Reverend Insanity
456 A Hero’s Call
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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456 A Hero’s Call

Chapter 456: A Hero’s Call
Translator: ChibiGeneral Editor: ChibiGeneral

Ge tribe leader was hesitating, he was not a coward afraid of dying, because at this age, his cultivation was stagnant and he had already stopped caring about life and death.

His hesitation was, whether to use this method or not.

Ge tribe's era was over, but that did not mean it was destroyed completely.

If mortals died, they can just be replenished through snatching, in a Gu Master's eye, mortals were just numbers. As long as the Gu masters were intact, and the elders were intact, the tribe's structure would still be around.

If they retreated now, and gave up on the rest, only Ge tribe's higher-ups would be left, they would have to seek refuge with Man tribe.

But Man tribe had the intention to devour Ge tribe, this night wolf group's assault was most likely part of their schemes!

But if they used Fang Yuan's method, the risks were too great. If they fail, Ge tribe's higher-ups were finished, and the mortals would only be sheep waiting to get eaten.

"Father, and all the uncles here, I think that uncle Chang is right, this is the only way to save the tribe!" Ge Guang spoke, seeing the hesitant group, he felt a chill in his heart.

He was still young, he was hot blooded. At the crucial moment, he saw everyone's true colors, he had never seen this fragile side of Ge tribe.

Fang Yuan snickered in his heart.

When he first heard that the wolves were attacking, he was shocked, but soon he felt great joy.

If he was able to subdue this myriad beast king here, then his strength would rise once more, it could potentially double!

This was a one-off opportunity, he wanted to grab onto it. But under such circumstances, to enslave the myriad wolf king, he would need Ge tribe's help.

There was danger in charging at the frontlines, but to Fang Yuan, it was not too much of a problem.

He was a rank four Gu Master with a rank three eagle wings Gu, if the situation turned south, he could fly away to escape easily.

It was too much of a pity to let Ge tribe decline like this, since he wanted to make use of them, he should maximise their worth.

"Everyone!" Fang Yuan shouted, attracting everyone's gazes.

His words resounded like thunder, as he shouted: "What are you waiting for? Why are you hesitant? Are all Ge tribesmen cowardly and afraid of death?!"

"Listen, those are the cries of our Ge tribesmen, these vile night wolves are slaughtering our parents, our friends, our wives and children! If Ge tribe is wiped out tonight, you will all be homeless!"

"Can you bear to see our family die right under our very eyes? I cannot! Although I, Chang Shan Yin, am just an outsider, during these days of living here, I felt warmth, I felt the intense love that the Ge tribesmen had towards each other. For your friends, for the justice of this world, I will charge forward, and fight for a chance of survival for everyone."

"The males of Ge tribe, are your sabres still around? Your ancestors are watching you. Are cowardice and weakness flowing in your blood?"

Fang Yuan shouted in a righteous tone, his aura was overwhelming.

His voice was so long, even the Gu Masters outside the king tent were attracted. The tribe elders looked at him deeply with a shocked gaze.

What was a hero?

The ability to turn the tides and overcome difficulty, that was only the hero's strength.

But at the crucial moment, at the moment of death, he would step forward and face the difficulty head on, he brought confidence and courage to others. That was the true demeanour of a hero!

Ge Guang heard Fang Yuan's words and his body trembled.

At this moment, Fang Yuan's image was so majestic, it was deeply engraved in his heart.

His eyes were shining, his pupils turned red, his heart was pounding, he felt a warm feeling surging inside him.

Swoosh , Ge Guang activated sabre Gu, holding it in his right hand as he raised it up highly.

Next, this young Ge tribe leader screamed: "No! The warriors of Ge tribe are still around. Ge tribe's sabres are still around! Our ancestors are all watching us descendants! Oh Wolf King, others might be afraid of death, but I, Ge Guang, am willing to follow you to the depths of hell!!"

Saying so, a few hot-tempered elders were so triggered they shouted in shame.

"So what, the worst result is death, there is nothing to fear!"

"Those f*cking night wolves, I will kill you all!"

"Wolf King, young tribe leader, consider me, Ge De, a member of the vanguard troop!"

These people not only responded, they even gave a disdainful and scornful gaze towards their surroundings.

Even more people were triggered by this, after all, northern plainsmen were usually very courageous.

"Kill! Use our blood to prove the bravery of us Ge tribesmen!"

"Battle to the death, battle to the death!"

"Count me in, I will battle too!!"

The overwhelming atmosphere burst out in the tent.

Even elders who did not want to join this fight shouted out their willingness to participate. They did not want to be called a coward for life. In northern plains, as long as one gains such a bad reputation, they would be despised by everyone.

The development of this situation was far beyond the hesitant Ge tribe leader's control.

He was old, he did not want to take risks.

He already had the intention to retreat long ago, as long as the higher-up Gu Masters were around, Ge tribe had their foundation and could start all over again.

If they charged forward, the risks were too great, there was an unknown number of night wolves in the darkness of the night, other than that, Man tribe might even be scheming something, and Chang Shan Yin might not succeed in subduing the myriad wolf king. Even if everyone charged out, if the myriad wolf king refused to fight them head on and chose to escape, what then?

Fang Yuan's plans had too many flaws, it was not reliable.

"Oh no." Old Ge tribe leader saw the surrounding elders' red eyes and realized that his hesitation was already useless, they had no choice but to fight now.

"Battle to the death! Battle to the death!"

"For Ge tribe, for tomorrow!"

"A battle of life and death, this will show our overwhelming bravery and courage!"

Outside the main tent, cheers and slogans were resounding as the morale of the troops surged, they were united now.

Fang Yuan's words easily turned the situation towards his intended direction.

Everyone's heart was united, old Ge tribe leader no choice but to go along with them, he bowed deeply towards Fang Yuan: "Wolf King, you are a true hero! Ge tribe's future lies in your hands, we will accompany your wolf group in charging forward and taking down the myriad wolf king."

Everyone accepted the orders.

Fang Yuan's gaze shone, Ge tribe leader's intention was to sacrifice the wolf group to protect the Ge tribe Gu Masters.

But a little sacrifice was no big deal. As long as he obtains the myriad wolf king, it would be a huge gain!

"Everyone, charge with me!" Fang Yuan shouted, bringing all the Gu Masters and left the main tent.

A few hundred wolf kings and thousand wolf kings also gathered.

"Brother Chang, why are there only these wolves? Where are your other wolf kings? Where is your wolf army?" Old Ge tribe leader questioned, his heart sinking.

Fang Yuan snorted in his heart, why did he have to sacrifice his wolf kings to protect these Ge tribesmen?

All living beings in this world were equal, there were none who were more valuable or royal than another.

Wolves and men were both living beings, ignoring their standpoint, they were equal lifeforms.

Why did wolves have to sacrifice their lives for men? Were humans more noble than wolves?


Whether one was noble or lowly, that was only a class system. And that system was based off strength.

Be it Earth or this world, the biggest law was the elimination of the weak, the big fish eats the small fish, the small fish eats the shrimps.

The so-called nobility was built on the foundation of greater strength. Without this, even the purest and most elegant lady is nothing more than a promiscuous b*tch!

Fang Yuan needed Ge tribe's accompaniment earlier because he had few wolves, it was dangerous for him to travel alone, and there were greater difficulties in doing so.

But now, he had the myriad wolf group, Ge tribe's value diminished greatly.

The wolves obeyed him, he could control their life and death at will. But could Ge tribesmen allow this?

"For an outsider, you want me to sacrifice my closest and most loyal subjects? Did you really think I was a dimwit like all your hot-blooded tribesmen?" Although Fang Yuan felt great disdain in his heart, he showed a confident and warm smile, saying to old Ge tribe leader: "Don't worry brother Ge, the situation is chaotic now, the ranch was destroyed and the wolves are scattered. I have ordered the wolf kings to assemble, soon, we will have a reinforcement wolf troop coming."

Old Ge tribe leader looked at Fang Yuan deeply, and was about to speak.

But Fang Yuan did not give him the chance, he shouted: "Everyone, Ge tribe's survival depends on this moment, charge with me!"

Saying so, he squeezed with his legs and ordered the hump wolf below him to charge forward.


"Kill these goddamn wolves!"

"For Ge tribe, for tomorrow!"

Everyone shouted in a frenzy, as young Ge tribe leader followed behind Fang Yuan closely.

Old Ge tribe leader was so angry he pulled his son back, shouting at his ear: "Remember, you are the young tribe leader of Ge tribe!"

After that, the father and son started to charge towards the night wolves while protected deep inside the formation.

Two rank four, seventeen rank three, and a great number of rank two elites, it was a great strength, like a sabre that stabbed into the battlefield.

They had an overwhelming aura, no wolves could stop them, soon, they charged out of the camp and went straight for the myriad wolf king.

Once out of the camp, everyone's pressure intensified. Especially the Gu Masters at the outer edge, all they could see were night wolves.

Wind blades, water dragons, stone fists, golden cones… all sorts of attacks were unleashed like cheap fireworks. The wolves were hit unguarded, and many died in the process.

Everyone fought and killed, creating a path for themselves.


Myriad wolf king howled, and twelve thousand wolf kings and tens of hundred wolf kings gathered, attacking Fang Yuan and gang from all directions.

Myriad wolf king understood Fang Yuan's intentions, to compete against him, it sent elites to fight the elites.

Fang Yuan had stealthily gone to the most inner circle of the group, he shouted in a frenzy: "Chaaaaaarge! Faster, if you do not charge faster, we are all dead meat! If we enslave the myriad wolf king, we would overturn the situation!"

In a moment, hundred wolf kings and thousand wolf kings entered the battle.

The troop's advancement became even slower, as many rank two elites were sacrificed.

"Oh no, my primeval essence is running low, I can only activate the self-detonate Gu… For the tribe!" A tribe elder shouted loudly, going out of the formation and charging into the wolves.

The wolf king opened its mouth as it bit him.

This tribe elder snickered as he exploded, killing this thousand wolf king on the spot!

This was the first tribe elder that died in this battle.

Old tribe leader saw this and he felt his heart bleeding.

These elders were the foundation of Ge tribe, they were the main pillars of support. Seeing their deaths, old tribe leader could almost see the collapse of the main tent.


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