Reverend Insanity
407 Immortal Crane Sect’s objective
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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407 Immortal Crane Sect’s objective

Chapter 407: Immortal Crane Sect’s objective
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He Feng Yang only smiled without replying Lei Tan's question.

It was supreme third elder who laughed and replied: "I understand Elder Feng Yang's intention. If we didn't choose to shield this Fang Yuan, Hu Immortal blessed land would still be up for grabs for the ten sects. However, by admitting that Fang Yuan is a member of our Immortal Crane Sect, we have eliminated the other nine opponents, letting only our Immortal Crane Sect seize control of this blessed land."

Lei Tan's gaze flickered and his expression slightly changed, but he no longer asked any questions.

At this moment, He Feng Yang stood up from his seat.

He first cupped his fists towards supreme third elder who explaining the reason: "Third elder is wise! Things happened too suddenly, who could have thought a mortal would use the Immortal Gu fixed immortal travel to appear the peak of Dang Hun mountain and inherit Hu Immortal blessed land in front of everyone."

"This Hu Immortal inheritance is at Tian Ti mountain. Everyone might know Tian Ti mountain is the stairs that connects to the heavenly court. Even though it was destroyed and had been abandoned for many years, it still represents the might of the heavenly court. In a way, attacking Hu Immortal blessed land is attacking Tian Ti mountain; and attacking Tian Ti mountain is attacking the heavenly court."

"Thus, although there are many blessed lands on Tian Ti mountain, there has never been anyone who had the courage to attack it. Even this time, we waited for Hu Immortal blessed land to open before we ten Gu Immortals joined forces to enlarge the passage, with no intention of attacking."

"Even if we really attacked Hu Immortal blessed land, the blessed land has a land spirit which would require at least three rank six Gu Immortals to join hands and even then they might not succeed. Moreover, the control area of the blessed land is being protected by Dang Hun mountain. Without five or six Gu Immortals cooperating earnestly, who would dare to say they can climb to the peak? Lei Tan, can you?"

Lei Tan snorted, he wanted to retort but kept quiet in the end.

In blessed lands, the land spirit could freely mobilize all the resources and their battle prowess could be compared to a Gu Immortal. The most important thing was that the land spirit could suppress rank one to rank five Gu worms.

If a Gu Immortal wanted to attack the blessed land, their most powerful weapon would be Immortal Gu because land spirits could not restrict Immortal Gu.

However, Immortal Gu were hard to find and many Gu Immortals did not even have one Immortal Gu. Even if they had, it might not necessarily be suited to attack.

This was the classic situation of low offense but high defense.

If they were set on attacking the blessed land, it would often require the cooperation of several Gu Immortals to create a numerical advantage, and then competing through the expenditure of immortal essence. Once the blessed land's immortal essence was exhausted, they could start their attack.

However in truth, unless it was some special situation, Gu Immortals rarely attacked blessed lands.

Because it was really not worth it.

Not only was immortal essence precious and hard to accumulate, there was also the danger of the blessed land self-destructing.

In the case where the land spirit could not defend and chose to destroy the blessed land, the winds of assimilation would blow over and destroy everything, causing the attackers to have no gains.

When Gu Immortals attacked blessed lands, they would often gain nothing and instead suffer heavy losses. Unless it was a matter of deep hatred, nobody would agree to do such a transaction that only created loss.

Seeing that Lei Tan was keeping quiet, He Feng Yang continued: "That Fang Yuan ascended to the peak and got the inheritance, immediately commanding the land spirit to close the blessed land. Fang Yuan and Fang Zheng looks almost the same, the Gu Immortals of the other nine sects realized this and subconsciously thought this was our Immortal Crane Sect's hidden move and questioned me one after another. At that time, I thought that if I were to say the truth, the Hu Immortal Inheritance's belonging would be undecided once again as the ten sects would still compete and fight over it. Thus, I acknowledged it, and even if we had to pay such a price for it, we have eliminated the other nine great sects from the competition. Like this, we can secretly strategize about Hu Immortal blessed land without worrying about other forces."

He Feng Yang explained the whole story, Lei Tan snorted and asked: "There is a big problem in this plan! Hu Immortal blessed land is on Tian Ti mountain and is also closed now, without attacking and creating a loophole, how can we enter?"

He Feng Yang laughed, it seems he already predicted this: "How could I not have any plans? Blessed lands face calamities and tribulations; Hu Immortal died during the fifth earthly calamity. I have already calculated the time, Hu Immortal blessed land will face the sixth earthly calamity in a year and three months' time. Fang Yuan is only a mortal, how could he know how to resist the earthly calamity? Even with the help of the land spirit, without a sect's support, the blessed land will suffer heavy damage at that time and a loophole will appear."

Lei Tan scoffed: "Even if there is a loophole, do you dare to attack? Didn't you say just before that Hu Immortal inheritance is on Tian Ti mountain!"

He Feng Yang instantly replied: "Forcefully attacking is a terrible move and we will only use it if all else fails. That Fang Yuan is only a mortal, as long as a loophole appears and we use some plans and schemes, is there a worry of failing to capture him? Hehe, once the earth calamity passes, he will definitely start worrying and thirst for external help. I have already planned it, first we use Fang Zheng and use the kinship to move and persuade him into cooperating for some transactions. As we make more transactions, his guard against us will naturally loosen, and using logic to persuade him, we might just convince him to join Immortal Crane Sect!"

"If he keeps on being stubborn, we can use some secret methods. Slavery Gu is one good method. There aren't many ways to deal with the land spirit, but there are plenty of ways to deal with a mortal like him. If we can obtain fixed immortal travel Gu like this, then it is no doubt the perfect outcome."

The elders present felt a rush of excitement at the mention of fixed immortal travel Gu. Many began to whisper and discuss with each other; the outcome He Feng Yang portrayed was truly beautiful. Most importantly, his plan had a chance of success.

Lei Tan could feel the change in the atmosphere as he sat down in anger: "You speak nice words, let's hope it goes our way."

Supreme third elder mumbled: "Besides special Gu like dream wings Gu that needs to be activated using the soul, most of the other Immortal Gu need immortal essence to activate, and this fixed immortal travel Gu is not an exception. This Fang Yuan has fixed immortal travel Gu and with the help of land spirit to use the blessed land's immortal essence, he can escape any time he wishes. We need to be very careful to deal with him. Furthermore, there is one point to note, he is but a mortal yet he possesses an Immortal Gu, he should have a rather deep background."

He Feng Yang nodded: "Junior has already thought of this point. Back then, when I claimed Fang Yuan was our sect's disciple, I checked the reactions of the other nine sects. It seems that not one of the Central Continent's nine sects are behind him. I am guessing, since Fang Yuan came from Southern Border, he is very likely to have a super clan of Southern Border behind him. But be it Wu clan, Shang clan, Tie clan, Yi clan or other super clans, they are all situated far at Southern Border and cannot help him here. If they were to enter Central Continent, their battle strength would be suppressed. Our Immortal Crane Sect is one of the ten great sects of Central Continent, we have a huge chance of winning against them."

All the elders nodded at these words and started another round of soft discussions.

"Indeed, a mighty dragon cannot suppress the local snake."

"Central continent is our Immortal Crane Sect's territory!"

"If they were to make a move, hmph."

"Even if their battle prowess was not suppressed, our Immortal Crane Sect is still stronger than any super groups of the four other regions by a mile."

Third elder's furrowed brows relaxed: "There is one doubt remaining. To use fixed immortal travel Gu, the user needs to have a vivid memory and clear understanding of the terrain he teleports to. Fang Yuan is only a mortal from the far away Southern Border, how could he know the scenery in Hu Immortal blessed land? And how could his timing be so precise? Could it be, Hu Immortal had once set an inheritance in Southern Border? Or it could be one of the tricks of Tian Ti mountain's demonic path Gu Immortals?"

He Feng Yang bowed: "Junior is also not clear about this. This matter is strange, originally, there was only a clue about the blood sea inheritance. At that time, one of our sect disciples defected and fled to Southern Border. A few years ago, I sent Lord Sky Crane to Southern Border to clean up and trash and bring back the inheritance. But Lord Sky Crane failed and instead it was Fang Yuan who obtained the inheritance, gaining blood skull Gu. This kid is very ruthless and sinister, unexpectedly killing all his clansmen on the spot and used blood skull Gu to raise his aptitude. Lord Sky Crane was unresigned and brought back Fang Zheng for future plans to retrieve the Gu.

He Feng Yang naturally had never have expected a nobody to so outrageously disrupt his plan back then, causing such a huge problem for him.

This was a weird feeling.

It was as if person was walking on the road, when suddenly a small ant jumped on their nose and started scratching it.

Where did this ant come from? Such guts!

The person could just crush it with their finger but because of the peculiar situation, they were not able to catch the ant and could only let this ant feel triumphant for the time being.

"Not this blood sea inheritance again…" Hearing He Feng Yang narrate the whole story, the elders present frowned, their heart turned irritated.

Blood Sea inheritance came from a big shot of the demonic path, Blood Sea Ancestor.

He killed people like cutting grass and his infamy had gone down in history. With the might of a rank seven Gu Immortal, he had unexpectedly set up hundreds of thousands of inheritance sites that spread over Central Continent, Southern Border, Northern Plains, Western Desert and Eastern Sea.

Before his death, he had laughed and proclaimed: "Blood path is not lonely, my mark will remain for all eternity!

Now, just like he proclaimed, countless mortals had benefitted. Blood sea inheritance was already proclaimed as the most popular inheritance with the greatest number in the world. There was no competition! Countless righteous path figures were getting headaches because of it.

"Didn't that Xue Tu who was only a butcher, become a famous demonic cultivator after obtaining blood sea inheritance?"

"Years ago, Myriad Dragon Dock's Song Zi Xing obtained one of the true blood sea inheritances and defected his sect, causing great humiliation to our ten great sects. Now, he is already a rank seven Gu Immortal with the title 'Blood Dragon'. To kill this defector and wipe away their humiliation, Myriad Dragon Dock dispatched eight Gu Immortals - five rank six and three rank seven. The result was he killed four of them, crippled three of them and beat one into retreating!"

"It is said that Blood Sea has nine true inheritances. They are: blood skull Gu, blood handprint Gu, blood qi Gu, blood sweat Gu, menses blood Gu, blood shadow Gu, blood battle Gu, as well as the ancient desolate beast violent blood dragon bat and finally, the rank six Immortal Gu blood deity. He was truly someone who achieved great success in blood path…"

"Speaking of which, four true inheritances of the Blood Sea Ancestor had already shown up. One is blood skull Gu which is with Fang Yuan. Another is blood handprint Gu which is with Southern Border's current Shang clan leader. Violent blood dragon bat is with Song Zi Xing."

"It is said that Shang clan leader has already obtained the second blood sea inheritance…"

"That is only an unconfirmed rumor, there is no evidence to conclude it."

The elders whispered to one another.

"Alright, there is no need to talk about blood sea true inheritance. It is like searching for a needle in a haystack, all kinds of rumors are increasing day by day. My ears are already getting callus from hearing them." Supreme Grand Elder waved his hand and immediately put a stop to the discussion.

He turned his gaze towards He Feng Yang: "Elder He Feng Yang, since you brought up this method, then you shall be in charge of it. If you are able to seize the blessed land and establish your merit, the sect will not be stingy in rewarding you."

"Junior understands!" He Feng Yang accepted the order with a smile.

Seeing He Feng Yang gain such a lucrative task, Lei Tan felt stifled, but since it was Supreme Grand Elder who said so, he could only hide his hatred inside.

However, Supreme Grand Elder added: "Since you are in charge of it, then Elder Feng Yang, you should hand over your one's own way Gu, right? In Feng Jiu Ge's demand, he had asked for an Immortal Gu. You are the person in charge of this matter, so you should be the one to settle this."

Lei Tan was immediately joyous.

He Feng Yang could only accept the order with a bitter smile.


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