Reverend Insanity
465 The night sky is really beautiful
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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465 The night sky is really beautiful

Chapter 465: The night sky is really beautiful
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Gui Wang and Loner Hong Yu were very disappointed.

Fairy Qing Suo and Fairy Fen Meng let out a breath of turbid air, their expressions were complex.

The heavy stone in Fairy Huang Sha's heart fell and her body completely relaxed, almost falling down to the ground. The hatred in her heart towards Fang Yuan and the land spirit deepened by several times.

"As long as I can escape, as long as I can make a comeback, I will cut your bodies into a thousand pieces to relieve this hatred in my heart!"

"Hehe… little friend is indeed worthy of being a Demon Venerable's inheritor." The land spirit let out a forced laughter and took out connecting heaven Gu.

This connecting heaven Gu turned into a round mirror when it was activated and flew to the top of the land spirit and stayed there.

The scene of pitch darkness in the mirror suddenly changed, letting out a bright yellow light.

The land spirit activated divine sense Gu, divine sense was transmitted into the mirror in waves after waves, and exchanged with other waves of divine sense.

At the same time, the surface of the mirror continuously changed and showed pictures of all kinds of materials.

The land spirit seemed to have already made an agreement; he took out two immortal essence stones out of nowhere and threw into the connecting heaven Gu.

The surface of the mirror seemed to ripple; the immortal essence stones went into the mirror and materials were spurted out by the mirror one after another.

"This time, I have bought twenty sets of materials, I don't believe the refinement won't succeed!" The land spirit said fiercely.

The Gu refinement began again and at the final stage, bright starlight converged to become a pair of oval stones.

"Success!" The land spirit laughed heartily and handed these two oval blue gemstone like Gu worms to Fang Yuan, "This is stargate Gu, I have finished the agreement."

"How do I know if it works or not?" Fang Yuan held this pair of stargate Gu and asked.

The land spirit fumed in anger as if it had received a great insult: "Are you doubting my Gu refinement ability? You can exchange it if it won't do!"

"Alright, I shall take my leave then." Fang Yuan was extremely straightforward and expressed his intent to leave.

The land spirit fiercely stared at his eyes: "Leaving just like that? Then the remaining two chances, you won't use them now?"

"I am saving them for now. Where is the exit?"

The land spirit waved his hand, teleporting the five immortals away. His expression then greatly eased: "What recipes do you have now? Write them all out and let me look."

"None left. If I had any, I would have exchanged them with you." Fang Yuan shirked.

"I have a feeling little friend, you have something good still left!" The land spirit looked at Fang Yuan doubtfully and mumbled, "Alright then, I shall wait for your return."

The land spirit then waved his sleeve.

Fang Yuan's vision blurred and when it cleared, he saw he was back at the stone forest. Beside him was the stone stool he sat at before and behind was that purple stone pillar.

The stars shone brightly at the sky, the temperature was low and one could see their breath coming out.

Everything before seemed like a dream, causing Fang Yuan to feel like it was all a life-like illusion.

He looked at the sky, he had spent quite some time in Lang Ya blessed land, but only 1/36 of that time had passed in the outside world.

Stargate Gu, divine sense Gu, connecting heaven Gu and the two small vat of top quality wine in wolf swallow Gu were clear evidences that allowed Fang Yuan to recall this fortuitous encounter.

"I had intended to use all the three chances, but who knew I could use recipes to exchange for Gu, thus I still have two chances left. If this stargate Gu can be used, it would make spending a Gu refinement chance worth it!"

Fang Yuan thought of this as he left the place and returned to the wolf group.

This was a time where he had to make use of every second to prevent causing any complications. Fang Yuan sat cross-legged at the grassy land under the protection of the wolf kings and began writing a letter.

The letter was soon finished, he then activated moving perspective cup Gu. After a moment, the moving perspective cup exchanged with the other one through the space cave; and Fang Yuan took out a rank four Gu and a letter from it.

This Gu was like a dried fish, named dried pond Gu and was a water path Gu worm with a special effect. It is used to boost the effects of other Gu worms.

Once this Gu arrived in northern plains, it was immediately suppressed to rank three.

Fang Yuan browsed through the letter and nodded in satisfaction: "During these days when I was not at the blessed land, it seems little Hu Immortal had been extremely diligent and did not forget the task I gave before I left, refining twenty dried pond Gu. Great!"

Fang Yuan then sent another letter including several praises towards little Hu Immortal.

"Master praised me, I am so happy." Little Hu Immortal's face flushed with happiness after she read the letter.

"Master, I miss you…" Little Hu Immortal lied down on the table and started writing, "When master is not here, I feel anxious. Master, are you okay? I am sending another dried pond Gu there."

Little Hu Immortal used her delicate small hand to fold the letter properly before putting it into moving perspective cup Gu.

At the same time, she also added a dried pond Gu.

After a good while, moving perspective cup Gu leisurely flew up and entered space cave, exchanging with the other moving perspective cup and appearing before Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan immediately took out the dried pond Gu and glanced at the letter. Then he absorbed primeval stones to recover his primeval essence before activating moving perspective cup Gu again.

After repeating this over and over, he received a total of eight dried pond Gu.

"If I use the eight dried pond Gu together, their effects should stack up and match a rank four level."

Fang Yuan crushed these dried pond Gu on the spot; the dried pond Gu turned into eight halos which twisted around moving perspective cup Gu. At the same time, on Hu Immortal blessed land, Little Hu Immortal also crushed eight dried pond Gu and overlaid them on moving perspective cup Gu.

Moving perspective cup Gu was a rank five Gu, but in northern plains, it was suppressed to rank four. Thus, it could only transport rank four Gu worms.

Now, after using eight dried pond Gu, moving perspective cup Gu's ability advanced to rank five and could transport rank five Gu.

Fang Yuan waited for a while before taking out connecting heaven Gu and gravely put it in moving perspective cup Gu, then transferred his primeval essence.

After successful activation, the two moving perspective cup completed their exchange in space cave and the cup with connecting heaven Gu appeared in Hu Immortal blessed land.

Little Hu Immortal cheered and took out the connecting heaven Gu.

Tiny cracks appeared on moving perspective cup Gu.

Although dried pond Gu could amplify a Gu worm's ability, it was like draining the pond to get the fish or burning the forest to hunt. Although it greatly raised the power, the Gu worm would perish because of the excessively forced power-up.

Next, Fang Yuan sent divine sense Gu to Hu Immortal blessed land, and the cracks on moving perspective cup Gu intensified.

Fang Yuan silently took out primeval stones and quickly replenished his primeval essence.

He then sent one blue gemstone of the stargate Gu to Hu Immortal blessed land.

Fortunately, stargate Gu was not an Immortal Gu, but a rank five Gu, allowing Fang Yuan to be barely able to use moving perspective cup Gu to send it to Hu Immortal blessed land.

After the stargate Gu was sent to the blessed land, moving perspective cup Gu had already become deformed with cracks all over it and was on the verge of collapse.

At this point, it could still be used for one last time.

Fang Yuan stored the moving perspective cup Gu in his aperture and did not use it again.

He was waiting now.

Moving perspective cup Gu had been refined by him and possessed his will. But he had already lent it to little Hu Immortal, thus she could also use it.

The several times before were all him using moving perspective cup Gu.

It was because Hu Immortal blessed land's timeflow was several times faster than at northern plains. If little Hu Immortal recklessly activated it from the blessed land, it was very possible Fang Yuan would not have been prepared.

" Puff … it is up to little Hu Immortal now. If she fails, she will have to send another moving perspective cup Gu for the final use. Hopefully, she can succeed."

Before Fang Yuan left, he had refined only one set of moving perspective cup Gu. But he had reminded Little Hu Immortal. For a period of time, Little Hu Immortal and Immortal Crane Sect had made several transactions and exchanged many Gu refinement materials, and had already refined the second set of moving perspective cup Gu.

Time was becoming somewhat difficult to endure.

Whether it was connecting heaven Gu or divine sense Gu, they were both rank five Gu and had an extremely huge demand for primeval essence. Even a rank five peak stage Gu Master might only be able to last for several breaths. Thus, usually only Gu Immortals or land spirits would consume immortals essence to use them.

As for why Fang Yuan did not activate moving perspective cup Gu at Lang Ya blessed land, it was because he did not want to expose them. If it was exposed, the Lang Ya land spirit would definitely demand for its recipe.

Minutes ticked by, and with several times the speed at Hu Immortal blessed land.

The chilly night wind made Fang Yuan slightly restless. He stood up and began to pace around.

The sky was filled with many stars, providing sufficient starlight. The stargate Gu in Fang Yuan's hand, however, had no movement.

"Did it fail? Was that group of starlight firefly Gu at treasure yellow heaven bought by someone else?" As time passed by, Fang Yuan's heart continued to sink.

He stopped pacing about and stood on the spot for a long while with his hands behind his back.

He gazed afar, crescent lake sparkled with light in tranquilness. The wolf group beside him; some were standing and some were lying down, all with different postures.

He could not help thinking back to that scene when he went to capture the liquor worm at Qing Mao mountain.

He broke out in laughter, his worries gone and his gaze once more became unclouded.

All the worries, all the pressure, all the impatience since the start till now dispersed with the wind.

He gazed at the night sky and breathed out all the turbid air in him, and suddenly felt that his current life was so beautiful; giving everything to pursue the greatest goal, having no regrets.

He came to an understanding, his heart was clear like a mirror that could not be stained by dust, tranquil like this crescent lake.

Since his rebirth at Qing Mao mountain, he had always been exhausting his mind, and now he suddenly understood something.

This comprehension was unclear as it lingered around his heart before finally turning into a sentence, he mumbled: "The night sky is really beautiful."

This was his heartfelt emotion.

The moment he said these words, Fang Yuan's body lightened and felt he had unloaded a thousand jin of weight, as if he was about to fly.

His entire disposition also seemed to have changed. The cold aura disappeared without a trace, turning into a clear and carefree aura. The dark pupils with abysmal depths let out a clear light now, just like a newborn baby or like a star.

The stargate Gu in his hand slightly shook at this moment and the shaking intensified.

Fang Yuan opened his hand.

The blue gemstone-like stargate Gu leisurely flew in the air, large amounts of starlight gathered and condensed towards it. The scene was beautiful and dreamy.

In an instant, the starlight formed into an enormous oval door.

Stargate Gu had succeeded!

Fang Yuan calmly watched it; the corner of his lips slightly curled up into a smile, but his eyes were still calm as water.

He unhurriedly stepped into the stargate, the starlight in front of him turned into a whirlpool and flew away with his body.

After a dozen or so breaths of time, he walked out of the stargate and appeared in Hu Immortal blessed land.

"Master, you are back!" Little Hu Immortal was extremely happy as she leapt into Fang Yuan's chest.

Fang Yuan chuckled and rubbed the land spirit's tiny head.

"Yes, I am back." He gently said.


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