Reverend Insanity
401 Battle begins once more
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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401 Battle begins once more

Chapter 401: Battle begins once more
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Chou Jiu was shocked, quickly concentrating his mind and pushing his soul, meditating resist this yellow light.

This yellow light was supported by Fang Yuan's soul power, but he was young and had weaker foundations in his soul compared to this hundred year old monster Chou Jiu. To enslave Chou Jiu, it would not be an easy task.

But why would Fang Yuan not see this coming, he had his ways.

Piak piak piak, bam bam bam.

"Stop, you dare to hit me!"

"Kick my face again and I'll fight it out with you…"

"F*cker, still kicking, I'll kill you!!"

"Stop hitting , stop hitting me."

"No, no more…"

Fang Yuan hit Chou Jiu until he rolled around, Chou Jiu could not use Gu worms but Fang Yuan had his strength path Gu worms available.

Comparing strength, Chou Jiu was not Fang Yuan's match. Quickly, Chou Jiu's face was bruised, and his distraction meant that the yellow light fused into his body more deeply.

"Hold on, I have to block it, once it fuses completely, I will be his slave, I will have no way out!" Chou Jiu squeezed into a ball as he allowed Fang Yuan to hit him, the strong sense of danger causing his hair to stand.

Just a tiny bit of light left, near his forehead unable to fuse properly.

Fang Yuan laughed coldly, suddenly saying: "Zeng Ah Niu, you don't want revenge? Chen Jiu betrayed you and is living well with Shang Yan Fei."

"You, how did you know?!" Chou Jiu was taken by surprise, the light quickly entering his body with this chance.

Chou Jiu's expression instantly changed, kneeling before Fang Yuan.

"This subordinate greets master!"

Fang Yuan laughed heartily.


This rank five slavery Gu should be used on a rank five Gu Master to express its true worth.

Till now, Mo Wu Tian and Xiao Mang had not arrived yet. Tie Mu Bai, Wu Gui, Ku Mo and Wu Lan Shan were all killed by Fang Yuan, the final choice was Wang Xiao the owner of Wu mountain and killer ghost doctor Chou Jiu.

But how could Wu mountain compare to the door of life and death? The door of life and death was a forbidden land on the same level as the river of time!

Enslaving Chou Jiu meant getting the clue to the door of life and death. Moreover, Chou Jiu is one of the four great doctors of southern border, his influence even spread to the righteous path, he was definitely better than Mo Wu Tian.

The only flaw was that enslaving Chou Jiu placed a great burden on Fang Yuan's soul, it was a problem for his upcoming Immortal Gu refinement.

"Chou Jiu, back then did you use the poison vow Gu with Doctor Su Shou, swearing to love each other for eternity, never abandoning each other?" Fang Yuan looked at the killer ghost doctor, asking a question.

"There is indeed such a matter, but master, how did you know?" Chou Jiu kneeled on the ground and answered with a bruised face, feeling confused.

"Hmph, since you used the poison vow Gu, do you know how Doctor Su Shou lifted its restrictions?" Fang Yuan squinted his eyes.

"Poison vow Gu is mountain pledge sea oath Gu's replacement, Chen Jiu does not have the ability to negate it. She took a great risk for that gigolo Shang Yan Fei, letting the poison vow kill her. Without a host, the poison vow's strength vanished. She then used healing techniques to resurrect herself, getting free of the poison vow!"

Chou Jiu said this with a furious expression. He loved his senior sister greatly, but she betrayed him for a gigolo, even ignoring the dangers to her life and broke the poison vow.

Fang Yuan heard this and was even more furious than him, lifting his leg and kicking Chou Jiu away.

"You lying piece of shit!"

He remembered that in his previous life, Chou Jiu said this:

"We took an oath in front of the blessed land's sea, to protect and stand by each other."

"But who could have thought her heart had already changed and actually broke the oath we took at that time and injured me, defecting with that thief!"

What oath, it was the motherf*cking poison vow Gu!

This Chou Jiu only spoke of less important matters, making important information unclear and concealing himself. If he had said poison vow Gu back then, Fang Yuan reckons: He would not have been so unaware, not knowing that there was a person in Shang clan city that could break free from poison vow Gu, and thus he would've been careful of Bai Ning Bing.

"But I should've guessed it, when Chou Jiu talked about Shang Yan Fei's appearance, he said that he was only slightly better looking. Saying such shameless words like it was natural, it was no surprise that he would not mention the Gu."

Fang Yuan looked at Chou Jiu with contempt.

Saying he loved her, but used the poison vow Gu to restrict her, it showed how sinister and inferior his inner heart was. Such a person speaking with exaggerated truths was nothing strange.

Fang Yuan was also suspicious of how Bai Ning Bing broke free from the poison vow, even in his previous life Bai Ning Bing did not say the reason. Now Fang Yuan knew, it was Doctor Su Shou who helped her break free of it.

"Alright, let the past be past. Chou Jiu, go to King Xin Inheritance and get me undefeated hundred battles Gu." Fang Yuan collected his thoughts and instructed.

"This subordinate will do all that he can!" Chou Jiu answered.

Chou Jiu was a healing Gu Master, he was not a refinement path master like Feng Tian Yu, it was impossible to ask him to assist Fang Yuan in refining second aperture Gu. But it was extremely easy for him to get the undefeated hundred battles Gu.

This is because the blessed land was weakening, not long later, Gu worms would be usable, Chou Jiu just needed to charge ahead and he would obtain undefeated hundred battles Gu.

At this point, Fang Yuan's slaughter ended.

He returned to the hall and continue refining Gu.

Compared to his previous life, he saved a lot of time after rebirth. Without the Spring Autumn Cicada's pressure it was much easier.

Back then he only spent an hour a day, refining Gu like a maniac, forcing his own limits. But now he could sleep six hours, slowly and steadily, refining Gu with perfect sequence.

Days continued to pass, and the blessed land was getting weaker. But the immortal essence expenditure was much less than last time. Fang Yuan had his experience from the last time, he took less detours this time, many steps were completed in one try, and the land spirit was extremely amazed.

Three kings inheritance's weird state attracted everyone's attention.

As time went on, Che clan, Zuo clan moved out, and Xiao Mang and Mo Wu Tian also appeared on San Cha mountain.

Finally, October 24th came again.

"Master, this subordinate has succeeded!" Chou Jiu kneeled on the ground, holding up a Gu, handing it to Fang Yuan.

This Gu had a bland appearance, like a grey stone disc, it was none other than undefeated hundred battles Gu.

In his previous life, Feng Tian Yu who Fang Yuan enslaved obtained King Xin Inheritance and had several hundred hairy men as followers. Now, Chou Jiu was not a refinement path master, he broke through by force, only getting the undefeated hundred battles Gu, not a single hairy men followed him.

But the hairy men were good at Gu refinement, they could not battle. The hairy men's line of defense was as good as nothing, Fang Yuan did not mind it.

After keeping undefeated hundred battles Gu, Fang Yuan gave instructions before sending Chou Jiu away. This process was done in the dark, Bai Ning Bing did not learn of it.

Fang Yuan returned to the bronze hall, and Bai Ning Bing had already arrived.

Behind her, there were a hundred thousand dog beasts, either resting or playing around.

Fang Yuan smiled lightly: "Bai Ning Bing, hand your Gu worms to the land spirit."

"What?" Bai Ning Bing was shocked: "Aren't I commanding these dogs?"

"The land spirit can use Gu worms, its manipulation is better than yours." Fang Yuan explained.

Land spirit appeared, slightly worried: "Young man, I have to refine Gu with you while controlling the immortal essence, if I have to expend effort controlling the dogs, I might not have the energy to do so."

Fang Yuan snickered, his expression extremely confident: "No worries, aren't you confident of my actions? Among the enemies I have my pawn pieces too. There are sufficient primeval stones here for you to manipulate the dogs."

"Is that so…" Ba Gui hesitated, but thinking of Fang Yuan's secret identity, he agreed in the end.

"As for you Bai Ning Bing, come with me. When I refine Gu, I need a trustworthy person to defend me." Fang Yuan patted Bai Ning Bing's shoulder, showing a kind and affectionate smile.

Bai Ning Bing snorted, her gaze shining secretly, as she said in a flat tone: "Up to you, as long as you don't die, whether the Gu refinement succeeds or not is none of my business."

Fang Yuan and Bai Ning Bing entered the hall together.

Fang Yuan sat down as Bai Ning Bing acted as his guardian.

Fang Yuan shut his eyes, not doing anything.

"What are you waiting for? There is not much time." Bai Ning Bing endured for a while before breaking the silence.

"Ning Bing, stay calm, some things cannot be rushed." Fang Yuan smiled lightly, no anxiety at all as he spoke plainly.

Bai Ning Bing snorted, not speaking, her eyes squinting, thinking in her heart: "What is this Fang Yuan thinking of? He took away my commanding rights, is he suspicious of me? No, he arranged for me to be in the hall, he still trusts me! I have to continue enduring."

She thought of Tie Ruo Nan, feeling assured: "She is blocked by the dog groups outside now, without my assistance, she can only break through by force. Damn it, he did not let me control the dogs. Thankfully, we have a backup plan, Tie Bai Qi is already secretly on San Cha mountain."

A moment later, Fang Yuan was calm and resting, not doing anything.

This time, even the land spirit came to urge Fang Yuan to refine the Gu.

But Fang Yuan rejected him, not doing anything.

Land spirit was anxious, its tone became slightly angry, but Fang Yuan used his rebirth identity to convince it.

At this time, on San Cha mountain peak.

Blue, red light pillars were thin and weak, still shining on the mountain peak. King Quan inheritance's yellow pillar was gone.

The previous time, only red pillar was left, that was because Feng Tian Yu took King Xin Inheritance. But this time, Chou Jiu was not a refinement master, he could not break through the final round, thus two pillars were left.

"I wonder who took King Quan Inheritance!"

"Two left, us smallfry have no chance…"

"But it is really strange, none of the rank five Gu Masters in the inheritance came out, did something happen?"

"That's right, King Quan Inheritance was inherited, but why did the others not come out?"

"They are being retained inside the blessed land. This blessed land is facing destruction, soon the door will open, allowing us to enter and exit at will." A voice echoed.

"It is Lord Xiao Mang!" Someone cheered, recognising the person's identity.


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