Reverend Insanity
450 Measuring the stature of great men by the yardstick of small men
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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450 Measuring the stature of great men by the yardstick of small men

Chapter 450: Measuring the stature of great men by the yardstick of small men
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What happened next was all according to Fang Yuan's expectations.

Just a day later, Ge tribe leader visited Fang Yuan, saying he had thought it through, he did not want to stay in Hong Yan valley, but instead wanted to migrate the entire tribe, to participate in the heroes assembly and fighting for a place in the imperial court.

Fang Yuan knew old Ge tribe leader's intentions, it was to make use of Chang Shan Yin once more to get free of Man tribe's control.

Fang Yuan agreed immediately, if he was to travel on the grassland alone, it would be troublesome. With the accompaniment of Ge tribe, the risks would be much lower, and he would have a layer of protection.

"Brother Ge is wise, but we cannot wait anymore, we should leave as soon as possible. Once we make a move, I'm sure Man tribe would notice immediately." Fang Yuan reminded.

Old Ge tribe leader's heart shook, just hearing this sentence, he knew Chang Shan Yin was aware of what was happening.

Fang Yuan continued: "I had originally promised Man tribe to visit them. But since Ge tribe is relocating, to play safe, I will not go to them. Just say that I had felt my cultivation returning during these few days and have gone into closed cultivation. I will write a letter now, I will have to trouble brother to find someone to send it over for me."

If Ge tribe did not relocate, then Fang Yuan would have no issues visiting Man tribe.

But if Ge tribe wanted to leave, Man tribe would not let go of them. Man tribe is worried about Ge tribe and Chang Shan Yin cooperating, they might even hold him captive, to deal with Ge tribe separately.

Earlier, when Ge Guang was attacked by the wind wolves, it was most likely done by Man tribe. Man tribe was after all part of the righteous faction, to prevent rumors from spreading, they would not kill Chang Shan Yin, but Ge tribe was too alluring, they could use all sorts of reasons to place Chang Shan Yin under house arrest, that was something they could do.

After old Ge tribe leader heard Fang Yuan's words, he looked at him deeply and stood up, bowing: "Standing before brother, my wisdom is nothing. I was muddleheaded earlier, brother has a clear picture of the current situation."

"Hehehe, as someone involved in this contest, it is easy for you to be misled, that is normal, do not worry about it. As long as we leave this area, Ge tribe would be free!" Fang Yuan consoled old Ge tribe leader as he wrote a letter and handed it to Ge tribe leader.

"Brother Ge, I have to cultivate, I will not send you off."

"Today, I will start the preparations for moving off, the letter will definitely be sent, goodbye."

Old Ge tribe leader took the letter and left the room.

After he returned to his tent, he called the elders for a meeting and gave the instructions to prepare for migration.

After Ge Yao's supposed marriage, Ge tribe elders have a terrible impression of Man tribe, they praised this ingenious decision.

After Ge tribe father and son returned to their study room, old Ge tribe leader opened Fang Yuan's letter immediately.

"Father, isn't this a bit…" Ge Guang felt embarrassed.

"Heh, let father teach you another lesson today. This is the letter Chang Shan Yin wrote to Man Tu, but he did not use a letter Gu, why do you think that is so?" Old Ge tribe leader snickered.

"Because he doesn't have a letter Gu? No, if he wants to use it, he can borrow it from us." Ge Guang thought about it, as his eyes flashed: "That mean, this is intentional?"

"Hehehe, that's right. The reason why he is sending a normal letter is so that we can see it. Ge tribe is about to migrate, next we will travel together, this letter is to display his intention to cooperate with us along the journey. Come here, we will look at this together." Saying so, Old Ge tribe leader unsealed the letter.

The content in the letter was very simple, it explained that Fang Yuan needed time to recover his cultivation through closed cultivation. He expressed great regret for not being able to visit Man tribe, and he would definitely make up for it in the future.

Next, he wanted to purchase bone bamboo Gu from Man tribe, saying that he will pay 120% of the market price for them. At the same time, he wrote a large number of Gu refinement materials, as well as Gu worms like third watch Gu, hoping they could have a transaction.

"Oh, so uncle Chang Shan Yin needed these Gu worms. Father, I think we should try and give them to him, after all, he has helped us so much." Ge Guang said.

Old Ge tribe leader stared at this letter, his eyes shining brilliantly as a chill emerged in his heart.

This battle between Ge tribe and Man tribe was mostly through hidden schemes, they did not fall out with each other on the surface, this was the rule of the righteous path that had to be adhered to.

They sacrificed many people, one of Ge tribe's elder died after being challenged by Man Duo, and Ge Yao also died in poison grassland. Other than that, many Gu Masters became the wolves' food.

In this contest, be it Man tribe or Ge tribe, neither of them were winners. Man tribe did not achieve their aims, and Ge tribe also had many sacrifices.

However, there was one person who benefited completely.

This person was 'Chang Shan Yin'.

Look at it this way, when 'Chang Shan Yin' left poison grassland, he was empty handed, without a proper set of Gu worms, but now?

In this hidden battle, he earned till his pockets were full, having over a million primeval stones as gains, not to mention the rank five hints and clues Gu.

Ge tribe leader suddenly understood: Ge tribe was making use of Chang Shan Yin, but was Chang Shan Yin not making use of them as well? Chang Shan Yin might seem like he was trapped between two tribes, forced into their political strife, and attracted problems for himself unnecessarily. But the truth was, neither of them wanted to offend him, thus he gained benefits from both sides!

"We do not need to prepare these for Chang Shan Yin. Man tribe will send these things over, in fact, they might even give these to him for free." Ge tribe leader heaved a sigh as he tried to expel that cold feeling in his heart.

"Huh?" Ge Guang was shocked: "How is that possible? Uncle Chang Shan Yin is evidently helping us, is Man tribe so stupid?"

"Someone in a high position sees things differently. What is the value of these things? Merely a few hundred primeval stones, it is nothing to Man tribe. Using these goods to gain the friendship of an expert, isn't that a good deal? Have you thought about how much we gave Chang Shan Yin already?"

Ge Guang immediately thought of the million primeval stones and the rank five hints and clues Gu.

Ge tribe leader sighed deeply, there was another meaning to this, but it was still too early for Ge Guang to comprehend.

Why did Chang Shan Yin want to deal with Man tribe?

He was not making a deal, he was establishing a relationship with them! Using this, Chang Shan Yin expressed to Man tribe that although he went back on his word and did not visit Man tribe, he was not their enemy despite being at Ge tribe. He did not want to be enemies with Man tribe, in fact he wanted to be friends, thus, they could undergo transactions.

Man Tu was not a fool, he would understand what Chang Shan Yin was trying to express in his letter, his goodwill. If Man tribe rejected this deal, that would be rejecting Fang Yuan's kindness. If they sold the goods according to their price, this would show an indifferent attitude. If they gifted the goods to Fang Yuan, that would mean Man tribe was accepting this kindness, and was willing to be friends with Chang Shan Yin.

This deal was not important, the underlying meaning was.

Such a hidden and implicit communication method was something the righteous path higher-ups often did.

Ge tribe leader suddenly had a flash of inspiration, thinking: "This Chang Shan Yin, the reason why he is helping Ge tribe might not be due to his righteous nature. But because he can have the greatest benefits by siding with us."

Man tribe was huge and powerful, having a Chang Shan Yin was only adding icing on the cake. But Ge tribe was weak, with Chang Shan Yin, it was simply a great asset as he had the ability to stabilize the power balance between the two.

With this thought, old Ge tribe leader shuddered, the coldness in his heart became thicker, almost freezing his bones.

The old tribe leader subconsciously rejected this thought: "If Chang Shan Yin is such a scheming person despite being a hero of this magnitude, would there still be righteousness and light in this world? I am simply measuring the stature of great men by the yardstick of small men."

Three days later.

Man tribe's father and son stood on the mound, watching Ge tribe leave towards the south.

"Lord father… there is something I don't understand, I would like to ask father." Man Duo asked.


"You gave the things mentioned in the letter to Chang Shan Yin for free, I understand the meaning of that. But why did you also give Ge tribe a thousand and five hundred tonnes of provisions. Not only is our prey escaping, we even have to supply them, this…" Man Duo felt indignant.

Man Tu's expression was solemn, looking at the leaving Ge tribe, he said: "Man Hao, explain."

Elder Man Hao who was standing at the side laughed as he explained: "No need to worry third young master, lord tribe leader had planned this long ago. Ge tribe is dreaming if they want to leave so easily, there are a large number of wolf lure Gu inside the provisions, at the same time, we have tribesmen ahead, with three myriad wolf groups waiting in ambush for them."

"So that's it!" Man Duo understood at once: "Father is wise, once Ge tribe is unable to resist the wolf pack, our tribe will move out and save them, assimilating them using this chance. In future, if anyone suspects us, father can use this thousand and a half tonnes of provisions to show his sincerity and magnanimity, it will shut those suspicious people up. But…"

Towards the end, Man Duo was hesitant.

Man Hao sighed, saying: "But this way, Ge tribe would suffer great losses, and the gains of our tribe from taking over Ge tribe would be far less. In fact, we might even have to invest an amount of resources to take care of the injured."

But Man Duo shook his head, Man Hao's concerns were not the same as him: "Ge tribe has that Chang Shan Yin, he is hailed as the Wolf King, can these wolves stop him?"

Man Tu started frowning.

Man Duo expressed his own worry, he had such thoughts as well.

But Ge tribe left too quickly, Man tribe was part of the righteous path, they could not act recklessly, in this short period, they could only gather three myriad wolf groups.

If Ge tribes survives this assault, Man tribe can only watch them leave. But if they suffer great losses during the process, Man tribe would have the excuse to send 'reinforcements'.

The greatest uncertainty in this plan was Chang Shan Yin.

"Don't worry third young master, although this Chang Shan Yin is known as the Wolf King, that is over twenty years ago. His current cultivation is only rank four initial stage, and during the banquet, we checked secretly, his soul is no longer thousand man soul but has dropped to hundred man soul." Man Hao spoke with disdain.

"Hehe, even if he is the Wolf King, he is only a weak and barely surviving Old Wolf King. Moreover, what trump cards does he have? Only a thousand wind wolves and a thousand poison beard wolves, and a thousand water wolves. Hahaha, against three ten thousand wolf groups, what can his wolves do? The way I see it, his reputation will be ruined soon enough. We can prepare to devour Ge tribe already."

Man Duo did not rebuke him, but said: "Hopefully so."


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