan Shi smiled, not showing any annoyance: "This tiny fish is interesting, he is able to let go so easily, as a mere mortal, his disposition surpasses a large number of Gu Immortals. But he was too daring, he turned you into his slave and messed with us Shadow Sect. He is simply courting death."

Chou Jiu quickly bowed: "All thanks to Supreme Master's return, otherwise, I would've suffered the fate of being a slave for life!"

"Mm…" Old Man Yan Shi raised his head: "Little disciple, I have already altered the slavery Gu on you. I calculated that Fang Yuan would join the righteous demonic battle of Yi Tian mountain, at that time you can be a spy by his side, and wait for a chance to strike."

"Yes, Supreme Master!"

"Mm, go down and call your junior sister Bai Ning Bing."

"Yes, this disciple takes his leave."


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