Reverend Insanity
444 Man Tribe’s Invitation
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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444 Man Tribe’s Invitation

Chapter 444: Man Tribe’s Invitation
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In northern plains where only experts were respected, where only strength mattered, Man Duo was able to gain his father's favor, and was able to mobilize tribe elders to challenge Ge tribe. It showed his ability and courage, he was definitely not a good-for-nothing young master.

Fang Yuan's eyes showed amusement: "I, Chang Shan Yin, was fated to be Ge tribe's guest, I know northern plains rules and it is true that I should not interfere in others' business. But I had just heard this little brother taking out a hundred thousand primeval stones. I am lacking primeval stones recently, why would I reject money offered to me?"

Shi Wu heard this and wished he could slap his own mouth.

"My mouth was really itchy, to think I attracted a rank four expert." His heart was sour and bitter.

Man Duo laughed dryly: "This is an easy matter, if senior lacks primeval stones, this junior is willing to offer five hundred thousand primeval stones to you!"

What he meant was, he wanted Fang Yuan to keep out of this.

At once, Ge tribesmen looked nervously at Fang Yuan.

Although Fang Yuan was the legendary hero, it was only his reputation, those who truly acted like a hero were rare.

Moreover, there was a phrase: a wise man submits to circumstances . Ge tribe was in a slump now, while Man tribe was huge and powerful. Chang Shan Yin was only an outsider, he had no reason to help and bring trouble to himself.

Thus, Fang Yuan became the center of attention, his attitude decided how this situation would progress.

As everyone watched nervously, Fang Yuan laughed proudly: " A gentleman only takes wealth that he deserves. I do not feel that I deserve a gift of five hundred thousand primeval stones. But a hundred thousand primeval stones that I earn from battle is extremely valuable. Come, according to northern plains rules, I accept this battle."

Fang Yuan walked onto the stage.

"Uncle Chang Shan Yin!" Ge Guang felt extremely touched, tears were overflowing as he was lost for words, shouting behind Fang Yuan as he cheered.

The elders of Ge tribe were all extremely moved.

"As expected of Chang Shan Yin, a true righteous hero!"

"Unmoved by benefits and money, he is truly a man of justice."

"There are many people who offer icing on the cake, but few people help out in times of need. Chang Shan Yin will be an esteemed guest in our tribe forever!"

Man Duo's expression was grim, extremely ugly. He knew that there was no need to say more, he shut his mouth and looked at Shi Wu.

Shi Wu felt Man Duo's gaze and felt bitter in his heart.

He had just submitted to Man tribe not long ago, and became an external elder of Man tribe, he wanted to make contributions to the tribe badly. Although Man Duo's cultivation was low, he was the tribe elder's third son, upon hearing that old Ge tribe leader was sick, he came over with Man Duo to challenge them. But he did not expect to meet Chang Shan Yin!

Although the other party was only rank four initial stage, he was already rank three peak stage, the two stages might look close, but Wu Shi knew clearly that this difference in a large realm was incredibly large.

But in this situation, he had no other way out, if he avoided battle, he would be greatly despised and criticized. In northern plains which advocated courage and fighting spirit, he would no longer have a future.

Shi Wu gritted his teeth secretly as he entered the stage forcefully.

"Please." He bowed to Fang Yuan, barely forcing a smile.

Fang Yuan nodded lightly, standing on the spot as light azure wolf fur grew on his body rapidly.

The wolf fur covered his entire body, his ears, face, and even limbs.

"This is azure wolf skin Gu." Wu Shi's heart sank, although azure wolf skin Gu was a very common and ordinary rank four Gu, its defense was not something that a rank three Gu could easily penetrate.

The Ge tribesmen behind Fang Yuan all concentrated and watched as their eyes shone, awaiting Fang Yuan's grand display of his prowess.

Some even shouted loudly: "Kill this fellow, he killed our tribe's third elder!"

Shi Wu heard this and his heart shrunk, he sighed bitterly, feeling the huge trouble ahead of him: "Oh no! After the earlier battles, I have less than thirty percent of my primeval essence left, I am not his match at my peak condition, not to mention now."

Looking at Shi Wu who had a distracted gaze and stiff movements, Fang Yuan snickered in his heart. This person had lost his fighting spirit, even if he had his complete strength, he could not display half of it. After several matches, his primeval essence was obviously lacking.

Such an opponent, in Fang Yuan's eyes, was fish on a chopping board.

But Fang Yuan did not want to kill him.

For what?

He was Man tribe's external elder, if he killed him, that would be a slap on Man tribe's face. Although Fang Yuan was not afraid of trouble, he did not want to create unnecessary trouble for himself.

Even though Shi Wu killed a Ge tribe elder, that was their own business!

"Come!" Fang Yuan stepped, and activated wolf sprint Gu, bursting forward like an arrow, as afterimages appeared behind him.

Shi Wu's heart was already in despair, seeing Fang Yuan's fierce charge, he retreated in fear.

At the same time, he summoned three flying bone shields.

Piak piak piak!

Fang Yuan moved like a shadow, getting close for a physical fight, he struck three times and smashed all three bone shields.

Shi Wu tumbled and rolled away, summoning another three bone shields.

Piak piak piak!

As Fang Yuan attacked at lightning speed, the three bone shields broke again.

He had the strength of twenty jun now, although he could not display all of it, it was no problem breaking these shields.

"What other moves do you have, use them all." Fang Yuan did not attack again, he gave Shi Wu a chance to catch his breath.

Shi Wu was sweating profusely, he gritted his teeth and rubbed his hands, summoning two iron bone broad axes.

"Waaaaaaaah!" He shouted loudly, raising both axes as he attacked fiercely.

"Hehehe." Fang Yuan laughed lightly, not attacking but placing both arms behind his back, using the wolf travel Gu to move.

His movements were unpredictable, like petals floating in the air, his broad shoulder and thin waist gave a brilliant unrestrained feeling.

Shi Wu growled loudly, no matter how he moved both his axes, he could not even touch Fang Yuan's clothes, he was completely at Fang Yuan's mercy.

"Lie down." Fang Yuan sighed, stretching out one finger, it looked slow, but it rapidly touched the axe.

Shi Wu was already dizzy from Fang Yuan's movements, after feeling this force, he lost his balance and fell face flat on the ground.

Ge tribesmen saw his pathetic state and cheered loudly, as the thunderous sound turned into one phrase: "Kill him, kill him!"

Shi Wu's expression was ashen, his fighting spirit was gone. Fang Yuan had control of the entire situation, he was like a lion toying with a sheep. He felt that he was not Fang Yuan's match, but the more he thought like this, the less battle strength he could muster, and the worse the battle situation became.

Man Duo's heart also sank to rock-bottom.

"Damn it, this Shi Wu did not display his true ability, he was scared witless by the other party! But even so, that rank four Gu Master is too strong. He defeated elder Shi Wu without breaking a sweat. Sigh, If Shi Wu dies, I would lose a tribe elder, I would have to face the accusations and fury of my brothers when I return!"

But unexpectedly, Fang Yuan did not attack anymore.

"You are but a rank three, if I use rank four cultivation to kill you, others might think that I, the great Chang Shan Yin, am bullying the weak. Leave." Fang Yuan waved his hand.

"Uncle Chang Shan Yin! You cannot spare this scoundrel." Behind him, Ge Guang shouted.

But Fang Yuan ignored him.

Shi Wu reacted quickly, getting up and showed an expression of joy as he escaped death: "Thank you lord for sparing my life, thank you lord for sparing my life."

Fang Yuan frowned: "Scram."

"Yes, yes, yes." Shi Wu turned and left.

"Senior, I'll take my leave." Man Duo paid respects and rode his battle horse. Ge tribesmen mocked and scolded them as they left with great humiliation.


"Father, I have failed you, I am here to ask for punishment." Man Duo kneeled on the ground, lowering his head in shame and fear.

Man tribe leader had a muscular body, having rank four peak stage cultivation. He sat on the tiger skin chair grandly as he looked at Man Duo below his feet: "This time, old Ge tribe leader was bedridden, and you brought multiple rank three experts, how did you fail? You did badly for sure, but I heard news that Ge tribe brought out another rank four expert?"

"That is indeed so. Shi Wu was defeated by him. This person only displayed a bit of his actual strength, and he managed to toy around with our strongest elder Shi Wu, his true ability was unfathomable. However, I was in charge of this matter, it was my fault for not getting enough information, resulting in this failure. This child is very ashamed, I implore father to punish me!" Man Duo's eyes were red as he said in a sobbing manner.

Man tribe leader heard this and his tone relaxed: "Stand up, although you failed, you are still my son. Tell me about the incident."

Man Duo quickly spoke, describing the scenario that happened that day.

But when he had just started, Man tribe leader jumped up from his chair, staring fiercely at Man Duo: "He said he is Chang Shan Yin? Which Chang Shan Yin? Are you sure his name is Chang Shan Yin?"

"I would not dare to lie to father even with ten thousand guts." Man Duo quickly explained.

Man tribe leader was in a daze.

"Father, father." Man Duo called him softly: "Is this Chang Shan Yin an expert with a great background?"

Man tribe leader recovered from his daze, his expression was solemn: "I can't tell yet, he could be an imposter. But if it is true, then northern plains has another formidable character emerging… You can leave now, I will handle this matter."

Man Duo jumped from shock, his father was an extremely busy man, but now that he was handling this himself, that showed how important this Chang Shan Yin was.

"Chang Shan Yin, Chang Shan Yin, who in the world are you?"


A few days later, in Ge tribe.

"A few days ago, it was all thanks for brother Shan Yin's help. This is five hundred thousand primeval stones, it is a token of our gratitude, please accept it." Old Ge tribe leader had a pale expression, he seemed to have aged ten years after losing his daughter.

Fang Yuan rejected it for a few times before accepting it: "These days, I have been staying in your tribe, it is only right that I helped out. But I really lack primeval stones now, I shall borrow these from you for now."

"Brother Shan Yin had great morals, you are truly a hero of northern plains." Old Ge tribe leader was speaking, when his subordinate brought in an invitation, as well as a present.

The old tribe leader's expression was grim, he handed this invitation and present to Fang Yuan: "Brother Shan Yin, Man tribe leader knows you are here, he is inviting you to his tribe as a guest."


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