Reverend Insanity
420 Meeting of Brothers
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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420 Meeting of Brothers

Chapter 420: Meeting of Brothers
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On Tian Ti mountain, loopholes appeared one after another with increasing frequency.

Not only were Immortal Crane Sect's elite disciples watching carefully, many Gu Immortals were also keeping watch behind the scenes.

During this period, Fang Zheng tried three times, finally managing to send the lightning symbol paper crane Gu into the blessed land.

A green bird spread its wings and flew into the loopholes as well, reaching the Hu Immortal blessed land.

"This is a letter sending green bird Gu! What is Feng Jiu Ge trying to do?" He Feng Yang saw this and his expression turned dark.

But at the next moment, his pupils shrunk to pin-size, his mouth opened wide as he shocked an extremely flabbergasted expression.

"My god! He's discarding such a big area of the blessed land?!"

He Feng yang was tongue tied, he was stunned like a statue.

Fang Yuan discarded 600km2 worth of land, Tian Ti mountain waist was full of the blessed land's projected image, grassland filled everyone's vision.

A Gu Immortal was the first to react, appearing with the flash of a sword.

"Hahaha, what a big piece of blessed land, it is mine, don't even think of snatching it from me!" Jian Yi Sheng shouted, wanting to pull this piece of land into his blessed land, expanding his territory.

But at this moment, a lightning flash appeared.

"F*ck!" Jian YI Sheng was caught unguarded, he shouted profanities as the blue charm lightning shadow sent him flying like a cannonball.

But Jian Yi Sheng was not to be trifled with, he immediately engaged in battle with blue charm lightning shadow.

They created a huge commotion, the earth rumbled as Immortal Crane Sect's elite disciples watched in shock.

The more shocking thing was, over a dozen people appeared next, taking a piece of this 600km2 land at lightning speed like a pack of hungry wolves.

"You goddamn bastards!"

"I lured the monster away, I made the most effort, but you guys didn't even leave me a piece of the land!"

"I f*ck all your ancestors!"

"I curse you all to have constipation, all your children will be born with a chicken's tail!"

Jian Yi Sheng shouted angrily, he had never suffered such a great loss in his life, getting thrashed by the blue charm lightning shadow so pathetically.

"And there is that little rascal Fang Yuan, he is really evil and daring, scheming against me like this! Fight me fairly if you have guts!" He sent out the flying sword letter Gu.

Flying sword letter Gu was extremely fast, it could tear through space, even without a loophole, it could enter the blessed land.

Immortal Crane Sect's gang was in a daze.

This, was this the mannerism of a Gu Immortal?

"This Jian Yi Sheng is a complete disgrace to us Gu Immortals…" He Feng Yang covered his face in shame.

At this time, a bright white-gold light appeared.

There was a red door in the light, 30 meters tall, it had a rainbow colored plaque.

Pink colored clouds gathered, as the rainbow light shone on Fang Zheng's body. In the blink of an eye, Fang Zheng vanished on the spot.

Sending blue charm lightning shadow or the desolate beast swamp crab out of the blessed land was beyond little Hu Immortal's abilities. But to transport one Fang Zheng, it was easy.

"He got in!" Seeing this, He Feng Yang's heart eased.

A flash of lightning bolt descended from the sky, it was the blue charm lightning shadow. But the white-gold light moved the red door away in time.

By a hair's breadth, the blue charm lightning shadow's intention of entering the blessed land was thwarted.

Fang Zheng felt his surroundings turn blur before he regained his sight, and the environment around him had changed completely.

He was standing on a grassland, grass was all around him. There were clouds above him, extremely thick and dark clouds. Not far away, there are several lakes with ripples on the surface.

"I reached Hu Immortal blessed land." Fang Zheng quickly reacted, all his Gu worms were sealed now, it was the same as during the competition.

A smoky lump of shadow appeared before him, expanding into the size of a mirror. Fang Yuan's figure appeared in the mirror, he was sitting with his back leaning on the chair. He was crossing his right leg over his left leg as his left hand was placed on his knee, while his right hand was holding his chin softly on top of the chair handle.

His black hair was casually hanging over his face as his eyes squinted, showing a lazy and casual demeanour, but also gave people a sense of danger, dark and mysterious.

"My cute little brother, to think I would see you again in Central Continent." Fang Yuan spoke.

His voice was so foreign, yet so familiar to Fang Zheng.

Fang Zheng's body shuddered, his eyes burst forth with intense rage as he growled: "Gu Yu Fang Yuan, you crazy and hopeless demon, you murdered your entire clan! I will kill you personally!"

Saying so, he rushed towards Fang Yuan.

But this 'Fang Yuan' was only a projection from the smoke, after Fang Zheng charged towards it, it dissipated, but quickly gathered back into a perfect image of Fang Yuan again.

Fang Zheng pointed at Fang Yuan, shouting: "Fang Yuan, you don't even have the courage to face me? You coward! Shameless traitor, you are an inhuman animal. So what if you died, to think that you murdered your entire clan just to preserve your life. Such an outrageous act, how could you do it? Are you still human?!"

"Hehehe." Fang Yuan laughed heartily, casually leaning on his chair: "My cute little brother, you are still stupid as ever. Regardless of whether I did anything, they were going to die. If that is so, why can't I live? If not for my counterattack, do you think you would be brought back to Central Continent? In fact, I saved your life. I am your benefactor."

"Dog shit! You are distorting the truth, you are unbelievably shameless!" Fang Zheng heard Fang Yuan's words, and was extremely angered by it.

Fang Yuan's laughter came to a stop, he sighed: "Fang Zheng, my brother, you are a huge disappointment. All these years, you have not improved one bit. No matter how high your cultivation is, you are just a pawn piece. Alright, let's talk business. I've seen Immortal Crane Sect's letter, don't bother mentioning those ridiculous promises like making me an elder. We can however, go through with the transaction and deals."

Fang Zheng's chest was moving up and down, his breathing was heavy as he stared at Fang Yuan's image with hatred.

This pair of twins, they looked almost identical, and had closest blood relation in them. Unfortunately, they were life-and-death enemies.

Fang Zheng took a few deep breaths, holding in his killing intent towards Fang Yuan, thinking of the clan's instructions: "Within Hu Immortal blessed land, our sect is not interested in the fox groups or Gu worms. But the gutstones on Dang Hun mountain have some value. We will send disciples here by batches, you will bring them to Dang Hun mountain…"

"Stop." Before Fang Zheng finished speaking, he was interrupted by Fang Yuan: "I do not believe your Immortal Crane Sect's sincerity."

"This is what I want, prepare it for me as soon as possible, and hand it over to me. I do not have primeval stones, but I have the swamp crab's corpse to trade instead. The details are in the letter, go back and consider it."

Once he finished speaking, a small lightning bolt flew and landed in Fang Zheng's hand.

It was that lightning symbol paper crane Gu.

This lightning symbol paper crane Gu had already been refined by Fang Yuan, and was now used by him. The contents included the Gu worms and materials Fang Yuan wanted, as well as details on the swamp crab's blood, meat, bones, and shell etc.

Fang Zheng raised his head, and wanted to speak, but he saw the scene before him change — he had been transported out already.

"Check around, are there any suspicious things?" After Fang Zheng left, Fang Yuan did not relax, but instead gave instructions to land spirit.

The blessed land could not restrict Immortal Gu, Fang Yuan did not meet with Fang Zheng personally because he was worried about him bringing an Immortal Gu.

Immortal Crane Sect had a lot of resources, they had quite a lot of Immortal Gu.

Although Fang Zheng's aperture was not able to carry Immortal Gu, as the aura would easily leak, all sorts of things could happen in the Gu world, there were definitely methods to conceal an Immortal Gu's aura. Fang Yuan had to guard against this.

The land spirit checked for a few times and there were no problems, at this point, Fang Yuan finally relaxed.

"After the earthly calamity, will the situation improve from here?" Fang Yuan squinted his eyes, considering his current predicament.

The current situation was way more advantageous for him than he expected.

In order to devour Hu Immortal blessed land alone, Immortal Crane Sect shield him. Such guts, it was expected of one of the ten great sects of central continent!

Benefits above everything, enemies and friends were all built on this basis.

Using common words, it was the foresight of a 'big picture'. Restricted by the sect system, and under the pressure of the 'big picture', so what if Fang Zheng hated him? He still had to come over and discuss the transactions.

"Once they realize that they could not capture me so easily, that being forceful would just destroy everything, Immortal Crane Sect would naturally come to negotiate with me, to make transactions. Even if outsiders find out, there would be no rumors of 'allying with the demonic path'. That is because, Immortal Crane Sect had already admitted that I am a part of their sect! It was a meticulous decision."

"But this is what I needed too. Even if this disciple identity is so fake, it is enough to drive away the other forces. Looking at Jian Yi Sheng and Feng Jiu Ge's letters, one can easily tell how precious this identity is." Fang Yuan thought about it, he did not mind this.

The truth is, he is still in the demonic path, he is still alone, doing things his way, no one could restrict him.

But at the same time, he could do transactions, and exchange for resources he needed.

"Originally, I wanted to go to Lang Ya blessed land and snatch connecting heaven Gu. But now that I can deal with Immortal Crane Sect, I do not need to do that. Although, with Hu Immortal blessed land being in my possession, Immortal Crane Sect would not let this go, they are making deals at this point because of wariness, and that they have no choice for now. I cannot be careless and give them a weakness to exploit."

Fang Yuan reminded himself. As for his brother Fang Zheng, that was secondary.

Killing him would only be for the blood skull Gu, to raise the aperture's aptitude by a little. The problem it would bring is making an enemy out of Immortal Crane Sect, and putting himself into grave danger.

Killing his own brother is a pure demonic act, if outsiders find out, it would be interpreted as Fang Yuan betraying Immortal Crane Sect. At that point, the ten sects and numerous demonic Gu Immortals would place their greedy gazes towards Hu Immortal blessed land.

There is no such thing as an absolute secret, once the matter is exposed, even if Immortal Crane Sect wanted to continue acting, they would not be able to.

Fang Yuan's current situation was, raising aptitude was less important than his other objectives.

Even if his aptitude was raised, he still needed resources to cultivate.

The most important point now was to stabilize the situation and make full use of the blessed land's resources to convert them into his own strength!


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