Reverend Insanity
460 Number One Refinement Path Immortal of All Times
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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460 Number One Refinement Path Immortal of All Times

Chapter 460: Number One Refinement Path Immortal of All Times
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Time passed bit by bit. The several figures on the dark clouds waited quietly.

Other than Gui Wang and Loner Hong Yu, there were also three female immortals.

Each of these three immortals were beautiful and charming; they were the Hua Hai three immortals.

The cold looking blue robed immortal was Fairy Qing Suo. The petite and fair girl wearing a yellow garment was Fairy Huang Sha. The coquettish girl wearing a pink skirt was Fairy Fen Meng.

The three stood together at some distance away from Gui Wang and Loner Hong Yu; like they were on different sides.

Fairy Qing Suo looked at crescent lake while Fairy Huang Sha and Fairy Fen Meng were conversing softly, glancing at Gui Wang and Loner Hong Yu from time to time with vigilant gazes.

Not mentioning Gui Wang's ugly appearance that caused the three beauties to feel revulsion, Loner Hong Yu killed his own parents to refine a Gu, and betrayed his brothers, it caused the three female immortals of the righteous path to feel contempt.

But Lang Ya blessed land was an extremely important matter, the Gu Immortal that had resided here before was the famous 'number one refinement path immortal'— Long Hair Ancestor.

This person had rank eight cultivation and was extremely proficient in refinement path, having great talent in refinement path that was rare even during immemorial times.

He had lived a long life, he lived during the era of two venerables; Thieving Heaven Demon Venerable and Giant Sun Immortal Venerable.

What did this mean? This meant that these two rank nine Gu Immortals did not live as long as him.

His refinement path talent even made Thieving Heaven and Giant Sun, two venerables, sigh in admiration countless times, and concede to him. They had both requested Long Hair Ancestor to refine Gu for them.

In the statistics made by later generations, Long Hair Ancestor had refined at least thirty-eight Immortal Gu in his life; this was only the conclusive summary, it did not account for his many legends and rumors.

However, such a person also could not fight against the flow of the river of time and finally died of old age.

According to the rumors, he became a land spirit after death and was still refining Gu incessantly in Lang Ya blessed land.

Lang Ya blessed land was Long Hair Ancestor's residence, thus it contained large amounts of Gu worms recipes, including recipes for Immortal Gu!

Hua Hai three immortals might not like Gui Wang and Loner Hong Yu, but the allure of Immortal Gu recipe was enough to let them set aside their righteous path identity and collaborate with these two demonic path Gu Immortals.

Time slowly passed.


Suddenly a soft sound echoed, the space on top of crescent lake cracked open and revealed a shining flash of lightning.

"The earthly calamity has begun!" Gui Wang shouted excitedly.

For a while, above the center of crescent lake, lightning rumbled unceasingly.

This was no doubt the descent of the earthly calamity, having created a hole in the blessed land.

Loner Hong Yu's gaze shone as he stared at this scene without blinking.

Hua Hai three immortals glanced at each other and saw the excitement in each other's eyes; their breathing also became faster.

Immortal Gu were difficult to find, none of these five Gu Immortals possessed a single Immortal Gu. Of course, they had rank five Gu, and in large amounts at that, with all of them being top quality Gu.

But no matter how many mortal Gu they had, it could not match a single Immortal Gu.

Gu Immortals' thirst for Immortal Gu were much more greater than a lecherous person seeing an absolute beauty.


Thunder rumbled in the air above the lake with lightning smashing down continually, resembling a thunderstorm pouring from above.

The second hole, third hole… the earthly calamity created hole after holes.

"This is the earthly calamity — 'Endless Thunder and Lightning Rain', such terrifying might." Loner Hong Yu expressed shock at this sight.

"If this occurred in our Hua Hai blessed land, even if we three sisters join forces, we might not be able to resist it. Lang Ya blessed land is indeed worthy of being Long Hair Ancestor's residence, can we really snatch the Immortal Gu recipe this time?" Hua Hai three immortals looked at each other, their faces were pale.

Previously, Gui Wang had given them many benefits and thus Hua Hai three immortals came rushing over. Now, the three felt this task would not be easy and forcing their way into Lang Ya blessed land would not be a simple matter.

Gu Immortals were the elites of the human race with wisdom that far surpassed the norm.

Be it the Hua Hai three immortals or Loner Hong Yu, they were all cautious and vigilant.

Gui Wang observed everyone's expressions and coarsely laughed: "This dogshit world has always been trying to maintain balance! Blessed land has fortune, so the world sends down calamities and tribulations, doing all that it can to wear down this fortune. The better the blessed land is managed, the stronger the calamities and tribulations they will face. Look at the might of this 'endless thunder and lightning rain', isn't it comparable to those blessed lands that has forbidden grounds? Everyone, just think of it, how many recipes are stored in this Lang Ya blessed land? There are definitely many Immortal Gu recipes, otherwise why would this shitty heaven send down such a powerful earthly calamity?"

These words moved the immortals' heart.

Desire and vigor appeared in these people's gaze when they thought of the Immortal Gu.

"Gui Wang is right. I have also entered some blessed lands before, and those ownerless blessed lands that were on the verge of collapse had earthly calamities that were as weak as a drizzle. But the blessed land is extremely important, which Gu Immortal would not want it to develop well?" Loner Hong Yu laughed bitterly: "The more developed the blessed land, the stronger the calamities and tribulations, it is not easy to be a Gu Immortal…"

"Kekekekek… cultivation means going against heaven, this shitty heaven wants to weaken us and suppress us, so we have to go against it and progress." Gui Wang added.

"Both of you are rather extreme. Cultivation is actually following the mandate of heaven. We use Gu worms to study the great Dao and law of the world. We manage the blessed land in order to bring blessings and nurture fortune in place of heaven and earth, for all living things to prosper." Immortal Qing Suo retorted with a clear and pleasant voice.

Loner Hong Yu did not reply, he did not want to argue about this topic, considering the situation.

This was the difference in ideals between demonic path and righteous path. Since immemorial times, the difference in perspective had been debated with no conclusion to which is closer to the truth.

Gui Wang laughed and pointed to the hole below: "The earthly calamity has become even more dangerous. To prevent the land spirit from cutting off these holes, we should strike now."

"Alright." Loner Hong Yu expressed his support.

"Please make a move first, Gui Wang." The three immortal fairies reached a consensus.

Gui Wang snickered and took out a green grape immortal essence bead, he then activated a Gu worm that flew towards the hole while holding the immortal essence bead.

This Gu worm entered the blessed land, but it was either suppressed or destroyed by the earthly calamity, as Gui Wang instantly lost his connection with it.

However, Gui Wang's green grape immortal essence also entered Lang Ya blessed land and immediately exploded, causing the immortal essence in Lang Ya blessed land to be expended.

To Gu Immortals, every bead of immortal essence was very precious. Normally, the Gu Immortals would always try to accumulate them and would not use them lightly unless absolutely necessary.

Seeing Gui Wang act act as the example, the other four successively sent out an immortal essence bead.

Gui Wang sent his second immortal essence bead, and the others also sent their second immortal essence bead.

After Gu Immortals die, they would form into the land spirit, but will no longer produce immortal essence. The immortal essence left for the land spirit, would decrease the more it was used, while Gui Wang and the group were four people and occupied the advantage in numbers.

But even after a hundred rounds, this Lang Ya blessed land still had immortal essence to use.

Besides Gui Wang, the other immortals showed signs of hesitation.

"That Long Hair Ancestor was a rank eight Gu Immortal, although he died, the immortal essence he left were white litchi immortal essence. One hundred green grape immortal essence beads cannot compare to one white litchi immortal essence." When it was Fairy Fen Meng's turn, she held a green grape immortal essence bead but did not immediately make a move.

Gui Wang's eyes flickered with a dark light and sneered: "What are you afraid of? Long Hair Ancestor is a person from Thieving Heaven Demon Venerable's times, and did everything to prolong his life till he was struggling at death's door during Giant Sun Immortal Venerable's times, and finally died of old age. Although he left behind white litchi immortal essence, but the blessed land has already endured through the eras of Spectral Soul Demon Venerable and Paradise Earth Immortal Venerable. The former Lang Ya grotto-heaven had already fell and became a blessed land. Now, how much white litchi immortal essence would there be left? Probably only some diluted immortal essence paste."

Loner Hong Yu chuckled: "Gui Wang makes sense. You guys also saw the earthly calamity just before. Lang Ya blessed land holds so many recipes, even including many Immortal Gu recipes, this good fortune is too big and thus the earthly calamity is so strong. Even if it has more white litchi immortal essence left, they would also be quickly exhausted."

"In this world, the daring are rewarded and the cowards starve! Throw in more immortal essence, having invested so much already, do we give up at this point? We might not be that far from succeeding." Gui Wang enticed.

The three female immortals glanced at each other, Fairy Qing Suo spoke: "You are correct, but our immortal essence was saved by us bit by bit, and did not appear out of nowhere. Let's do this, we will throw in fifty more beads and see what happens."

Like this, after sending immortal essence beads for fifty more rounds, Lang Ya blessed land started to show its inability to keep up.

Gui Wang laughed heartily as he cackled.

The three female immortals used to feel that Gui Wang's laughter was coarse and ear-piercing, but now they felt happiness from hearing it. They could almost see the Immortal Gu recipes beckoning them.

Thirty more rounds later, the four immortals' immortal essence entered the blessed land and inflated, mutually affecting each other and creating a chain explosion, but the blessed land had no activity.

This meant the blessed land's immortal essence was used up!

"Everyone, I shall move first!" Gui Wang suddenly laughed, and flapped his blue-black bat wings towards the hole, and was the first one to enter Lang Ya blessed land.

"Not good!" Loner Hong Yu shouted, and fearing he would fall behind, he turned into a red light and shot ahead.

"These demonic path Gu Masters are indeed treacherous and crafty!"

Hua Hai three immortals twitched their nose with anger and quickly followed behind.

The three immortals entered the blessed land and felt their rank five Gu could be casually activated.

"Lang Ya blessed land's immortal essence has definitely been emptied!" Fairy Huang Sha said with excitement.

The three immortals charged past the endless thunder and lightning rain and arrived at the depths of the blessed land.

However, what they saw was a scene of white clouds covering the whole area.

In the sea of clouds, there were twelve buildings, each decorated grandly and was majestic, having the beauty of a thousand years of history. Around the buildings; immortal cranes flew, feathermen hovered in the air, colorful clouds moved around and the fragrance of sandalwood pervaded the air.

"This is cloud soil, one can step on it like real land and its soil is very fertile, far surpassing the mortal world's soil." Fairy Qing Suo stepped with her beautiful feet and spoke excitedly.

"A scene worthy of the Old Ancestor Immortal!" Fairy Fen Meng exclaimed in admiration.

"Legend has it that within the twelve cloud buildings, there are countless recipes stored! To think I can see them personally today." Fairy Huang Sha felt really fortunate.

"Hahaha, everything is mine!" Far away, Gui Wang's ear-piercing voice spread to them, he was flying into a building on the sea of clouds.

As for Loner Hong Yu, he had already approached a nearby cloud building.

Hua Hai three immortals frowned and after looking at each other, they flew separately towards three cloud buildings.


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