Reverend Insanity
428 Sea of Ghost Face Sunflowers
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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428 Sea of Ghost Face Sunflowers

Chapter 428: Sea of Ghost Face Sunflowers
Translator: ChibiGeneral Editor: ChibiGeneral

With the death of the wolf king, the wolf pack's morale collapsed and they all started fleeing in disorder.

A fierce battle ended so abruptly.

"You got injured?!" Ge Yao came running and looked with a concerned gaze.

"It's nothing." Fang Yuan's injuries looked terrifying but it was all under his control. He activated self-reliance Gu on the spot; the wounds started closing and healing.

Self-reliance Gu was a rank three Gu but could only show the effects of a rank two in northern plains. After Fang Yuan's injuries healed a little, its effects immediately weakened.

"Warrior Chang Shan Yin, let me heal you." Ge Yao waved her hand and water vapor rose, forming a green-blue cloud above Fang Yuan.

Light rain started pouring down from the cloud and splashed upon Fang Yuan's body, healing his wounds.

"This is spring rain Gu?" Fang Yuan furrowed his brows, "This Gu has a huge healing range, isn't it a waste to use it on just me alone? Deactivate it."

After saying so, he activated golden breeze Gu.

This Gu was obtained from Tie Mu Bai and was a rank four healing Gu but now it only showed the efficiency of a rank three. However, it was still a top quality Gu.

Ge Yao saw a golden whirlwind form beside Fang Yuan; after it spun around him several times, all his wounds disappeared.

"What Gu is this?" The girl asked curiously.

Fang Yuan did not reply, but turned around and crouched down, searching the wolf king's corpse carefully.

Ge Yao followed behind him and bent her back to look at him, exclaiming in praise: Warrior Chang Shan Yin, you are a true expert. Father has always told me that going into battle by just relying on one's cultivation is stupid. I saw you charging into the wolf pack, it was such a dangerous situation, but you moved skillfully like it was a simple task. I finally understood that what father said was true."

Fang Yuan snorted and stood up.

With his five hundred years of battle experience, it was rather easy for him to do this. If not for the region's restriction, how could he take so much time to deal with this puny wolf pack?

After searching, he found out that the wolf king had three wild Gu, but they were all dead.

Fang Yuan's expression turned unsightly at the lack of loot, he glanced at Ge Yao and said gruffly: "Stupid? Do you think you are just stupid? You are utterly stupid!"

Ge Yao was immediately stifled: "Hey! Why are you so blunt!"

"Hmph, earlier, your careless attack attracted most of the wolf pack and almost screwed up my control of the situation. Do you have the brains of an ox?" Fang Yuan snorted and blamed.

Ge Yao knew that it was her mistake, her aura immediately weakened and she lowered her head, looking at her feet: "I know you attracted most of the wolf pack away for me. But I also wanted to help you."

Fang Yuan heaved a sigh: "Forget it, I will let it go this time. I will try to make an effort to teach you what you have to do to, so that you will not impede me again in the future."

"Who needs you to teach?" Ge Yao turned around and snorted with dissatisfaction.

""You need to be calm when activating spiral water arrow Gu. If you just recklessly shoot them, you would simply be wasting your precious primeval essence rapidly."

"Water dragon Gu wastes a lot of primeval essence, don't use it if it is not necessary. This is why you are always running out of primeval essence!"

"Don't use spring rain Gu, that is a large scale healing Gu that is not worth it for just the two of us."

As they continued on their way, Fang Yuan gave many tips to Ge Yao.

The girl's words before were just said in a fit. Although, she did have a young missy's temperament, this was something that concerned her deeply, so she earnestly listened to the suggestions and absorbed the knowledge, improving rapidly.

The two continued moving through poison grassland and ran into several waves of wolf packs, and Ge Yao's performance also became better each time.

"Haha, are you afraid? You abominable poison beard wolves, get lost." After repelling a poison beard wolf pack again, Ge Yao stood with her hands on her hips as she said proudly.

"Truly a naive girl." Fang Yuan looked at her back with a cold light flashing across his eyes.

Naturally, the reason he guided Ge Yao was not purely to raise her battle strength, more importantly it was to probe out her Gu worms.

The result was, the girl revealed all her trump cards to Fang Yuan.

Ge Yao was a water path Gu Master with rank three middle stage cultivation.

Rank three fog sparrow Gu as the investigative Gu; three claw water dragon Gu and spiral water arrow Gu for attack; water armor Gu for defense; water trace Gu for movement; and spring rain Gu for healing.

She did not have a storage Gu, the big stomach horse she used to replace this aspect had already died by wolf pack's claws.

Besides these, she also had cleansing Gu for detoxification; and return heart Gu for discerning the direction.

This set of Gu worms was very appropriate given her identity.

Fog sparrow Gu was a very precious investigative Gu among rank three which could condense fog into sparrows that could fly to scout the area and had a very huge range.

Her attack and defense Gu were also of top quality.

Water trace Gu's ability to raise the speed could almost rival some rank four Gu. The only disadvantage was that the water trace would leave behind footprints that were easy to track. At the same time, it would make the shoes wet.

This Gu had the potential to be nurtured. At rank four, it could become wave trace Gu which had an even stronger effect.

For rank five, it had two different refinement directions. One was wandering wave trace Gu that had instant evasion properties; and another was the river wave trace Gu that allowed the Gu Master to run quickly on water surfaces.

At rank six, it would be the extremely famous worldly wave trace Gu.

All of these Gu were the best among rank three. Along with Fang Yuan's meticulous guidance and the wolf packs' pressure, it was no wonder Ge Yao was improving rapidly with her battle strength rising step by step.

"Warrior Chang Shan Yin, you are a sage. Your guidance is much more amazing than my tribe's three top elders. Even if you don't take a fancy upon me, I want to invite you to be a guest of our Ge tribe. If you are interested, I will do my best to persuade father to make you an external elder!"

Ge Yao turned around and walked to Fang Yuan's side, and invited him with a sincere expression.

She was after all the young missy of Ge tribe, her foresight was extraordinary. She realized Fang Yuan's worth; not only his bravery, but more importantly his ability to educate others. This was the strength of wisdom, if he educated the tribe's next generation, the whole tribe could flourish.

"I can become a guest of Ge tribe, but I don't have any interest in becoming an external elder." Fang Yuan walked forward while shaking his head to refuse.

Ge Yao persuaded him several times, but Fang Yuan's attitude was firm.

The girl sulked and followed behind Fang Yuan, looking at his back with an angry gaze.

"Do you think you are amazing just because you can teach? Hmph. I used such an urging tone, yet you remain unmoved. No interest to become my Ge tribe's external elder? Are you looking down on my Ge tribe?"

"Chang Shan Yin, you scoundred!"

Ge Yao gritted her teeth in hatred while having a doubt in her mind: "But this name Chang Shan Yin, it is really familiar, where in the world did I hear it?"

Poison grassland was covered with dark clouds all year round, and in this dusky light, the two walked for some distance.

Fang Yuan stopped.

In front of him was a large field of sunflowers.

Each of these sunflowers had a dark purple stalk and large pitch-black petals. Its basin-sized stamen showed a pale human face.

Ghost face sunflower!

This sight caused Ge Yao to immediately hold her breath and grab Fang Yuan's sleeve, whispering in a very soft voice: "A lot of people definitely died here, with many ghosts wandering around, it led to the growth of so many ghost face sunflowers. Every ghost face sunflower is a ghost that died unjustly. Let's detour around this place, there are definitely many ghost cry Gu living in these ghost face sunflowers and there could even be ghost face Gu."

Ghost cry Gu was a rank three soul path Gu which could let out a mournful wail that could cause the soul to shake.

Ghost face Gu was a rank four soul path Gu that could create a tremendous impact on the soul.

"It is such a large field of ghost face sunflowers, how long will we take to make a detour?" Fang Yuan concentrated on this sea of sunflowers, he did not show any expression on the surface but was actually very happy inside.

This confirmed the direction he was walking towards was not wrong.

As long as he walked along this direction, he will find that battlefield twenty years ago and obtain the Gu worms left behind on the battlefield.

Northern plains was different from southern border.

Southern border had lots of mountains and one could distinguish their general direction; while northern plains was grassland as far as the eye could see and was very easy to get lost.

Thus, Ge Yao carried return heart Gu with her for support. Return heart Gu would always point towards the direction of the home in the Gu Master's heart.

However, return heart Gu could only indicate the direction and not the position.

If Fang Yuan wanted to ensure that he was moving in the correct path, he would have to take the risk of moving through this field of sunflowers.

Fortunately, he was already prepared.

He lightly removed the girl's hand on his sleeve and squatted down. He put his palms on the ground and then activated a Gu in his aperture.

Soon, green underbrush grew out from the ground.

The lush underbrush rose little by little and the slender grass and leaves coiled around each other, gradually forming into a puppet.

Enslavement path, rank three grass puppet Gu.

This Gu worm was something only Southern Border had; Ge Yao looked at each grassman puppet with astonishment, they continued to grow and soon formed a group.

These grassman puppets were short and thin, the leaves tightly weaved together, they held a bamboo blade on one hand and a rattan shell shield in the other.

This was the rank three rattan shell grass soldier.

Previously when Fang Yuan had fought one against seven at San Cha mountain, Tie Ruo Nan had used such a Gu. Later, Fang Yuan obtained a grass puppet Gu in three kings blessed land from one of the people he killed.

Grass puppet Gu was rather common in Southern Border. Rank three grass puppet Gu could could create an army of rattan shell grass soldier that had the strength to kill rank one Gu Masters. Rank four grass puppet Gu could create grass sword elite soldiers which possessed even stronger battle strength.

However, at northern plains, the grass puppet Gu also suffered from the restriction and the rattan shell grass soldiers it created were weak.

However, Fang Yuan created these rattan shell grass soldiers not for battle and was indifferent about them.

After a while, close to a thousand rattan shell grass soldiers started clearing the way in front of him.

Fang Yuan pulled Ge Yao's hand and under the protection of another hundred rattan shell grass soldiers, they walked into the sea of ghost face sunflowers.




Every ghost cry Gu let out a sharp screech; the rattan shell grass soldiers ahead collapsed. The voices the ghost cry Gu let out were not the same. Some were sharp frightened sounds; some were like the bleating of sheeps; and some seemed to be recounting hidden bitterness.

"Ghost... ghost faces are rising." The girl shook as she looked at the pale, terrifying ghost faces fly out from the sea of sunflowers.

Fang Yuan gently patted her hand and then calmly organised the puppets.

Soon, some rattan shell grass soldiers left the main group and sacrificed themselves to lure the ghost faces away.


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