Reverend Insanity
402 All is within my control
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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402 All is within my control

Chapter 402: All is within my control
Translator: ChibiGeneral Editor: ChibiGeneral

Extreme light Gu!

Heaven's will Gu!

Empty fist Gu!

Killer move — Immemorial Light Fist!!

Xiao Mang stood at the peak of San Cha mountain and used his killer move, causing the sky to dim.

Light rays formed into a giant hill-sized fist and pierced through the blessed land's barrier.

In an instant, the whole blessed land shook and an enormous hole formed forming a passage connecting the inside to the outside. Gu Masters could enter through it without any obstructions!

"Charge, everything in the blessed land is ours!"

"We need to hurry, or else we won't be able to seize anything."

"Unfortunately, the good stuff will be taken by those experts. It will be good if they leave just the soup for us."

"How nice would it be If I can luckily obtain King Xin and King Bao Inheritance!"

It was a scene of chaos; countless people cheered while rushing into the blessed land, causing the pressure on the blessed to greatly increase.

"This is it, hehehe, a bunch of idiots!" Xiao Mang laughed coldly inwardly and stepped into the blessed land.

The bronze hall also recovered from the tremors.

Land spirit transmitted its voice to Fang Yuan: "So you were waiting for this tremor to pass, it was really dangerous! If it was during the Gu refinement process, it would have caused a huge disturbance and the consequences would be too terrible to imagine. You are truly a Gu Immortal who has been reborn."

Fang Yuan smiled and transmitted a mental message: "I am not only a Gu Immortal, but also your future master. Ba Gui, you need to know I am the best candidate for refining the Immortal Gu. The more you cooperate with me, the higher our chance of refining the Immortal Gu. Now, I remember there will be two more tremors, we need to avoid them as much as possible. Alright, let's begin the Gu refinement!"

Fang Yuan threw the false second aperture Gu into the cauldron.

With the land spirit's cooperation, the bronze cauldron burned without any fire and the remaining bit of immortal essence started combusting!

Immortal essence combusted and formed into a blue smoke that gracefully rose and covered the false second aperture Gu.

The false Gu floated above the bronze cauldron and was turned into dazzling yellow light by this blue smoke.

Fang Yuan concentrated his attention in harmonizing the blue smoke and yellow light.

Previously, he refined the Gu together with Feng Tian Yu, now he was doing it alone and was thus slightly slower.

Mo Wu Tian arrived at the edge of the dense fog by himself.

His deep and mysterious purple eyes were enchanting and wild. Through his purple eyes, the fog seemed to be invisible and the sea of dog beasts showed themselves in his sight.

"Such a tight defensive formation, one man alone cannot charge through it, it seems I will need to borrow strength!"

He resolutely turned around and after a while found Hu Mei Er.

"Ah! Young master Wu Tian, you have actually advanced to rank five!" Hu Mei Er was shocked at Mo Wu Tian's cultivation progress.

Mo Wu Tian talked of the immortal treasure and was able to immediately incite the desire in Hu Mei Er who expressed her full support.

However, when they were on their way, they found that the news about the immortal treasure had already spread.

The two inquired about the details and learned the news was released by the killer ghost doctor Chou Jiu. Right now, he had already gathered a huge group of demonic Gu Masters and was heading towards the bronze hall.

Mo Wu Tian furrowed his brows. Most of the demonic path Gu Masters had already gone with Chou Jiu, and thus he was only able to gather a few people.

Moreover, talking of influence, he was no match for Chou Jiu.

Mo Wu Tian was after all a newcomer while Chou Jiu was an old veteran who had roamed around Southern Border for many years and was also one of the four great doctors. Most of the people would have favors to ask of him and he had some influence even in the righteous path.

With no choice, Mo Wu Tian could only join with Chou Jiu's group.

"With little brother Mo Wu Tian's help, these mere dog beasts are of no worry to us!" Chou Jiu welcomed Mo Wu Tian enthusiastically.

Mo Wu Tian's brows furrowed deeply as he was used as a target board for Chou Jiu. But nevermind, if he endured this and helped out, they would be able to get to the main hall quicker.

The huge crowd of demonic Gu Masters looked majestic, but they did not immediately charge towards the main hall but instead remained there.

"Sir Chou Jiu, time doesn't wait for anyone, why are we not charging in towards the hall?" Mo Wu Tian's brows had furrowed into a knot as he urged.

Chou Jiu said with a chuckled: "More people means bigger strength, there are still many of our people that have not joined us. We need to absorb their strength to become even stronger. When we charge at that time, the pressure and danger each person faces will be much less."

Mo Wu Tian urged again but Chou Jiu just chuckled and replied politely, not yielding the least bit.

Mo Wu Tian started to feel anxious, he tried several more times but Chou Jiu remained firm.

"This old fool does not know the value of time!" Mo Wu Tian repressed his anger and immediately contacted Hu Mei Er, Li Xian and others to agitate and incite everyone, making them even more impatient.

Chou Jiu had no way to deal with it since he could not directly go against everyone's intent, and could only lead a group of demonic Gu Masters to arrive at the edge of the fog.

Mo Wu Tian observed for a while and again made the strategy to divide the crowd in three groups, and so on.

Chou Jiu, however, said it was not a good idea and that the fog was too dense to understand the actual situation. As a doctor, he had his morals as a healer, he could not bear to see everyone risking themselves and delivering themselves to death.

Mo Wu Tian stomped his feet in anger and went to contact everyone and incite them with the allure of the immortal treasure.

The demonic Gu Masters' mood was agitated, Chou Jiu also took advantage of the situation to push the responsibility for this matter to Mo Wu Tian and chose the people who would charge forward. However, he put a condition that only those who were willing could go forward and they could not be forced.

The demonic crowd readily agreed and moved towards the three paths according to Mo Wu Tian's arrangement.

"Not good, someone is attacking from outside!" When the refinement was going on, the land spirit's voice suddenly arrived.

"No need to worry, I have already anticipated this situation, go take charge of the battle outside, I will stabilize the Gu refinement for the moment and wait for you to rotate with me." Fang Yuan's expression was calm.

The land spirit divided most of its concentration in commanding the dog beasts according to Fang Yuan's instructions and beat back the demonic crowd just like in previous life.

Mo Wu Tian was unresigned and again formed the second assault group, but they still met with great losses and returned defeatedly.

Chou Jiu came forward at this moment: "Everyone knows my rule, I take one life for every life I save. Right now, I will treat everyone first and hope you all can fulfill the promise later."

Finished speaking, he started healing everyone.

The demonic crowd was moved to tears. Chou Jiu's influence increased rapidly and even more people left Mo Wu Tian to side with Chou Jiu.

Chou Jiu patted Mo Wu Tian's shoulder and said in a kind voice: "Brother Wu Tian, do you see it now? I advised you earlier to not take the risk. Now, so many of our comrades have lost their lives, it makes me so sad."

His voice was quite loud which caused Mo Wu Tian's eye to twitch and his anger reached an extreme level.

"This old sinister fool! If I was successful in breaking through these beasts, it would be his contribution; and now that I failed, he is avoiding all the responsibility! Hmph, I did underestimate these beasts. I had thought the formation was a weak one, and had never thought that there was a Gu Master controlling them from behind. Such a fast adaptation speed and method, this person is definitely someone with deep attainment in enslavement path. Damn it, this is really hateful!"

Mo Wu Tian gritted his teeth but could do nothing.

In the previous life, he was able to use force and threat to make the demonic Gu Masters throw their lives. However, with rank five Chou Jiu here now, he was not able to be so unrestrained.

"Let's wait. Righteous path Gu Masters will also soon gather together and we can discuss it with them. After all, we only have one life, in case we charge through and let the righteous path get the benefits, it would be really bad." Chou Jiu spoke his plan.

"Lord killer ghost doctor is right."

"Lord killer ghost doctor is indeed benevolent and cherishes the lives of us small characters."

"Doctors have their healer morals, Lord killer ghost doctor is after all a senior of our demonic path..."

Mo Wu Tian gritted his teeth till they made cracking sounds, he really wished he could kill this old bastard.

Like this, the time was delayed for a good while until the righteous path Gu Masters gathered under the lead of Xiao Mang.

They charged through several times but also returned in defeat. Xiao Mang was getting anxious while thinking of the unopened King Bao Inheritance and again used his killer move.

Extreme light Gu!

My will Gu!

Bright spear Gu!

Killer move — My Glorious Spear!!

A 1.8m long and 0.6m thick spear of light landed on the mound.

An intense explosion occurred with shockwaves blowing away everything. After the dazzling light dispersed, the fog that covered the mound also dispersed.

The bronze hall and the majestic dog beasts were revealed before everyone's eyes in their full glory.

Righteous and demonic crowd felt their hearts thumping in excitement but also turned cold at the scene. The immortal treasure was in front of them but how could they charge through such an enormous dog beast formation.

It could only be done if the righteous and demonic allied.

Those with experience all thought of this.

Xiao Mang looked at the demonic path's direction and Mo Wu Tian also glanced at the righteous path.

It was clear they needed to ally, but they had to see which side would compromise first.

Time passed by minutes and seconds…

Chou Jiu calmly watched the dog beasts while Xiao Mang's expression was solemn as he closed his eyes to recuperate. He was the young master of the grand Xiao clan, a famous figure among the righteous path, how could he lower his head towards the demonic path first? If words spread later, his reputation would have a great hit.

"The second tremor has gone, Ba Gui, my secret chess piece has showed its use and for a short time, they won't attack. Let's continue the refinement!" Fang Yuan summoned the land spirit.

While the righteous and demonic path were in a stalemate, Fang Yuan once again resumed the refinement.

At this moment, the blue smoke and the yellow light had finally blended with each other.

The blue smoke turned into beads of grass that floated in the air and started growing. The yellow light turned into flowers that fluttered and fell into the grass.

Fang Yuan took out a dagger and cut his artery, bleeding out his own essence blood.

Large amounts of essence blood infused into smoke. The blue smoke and yellow light immediately let out sizzling sounds and turned into a red cloud, like a wave of blood sea.

The blood surged and turned into a sphere that floated in the air without spreading.

After a round of evolution, the smoke sphere settled down and formed a field with abundant red wheat growing in it.

Fang Yuan let out a breath of turbid air when he saw this.

He had lost a lot of blood which caused his face to pale. He immediately used a Gu to heal his wound.

"Wild grass grow wildly, the qi of blood like the sea. Three hundred years as spring, five hundred years as autumn…" He took out a lifespan Gu.

This was a three hundred years lifespan Gu which looked like roots with rough texture, like a snake that was coiled into a circle.

Fang Yuan threw it into the smoke in blood field, the cloud of smoke immediate started raging like boiling water.

In previous life, this strange change had nearly caused Fang Yuan to fail. Now, however, Fang Yuan had was mentally prepared and easily controlled the situation. Under his control, the cloud of smoke gradually settled down.

However, right at this time, the land spirit suddenly warned: "Not good, those Gu Masters have started attacking together! There might not be time to refine Gu."

"No need to worry, everything is under my control." Fang Yuan coldly smiled and took out the second lifespan Gu.


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