Reverend Insanity
436 No regret even if I die along the way
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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436 No regret even if I die along the way

Chapter 436: No regret even if I die along the way
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Even if it was daytime, poison grassland was still solemn and dark. The thick dark clouds obstructed the entry of sunlight.

Behind a low mound, one hump wolf was lurking.

The hump wolf's size was as large as a war-horse. Its body had black and long fur, and two camel humps on its back. A pair of wolf eyes shone with eerie light in the darkness.

It was lying on the mound, completely still like a statue. Even its breathing was slow, if one took a glance, they would think it was a piece of steel.

Suddenly, the hump wolf's long ears vibrated.

Under its watchful gaze, a grey rabbit jumped out of a hole on the mound, starting to look for food.

Even though there were delicious grass near its hole, the grey rabbit did not care about them, it rushed out to look for grass far away.

Rabbits did not eat grass near their hole as it would expose the hole that they lived in.

The hump wolf saw the grey rabbit emerge, and its eyes drooped even lower, hiding most of its pupils, only leaving a small slit.

As the grey rabbit ate grass, its ears were standing high in the air. If there were any danger alerts, it would raise its head quickly and look around, extremely vigilant.

Hump wolf was extremely patient, watching the grey rabbit eat happily, it did not move, as if it was dead.

The grey rabbit continued to eat, indulging in its delicious meal.

When it was full, it started to return.

Just at this moment, the hump wolf struck. It jumped out of the mound and charged towards the rabbit.

Grey rabbit's return route was blocked by the hump wolf, in its shock, it turned around to escape.

Its speed was fast, as it sprinted, it resembled a white lightning swimming in the grass. The rabbit's speed was higher than the hump wolf, quickly pulling some distance between them.

But after sprinting for a while, it slowed down.

The grey rabbit has explosive speed, but its stamina was much less than the wolf.

The two ran and chased on poison grassland, engaging in a death chase. This was the most common scene in poison grassland — the game of survival between predator and prey.

The hump wolf got closer and closer, seeing the grey rabbit right before it, the wolf jumped and assaulted.

But at this moment, the rabbit's speed rapidly increased, as it jumped to one side. After dodging the fatal attack, it moved away from the hump wolf again.

This grey rabbit is very crafty, its fatigue earlier was just an act, it still had the ability to protect itself.

Hump wolf did not succeed in its attack, thus it had to continue chasing after the rabbit.

Soon, the distance between them shortened again.

The hump wolf jumped again, but missed once more.

After three to four times, the rabbit was exhausted, it was finally killed by the hump wolf.

The hump wolf breathed roughly, sprawling on the ground before getting up after a long while. In this cruel competition, the predator did not always have an easy time, they often faced much difficulty and suffering.

After catching this grey rabbit with much effort, the hump wolf did not enjoy this delicacy, but held it in its mouth as it returned to its home.

In the den, there was a female hump wolf and numerous newborn wolf cubs to feed.

But when this hump wolf got back to its den, it only saw blood traces and cold corpses.


It abandoned the grey rabbit corpse, and howled angrily towards the sky. The fur on its neck stood up, as the intense hatred turn its eyes red.

A large group of poison beard wolves surrounded it from all directions.

Far away on a mound, Fang Yuan crossed his arms as he looked down, observing this battlefield.

"Hehehe, as expected, a male wolf came." He laughed lightly, feeling that his recent luck had finally improved.

Hump wolves were outstanding mounts in northern plains, although Fang Yuan had Chang Shan Yin's rank four wolf sprint Gu, it expended quite a bit of primeval essence. He would rather ride a hump wolf, it was quicker and easier.

When Fang Yuan accidentally found this wolf's den, he killed the weak female wolf and its cubs, obtaining a rank two wolf enslavement Gu.

He did not leave in a hurry, but instead used the poison beard wolves as ambush, awaiting the return of the male wolf.

The battle between hump wolves and poison beard wolves had just gotten intense.

The hump wolf had a large physique, together with the furious emotions it had, it battled even more fiercely. Using its claws, ordinary poison beard wolves were not its match.

But with Fang Yuan's manipulation, the poison beard wolves were very cunning, they did not fight it head on, but cooperated and worked with great teamwork, taking turns to drain the hump wolf's stamina.

After an hour, the hump wolf was breathing raggedly as it lost the ferocity it had earlier.

Around it, there were sixty or so poison beard wolf corpses, that was its greatest achievement. Of course, if Fang Yuan wanted to kill it, with his skill in enslavement path, he would only need to sacrifice thirty poison beard wolves. But Fang Yuan wanted it alive, thus when he battled, he was restricted in many ways.

"It's about time." Fang Yuan looked at the hump wolf's trembling limbs in the wind, he slowly walked down and got closer to the wolf.

Now, most of his Gu worms were sent back to Hu Immortal blessed land using moving perspective cup Gu.

When he was two hundred steps away from the hump wolf, Fang Yuan's finger pointed and a rank two wolf enslavement Gu flew out.

The wolf enslavement Gu exploded, turning into a light smoke that covered the hump wolf's body.

Hump wolf quickly jumped back to evade, but the light smoke chased after it. The hump wolf howled, charging towards Fang Yuan. However, the poison beard wolf pack stopped it with their full force.

In a few breaths' time, the smoke completely merged into its body.

Hump wolf lied down on the ground weakly, its body was covered in wounds that were bleeding, its bright red eyes no longer stared at Fang Yuan with hatred, but showed submission.

"Hundred man soul is really useful, if I did not use the guts Gu, I would need to spend a lot of effort to capture this hump wolf." Fang Yuan sighed in his heart, before activating wolf smoke Gu in his aperture.

Wolf smoke Gu flew out, turning into thick smoke as it engulfed hump wolf, as well as most of the injured poison beard wolves.

In a moment, the thick smoke dispersed, and hump wolf's injuries were fully healed, it even grew new fur. The injured poison beard wolves also regained their vitality.

However, even without injuries, their battle strength was not at their peak.

What affected the battle strength of beats was not just injuries, but also their hunger.

For wolves to display their full strength, they cannot be too hungry, as it leads to weakness. But they cannot be too full, as that would make them more sluggish.

Earlier, when the hump wolf hunted, why did it patiently wait for the grey rabbit to get full? It was the same reason.

Only when the wolves are half full and half hungry, could they have the will to fight, fighting most harshly and fiercely.

After battling for so long, be it the hump wolf or the poison beard wolves, they had lost a lot of stamina and were hungry.

Fang Yuan willed, and the poison beard wolves started eating the corpse of the dead wolves. Hump wolf ate that grey rabbit, and by the command of Fang Yuan, started to devour the dead female wolf and her cubs as well.

Fang Yuan stood on the spot, taking out his rations and consuming them.

Three days had passed since he killed Ge Yao.

Ge Yao had to die, the moment she saw fixed immortal travel Gu, her death was guaranteed.

Furthermore, she had first seen Fang Yuan step into northern plains naked, and then saw him bury the Immortal Gu, as well as using moving perspective cup Gu.

She knew too many things, in Fang Yuan's heart, she was a definite target to kill.

Except when Fang Yuan first came, his battle strength was low, in order to move around in poison grassland, he needed her assistance.

But Ge Yao could not be allowed to live, if her naivety could be used by Fang Yuan, others could naturally use it as well. She was such a burden, with her ordinary soul foundation, others only needed the mind reading Gu or recollection Gu on her to be able to completely expose Fang Yuan's plans, and divulge his secrets to the world.

This was a premeditated murder by Fang Yuan.

As they survived hurdles one after another, the ghost face sunflower sea, the earth spike rats, the shadow crows, as well as finding Chang Shan Yin and using his skin, to finding snow wash Gu and burying the earth treasury flower king Gu, her value and use was diminishing. At the same time, her threat was rising slowly.

Her love towards Fang Yuan also made him, who was disguised as Chang Shan Yin, feel like a dagger was placed at his throat, a great sense of danger.

A young girl in love would use all ways possible to understand the person she loves, not just the present, but also his past and future.

What happens when she finds out the truth?

Moreover, she had a tribe behind her, she was the young missy of her tribe.

Being loved by such a person, no matter how low-key Fang Yuan was, he would be at the center of attention.

Remember that there were many young masters in Man tribe who were infatuated with Ge Yao's beauty.

If Fang Yuan returned with Ge Yao, he would definitely be heavily watched by the two tribes. Why did he have to attract so much hostility for this burden?

Fang Yuan was not afraid of hostility, but his purpose in northern plains was not for a vacation. He had limited time, he was racing against time. Dang Hun mountain was nearing death, and Spring Autumn Cicada was recovering slowly, meanwhile his cultivation was only rank four peak stage.

He had to strive towards success, he could not fail. Once he failed, he would fall into the abyss, he would have no hope left.

On this road, he was destined to be lonely, there were only two outcomes. Either he succeeds, or he faces destruction!

Thus, when the two got close to the outer border of poison grassland, Fang Yuan used an opportunity when there were few people and it was convenient to kill to end her life!

After Ge Yao was killed, Fang Yuan ordered the wolves to devour her corpse. Her soul was obviously not spared, he used the burial soul toad to swallow it, it had already been sent to the blessed land and was crushed by Dang Hun mountain.

The area near the fireplace had already been carefully inspected, there were no traces or evidence left.

All in all, Ge Yao had been wiped off the face of this world. Her only remains, might probably be the faeces that the poison beard wolves excrete.


This so-called beauty, in the end, she was just a pile of shit.

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.

A beautiful young girl, in this heaven and earth, she was just like a flower. Either she gets trampled on at the roadside, or she wilters when her time is up, becoming an ugly fertilizer for the earth.

"Without eternal life, even the most beautiful thing is but the reflection of the moon in the water. The value of their existence is mere for that second of elegance." The more experiences that Fang Yuan went through, the more he understood the cruelty of this world. Without immortality, even the most valuable of things will become worthless.

"The so-called praised for a hundred years, or leaving a stench for ten thousand years, these are all superficial thinking of those cowards. The so-called immortality in spirit is merely a tool for descendants to make use of. Is it true that the existence of humans can only be affirmed through one another? So be it on Earth. But here in this world, if there is even a slight possibility, I want to pursue it!"

"Even if I die on the road while pursuing my goals, even if I die a million times worse than Ge Yao, I have absolutely no regrets…"

Fang Yuan was resolved for death from the start.

But only if he placed all his effort, and contributed his all towards the pursuit of his dream, could he die without a hint of regret.


Who could understand the heart of this transmigrator plus reincarnator Fang Yuan?

The road he walked on was destined to be filled with endless darkness, he was destined to be lonely forever.

The direction he walked was towards the light in his heart — immortality — a possibility so slim that it was almost impossible.

In this world, nobody understood him.

But he…

Does not need anyone's understanding.


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