Reverend Insanity
426 Stepping into Northern Plains
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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426 Stepping into Northern Plains

Chapter 426: Stepping into Northern Plains
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In the night sky on the grassland, poison beard wolf king raised its head, howling loudly for a long time.

The ears of the few hundred poison beard wolves near it twitched, as their bodies shot out like arrows.

The wolves split into two, moving in a tight army-like formation.

The young girl Ge Yao ran for her life.

But her horse had already died, as her small red shoes stepped on the mud, she felt like her legs were tied with lead, extremely heavy.

The sprinting poison beard wolves successfully encircled her, and the two ends met. They were afraid of the young girl's Gu worms, thus they only circled around her and did not attack immediately.

All of a sudden, a poison beard wolf lost its patience and jumped out. Moving quickly, its body turned into a lump of black shadow as it charged towards Ge Yao.

Ge Yao shouted, using her Gu worms. As she pointed her finger, a light blue water arrow flew out.

The water arrow pierced through the poison beard wolf's head accurately while spiraling.

This courageous wolf died on the spot, its corpse fell on the slightly rotten grassland as it tumbled backwards, until it stopped moving forever.

Bright red blood quickly flowed out of its wounds, staining the grass nearby.

The restless wolves stopped momentarily, but soon the smell of blood spread in the air and the wildness and savageness of the wolves were brought out.

At once, hundreds of poison beard wolves started howling.

Ge Yao's beautiful face was full of regret and despair.

She should not have come out alone, to this poison grassland, trying to find some spirea. Now she was in a deadly situation, about to be torn apart and eaten by wolves.

"Sorry father, I am not longer able to take care of you!"

"Daughter knows that you arranged a marriage for my own good. But daughter does not want to marry…"

"Oh our ancestors in longevity heaven, if you can hear me, listen to my prayer and send a courageous warrior to save me."

The attack earlier had expended Ge Yao's last bit of white silver primeval essence. Ge Yao could only pray now.

The wolves lost their patience, the wolf king howled, and all the poison beard wolves charged towards the girl at the center, giving off an impressive aura.

"I am going to die!" Ge Yao's expression paled, she looked at the wolf group in a daze, she was helpless.

Right at this moment, a bright jade-green light flashed.

The poison beard wolves shut their eyes due to the light, howling in pain. The wolves that charged ahead knocked into one another, falling and causing a chain reaction, as their assault failed and the scene turned into chaos.

"What happened?" Ge Yao was shocked, ignoring her tears, she looked over.

From the jade-green light, the silhouette of a young man could be seen.

After the light faded, a naked man appeared in front of Ge Yao.

"A… a man?" Ge Yao's eyes were wide open, her mouth formed into an 'o' shape, she had an unbelievable thought: "Did my ancestors in longevity heaven listen to my prayers and send a savior to me?!"

But why was this savior naked?!

A huge question appeared in Ge Yao's mind.

"I reached northern plains?" Stepping on the grass barefooted, Fang Yuan looked around quickly.

"Oh? Why is there a human here… and wolves?" Fang Yuan squinted, to think that an accident occurred the moment he reached northern plains.

This trip to northern plains had to be kept secret, to think that he was exposed so quickly.

The wolf king howled, turning around as it opened its mouth, attacking Fang Yuan with its sharp and pointy teeth, targeting his neck.

"Hmph, a mere hundred beast king…" Fang Yuan's eyes shone with cold light, as a golden dragon appeared before him.

Rank four golden dragon Gu!


The four clawed golden dragon roared, brandishing its claws as it flew towards the poison beard wolf king, crashing into it.

This hundred beast king's body was completely smashed, all its bones broke as it was sent flying like a rag. After crashing onto the ground, it struggled, but could not get up.

Fang Yuan frowned slightly, using another golden dragon to finish off the wolf king.

After the wolf king died, the wolf group broke down as they all escaped several miles away in a few breaths' time.

Only the wolf king's corpse was left, and also the young girl Ge Yao who was staring at Fang Yuan blankly.

Fang Yuan directed his dark eerie gaze towards this young girl.

The young girl was wearing a leather robe exclusive to northern plains, the robe was blue and white, with golden rims at the edges, showing off elegance and purity.

There was a purple gold belt at her waist, and also many beautiful and small accessories on her black lustrous hair.

She also had bright red leather shoes.

Her skin was slightly dark, but still had a pinkish tone, it was the unique skintone of northern plains natives. Her body was slim and strong, like a cute little deer.

Ge Yao retreated one step after Fang Yuan's stare, and she asked curiously: "Who are you? Are you sent from longevity heaven, the hero who is tasked to save me?"

Before waiting for Fang Yuan's reply, she continued: "I am a member of Ge tribe, my name is Ge Yao. My father is the tribe leader of Ge tribe, young warrior, you saved my life, you will be most welcomed in Ge tribe. Oh, I have not asked for your name yet."

Fang Yuan laughed heartily: "Beautiful lady of the grassland, just call me Chang Shan Yin. Longevity Heaven is Giant Sun Immortal Venerable's place of residence, how could I have come from there, I am but a mere Gu Master."

Saying so, he took out a wine cup from his aperture.

The top half of this cup was gold, the bottom was silver. It was rank five and was used as storage, it was the moving perspective cup Gu that Fang Yuan refined in the blessed land.

After Fang Yuan injected primeval essence into it, he took out a set of clothing.

This was a set of black tight-fitting battle attire, after wearing it, Fang Yuan gave off a sturdy and valiant aura.

During the process, Ge Yao stared at him fixatedly, her heart pounding as her face turned red.

The young women in the grassland were this open about their feelings.

After Fang Yuan wore his clothes, he walked towards the corpse of the poison beard wolf king.

Poison beard wolves were commonly seen in northern plains. But different from other wolves, they did not have a strand of fur, instead their bodies were black and their skin looked it it was covered in a layer of enamel. They did not have ears, only two long moustaches that were five inches long. When they ran, their moustache will sway along the wind, beside their bodies. When they fought, the moustache will stand up straight.

Fang Yuan searched but did not gain anything.

This poison beard wolf was a hundred beast king, it had rank two Gu worms in it.

There were two rank two Gu worms on this wolf, acid Gu and poison needle Gu.

Acid Gu could allow it to shoot out green acid from its mouth, corroding flesh or even steel and rocks. Poison needle Gu shot out poison needles, it was an offensive technique.

But unfortunately, Fang Yuan only got fragments of these two Gu.

There were no defensive Gu on this wolf king, no wonder it was so easily killed by Fang Yuan.

Normally, beast kings could have enslavement Gu in them. For example, on a dog king, there might be dog enslavement Gu, on a wolf king, there might be wolf enslavement Gu.

Even if it was a rank two wolf enslavement Gu, Fang Yuan needed it now.

Just as Fang Yuan was searching the wolf corpse, Ge Yao walked over: "Chang Shan Yin, your name sounds familiar. Are you a member of Chang tribe? But looking at your clothes, you seem to be an outsider? Are you from eastern sea? Central continent? Or western desert?"

Fang Yuan stood up: "I am from northern plains."

The young girl pouted, showing her white teeth as she laughed: "Liar! We northern plains natives do not have an accent like yours. Warrior Chang Shan Yin, don't worry, you saved my life, you are a benefactor of the Ge tribe, we will not ostracise you."

Be it central continent, southern border, or northern plains, as long as it is an outsider, they will be ostracised.

Before waiting for Fang Yuan's reply, the bubbly girl pointed at fixed immortal travel Gu on Fang Yuan's shoulder, asking: "Warrior Chang Shan Yin, this Gu on your shoulder is so beautiful, what Gu is this? Did you bring this Gu over?"

Fang Yuan's gaze concentrated, observing this young girl's expression. She was not acting or pretending, she really had shallow knowledge, she did not know this fixed immortal travel Gu, this made Fang Yuan slightly relieved.

The killing intent in his heart surged, but he showed an honest and sincere smile on the outside: "Beautiful young girl, are you a lark? Why are you constantly chirping non-stop. Hehehe, alright, I have to go, until we meet again!"

Fang Yuan raised his head, looking at the stars in the sky, trying to determine the direction.

Next, he walked past Ge Yao, towards the deeper parts of the poison grassland.

The young girl quickly caught up: "I am not a lark, it's your fault for being so mysterious, and appearing so suddenly. Heyheyhey, don't go there. This direction is the way out of poison grassland."

"I am going inside." Fang Yuan replied without turning around.

"Why are you going in? The deeper you go into the poison grassland, the more dangerous it gets. Although you are rank three peak stage, your fists cannot rival an entire wolf pack." Ge Yao sprinted towards Fang Yuan, urging him.

The five regions of the Gu world were independent, when Gu Masters cross regions, their battle strength will be suppressed by one rank.

Fang Yuan was a southern border Gu Master, when he is in northern plains, he will be suppressed when battling. Although his aperture still has rank four peak stage true gold primeval essence, the effectiveness was only at rank three peak stage snow silver primeval essence.

Thus, Ge Yao felt that his aura was rank three peak stage.

In addition, the rank four golden dragon Gu from southern border could only display the strength of a rank three Gu.

If this was southern border, one blow from the golden dragon Gu would have killed this poison beard wolf without doubt. But here in northern plains, Fang Yuan had to use it twice to kill the wolf king, and the wolf king's corpse was still intact at the end.

Fang Yuan's steps halted, as he looked at Ge Yao with a solemn expression and a determined gaze: "I am going into poison grassland for my own reasons."

Ge Yao was stunned by this aura, reacting only after Fang Yuan had walked a few steps away.

The girl quickly chased him: "Warrior Chang Shan Yin, I'll go with you, we can take care of each other."

"Got her." Fang Yuan's lips curled into a smile.

His currently battle strength was only rank three peak stage, it was insufficient to charge into poison grasslands' deepest part. Thus, he needed northern plains Gu worms to arm himself.

But even if he killed Ge Yao, he might not get her set of Gu worms. Thus, Fang Yuan set a little trap, purposely acting distant, easily tricking the young girl into joining him.


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