Reverend Insanity
445 Fixing Battle Bone Wheel
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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445 Fixing Battle Bone Wheel

Chapter 445: Fixing Battle Bone Wheel
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Fang Yuan took a look at the invitation, the words written were very polite, of course they were written using northern plains characters, they looked wild but profound, and at the end, there was Man tribe leader's name — Man Tu.

This letter was written by Man Tu personally, it showed his sincerity.

The content of the letter was Man tribe leader's admiration towards Chang Shan Yin, and stated that the matter earlier was but a misunderstanding among children, since Chang Shan Yin did not kill the external elder Shi Wu, Man tribe was extremely grateful.

Thus, he was holding a banquet at night, and was sincerely inviting Fang Yuan to come. At the same time, this present was an item to apologise on behalf of Shi Wu, for offending a hero.

Fang Yuan opened it and laughed: "This Man tribe spent a lot of effort."

In the box, there was a hundred bone bamboo Gu.

Evidently, after Man Duo returned, he investigated Fang Yuan clearly, and learnt that he was making purchases in the market.

"Oh brother Shan Yin, I have a favor to ask of you." Old tribe leader spoke.

Fang Yuan waved his hand: "I understand brother, don't worry, I will urge them during the banquet, to reduce the conflicts between both your tribes."

"Ah, my greatest thank to you, brother Shan Yin!" The old tribe leader was very touched, he got up in a hurry and bowed deeply towards Fang Yuan.

There was still some time until the banquet, Fang Yuan sent them off before closing his door.

Fang Yuan sat on the bed, he willed and a light flew out of his aperture.

The weak light dispersed revealing the battle bone wheel.

This rank five Gu is huge, its height was almost at the ceiling, once it appeared, the large room instantly felt cramped.

There were many cracks on the battle wheel, and even some severe scars that threatened to destroy it. The deepest scar was extremely damaging, nearly splitting the wheel into two, only connected by a little bit of white bone. It was a shocking sight.

This rank five Gu worm's luck was not good, after being beaten up by Chang Shan Yin, its original owner Ha Tu Gu died, causing it to become a wild Gu. It had to eat the skeletons on the battleground to barely survive, unable to fix its injuries.

After that, it was attacked by Fang Yuan and Ge Yao together, the Spring Autumn Cicada was a rank six Gu, it could not subdue rank five Gu easily. Fang Yuan could only beat it till its last breath to subdue it.

But precise so, the battle bone wheel was at the brink of destruction, when it appeared, several bone fragments fell off the wheel.

One could say, its situation could not be any worse.

Fang Yuan took out a bone bamboo Gu from the gift box, using Spring Autumn Cicada's aura, he refined it instantly.

This Gu worms was shaped like a finger-bone bamboo, it was pale white and looked like a white candle.

Fang Yuan held the bone bamboo Gu in his hand, as his primeval essence moved according to his will, going out of the aperture towards the underside of his tongue.

The ghost fire Gu was residing at the underside of his tongue, having formed into a blue lump of fire.

Fang Yuan breathed in and blew out.

With a 'huuu' sound, he breathed out a lump of eerie blue ghost fire.

The ghost fire landed on the bone bamboo Gu, slowly burning the top of the bamboo.

Fang Yuan held the bottom of the ghost bamboo Gu like he was holding a candle.

Ghost fire continued to burn, emitting a cold feeling that was chilling to the bone. As the top part of the bone bamboo Gu burnt with ghost fire, it slowly melted and turned into a trace of white bone smoke, floating up.

Fang Yuan placed the bone bamboo Gu closer to the battle bone wheel, and the white bone smoke moved towards the crack of the battle bone wheel like it was sucked over. The battle bone wheel shook slightly as it recovered slowly.

In a while, the eerie blue ghost fire got smaller, as Fang Yuan breathed out another lump of fire to sustain the candle.

After five minutes, this bone bamboo Gu was used up, as Fang Yuan took out the second bone bamboo Gu from the gift box and continued using the ghost fire to ignite it, causing white bone smoke to appear.

As he repeated the cycle, after more than thirty bone bamboo Gu, Fang Yuan finally repaired the deepest crack on that battle bone wheel completely.

The gift box which was filled with bone bamboo Gu had lost about a quarter of them, if Fang Yuan wanted to repair the entire battle bone wheel, just these bone bamboo Gu were not enough.

And the battle bone wheel was far from being usable in battle.

The deepest wound was fixed, but the other injuries were still plaguing the wheel.

It was like a patient, after Fang Yuan's resuscitation, it was pulled back from the abyss of death. But this patient was still in grave danger, it needed to continue receiving treatment.

" You cannot get fat from eating one mouthful , battle bone wheel's damage is too severe. But if that was not the case, I would not have been able to subdue it. Even if it is fully fixed now, my primeval essence cannot activate it. There is no rush here."

Fang Yuan got down from the bed, flexing his numb limbs as he opened the windows, it was already dark, the stars were shining in the sky.

"It is time." Thinking of the banquet at night, Fang Yuan stepped out of his room.

As he walked out the courtyard, Man Duo and Ge tribe's father and son were already waiting for him.

"Man Duo greets Lord Chang Shan Yin!" Man Duo saw Fang Yuan and immediately greeted, showing absolute respect.

"Have you all waited for a long time?" Fang Yuan nodded, asking casually.

"Man Duo replied: "It has only been six hours, it is not a problem. It is my great honor to stand before lord's doors. Senior Chang Shan Yin, father has already set up a grand banquet nearby, awaiting your arrival. Ge tribe's father and son will accompany you to this banquet as well."

Fang Yuan looked at this Man Duo, feeling pity in his heart.

This lad was intelligent and capable, but fate toyed with him, giving him poor aptitude, he was just like Fang Yuan in his previous life.

"Alright then, come along." Fang Yuan rode his hump wolf as he left Ge tribe campgrounds with the rest of them.

Man Duo guided the group of about a dozen people as they rode their hump wolves to a faraway place.

The cool night breeze blew past the ears, as the grassland was running in the opposite direction.

Moonlight poured down like water, one could clearly see at a short distance, but from afar, the moonlight looked like a foggy veil. The grass on the ground was oozing with jade-green essence. The mountains looked like they were gradually flowing towards the sky.

Under such a night sky, wolves sprinted on the never-ending land, as the beautiful moon gave an unrestrained sense of freedom!

As everyone sprinted, they saw a group of hump wolves on a mound. There were a group of Gu Masters sitting on the wolves' back. A Gu Master was waving a huge flag in his hands, that had the word 'Man' on it.

After seeing Fang Yuan, the group of Gu Masters rode the hump wolves as they came over.

Man Duo saw this and laughed: "Lord Chang Shan Yin, my father is the one ahead, he is here to welcome you."

This was the custom of northern plains — if an esteemed guest was invited, the host would often travel ten li, to greet them.

The two groups of hump wolves met in the middle.

Man tribe leader got off his wolf, laughing as he walked over: "Hahaha, today's moon is as bright as the sun, this is the radiance to welcome the return of northern plain's hero. Lord Chang, I have heard so much about you."

Man tribe leader was nine feet tall, he was extremely muscular and strong. He wore a loose sleeveless fur robe, showing his two shoulders, his ancient-bronze colored arms were thicker than a normal male's leg.

But just as he finished his sentence, it seemed like heaven played prank on him.

The night sky was covered by some dark clouds, as the moonlight vanished, causing the grassland to sink into darkness.

Man tribe leader's loud laughter became softer, as he felt extremely awkward.

It was Man Duo who was quick-witted, immediately laughing as his eyes rolled: "Senior Chang Shan Yin is our northern plains' great hero. Father, you are the most respected hero in our Man tribe. Tonight is a meeting of heroes! Look, the great aura of heroes caused heaven to tremble, causing winds and clouds to stir!"

His words caused the awkwardness to fade away, as Man tribe leader's expression returned to normal as he walked to Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan and the others also got off the wolves.

Man Tu first gave Fang Yuan a deep greeting, as Fang Yuan placed his right hand as his chest to return the greeting.

Next, Man Tu stared at Man Duo intentionally, using a scolding tone: "Nonsense! How can I compare to Lord Chang. Lord Chang was renowned in northern plains as the Wolf King, he dominated the world with his wolf enslavement skill. He even killed the rank five Gu master Ha Tu Gu, eliminating a bunch of bandits and got rid of a great evil, causing his name to go down his history."

"Hehehe, tribe leader Man Tu, why are you so humble?" Fang Yuan laughed lightly: "You are Man tribe leader, ruler of near a thousand Gu Masters. You are a true conqueror, leading Man tribe to many victories, and you even control Hong Yan valley, you are the overlord of this area. My cultivated had fallen to rank four initial stage, while you are at peak stage, you surpass me greatly. Although I have wolf enslavement skill, I can only control beasts, unlike you who control people, our difference is night and day. Tribe leader Man Tu is the true heroic conqueror!"

Man Tu was stunned.

The Wolf King was well-known for his aloofness and arrogance, he was hard to talk to, to think he was so talkative now, and showed such a humble attitude.

But he understood quickly after thinking about it.

This Chang Shan Yin was famous when he was young, with the nature of a young man, he was arrogant. Now that he was a middle-aged man, and had gotten into such trouble, his nature was had already been refined, it was normal for him to be more composed now.

Man Tu did not expect Fang Yuan to be so approachable, but to receive such praise from Wolf King Chang Shan Yin, he was secretly happy.

He thought even more highly of Fang Yuan in his heart now.

Although his cultivation was rank four initial stage, he had once killed the rank five Ha Tu Gu, Man Tu did not dare to underestimate him.

He laughed and said: "Lord Chang was already rank four peak stage twenty years ago. Even though your cultivation fell due to injuries, you can still recover quickly, or even surpass your former cultivation. By then, how would my cultivation be your match?"

At this time, the dark clouds dispersed and moonlight shone down again.

"Hehehe, the two of you are the current hero and conqueror of northern plains." Ge tribe leader spoke at an appropriate timing: "The most valuable thing is that the meeting of tiger and wolf did not lead to a fight, but instead you appreciate each other. We are lucky to witness this, this is truly seeing the moon after the clouds part ."

Such words made everyone laugh.

"Hahaha, brother Ge, your words described the scenery perfectly. Quick, the banquet has already been prepared, it is just nearby!" Man Tu looked at Fang Yuan and made an inviting pose.

He did not set the banquet at his camp, but rushed here to set up the banquet close to Ge tribe camp, it showed his hospitality and sincerity.

"Good, after you!" Fang Yuan laughed and agreed, but his heart tightened.

The dark clouds came and left quickly, it was a peculiar sight. Most likely, Gu Masters were on the move, it has not been a month since he buried fixed immortal travel Gu. The Immortal Gu aura has not faded yet, hopefully a Gu Immortal does not find it.


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