Reverend Insanity
447 Hints and Clues Gu
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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447 Hints and Clues Gu

Chapter 447: Hints and Clues Gu
Translator: ChibiGeneral Editor: ChibiGeneral

Speaking about Ge tribe, the lively banquet atmosphere turned cold.

Old Ge tribe leader quickly stood up and gave an explanation.

Ge Guang stood at one side, looking at his father, he felt bitter and pained.

His sister was dead, his father was grieving, he wished none of this was real. But now, he had to explain to outsiders, proving to them that his daughter was truly dead.

This was such a painful torture.

While Man Tu listened to their explanations, he refused to accept it.

Chang Shan Yin was a righteous hero, and also the genius Gu Master that Chang tribe nurtured back in the day. After he killed Ha Tu Gu and the bandits, he was praised by the people, and with his great reputation, he was known by almost everyone in northern plains.

Thus, to give Chang Shan Yin face , Man Tu gave them his full attention.

But even if Chang Shan Yin's reputation was five or six times higher than now, it could not match the benefits of him absorbing Ge tribe. Now that he had a proper excuse to do so, Man Tu would not let go of it so easily

Thus, he 'patiently' listened to Ge tribe leader's explanation before looking at his third son.

Man Duo laughed coldly in his heart, standing up.

He bowed deeply at Fang Yuan, before taking out a Gu worms in public: "Please take a look Senior Chang."

This Gu looked like a butterfly, its long body was like an incense stick, with its tail still burning with thick smoke. The smoke changed into rainbow-like colors at times, while being colorless and odorless at times.

"Is this, the chase smoke Gu from ancient times?" Fang Yuan's gaze shone.

Man Duo was stunned, using a tone of admiration: "Senior is absolutely right, this junior is in awe of senior's knowledge. I obtained this Gu by chance, as long as one is stained by this smoke, it would not dissipate for months, it is perfect for finding someone's traces."

After pausing for a while, he continued: "To speak the truth, when junior first saw Ge Yao, I used this Gu on her. Now, as long as we activate this smoke Gu, the traces will appear and we can see it clearly."

Man Duo had a smug expression as he continued: "Ge tribe leader, if we use this Gu, and find Ge Yao hiding in your tribe's campgrounds, what will we do?"

He wanted to devour Ge tribe, he obviously had plans. This chase smoke Gu was suggested by Man Duo, to think that it would actually be used like this.

Facing Man Duo's threat, Ge tribe father and son relaxed in their heart.

This chase smoke Gu was good, once it was used, the truth of their words would be attested to without doubt.

But Fang Yuan's heart jumped, this chase smoke Gu could stain people who got close to it. He had once been in close proximity with Ge Yao, and even hugged her. With this smoke, wouldn't he be exposed?

What now?!

Fang Yuan did not expect this, his heart was sinking.

The Gu worm set on him was Chang Shan Yin's enslavement path Gu worms, it was good at huge battles, but had little use for personal fights.

At this banquet, he was only rank four initial stage, but Man tribe and Ge tribe leader had higher cultivation. There were even several elders and guards with rank three cultivation.

Even if he brought the wolves over, two to three thousand ordinary wolves could not turn this situation around!

At once, Fang Yuan's mind worked at lightning speed, all sorts of possibilities appeared as they sparked like flint.

Soon after, he laughed heartily: "This is great. With the chase smoke Gu to certify, the truth will be out. Junior, quickly use it."

He wanted to stall for time or reject the use of it, but that was impossible. Firstly, he as an outsider rejecting the use of chase smoke Gu was very strange, it was almost admitting his guilt. Secondly, be it Man tribe or Ge tribe, they both wanted to use chase smoke Gu to confirm some details, there was no way to change their minds now. Thirdly, chase smoke Gu was in the hands of someone else, even if Fang Yuan objected to it, could he stop Man tribe from using it?

Thus, Fang Yuan took the initiative to urge him, giving them an impression of being open and fearless.

Hearing Fang Yuan's words, Man Tu was overjoyed: "Since brother Chang Shan Yin has said it, son, use it."

But Man Duo was not happy, he observed the people's expressions, and realized that Man tribe father and son were looking forward to this.

"Is Ge Yao really dead?" Man Duo controlled his uneasiness and willed, activating this chase smoke Gu.

At once, the colorless and odorless smoke appeared in the air, turning black.


"Eh, what's going on?"

"This is…"

As expected, there was a thick cloud of smoke on Fang Yuan, in this illuminated banquet, it was very eye-catching.

At once, everyone's gaze was on him!

The lively atmosphere immediately turned solemn, no one said a word, there was a heavy mood in everyone.

Fang Yuan frowned, his expression was a combination of shock and surprise, it made people think he was innocent.

As if he thought that he was not eye-catching enough, Fang Yuan stood up from among the crowd, leaving his seat as he walked around. The black smoke trailed after him, forming a black smoke tail behind Fang Yuan.

Man Duo's gaze flickered as Man Tu said happily: "That means brother Chang Shan Yin has met Ge Yao, and even had close interaction with her!"

Old Man tribe leader had a complicated expression as he looked at Fang Yuan with a uncertain gaze.

Ge Guang was still young, he was not composed enough as he stood up from his seat, staring at Fang Yuan in suspicion, asking: "Uncle Chang Shan Yin, what is going on? Did you meet my sister Ge Yao when you were in poison grassland?"

Fang Yuan's expression was solemn, he did not explain himself, but walked back to his seat, saying seriously: "To speak the truth, you are suspicious, but so am I, why is there so much smoke following me?"

Man Duo said sinisterly: "Senior Chang is a great hero of northern plains, I would not dare to come up with a conjecture for your suspicions.

"Senior Chang Shan Yin!" Ge Guang could not hold it any longer, he stared at Fang Yuan with a flickering gaze.

Fang Yuan heard him and looked at Ge Guang in the eye with no guilt, then turning to old Ge tribe leader: "Brother Ge, you know my character. I swear in the name of the Wolf King, I did not meet your daughter in poison grassland!"

Ge tribe leader placed his right hand at his chest, making a great gesture with a solemn expression: "Brother Chang Shan Yin, we hit it off so well when we first met, I believe your words!"

Ge Guang by the side wanted to speak but he controlled himself.

Fang Yuan obviously understood that these words were not enough to dispel their suspicions. Immediately after, he frowned, showing a thinking expression, saying: "I slept for twenty years, after I woke up, I left poison grassland. Along the way, I subdued many poison beard wolves, during the cold nights, I rest on the fur of my wolves to gain warmth. Most likely, one of the wolves ate brother's daughter, and thus, the smoke was passed to me when we made contact."

"Is that so?" Ge Guang gritted his teeth, his gaze flickering continuously.

Fang Yuan's explanation made perfect sense, he was the first person who saw Fang Yuan leave poison grassland, when he saved him from the wind wolf group, he was manipulating the poison beard wolves.

"We can get to the truth easily, my wolf pack is still resting in Ge tribe's ranch, can everyone follow me to the ranch, and we will be able to see the truth." Fang Yuan suggested.

This suggestion made everyone interested.

"Then we will go ahead with this?" Man Tu turned his gaze at Ge tribe father and son, he still did not believe Ge Yao was dead.

Old Ge tribe leader stood up: "Let's go, we can be the witnesses."

Everyone rode their hump wolves towards Ge tribe's ranch.

Fang Yuan's wolf pack was resting inside, they were strong and fit.

Under the night sky, the poison beard wolves were more energetic.

Using the chase smoke Gu's black smoke, the group successfully found out that a few of the poison beard wolves had much thicker smoke than Fang Yuan.

Oh longevity heaven, with the blessing of our ancestors, the murderer of my daughter was here all along!" Ge tribe leader saw this and cried in pain, he next bowed deeply at Fang Yuan, just as he was about to speak, Fang Yuan stopped him.

"Brother Ge, I know what you want to say. These poison beard wolves are yours to deal with." Fang Yuan said.

Old Ge tribe leader cried tears of gratitude: "Benefactor Chang Shan Yin, thank you! You not only saved my son, but you also brought the murderer of my daughter here. You are the closest friend of our Ge tribe for eternity!"

Ge Guang was silent.

It was true that Fang Yuan saved him, but this was not enough to certify that he was innocent. If Chang Shan Yin killed his sister and ordered the poison beard wolves to consume his sister's corpse, that would also cause this result.

Man Tu was panicking at the side.

From start to end, he did not believe Ge Yao is dead.

If Ge tribe discovered the chase smoke Gu and cooperated with Ge Yao to fake this, it was very easy.

Thus, he spoke: "Ge tribe leader, you have truly misunderstood brother Chang Shan Yin. Brother Chang is a great hero of northern plains, he is such an admirable person, how could he commit such a sinful act? The way I see it, we should follow this chase smoke Gu into poison grassland and continue to collect evidence to clear brother Chang's name!"

He wanted to use Fang Yuan as an excuse to find out the truth, whether Ge Yao was really dead or not.

If Ge Yao entered poison grassland, there would surely be a trail of smoke along the way.

But at this time, Ge Guang spoke: "No need for that, I have a way to prove uncle Chang Shan Yin's innocence. Father, back then when you prepared a set of precious water path Gu worms for sister, you used the rank five hints and clues Gu on them. Sister knows this, thus if she is killed, she will follow your instructions to keep these Gu worms intact, leaving them for her murderer. This way, we can find her killer and exact revenge for her. As long as you take out that hints and clues Gu, that will be the best proof."

Saying so, Ge Guang looked deeply at Fang Yuan.


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