Reverend Insanity
406 Feng Jiu Ge
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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406 Feng Jiu Ge

Chapter 406: Feng Jiu Ge
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Nine days later.

Atop of a lush green mountain valley, a small waterfall flowed downwards like a strip of silvery silk.

The waterfall's stream flowed into an ancient lake. The ancient lake was deep and dark jade in color, with ripples on the surface of the water.

In the pond, all kinds of carp were swimming about.

On the top of a white rock beside the water, Feng Jin Huang sat with her eyes closed.

Her face, bright and beautiful, was reflected in the water, causing this ancient lake to gain a brilliant elegance. The colorful carps in the water, the clear pool water, the silvery waterfall, and the green valley all complimented each other.

However, Feng Jin Huang's pretty brows were deeply scrunched.

Although she has tried her best to calm down, every time she closed her eyes for more than thirty breaths, an image flashed in her mind from the depths of her heart.

On an illustrious pink crystal mountain peak, a naked man looked down at her with his black eerie pupils.

She was sprawling on the edge of the cliff, and when she looked up, she saw everything on the man's body.

His bleeding left arm with a bloody hole, his strong muscles, his broad chest, and the massive thing between his legs… the image was engraved into her heart.

The memory was so vivid that the events of that day could never be forgotten by this proud woman.

Especially since afterwards, the man stretched out his right foot and stepped on her face!

Feng Jin Huang wanted to forget the feeling of being trampled on her face, yet the feeling was so vivid that she could clearly recall it even now.

"Forget it, Forget him! Keep a peace of mind, peace, peace of mind, calm down…" Feng Jin Huang breathed more and more rapidly.

Her breathing became heavier, and her chest moved rapidly as a result, and was becoming faster.

In her heart, shame, humiliation, and hatred mixed together, turning into a volcano.

"How dare he? He dared to do that to me! Ahhh!" Feng Jin Huang could not bear it anymore, and suddenly opened her phoenix eyes and stood up abruptly, raising her head and screaming.


The volcano in her heart erupted, filling her chest with anger, almost melting her entire body!

"You are a despicable and shameless man, you dared to step on my face. I want to tear you to pieces!" Feng Jin Huang roared, her eyes glowing with fire as she punched randomly.

Bam Bam Bam Bam…

The loud smashing sound, like the sound of thunder, erupted continuously.

Feng Jin Huang's eyes exuded fire, the beautiful flames evaporated the ancient lake and burnt the green hills around her. She punched without a target, as her frenzied barrage sent the surrounding mountain rocks flying, as the ground cracked!

After almost a few short breaths, Feng Jin Huang completely decimated the valley. Such terrifying battle strength, even if ten Fang Yuan attacked together, he could not reach such a power level.


"This scoundrel!!!"

"I want rend your flesh, limb by limb! I want to step on your bones and crush them into pieces! I'll make you suffer for seven days and seven nights!"

"I swear, I'll make you to suffer endless pain, I want you to die and regret everything you have done to me. Then, I'll turn you into ashes and scatter you into the wind!"

Feng Jin Huang bellowed without stopping, the anger in her chest making her lose all rationality.

A few hundred miles away, there were grass cottages built on a mountain peak.
Through the window of the cottage, a pair of beautiful eyes stared at Feng Jin Huang, looking worried.
"Oh, my little Feng Er…" Inside the cottage, a beauty was dressed in white silk adorned with a green belt. She was dignified and elegant, bearing a resemblance to Feng Jin Huang.

She was the biological mother of Feng Jin Huang, Fairy Bai Qing, a rank six Gu Immortal!

"Stop looking. You have already watched her for seven or eight times the during the last ten minutes. The jade sea tide tea that I carefully brewed for you is getting cold by now, go sit down and drink it." Feng Jiu Ge sat by her side, helplessly saying.

"Drink, drink, drink, all you care about is drinking tea. Is Feng Jin Huang even your daughter? As her father, aren't you worried at all?" Bai Qing turned around, her brows were wrinkled and her tone was resentful.

"Sigh! Our daughter, Feng Er, had always been competitive since she was a child. Her talent was excellent, and no one was her match in her sect, but suddenly she stumbled and lost. Hu Immortal Inheritance was the first failure of her life, but it is also the most important. You are her father, but you're actually still in the mood to drink tea here?"

"Nevermind the failure, what's more important is, Feng-Er suffered such a huge loss! She actually got trampled by someone! Think about it, Feng Er is proud and had never paid attention to any man her age. Yet she was beaten in such a way, with someone's foot on her face, and for the first time, saw a similar aged man's body. This, this…"

The more Fairy Bai Qing talked, the more anxious she grew, and her eyes slowly turned red.

Feng Jiu Ge looked at her and immediately got up, getting to her side, holding her in his arms. He frantically comforted her: "Don't cry, don't cry my Qing Er. Isn't your husband still here? In fact, in my opinion, this event was not without benefits."

"Oh? What good is there?" Bai Qing casted a doubtful gaze at him.

"Sigh, Feng Er is our pride and joy, I'm proud of her yet also worried. She's too competitive and always wants to get first place. Yes, her talent is higher than mine, and she also has great comprehension abilities, but so what if her talent is higher, is it higher than all the heroes in the world? No matter how good her talent is, can it compare to Desolate Ancient Moon?" Feng Jiu explained in earnest.

"The great Desolate Ancient Moon, daughter of Ren Zu, failed countless times. Feng Er had always experienced success and victory but had never understood the taste of failure. This is one of her defects, and also her weakness."

"Qing Er, you are a rank six Gu Immortal, and I am a rank seven Gu Immortal, but even if it was a rank nine Immortal Venerable or Demon Venerable, they can only live long, but not forever. We are able to protect Feng Er now, but one day we will leave her. By that time, she will only be able to rely on herself. Experiencing this failure will help her mature."

"Birds leave the nest and fly alone. After they withstand setbacks, they can train their wings and fight in the sky. In the future, when Feng Er leaves us, we can be relieved."

"Feng Er is my baby, I would love nothing more than to protect her inside the blessed land forever…" Fairy Bai Qing leaned on Feng Jiu Ge's chest as she wiped her tears.
She sighed and said: "Sigh, you are right, Feng Er will leave us one day, we should let her train more. But this is too much, she had lost too much this time. Hu Immortal Inheritance was lost, she was even bullied by that Immortal Crane Sect lad, are you as her father not going to do anything about it?"

"Hmph." Feng Jiu snorted, squinting as his eyes shone with a cold light: "Immortal Crane Sect went too far indeed, even though they had promised to compensate us and the other eight major sects. But Feng Er is my daughter, how she can experience such bullying? I have already written a letter and it has been sent to them. If this He Feng Yang does not know what's good for him, I will go to their sect to find him and settle the score!"

Fairy Bai Qing's heart eased, it turns out that her husband had already acted. But immediately, Bai Qing was nervous and looked at her husband: "Husband, don't be rash, don't make a huge commotion. Back when you attacked the top ten sects, Immortal Crane Sect was also one of the victims. They know that you're the strongest, but don't do this kind of thing again."

"I know, I know. Haha, you can be at ease." Feng Jiu Ge calmed his wife lying in his arms, his eyes subconsciously squinting as he snorted in his heart: "Out of the top ten sects in central continent now, none are worthy of facing off against me."


South of the Central Continent, thirty thousand feet above the mountains.

In the sky, Fei He mountain was floating among a sea of clouds, looking magnificent and grand.

Trees were swaying on the mountain as ten thousand cranes flew by, giving off a living atmosphere of an Immortal's residence.

Currently, in Shang Qing pavilion at the top of the mountain, it was a heavy and grim atmosphere.

"Feng Jiu Ge has gone too far!" The supreme first elder was staring furiously, his hands clutching a thin letter as he trembled with anger.

With a bang, he slammed the letter on the white jade stone table.

In the letter, Feng Jie Ge listed several overbearing demands. But despite so, supreme first elder did not dare to destroy or burn this letter.

This letter was shining with an azure green color, it was the transformation of the rank five letter sending green bird Gu. Once destroyed, Feng Jiu Ge would sense it, if he became furious, the situation would become troublesome.

This guy, Feng Jiu Ge, was born into the demonic path. In the past, he obtained a rare opportunity and cultivated painstakingly, soundlessly reaching rank six Gu Immortal realm. Once he came out, he amazed the world as he challenged all the heroes in the world, and no one could stop him. The ten sects sent people to challenge him, but they all lost terribly, forced to join forces to resist him.

Feng Jiu Ge, was not afraid, fighting as he travelled for over ten million miles, suddenly changing his tactic and going for the yellow dragon, causing the ten sects to lose miserably. The scene was total chaos and there was nothing anyone could do.

Fortunately, Fairy Bai Qing from Spirit Affinity House moved him with true love, finally reforming this demonic head.

"Back in the day, Feng Jiu Ge used his rank six cultivation and caused a commotion among the ten sects, it was unimaginable. Now, he has rank seven cultivation and has Spirit Affinity House, one of the ten sects backing him. This person has the demeanour of a heavenly immortal, although his requests are slightly overbearing, we can agree to it." Supreme second elder took out the letter, reading it and said with a calm tone.

"He Feng Yang, how can there be such a huge mistake in this matter you were in charge of? That Fang Yuan is not our disciple at all, what motives do you have, defending him like this?" A thunderous voice echoed in Shang Qing pavilion, causing the windows to vibrate.

The person speaking was Lei Tan, rank six Gu Immortal, and was at loggerheads with He Feng Yang.

Places with people have conflict, Immortal Crane Sect also has their conflicts and competition among factions.

At once, all the gazes fell on He Feng Yang.

He Feng Yang was like a young man, gentle like jade. A pair of jade colored brows extended to his waist.

His expression was calm, looking around slowly, then laughed and said: "This Fang Yuan is indeed not our disciple, but his brother Fang Zheng is one of us, the leader of the elite disciples of this generation."

Lei Tan snickered: "A tiny elite disciple's relative, he is worth our backing, the entire Immortal Crane Sect?! He Feng Yang, do you know how much compensation we will have to give to the nine sects for this Fang Yuan?"

"Of course I know." He Feng Yang glanced at Lei Tan, laughing in disdain: "But these things, even if you multiply it by three, can't compare to a Hu Immortal blessed land. Not to mention a fixed immortal travel Gu?"

At once, many of the supreme elders understood.

"He Feng Yang! What are you trying to say?" Lei Tan frowned, asking impatiently.


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