Reverend Insanity
430 White Bone Chario
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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430 White Bone Chario

Chapter 430: White Bone Chariot
Translator: ChibiGeneral Editor: ChibiGeneral

An entire hour later.

Fang Yuan carried Ge Yao as they safely landed on the ground.

Ge Yao's legs went soft, her expression was pale and she had to catch her breath after getting back to the land, recovering slowly.

During the flying process, she had killed at least a hundred shadow crows, she had felt that she was struggling at death's door during the process.

During the process of flying, they were in great danger, facing the assault of many waves of shadow crows, and even attracted the attack of the earth spike rats.

Not only were there an endless number of shadow crows in the sky, numerous earth spikes would shoot up from the ground at times; it was a truly precarious situation.

Fang Yuan spread his wings, twisted and turned, circled, dived, and rose into the sky under such attacks. Finding impossible opportunities, he managed to find a way out of the rain of attacks.

"I actually survived from facing such an insane number of enemies?" This was Ge Yao's first thought when she landed.

The relief of surviving an ordeal, an unbelievable feeling of happiness, and the after-fear of recalling the situation, after she had experienced all these, Ge Yao looked at Fang Yuan with a complicated expression, as he was healing the injuries on his body.

Even if the girl was ignorant, after such an experience, she knew that Fang Yuan was a grand expert in flying.

Moreover, Ge Yao was not an ordinary young girl from the grassland, her father was the leader of a tribe, in her entire life, she had been greatly influenced by him, her horizons were expanded and she knew much more than her peers.

"The man before me, he has such skilled flying techniques, he is so strong. Inside that strong body of his, is there a flying eagle's soul? Such flying technique can compete with 'Lightning' Dong Po Kong, 'Water Immortal' Song Qing Yin, and 'Green Bat' Wu Ye! This is a first-rate flying technique in northern plains! Chang Shan Yin, Chang Shan Yin, what kind of person are you…"

Fang Yuan quickly took care of his injuries.

Facing a storm-like attack, even if his flying technique was top-tier, he could not avoid getting hit sometimes.

Most importantly, the rank four bone wings Gu only had rank three effectiveness in northern plains. At the same time, he was carrying a person, with the increase in weight, it affected his agility.

"But, having Ge Yao's help, the advantage was greater than the disadvantage. If she did not use water arrow and water dragon to kill the crow groups, or if she did not use water armor to defend us, my primeval essence might not be enough." Fang Yuan thought.

"As a southern border Gu Master, when I am in northern plains, my cultivation will be suppressed, but thankfully, as time passes and I slowly assimilate into northern plains, this suppression will decrease."

Man is the spirit of all beings, they had great adaptability with the environment they were in.

Of course, when Fang Yuan completely mixes in with northern border, and his cultivation returns to normal, when he returns to southern border, he will face suppression again, and would need to adapt and assimilate once again.

"Man can adapt to the environment, but Gu worms cannot. Southern border Gu worms will continue to face suppression, all my Gu worms still expend the same amount of primeval essence but their use is greatly reduced. Rank four Gu worms in southern border are inferior to rank three northern plains Gu worms here."

But if he killed Ge Yao, he only had a very small chance of getting her Gu worms.

Ony by using her like this, can this rank three middle stage Gu Master's worth be fully displayed.

"If not for Ge Yao, I would not be able to advance so quickly. Although her Gu worms are good, I have no way of taking them. These southern border Gu worms, I need to change them out, other than considering their battle strength, they are also the greatest flaw in hiding my identity. I have to get to that battlefield."

Fang Yuan sighed internally, taking out bright pearl Gu.

Fixed immortal travel Gu is sealed inside bright pearl Gu, like a beautiful amber.

In front of Ge Yao, Fang Yuan took out bright pearl Gu forthrightly.

Dusty Gu was like a cocoon, its body was dark grey, and felt like sandpaper. Fang Yuan injected primeval essence, and dusty Gu exploded lightly, turning into a grey smoke cloud.

The grey smoke moved towards bright pearl Gu as if it was sentient.

The originally shining bright pearl Gu was covered by this dust cover, and dimmed. The fixed immortal travel Gu's aura diminished once again.

This became a dusty pearl.

In Fang Yuan's previous life, when he got to central continent and caused the five region chaotic battle, some Gu Masters slipped into other regions to battle, and in order to hide their identities and conceal their aura, they created this method.

"What are you doing?" Ge Yao asked curiously.

Fang Yuan did not answer her, he kept the dimmed pearl into his pocket and continued on his journey.

The two continued to advance, as the poison fog in the air became thicker, the thick purple color fog started to affect their vision.

The two had to stop more frequently, using Gu worms to eliminate the poison in them.


A crisp sound came from the below their feet, like they had stepped on some twigs.

Ge Yao directed her gaze over in suspicion, before screaming and jumping back like a rabbit.

"Wh… why is there a human skull here?" She said with a trembling voice.

"Because this is a battlefield." Fang Yuan walked ahead of her, not turning back but instead walking even faster.

"Battlefield? Hey, wait for me, don't go so fast!" Ge Yao quickly followed after Fang Yuan.

The more she walked, the more shocked she was.

Before, the thick purple fog was covering her vision, but now that she got close, she could see many skeletons on the rotting grassland, skeletons of both humans and wolves.

There were deep pits and trenches in the ground, evidently, a fierce battle had taken place here.

"So many people died, who engaged in such a brawl here? But the trenches and pits have already been outgrown by poisonous grass, looking at the other traces, this battle took place at least twenty years ago."

Ge Yao was behind Fang Yuan, seeing him search continuously, like he was trying to find something, she understood.

"So Chang Shan Yin's purpose for entering this poison grassland is this battlefield. What is he looking for? Wait, twenty years ago, in the poison grassland, there was indeed a huge battle. Father had spoken with someone about this, I was beside him at that time…"

A memory surfaced deep in Ge Yao's mind.

Back then, Ge Yao was still young, she was only four or five years old. Her father invited an esteemed guest, and brought her along with him.

In the tent, the adults were talking about the heroes in the grassland.

"Speaking of which, Chang tribe has an amazing person!"

"You mean the Wolf King?"

"That's right, this person is an enslavement path Gu Master heavily nurtured by Chang tribe, he moved like the wind and attacked like the rain, he could alter his battle formations as he wished, he has great abilities. Most importantly, he is a righteous figure, he is extremely filial to his mother. This time, because his mother was poisoned by a unique poison, it can only be cured by the snow wash Gu inside the spiraea. He ignored all opposition and ventured into poison grassland alone."

"Sigh, that is exactly why Wolf King died."

"Yes, this matter was a huge scheme from start to end. Wolf King's enemy Ha Tu Gu planned this. Ha Tu Gu wanted to kill Wolf King, but he was not to be trifled with, killing all of the bandits with Ha Tu Gu and eliminated a huge pest for the grassland."

"But it is a pity for this hero, Wolf King Chang Shan Yin, he lost his life at poison grassland."


"Chang Shan Yin? You are Wolf King Chang Shan Yin!" Thinking of this, Ge Yao opened her mouth, staring at Fang Yuan fixatedly.

"Oh? You know about Chang Shan Yin too?" Fang Yuan replied lightly as he continued searching.

But Ge Yao quickly shook her head: "No, no way. Looking at his age, by now, if Chang Shan Yin is alive, he should be at least forty years old. How can he be as young as you. Furthermore, your appearance and accent are completely different. You are not Chang Shan Yin!"

"Hehehe, if I am not Chang Shan Yin, who am I?"

"Oh right, who are you? Why are you impersonating a dead Gu Master?" Ge Yao's mind was full of questions.

Suddenly, her eyes brightened up: "Wait! Although after Chang Shan Yin died, his mother also died of poison. But he was already married and had kids. His son is already grown up, and is quite a talented person. Don't tell me… you are Chang Shan Yin's son?"

Fang Yuan laughed, just as he was about to answer, he heard a strange sound near his ears.

This sound was like old wheels rolling on the ground.

Following this sound, a large white bone wheel appeared in the purple fog.

It was as tall as two men, 1.5m in width, its body was made of white bones. On the surface of the carriage, sharp bone spikes were protruding out. At the spoke of the wheel, there was a large skull. The skull's horrific eye sockets were burning with blood-red flames.

"Careful, this is Ha Tu Gu's rank five Gu — Battle Bone Wheel!"

Fang Yuan had just warned, when the wheel accelerated, crushing over with an imposing aura.

Golden dragon Gu!

Fang Yuan pushed with his hand, and the dragon roared, smashing on the wheel.

The wheel vibrated, easily smashing the golden dragon to bits and continued to attack Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan quickly spread his bone wings and flew into the sky.

But the wheel also lifted off from the ground, flying into the air.

Golden coat Gu!

Fang Yuan knew he could not dodge and decided to face it head on.

Bam, he was sent flying, landing on the ground, causing his body to be covered in rotten grass.

Swoosh swoosh swoosh!

Three spiral water arrows shot the wheel consecutively.

The white bone wheel landed on the ground, causing mud to splash. It gave up on Fang Yuan, turning its target to Ge Yao, rolling over.

Ge Yao quickly activated the water trace Gu, summoning her water armor and dodging while attacking back.

Fang Yuan also arrived quickly and started to assist her.

This was a tough fight.

The opponent was a rank five Gu, it was Ha Tu Gu's core Gu. After Ha Tu Gu died, it became a wild Gu, and ate white bones as food.

White bone wheel's attack was fierce, it often crushed its opponents into meat paste.

Fang Yuan was suppressed, and his battle strength was lowered, he also did not bring a rank five Gu, he could not face the white bone wheel directly.

His original plan was to avoid the white bone wheel and find Chang Shan Yin's corpse.

But with Ge Yao to assist him, he changed his plans and decided to battle.

After fighting for four hours, using the kiting tactic devised by Fang Yuan, the two bullied the white bone wheel's lack of intelligence, taking breaks in turns and eventually caused the white bone wheel to fall over.

Once the battle was decided, Fang Yuan placed both hands on the white bone wheel, sending his will and primeval essence into it.

White bone wheel was a rank five Gu, even if he had the rank six Spring Autumn Cicada and fixed immortal travel Gu, they could not help him to instantly refine it.

But the wheel was full of cracks, it was almost going to break apart, it was a step away from being destroyed. With Fang Yuan's hundred man soul, he had ample mental energy and with his firm will, he continuously injected primeval essence into it, after spending fifteen minutes, he finally subdued it.

Rank five Gu obtained!


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