Reverend Insanity
404 Refining Immortal Gu again!
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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404 Refining Immortal Gu again!

Chapter 404: Refining Immortal Gu again!
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Tie Ruo Nan took a step forward and looked with a gaze that was sharp as a knife: "Fang Yuan, you are a smart man, you should be clear of your situation!"

"I am indeed clear of my situation." Fang Yuan's expression was tranquil: "And I am even more clear of your situation."

His lips revealed a trace of cold smile: "Immortal Gu refinement has indeed not finished, but this has let me preserve more portions of immortal essence, enough for me to kill you all!"

However, right at this time, Ba Gui appeared and spoke with a tearful expression: "No use, it is no use. There will be too much loss in immortal essence to kill them and the remaining amount won't be able to support the Gu refinement. Furthermore, it is late now, there are too many holes in the blessed land and it will completely collapse and disperse into smoke not long later."

Its biggest obsession was to complete the refinement of second aperture Gu, it did not even care about its own destruction.

Right now, Fang Yuan had only refined to this stage and the crucial step still remained which was also the most difficult step; but the situation no longer allowed him to continue.

"Young man, you made a grave mistake in your calculations, our Immortal Gu refinement is a failure!" The land spirit howled in grief.

"Refining Immortal Gu? Never expected it to be so lively here." Yan Jun calmly stepped into the main hall.

In the previous life, he had been obstructed by Feng Tian Yu, but now with no obstructions, he walked freely into the bronze hall.

"Heheh, Fang Yuan, you are not the blessed land's master, thus the land spirit will not completely obey your commands. Since young clan leader Yan Jun has arrived, the others also won't be far. Today, your loss is certain." Tie Ruo Nan had some fear towards the land spirit and could only continue to engage in psychological battle.

"No, there is still hope, the Gu refinement can't be considered a failure." Fang Yuan suddenly smiled.

He moved his gaze towards Bai Ning Bing.

Bai Ning Bing's heart tightened; if Fang Yuan used Yang Gu to force her to fight to the death, what course of path should she take?

However, Fang Yuan's gaze moved past Bai Ning Bing and turned towards the land spirit Ba Gui.

This aged Ba Gui was looking awful right now after crying, appearing extremely broken-hearted.

"Ba Gui, do you still want to refine second aperture Gu or not?" Fang Yuan transmitted his voice.

"Could, could it be that you have some way?" Ba Gui suddenly felt a trace of hope: "That's right, you are a reborn Gu Immortal, and with your previous life's experience, you should have expected this situation right!"

"No, the situation is beyond my expectations. The current me is only a mortal and I am unable to make a difference." Fang Yuan said frankly, "Ba Gui, I have failed you, the Gu refinement this time is indeed a failure."

The land spirit started wailing even louder.

However, Fang Yuan immediately changed the topic: "But this failure is only temporary, we can still have hope."

The land spirit's crying softened as it asked: "What do you mean?"

"After you die, I will be the only person who knows the recipe. The half-finished second aperture Gu is also with me, so Ba Gui, you must protect me."

"Of course I have to protect you! You are the only person who satisfied the requirements of the blessed land and are also a reborn Gu Immortal, there is a huge chance of the refinement of the second aperture Gu succeeding in the future even if it is a failure this time." The land spirit answered as a matter of fact.

"Good. it is is great that you have this understanding. However, you can only protect me for a period but not forever. Not long later, you will die. With the remaining immortal essence, we also cannot completely root out all the enemies in the blessed land. Even if you transport me to the outside world, there are many groups of Gu Masters on San Cha mountain." The corner of Fang Yuan's lips curled into a sinister smile.

Since the rebirth this time, everything was going smoothly. As he inched closer to success, he could not help but feel a trace of excitement.

"Then how do you want me to protect you?" The land spirit asked.

Fang Yuan chuckled and said profoundly: "Ba Gui, do you remember the third section of the second chapter of the <>?"

The land spirit was dazed as it guessed Fang Yuan's meaning, it said with hesitation: "You are saying… no, that won't work, there are two conditions that are not fulfilled. First of all, you need the light of glory of the immemorial era."

"Hehehe." Fang Yuan laughed satisfiedly at this, he raised his hand and pointed to the top of the bronze hall and shouted, "Look, the light is here!"

From the moment he stood up, he had inwardly asked the land spirit to share its vision, thus the situation outside was very clear to him.

Afterward, the talk with the Tie clansmen and others were only delaying the time and waiting for a good opportunity.

This was already the third time Fang Yuan had used Spring Autumn Cicada and by accumulating his experience, he had an even deeper understanding of rebirth.

There was indeed a butterfly effect to the aftermath of rebirth that could cause some things to change completely. However, there was also historical inertia; many great events that occurred were conflicts that accumulated over time, they only lacked a trigger point. Even without the original trigger, a new one would always appear. This was not something a person alone could influence and change easily.

Outside the main hall.

Xiao Mang was getting impatient fighting with Ying Ming and flew to the sky.

Rank four, gather light Gu.

Rank five, extreme light Gu.

Rank five, river under the sun Gu.

Killer move — Torrential Light Stream!

The river of light rolled and crashed as it poured down towards the blessed land.

The light was blinding, and the waves were fierce, it turned the entire battlefield white, and everyone closed their eyes, unable to resist such a strong light.

"Not good!" Tie Ruo Nan and others were in the main hall, Tie Bai Qi tried to stop it when he saw this, but the light river's formation was already complete and he could only reduce its impact by a little.

The grand light river was like a waterfall, crashing heavily on the bronze hall.

The roof of the hall was immediately broken through, and the light waterfall flew towards Fang Yuan.

"The light of glory of the immemorial era!" The land spirit cried out in shock.

Fang Yuan laughed loudly and poured his primeval essence into rank four bone wings Gu and rank five liquid metal Gu.

A pair of long and wide black wings spread out from his back, while the liquid metal covered his whole body like paint, spreading towards the black wings and dying his whole body with dazzling golden light.

"He, what is he doing?"

"Fang Yuan!"

In Tie Ruo Nan, Bai Ning Bing and the others' astonished gazes, Fang Yuan flapped his wings and flew directly towards the river of light!


There was loud buzzing in his ears and the formidable impact forced Fang Yuan backwards.

However, he had killed many rank five Gu Masters before and obtained many movement Gu like golden aurora Gu and so on. Right now, he activated them all and flew against the flow of the waterfall, flying higher and higher.

When he flew out of the bronze hall, it immediately attracted countless gasps and doubts.

"What is that thing?"

"It is flashing with golden light and looks like a large bird!"

"No, that is a person, a warrior that has been soaked in molten gold!"

There was only a vast sea of whiteness in Fang Yuan's sight. His primeval essence was depleting rapidly by activating so many movement Gu and defensive Gu.

" Time and tide wait for no man , land spirit help me, divine travel Gu!"

Immortal Gu divine travel landed on his palm.

"Jade sky Gu!"

A ray of green light shot out from his aperture and landed on his hand, turning into a jade-green colored bamboo that was hollow in the middle.

"What in the world is he trying to do? He actually faced the killer move head-on and flew up!" Tie Ruo Nan stared with wide-opened eyes, expressing her shock.

"Did little beast king give up, and is trying to end his life?" Yan Jun's jaws were wide open as he looked up in a daze.

"Something's up, I understand him! Everything Fang Yuan does has extremely deep meaning! No matter what, we can't let him have his way, we must disrupt this!" Bai Ning Bing's tone was hurried and for some reason, the bad feeling in her heart continued to become stronger.

Tie Ruo Nan nodded and agreed with Bai Ning Bing's words.

"Four old-timers!" She shouted.

"Understood!" The four old-timers immediately moved separately towards east, south, west and north directions; they kneeled on the ground and held their right wrist with their left hand, their right hands were spread out in a claw form and faced each other.

Killer move — Infinite search and lock!

Almost at the same time, Fang Yuan's left arm shone with an eerie-blue light; one could vaguely see the fixed star Gu on it.

This Gu was a star fragment of the immemorial era, it was like an eight-sided diamond and was crystal clear!

At the same time, all around Fang Yuan, space tore apart and four chains appeared, moving like pythons.

"Finally reacting at this point? Hmph, too late!" Fang Yuan gave a cold smile.

Divine travel Gu suddenly flew and pierced into his left arm, swallowing the fixed star Gu.

The four old timers coughed out blood as they lost the connection with the fixed star Gu.

The four chains moving beside Fang Yuan also lost their target and flew about carelessly before they were destroyed by the river of light.

After the divine travel Gu ate fixed star Gu, it went into the hollow jade sky Gu and rapidly formed a cocoon.

"Huh? There is a strange person flying directly towards my killer move?!" Xiao Mang was indescribably shocked. Others often did not have enough time to dodge his killer move but now there was actually a fool who was facing it head-on!

"Who is this guy? What is he trying to do?" Yi Huo, Yi Chong and the others stared at the sky with stupefied looks.

"Wait a second, this scene, where did I see it before!" Li Xian frowned deeply, a ray of light flashed in his astute mind.

"How could this be, he seems to be… refining Gu?" Feng Tian Yu looked up for a while and after seeing somewhat clearly he immediately became shocked.

"He is actually refining Gu using the killer move, his courage knows no bounds!" Mo Wu Tian's eyes shot out purple light that extended two inches into the air.

That's right, Fang Yuan was refining Gu.

This was Fang Yuan's plan.

When he enslaved killer ghost doctor, it was certain the second aperture Gu's refinement would fail.

Because at the last step of merging with divine travel Gu, Fang Yuan was not able to accomplish it by just himself. Previously, he had the help of refinement path grandmaster Feng Tian Yu and the assistance of the land spirit, before he was able to barely finish it.

Now, he did not have Feng Tian Yu's help, thus this step was destined to fail!

However, after rebirth, Fang Yuan had never truly thought of refining second aperture Gu.

He deceived the land spirit and intentionally delayed time to create such a special situation to convince the land spirit and refine this Gu.

Similar to the second aperture Gu, this Gu was also an Immortal Gu whose recipe was recorded in chapter two section three of <>!

<> was the first classic of the Gu world!

It appeared to be a story when one first read it but it actually held profound messages, recording the secrets of the ancient times and all kinds of Gu. Some Gu were directly described like wisdom Gu, strength Gu and so on. While some Gu were hidden, their descriptions were very vague, requiring the readers to dig through it and study carefully.


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