Reverend Insanity
466 There is nothing that cannot be sold
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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466 There is nothing that cannot be sold

Chapter 466: There is nothing that cannot be sold
Translator: ChibiGeneral Editor: ChibiGeneral

After several months, Fang Yuan finally returned to Hu Immortal blessed land.

The little Hu Immortal land spirit became very excited upon his return; the flow of time inside of the immortal land was five times faster compared to the outside world. While Fang Yuan had only spent a few months in northern plains, to her, it had already been a year.

Fang Yuan looked at the stargate behind him.

This stargate, compared to the one in northern plains, was much smaller. It was about the height of a person, and barely allowed Fang Yuan to fit through.

The one at the crescent lake in northern plains was much taller, and was many times wider.

"Stargate Gu isn't isn't split into main and sub Gu, it consumes too much primeval essence, even a rank five peak stage Gu Master cannot sustain it for three breaths' time, only immortal essence could allow it to be used continuously. If little Hu Immortal land spirit activates it first, while i hold the other half in my hands and activate it along with her, I will not have to consume primeval essence."

"However, the stargate Gu's activation not only requires large amount of primeval essence, it also needs a large amount of starlight, in order to form the gate. Northern plains is one of the five regions, stars fill the sky and starlight is abundant. But here in the Hu Immortal blessed land, the starlight is vastly inferior, as the only source comes from the starlight firefly Gu."

As Fang Yuan was inwardly thought to himself, his gaze rested upon the small swarm of starlight firefly Gu that fluttered about in the air.

The starlight firefly Gu was a rank three Gu, small in size, almost like a normal firefly, but when they were activated, they emitted genuine azure starlight.

This swarm of fireflies, originally consisted of more than five hundred, but because of the activations of the stargate Gu, thirty-two of them already died. In order to maintain the activated stargate Gu, one firefly dies in every three breath's time.

Five hundred starlight firefly Gu, while it may seem like a large amount, it could not maintain the gate for a long period of time.

Because of this, Fang Yuan commanded little Hu Immortal to deactivate the stargate Gu.

The stargate dissipated, and reverted back into a oval sapphire. Little Hu Immortal stretched out her pale and delicate hands, and commanded the precious stargate Gu to return to her.

"Master, here you go!" Little Hu Immortal cupped the stargate Gu with both of her hands, and looked up with her big watery eyes, offering the stargate Gu to Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan gently rubbed her little fox ears, and gave her a soft smile: "I'm leaving it with you, so take good care of it. If I need to use it in the future, I will contact you using the moving perspective cup Gu."

"Yes, Master! I'll definitely take good care of it!" Little Hu Immortal solemnly put the stargate Gu within the small pocket of her dress, and patted it with her tiny hand.

As for the stargate Gu in northern plains, it rested on the grassland, closely guarded by the myriad wolf pack.

"Master, there are two pieces of immortal essence stones left. I listened to your instructions, using the Immortal Gu recipe to trade for the starlight firefly Gu, this is the excess." Little Hu immortal presented them to him.

Normal primeval stones, were the size of duck eggs, and were grey in color. Immortal essence stones were also the size of duck eggs, but were not oval in shape, rather, they were round like pearls, and the entire body was glossy, having a translucent and sparkly appearance. They resembled crystals, but had the lustre of jade.

If normal primeval stones were equated to mortals, then the immortal essence stones could be equated to immortals.

Immortal essence stones were extremely precious, as it can be used to replenish immortal essence. In addition, it was also used in transactions between immortals, adopted as a precious currency. In the vast Gu world, only the heavenly court could produce immortal essence stones.

"I see immortal essence stones once again." Fang Yuan smiled with a sigh.

These two immortal essence stones were incredibly valuable, more valuable than two hundred million primeval essence stones.

In his previous five hundred years, the most number of immortal essence stones Fang Yuan had held at one point in time was merely over sixty pieces.

Fang Yuan put away the immortal essence stones, "Good, let's return to Dang Hun mountain".

Little Hu Immortal grew delighted upon hearing this, and quickly held Fang Yuan's hand, and in the next moment they teleported inside Dang Hun palace.

"Quickly activate the connecting heaven Gu." Fang Yuan commanded.

There was another stargate Gu was in northern plains, he could not relax.

Trouble brews as time passes, Fang Yuan should act quickly and efficiently settle the matters of Hu Immortal blessed land.

Little Hu immortal promptly activated the connecting heaven Gu.

Hole earth Gu, once planted in the blessed land, could no longer be changed. It was the same for connecting heaven Gu.

Fang Yuan's connecting heaven Gu, since it was linked to treasure yellow heaven, it could no longer be altered.

Little Hu Immortal consumed a slight amount of immortal essence, and the entire body of the Gu worm grew into a round mirror, and floated in the air.

Reflected in the mirror was a scene of treasure yellow heaven.

The grotto-heaven was deserted and absolutely empty, with a lemon-like yellow color dying the air slightly. The grotto-heaven was devoid of any mountains, vegetation, and animals which were usually found in ordinary grotto-heavens.

Above blessed lands were grotto-heavens.

The most famous grotto-heaven was recorded within <>, it was the famous immemorial nine heavens.

Verdant Great Sun refined the fixed immortal travel Gu, and flew up to the nine heavens. In azure heaven, he obtained a segment of the jade-green jade bamboo. In blue heaven, he collected the eight-sided diamonds inside the star fragments.

The immemorial nine heavens consisted of; white heaven, red heaven, orange heaven, yellow heaven, green heaven, azure heaven, blue heaven, purple heaven, and black heaven.

But later, when Ren Zu's son caused havoc in heaven and earth, red, orange, yellow, green, azure, blue, and purple, the seven heavens were destroyed consecutively, and all that remained were white and black heavens, with the two alternating between day and night.

The treasure yellow heaven, was closely related to the yellow heaven of the immemorial nine heavens.

In the Medieval Antiquity Era, a rank eight Gu Immortal, known as Daoist Countless Treasures, acquired a fragment of yellow heaven by chance. He fused the fragment into his grotto-heaven, and formed treasure yellow heaven.

Treasure yellow heaven was a very unique grotto-heaven, it was empty without any mountains, trees, or rivers, and there were also no birds, beasts, worms, or fish, there were only precious treasure within.

There was a rank eight immortal Gu in treasure yellow heaven — treasure light Gu.

Rank one to rank three treasure light Gu were everywhere, rank four to rank five treasure light Gu were often held in the hands of large forces. Above rank five, the treasure light Immortal Gu, of course, there was only one which was inside treasure yellow heaven.

Treasure light Gu specialized in assessing the value of an item. The greater the value of the item, the brighter the light of the treasure light Gu.

In Shang clan city, the battle stage would use the treasure light Gu to evaluate the value of their various Gu worms, and thus assess the strength of the Gu master.

The main application of treasure light Gu was not merely appraisal, but it could also be used to search for treasure.

The range of the treasure light Gu was small, and often had to be used in tandem with other Gu worms to boost its detection range.

In the past, Daoist Countless Treasures used the Immortal Gu treasure light to find countless number of treasures. As time passed, he gained his reputation and title of "Countless Treasures".

Little Hu Immortal continuously activated the connecting heaven Gu, the image in the mirror changed constantly, as pictures of various objects appeared.

Gu worms, beast groups, variant humans, vegetation, ore veins, soil, water, quality wine, and other various supplies, all that could be bought was sold.

Suddenly, the screen displayed a swarm of starlight firefly Gu.

"Master, this is sold by Starlord Wan Xiang." Little Hu Immortal land spirit used the divine sense Gu to communicate with the merchant.

"Starlight firefly Gu cannot reproduce, I need a large amount of ordinary starlight fireflies." Fang Yuan nodded as he said.

Little Hu Immortal communicated for a while, then turned to Fang Yuan: "Master, Starlord Wan Xiang said he's not selling."

Fang Yuan was not upset, but instead chuckled: "Hehe, there is nothing that cannot be sold in this world. Not selling merely means the price isn't high enough, the benefits are not enough to entice them."

As he spoke, he recalled the remnant recipes of a few Immortal Gu, he wrote them down on a piece of cowhide, and threw it into the connecting heaven Gu.

The cowhide was completely ordinary, but because it recorded the remnant recipes of Immortal Gu, it was invaluable.

Once it passed through the connecting heaven Gu and arrived at treasure yellow heaven, all of the cowhide pieces showed three to nine meters of treasure light. This treasure light was rainbow-colored, a beautiful mix of purple and red, it was exceptionally beautiful.

"Inform him that the price is negotiable." Fang Yuan gave a bright smile, and informed little Hu Immortal.

He wasn't afraid of Starlord Wan Xiang's refusal.

Immortal Gu were incomparably enticing to Gu Immortals. Although they were just remnant recipes, they were still often in high demand without ample supply.

Looking at those Gu Immortals who had lived for a long time and had great foundations, which one of them did not have tens of Immortal Gu remnant recipes in their hands?

But these remnant recipes were rarely sold.

Similar or closely related Immortal Gu remnant recipes, when combined with each other, would often allow the actual recipe to be discovered. After the Immortal Gu were refined using the recipe, no one else would be able to create them.

Because of this, the Immortal Gu remnant recipes were rarely traded. Even if they were sold, it would be to exchange remnant recipes for remnant recipes.

Earlier, Fang Yuan had only given the most lacking recipe that he could remember, the treasure light only glowed for one meter, and Starlord Wan Xiang gave him a swarm of starlight fireflies, and two immortal essence stones in exchange.

Now, with so many secret recipes, the treasure light was at least three meters, Starlord Wan Xiang had to be moved.

These remnant recipes, once sent in, attracted countless gazes within treasure yellow heaven.

A large number of divine senses were immediately sent over, little Hu Immortal had to use the divine sense Gu until her little cheeks turned pale.

"Master, so many Gu Immortals have sent their divine senses over, asking for the price for these remnant recipes!"

Fang Yuan gave a laugh, "Send a message over, tell them: Each of these recipes can be sold, but they have to queue up one by one. Tell them about the starlight firefly, demand at least a hundred thousand."

Little Hu Immortal sent her divine sense over, and immediately, someone called 'Fairy Yao Guang', a female Gu Immortal said that she nurtured a large number of starlight fireflies in her blessed land, and wished to exchange.

Fang Yuan smiled.

As expected, Starlord Wan Xiang also changed his attitude, repeatedly approaching him with offers.

A third Gu immortal, calling himself 'Di Yuan' , said he possessed a large number of starlight fireflies.

Fang Yuan paused for a short while, and when he did not see another Gu Immortal making an offer, he could help but let out a sigh of sorrow: these starlight fireflies were immemorial creatures, by the present age, only a small amount were still around.

With competitors, everything became easier.

Fang Yuan stayed silent, and let the three Immortals bid against each other. This was an undisguised scheme, but how could there be any morons who cultivated to the level of Gu Immortal? The three immortals did not bid against each other aggressively, instead they negotiated properly, each offering thirty-three thousand starlight fireflies.

The three groups of starlight fireflies, entered the connecting heaven Gu respectively, each emitting a treasure light.

Among them, Fairy Yao Guang's group of fireflies emitted the most feeble light, only three meters in length, Di Yuan's fireflies emitted a treasure light of five and a half meters, while Starlord Wan Xiang's fireflies emitted the most powerful light, seven meters in length. This was because there were many starlight firefly Gu mixed in with his group of fireflies.

"It seem this Starlord Wan Xiang nurtured a lot of starlight fireflies. I remember now, originally after the stargate Gu appeared, Starlord Wan Xiang acted quickly and relied on selling starlight fireflies Gu to earn a large amount of immortal essence stones."

Fang Yuan suddenly recalled this bit of information.

Five hundred years of memories contained too much information, many details were not clear, but upon seeing this, his originally obscure memory became clearer.

After the appearance of the stargate Gu, the price of starlight firefly Gu also rose like a boat riding the tide. In the future, the treasure yellow heaven would not even sell starlight firefly swarms anymore, but only sold starlight firefly Gu.

Gu worms cannot reproduce, but only ordinary insects had that capability.

Immediately, Fang Yuan traded three recipes, and obtained over a hundred thousand starlight fireflies. As long as he bred them carefully afterwards, Fang Yuan would be able to produce his own starlight firefly Gu and not need to pay an exorbitant price to purchase them in the future.


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