Reverend Insanity
435 Don’t block my road to success!
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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435 Don’t block my road to success!

Chapter 435: Don’t block my road to success!
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"No, Chang Shan Yin, I want you!" Ge Yao's voice resonated in the grassland.

Under the illumination of the bonfire, her eyes shone brightly as she stared head-on at Fang Yuan: "Chang Shan Yin, you are the hero of this great plains, your reputation extends far and wide. You are the man I can entrust my whole life to! Age is not a problem. Back in the day, didn't old ancestor Giant Sun marry young women every year even after he was a thousand years old?"

Fang Yuan's expression turned dark: "Alright, don't make a scene."

Ge Yao stamped her foot and raised her voice: "I am not making a scene! Chang Shan Yin, I have already been deeply attracted to you along the way. Just earlier, I discovered that I had completely fallen in love with you. I am willing to give myself and everything to you, please accept me."

"Young girl, I already have a wife." Fang Yuan heaved a sigh and said with a complex expression.

Ge Yao immediately shook her head: "Your wife has already remarried. Even if you snatch her back, I don't mind. I don't intend to take your first wife's position, I am satisfied being your concubine. Old ancestor Giant Sun had hundreds of thousands of imperial concubines, but only had one empress."

However, Fang Yuan refused firmly: "I won't marry again. My heart is already still, just like this poison grassland. You are still too young and are unable to understand my mind. During the days I spent in the wolf's belly where I could not move at all, I felt extremely painful. When my soul floated over the vast plains, I wandered around aimlessly, but my mind gradually elevated to a greater height. I recalled my past, watched many people's life and death. The suffering or happiness of my former life were no longer able to enter my heart. I have been completely reborn, I am a new Chang Shan Yin, I also won't return to Chang tribe."

"Then, come to my Ge tribe." Ge Yao's eyes shone.

She invited with utmost sincerity, but Fang Yuan still refused and did not show any signs of being moved.

"Chang Shan Yin! Is your heart made of iron? You doubt me? Do you want me to take out my heart to let you check, just like those rockmen?" Ge Yao muttered, her eyes turned red and tears were on the verge of falling.


Right at this moment, the howling of wolf groups signified that they were nearby.

A large group of poison beard wolves were attracted by the fire and rapidly approached Fang Yuan and Ge Yao.

However, there were large amounts of wolves resting beside the bonfire.

The two groups of wolves soon clashed against each other and an intense battle unfolded.

"This is a thousand beast group!" Ge Yao's attention was attracted towards the wolves, her expression becoming grave.

If it was before, they would choose to retreat when they came across such a scale of wolf group, but now Fang Yuan smiled coldly: "No matter, the situation is different from before, we also have a wolf group to help us. Ge Yao, I need to ask you to restrict the thousand beast wolf king. My primeval essence is exhausted, I will come assist you after I replenish it!"

The girl nodded her head but she did not immediately leave and instead looked at Fang Yuan with her bright gaze.

Fang Yuan looked at her: "Go."

Ge Yao pursed her lips, her gaze was firm as she still remained motionless.

Fang Yuan could only use a soft stance and said gently: "Alright, I will consider this matter."

"But I want the answer now!" Ge Yao immediately said.

A dark light flashed past Fang Yuan's eyes, but on the surface he heaved a sigh and proposed: "If you can kill this thousand beast king alone, I will agree and take you as my wife."


"Hehe, a promise that us northern plainsmen make can never be broken."

Ge Yao's eyes shone brightly at this reply: "Okay, then just wait!"

Battle intent filled the girl's heart and she charged towards the battlefield, directly taking on the thousand beast wolf king.

Gazing at her leaving, Fang Yuan's smile quickly disappeared, replaced by indifference.

He did not expect Ge Yao would be so attracted to him, the feeling of love had already taken his roots deep within her. However, when it came to love, this thing had always been unreasonable and was very difficult to deduce with common sense. Long long ago, Desolate Ancient Moon climbed Cheng Bai mountain and met with a rockman's pursuit.

According to <> —

Ren Zu could not save his eldest son Verdant Great Sun, and at the final juncture of resurrection, he made a great mistake and was swept away by reverse flow river back into Luo Po valley.

His eldest daughter Desolate Ancient Moon heard of this and wanted to go rescue her father.

However, one must have the help of courage Gu and faith Gu to enter the life and death door.

But these Gu were with her father Ren Zu.

Desolate Ancient Moon was unable to enter the life and death door. She wanted to rescue Ren Zu but had no ways, so she asked for guidance from cognition Gu.

Cognition Gu gave her two methods.

The first method was to enter space cave, then open the space door to directly move to Ren Zu's side. She could then use the space cave to escape life and death door. However, this method could only rescue Ren Zu's soul and could not resurrect him.

The second method was to climb to the peak of Cheng Bai mountain and find the one and only success Gu. As long as she made a wish to success Gu, she could rescue Ren Zu and allow him to successfully resurrect.

Desolate Ancient Moon already knew of space cave's existence, but she had no idea how to find the space cave. Moreover, to let her father truly resurrect, she had to go to Cheng Bai mountain.

Cheng Bai mountain was not tall and was like a mound. It was peculiar as it was made from millions and millions of 'pebbles'.

These 'pebbles' were actually failure Gu. And there was only one success Gu; at the peak of Cheng Bai mountain.

Desolate Ancient Moon walked to the foot of the mountain and began to ascend the mountain.

Her movement woke up love Gu who was sleeping nearby.

Love Gu was very angry at having its sleep disturbed and wanted to take revenge against Desolate Ancient Moon. It used its unique power to awaken a piece of stone.

The stone gained life because of love Gu and became a rockman.

The rockman was tall and might, his body filled with gold, silver, copper and iron, looking very dazzling and gorgeous.

After the rockman was born, the first thing he saw was Desolate Ancient Moon. Her shocking beauty immediately conquered his heart.

He started following behind Desolate Ancient Moon, and as he looked at her fair back view, his heart was filled with love.

Finally, he could not endure it anymore and ran past Desolate Ancient Moon and blocked her, shouting loudly: "Beautiful lady, your appearance is so dazzling, your body is so elegant and your temperament is so noble. The very first moment I saw you, I was subdued by you. You are my love, please accept my love for you!"

The rockman's physique was huge, completely blocking Desolate Ancient Moon's path.

Desolate Ancient Moon slightly furrowed her brows and sized up the rockman before speaking coldly: "Love, what is that thing? You want me to accept your love, but where is it?"

The rockman immediately took off the iron pieces from his body and offered them to Desolate Ancient Moon: "Beautiful lady, this is my firmness. I give it all to you, this is my love."

Desolate Ancient Moon disappointedly shook her head; she had no interest in these iron pieces.

The rockman was dazed before taking out the copper pieces from his body and piling them above the iron pieces: "Beautiful lady, this is my obstinance. I give it all to you because this is my love."

Desolate Ancient Moon impatiently said: "Please move away, I have no interest in love, I need to rescue my father."

The rockman panicked seeing that the goddess of his heart was unmoved. He kneeled down and made up his mind, taking out all the silver pieces in his body and piling them above the copper pieces: "Beautiful lady, this is my dignity. I give it all to you, this will prove my love for you, right?"

Desolate Ancient Moon's furrowed brows deepened: "Listen, I don't have time to waste with you."

The rockman became more anxious and took out all the gold pieces in his body and put them above the silver pieces: "Beautiful lady, this is my self-confidence. I give it all to you, they represent my love for you."

Desolate Ancient Moon heaved a deep sigh: "Rockman, to express your love for me, you gave up your firmness, put down your obstinance, lost your dignity and even gave up your self-confidence. However, what I see is a very ugly rockman. Get up, I cannot accept your love, I have more important things to do."

After losing his gold, silver, copper and iron decorations, the rockman looked very small and weak, even appearing comical. It lost all the beauty and might it had before.

The rockman wept and begged Desolate Ancient Moon: "Then, how can I obtain your love?"

Desolate Ancient Moon was anxious, but the rockman kept on kneeling on the ground. She thought of an idea and changed her expression to show a smile: "Rockman, since you love me, take out your real heart for me to see."

The rockman opened his chest without any hesitation and offered his scarlet heart to Desolate Ancient Moon.

Desolate Ancient Moon took the heart and immediately kept it.

The rockman then said: "Now, I can obtain your love, right?"

Desolate Ancient Moon shook her head: "Even if you offer your heart, it cannot exchange for my love."

"Chang Shan Yin, look at this!" Ge Yao's whole body was soaked in blood and injuries, her breathing was rough as she walked towards Fang Yuan with the head of the thousand wolf king in her hand.

With the loss of their wolf king, the invading wolf group collapsed and fled.

Fang Yuan slowly stood up and nodded: "You killed the thousand wolf king."

Ge Yao showed extraordinary performance in the battle, but she suffered grave injuries, her whole face was stained with blood and her primeval essence was completely dried up. She looked at Fang Yuan with glittering eyes: "Chang Shan Yin, you are a hero, you won't go back on your words, right?"

"Of course I won't. Your love has moved me. From today onwards, you are my wife." Fang Yuan gazed at Ge Yao profoundly, then step by step, he moved closer and hugged her.

The girl relaxed her hands, the wolf king's head fell down on the ground, and she passionately hugged Fang Yuan back. Her breathing sped up and her heart thumped rapidly, this moment was even more nerve-racking than when she was fighting the wolf king.

In Fang Yuan's warm embrace, she felt happiness and her eyes reddened.


A soft sound suddenly echoed.

The girl's face stiffened and she used all her strength to get out of Fang Yuan's embrace, then lowered her head to look at her chest.

There, a sharp dagger had pierced into it.

It was a fatal strike to both her body and mind.

"Wh… why?" Ge Yao gazed at Fang Yuan with disbelief, her delicate body shook, and her gaze was filled with anger, hatred, shock and doubt.

Fang Yuan looked at the girl and said, expressionlessly.

He spoke of the story in <> —

"The rockman was panicking seeing Desolate Ancient Moon had stored his heart away. He said: 'Heartless woman, your cold-heartedness has made me despair. Since I can't obtain your love, then please give back my heart. Without my heart, I will die.'"

"But Desolate Ancient Moon did not return the heart and watched as he slowly died."

"'Why? I love you so much, why are you killing me!' The rockman shouted before his death."

"Desolate Ancient Moon looked at him with pity, but her voice was tranquil: 'Rockman, I did not want to kill you. But you blocked my path to success.'"

"Path to success?" After Ge Yao heard this reply, she could no longer stand and collapsed on the ground.

The dense aura of death made her body increasingly colder.

The girl raised her small head, revealing her swan-like exquisite neck. She gazed at the dark night sky and laughed mournfully.

She laughed only for few seconds before tears fell down her face.

She looked at Fang Yuan, her gaze still expressing the deep love as before: "Chang Shan Yin! I don't know how I am blocking your path to success. But now, even if you kill me, I do not hate you. Maybe you are seeking revenge? I will leave all my Gu worms to you, I hope they can be of some use to you in your path to success."

" Cough cough …" The girl coughed out blood and begged Fang Yuan with a grieved smile, "I am going to die, but before I die, I have a small favor to ask. I hope you can hug me, I really want to feel your warm embrace…"

However, Fang Yuan did not move, his gaze coldly looking at the girl.

He looked at the girl and saw her expression becoming stiffer as vitality left her bit by bit.

Finally, the flower-like girl became an ice-cold corpse.

Fang Yuan fell into a long silence as he looked at Ge Yao's face.


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