Reverend Insanity
459 Lang Ya Blessed Land
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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459 Lang Ya Blessed Land

Chapter 459: Lang Ya Blessed Land
Translator: ChibiGeneral Editor: ChibiGeneral

The sun slowly rose from the east, as rays shone down on the vast, limitless grassland.

Enormous iron-shelled flowers bloomed at a visible rate. A small pink rabbit jumped out of the flower.

This was a pink flower rabbit, a common animal in the grassland.

It did not dig holes, but instead lived in the stamen of the iron-shelled flowers. Iron-shelled flowers had steel like firm petals and could defend against wolves and birds.

The pink flower rabbit hopped towards a flower. It sniffed first and after sensing there was no poison, it began to eat it.

Suddenly, the pink flower rabbit's ears twitched, an intense warning emerging in its heart.


Immediately, an iron feather arrow shot through it and stabbed into the grassland.

Two investigative Gu Masters were coming over from a distance on their hump wolf.

"Brother, your iron feather arrow Gu never misses."

"Sigh, the provisions in the tribe have been decreasing. We have no choice but to hunt down wild animals and provide food for the tribesmen."

The two were talking about Ge tribe's recent situation with worried expressions.

Although Fang Yuan decreased the numbers of his wolves and the dead wolves were also made into dried meat, to Ge tribe that had so many tribesmen, it could only ease a portion of their problems regarding supplies.

As the provisions decreased further, Ge tribesmen were panicking.

The two investigative Gu Masters continued forward.

Not long later, Ge tribe's troops also moved here like an old beast.

Most of the mortals were pulling big stomach horses, while some slightly well-off households were letting curved-horn bulls pull handcarts which were packed with goods.

Gu Masters were mostly riding on hump wolves and because there was no need to battle, a lot of goods were tied around the hump wolves as well.

Besides these, there were also the lizard house Gu that were very prominent, moving forward like an elephant with their huge legs.

Fang Yuan was lying in a lizard house Gu, his eyes closed as he rested his mind while meditating.

After he had taken in large numbers of wolves, the burden on his soul had become very heavy. Every day, he needed to sleep for at least four hours, and also close his eyes to rest his spirits from time to time.

It was not easy to become an enslavement path Gu Master.

Every path had its own expertise and advantages. At the same time, there were also disadvantages and difficulties.

His body followed lizard house Gu's movement, bobbing up and down. His mind went into his aperture.

The true gold primeval sea was slightly bellowing in waves, the crystal walls were bright and clear. With such degree of clearness, if he was in Hu Immortal blessed land, he could have already tried advancing to rank five.

But right now, Fang Yuan was in northern plains and his cultivation was slowed down temporarily.

He looked at his Gu worms.

His vital Gu rank six Spring Autumn Cicada was hiding its figure, hibernating at the center of the aperture.

Above the sea, a lump of dark cloud with the shape of a wolf was floating. This was the wolf smoke Gu, used specifically to heal wolves.

On the surface of the primeval sea was the rank five battle bone wheel; it still had many cracks and was drifting along with the waves.

The snow wash Gu was doing the same. It was like a snow willow leaf floating on surface of the sea.

Hints and clues Gu that looked like a cuttlefish was swimming in the primeval sea.

At the bottom of the sea were large numbers of wolf enslavement Gu; there were many rank two, few rank three and no rank four wolf enslavement Gu.

There were also two Strength of ten Jun Gu at the bottom. Fang Yuan had bought five Strength of ten Jun Gu, he had used three and now only two remained.

A Gu with the head of a wolf and stomach of a fish was lying at the bottom of the sea, roaming around from time to time.

This was wolf swallow Gu, a rank four storage Gu.

Fang Yuan had another storage Gu as well. It looked like a cup, it was the rank five moving perspective cup Gu. Naturally, it only had rank four effectiveness in northern plains.

Besides the ones in the aperture, there was a vague second pupil in Fang Yuan's left eye; it was wolf care Gu.

In his throat was wolf howl Gu.

On the underside of his tongue was ghost fire Gu.

On his chest was an azure wolf tattoo; it was azure wolf skin Gu.

On his back was a tattoo of a pair of eagle wings; it was rank three eagle wings Gu.

He also had bone bamboo Gu and wolf soul Gu, but they were already used up.

There were two rank four wolf sprint Gu on both his feet, they were used for movement.

Of course, Immortal Gu fixed immortal travel was buried in poison grassland.

"I have inherited Chang Shan Yin's set of Gu worms. Now, I have tens of thousands of wolves, I can say that I already have achieved small success in enslavement path."

But with this level of strength, bullying the weak was possibly but there were still many glaring weaknesses when fighting against experts.

Enslavement path's Gu Master's greatest fear was 'beheading the leader' tactics. When Fang Yuan collaborated with Ge tribe earlier, they were dealing with a wolf group that did not have high intelligence. It would be much more difficult to fight against Gu Masters.

As long as the Gu Master was not stupid, they would target Fang Yuan first.

Back then, Chang Shan Yin was able to kill off Ha Tu Gu's group of bandits; besides having thousand man soul, he had several myriad wolf kings, hundreds of thousands of wolves, and even a trump card; a pack of elite wolves made up of mutated white-eye wolves.

Fang Yuan's current strength in enslavement path was not even twenty percent of the real Chang Shan Yin.

"My biggest problem now is that I have hit a bottleneck, my cultivation in all aspects have halted. Regarding my soul, I have already cultivated a wolfman soul, and to further strengthen it, the best method is to use guts Gu. Unfortunately, I am in northern plains and cannot go back to Hu Immortal blessed land. Dang Hun mountain is also dying, waiting for me to save it. Because of Immortal Gu Gruel Mud's effects, fewer guts Gu are being produced now."

Several days ago, Fang Yuan used impermanence bone Gu to completely transform his bones into impermanence bones.

Human bodies were like leather bags where soul was stowed. Impermanence bones allowed Fang Yuan to make this leather bag firmer, containing thousand man soul was no longer a problem.

"My cultivation has stagnated because of the suppression from the region. My soul has also reached a bottleneck. Regarding strength path, after using three Strength of ten Jun Gu and raising my strength by thirty jun, it had also reached my body's limit."

"Besides this, with the explosive expansion of the wolf group, the disadvantage of enslavement path has become prominent. To feed these wolf group, I have to release them every day to let them hunt by themselves or lead them to hunt, and if my luck is bad, they might have to starve. The burden is too heavy and the resource consumption is also a lot. If this task was not entrusted to Ge tribe, it would not be something I can do alone."

Fang Yuan had taken the initiative to reduce the numbers of the wolf wolf group to reduce the pressure on him.

Enslavement path Gu Masters consumed a lot of resources and were often only raised by large scale clans. Even super clans could only nurture two to three of them.

These days, Fang Yuan had been considering how to solve the problem of food.

Different from others, he had one great advantage; he controlled a blessed land.

If the wolf group could be sent to the blessed land for feeding and be taken out when he needed them, this problem would be perfectly resolved.

But Hu Immortal blessed land was in central continent and hole earth Gu's range was limited to a region. That is to say, hole earth Gu could connect to any place in central continent, but it would be useless beyond central continent.

Hole earth Gu was of no use, so Fang Yuan thought of stargate Gu.

This was a new Gu invented during the chaotic battle of the five regions in his past life.

It was a rank five expendable Gu and had stricter activation requirements than hole earth Gu. It could only be activated using the power of the stars in black heaven, and only during the night when there were many stars in the sky.

But it had a huge range that traverse the five regions.

Fang Yuan had the recipe for stargate Gu, but the materials required were rare; it needed many ancient Gu worms and one or two supplementary materials were even from the immemorial era.

Moreover, the refinement success rate of stargate Gu was extremely low, there might not even be one success out of a hundred refinement attempts.

A reason as to why Fang Yuan did not try to exchange for the materials to make stargate Gu in his transaction with Immortal Crane Sect was this.

Another important reason was blue charm lightning shadow.

After Fang Yuan expelled the blue charm lightning shadow from the blessed land, it had been hovering around Tian Ti mountain, not having the slightest intent to give up entering Hu Immortal blessed land.

Immortal Crane Sect also did not take care of this problem, the Gu Immortals on Tian Ti mountain also only cared about their own problems and did not bother about other people's misfortune.

How was the use of stargate Gu and blue charm lightning shadow related?

As mentioned earlier, stargate Gu needed time to absorb the power of the stars in black heaven to form. But Hu Immortal blessed land was a world of its own and had neither a sun nor stars.

If Fang Yuan wanted to absorb the power of the stars, he would have to open the entrance and let the starlight from the outside world enter.

But if he did this, blue charm lightning shadow would use the chance to break in.

The trade-off was absolutely unacceptable.

Dang Hun mountain was dying, its might had greatly reduced; if blue charm lightning shadow entered the blessed land, it would make the current situation many times worse.

Thus, stargate Gu could not be used.

"It seems I can only look at Lang Ya blessed land to see if there is a way to resolve this. According to this speed, we will reach crescent lake in about seven days."

Fang Yuan sighed, placing his hopes on Lang Ya blessed land.

In the dark night with sparse stars, the moon shone brightly and cold wind blew.

On the grassland, there was a crescent moon shaped lake that was fifteen thousand li long and five thousand li wide. The two ends of the lakes were bent and pointed while the middle part was wide like a crescent moon. The lake was tranquil and gave off a crystal-like sparkle. The crescent moon in the sky and the crescent lake gave off their respective light.

It was crescent lake.

The aquatic plants were plentiful here, the surrounding was tranquil, and many kinds of living beings lived here.

There were three-horned rhinos, water wolves, dragon-fish, iron-shelled flowers, steep cliff grass and so on. Horseshoe trees surrounded this lake, forming a sparse woodland.

Lumps of pitch black dark clouds surged over from far away, bringing a chilling and evil aura.

The dark clouds blocked the moonlight and casted a dense shadow. The shadow was like an evil beast, crossing across the crescent lake's surface and stopping at its center.

"It is here." Several people stood on the cloud, and one of them was cackling.

He was ugly, his forehead was bulging out, his eye sockets were deep, his eyes were closed, and his ears were big and conspicuous. Having disheveled hair and wearing a black robe, he was giving off a thick evil aura.

It was none other than the rank six Gu Immortal — Gui Wang.

"Lang Ya blessed land is hidden here?" Loner Hong Yu casually asked from the side.

He was also a rank six Gu Immortal; with the appearance of a youth, round face and fair appearance.

"I personally investigated this, there can be no mistake. Calculating the time, it will soon be the time for Lang Ya blessed land to face its earthly calamity. Kekekek, we will observe the changes first and make our move together when the time comes." Gui Wang's tone was filled with confidence.


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