Reverend Insanity
448 Obtaining another Rank Five Gu
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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448 Obtaining another Rank Five Gu

Chapter 448: Obtaining another Rank Five Gu
Translator: ChibiGeneral Editor: ChibiGeneral

Gui Wang moved quickly along the way, following the faint Immortal Gu aura to a stalk of snow spirea.

"The Immortal Gu's aura stopped here, the trail ends here!" Gui Wang's gaze was anxious as he searched all around the snow spirea.

"No? No Immortal Gu! The snow spirea's snow wash Gu was already taken, obviously someone came here. But why is there no Immortal Gu? If the Immortal Gu continued moving, its aura would move too. But this aura ended here, is the Immortal Gu dead?" Gui Wang had a guess.

But he refused to believe this, he used his investigative Gu and searched the entire place thoroughly.

"No, there's nothing here!" Gui Wang gritted his teeth, his heart was filled with indignance and regret.

"Wait!" Suddenly, his gaze turned ruthless as he thought of a possibility: "At the center of this poison grass land is Zi Du blessed land, the rank seven Gu Immortal Lady Poison Scorpion lives in it. Did she take the Immortal Gu? A mortal's aperture cannot hold an Immortal Gu, but a Gu Immortal's aperture can. After the Immortal Gu enters the aperture, the aura would stop leaking. In that case, this would be the most logical explanation!"

"That means Lady Poison Scorpion stayed home and had an Immortal Gu arrive at her doorsteps? Damn it, curses!" Gui Wang stomped his foot, he would rather believe that the Gu was taken by Lady Poison Scorpion than the fact that it could have died.

But he would never guess that the real Immortal Gu did not die, but instead Fang Yuan used iron cabinet Gu to seal its aura before backtracking and burying the Gu along the way.

Gui Wang followed the aura's trail, moving forward, as Fang Yuan controlled the sealing, the Gu worm's aura weakened as he followed it, this created a speculation.

Gui Wang wanted to chase after the Gu, he would never have guessed that along the way, the fixed immortal travel Gu was buried somewhere.

When he thought of Lady Poison Scorpion, jealousy and hatred forced his speculations to hit a dead end.

"Lady Poison Scorpion is a rank seven Gu Immortal, she is very strong. I can gather the Hua Hai three immortals and Loner Hong Yu to attack Lang Ya blessed land, that is because of the promised benefits. I do not have the bargaining chips to get them to attack Zi Du blessed land as well. This is so hateful! If I came ten days ago, the Immortal Gu might have been mine."

"Looking at the time, Zi Du blessed land is about to open its doors and expel the poisonous gas inside, I am not her match, I should leave now."

Gui Wang stomped his feet and flew into the air, entering the dark clouds.

The dark cloud moved around as Gui Wang looked around with indignance, only after a long while did he fly back to his home.


This was destined to be a busy night, at Ge tribe ranch, everyone's attention was on Fang Yuan.

If Fang Yuan killed Ge Yao and took her Gu, the hints and clues Gu would cause him to be exposed.

Fang Yuan's earlier lie would be exposed as well — if you did not meet Ge Yao, why do you have her Gu?

By then, no explanations would work!

"Son!" Ge tribe leader stared angrily at Ge Guang, extremely furious: "Benefactor Chang Shan Yin is so righteous and upright, how can you be suspicious of him?! Quickly kneel down and kowtow to our benefactor to ask for forgiveness!"

"Father." Ge Guang was shocked, he did not expect Ge tribe leader's reaction.

Wasn't he always trying to get revenge for sister? Father missed out one point so I pointed it out for him, what did I do wrong?

At one side, Man tribe father and son started watching this show as bystanders.

"Brother Ge, your son had said that, you do have a hints and clues Gu right?" Fang Yuan's expression was calm, his gaze clear as water: "Then please take it out and activate it."

"This…" Old Ge tribe leader hesitated.

"Brother Ge, if you have a method to prove my innocence, why are you still hiding it? Hahaha, I am overjoyed by it." Fang Yuan smiled warmly.

Ge tribe leader observed his expression for a while, then looked at Man tribe's father and son. The two were staying silent, quietly watching this, but their gazes had deep meaning in them.

"Nevermind, since benefactor Chang Shan Yin insists, I will go ahead with it." Ge tribe leader gritted his teeth and took out hints and clues Gu.

This Gu was shaped like a black spider, it was fist-sized and was plump. Eight hairy black legs with shiny tips, resembling water chestnuts.

Ge tribe leader injected primeval essence, and hints and clues Gu's body gave out a faint white light. Within five hundred li, if there were Gu worms that were marked by the Gu Master, it would emit a red light and point in their direction. If the Gu Master was hiding the Gu worms inside their aperture, this range would be only within a thousand steps, but it stayed in Ge tribe leader's hand without having any changes.

Seeing this, Ge Guang kneeled on the ground with a plop and kowtowed to Fang Yuan: "Uncle Chang Shan Yin, I was wrong! I wanted to get to the bottom of the matter and offended you. Please punish me!"

"Quickly get up, I have to thank you for proving my innocence, what wrong did you do?" Fang Yuan smiled faintly as he helped Ge Guang get up.


Rewinding back to the day when Fang Yuan killed Ge Yao.

Before death, the young girl cried: "Chang Shan Yin! I don't know how I am blocking your path to success. But now, even if you kill me, I do not hate you. Maybe you are seeking revenge? I will leave all my Gu worms to you, I hope they can be of some use for your path to success."

" Cough cough… " The girl coughed out blood and begged Fang Yuan with a grieved smile, "I am going to die, but before I die, I have a small favor to ask. I hope you can hug me, I really want to feel your warm embrace…"

However, Fang Yuan did not move, his gaze coldly looking at the girl.

He looked at the girl and saw her expression becoming stiffer as vitality left her bit by bit.

Finally, the flower-like girl became an ice-cold corpse.

Fang Yuan fell into a long silence as he looked at Ge Yao's face.

"She gave all her Gu to me? What is the meaning of this?"

"She loved Chang Shan Yin indeed, but how can she not hate me for killing her? Her love was only a young girl's affection, breeding for only a few days. Her hatred was due to the loss of her life, the hatred of being killed. It is evident which is a stronger emotion."

"Heh! This girl is still too young, her acting is terrible, how can she hide that hatred in her eyes when she spoke to me? Although I lack Gu worms, and her Gu worms are all of high quality, she intentionally left them for me… to play it safe, I should not take them."

Next, Fang Yuan willed, and the poison beard wolves moved, devouring her corpse until nothing was left.

From start to end, he did not touch the Gu worms in Ge Yao's aperture at all.

"Seeing this result, Ge tribe leader breathed out a sigh of relief, praising Fang Yuan continuously: "Brother Chang Shan Yin, I have learnt much today. You are indeed a great hero of the grassland, your conduct is like tonight's moon, pure like water, with no impurities. No matter how dirty the floor is, it will not pollute the moon. No matter how thick the clouds are, they will not hinder your radiance. We Ge tribe owe you a great deal, my son was rash and suspected you. We only have this rank five hints and clues Gu, I will give it to you today as an apology, please accept it, otherwise, I will not be able to sleep properly."

Rank five Gu was hard to come by, but under everyone's gaze, Ge tribe leader handed it over to Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan rejected it for a few times, but Ge tribe leader was very insistent, he had "no choice" but to accept it.

Just like this, Fang Yuan obtained his second rank five Gu in northern plains.

Next, everyone continued the banquet until late into the night, as they parted happily under the moon.

Man Tu invited Fang Yuan earnestly to be a guest as his tribe. But Fang Yuan said that he was going to leave not long later, to join the heroes assembly. But before leaving, he would go visit Man tribe first.

Looking at Fang Yuan and Ge tribe's father and son leave on their hump wolves, Man Tu's smile vanished and his expression turned ugly.

"It seems this Ge Yao is dead without doubt." Man Tu's tone was gloomy.

"Father, no need to fret." Man Duo at the side snickered: "This Ge tribe wants to make use of Hong Yan valley, he has to beg us, they have nowhere to run."

Listening to his son's words, Man Tu's expression relaxed, he patted Man Duo's shoulders: "You are right, I was too obsessed with it. These years, Man tribe had been expanding, you have contributed greatly to it. But you are only C grade in aptitude, your talent is insufficient, when father retires, and your elder brother takes charge of Man tribe, you have to assist him well."

"Yes father, do not worry." Man Duo replied curtly and positively, but he was snorting in his heart.

He was also his father's son, why can't he compete for the leader's role, why must he give it to his brother? Because of aptitude, he cannot become the tribe leader?


"If elder brother ascended to the position of tribe leader, he will kill me. Sigh, what a pity, I wanted to marry Ge Yao to make Ge tribe part of my force, with this relationship tying us together. But heaven played a joke on me, Ge Yao actually died!"


"Unfilial son, kneel down!" Once they got into the secret room, with only the two of them left, Ge tribe leader's expression sank as he screamed at Ge Guang.

"Father!" Ge Guang was shocked, he did not understand why his father was so furious, but he subconsciously kneeled down first.

"Father, I am your son, you can scold or beat me, as long as your anger fades. But I have a request, I hope that father can tell me why you are so furious after you calm down. I will change and no longer make you angry." Ge Guang said.

Ge tribe leader laughed coldly, standing before Ge Guang and pointing at his nose: "I know you feel very indignant, let father tell you the reason, to let you know the immense danger we were in tonight! Did you really think Man Duo proposed to your sister because of her good looks?"

Ge Guang was stunned: "Was that not the case? Ge Yao was the beauty of our tribe, so many youngsters were chasing after her."

"Bullshit!" Ge tribe leader howled: "Beauty is just the icing on top of authority. Man Duo has Man Tu behind him, his objective is to devour our Ge tribe, that is why Man Tu supported Man Duo greatly to marry your sister."


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