Reverend Insanity
400 Life is but a few hundred years, it is all a grand gamble!
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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400 Life is but a few hundred years, it is all a grand gamble!

Chapter 400: Life is but a few hundred years, it is all a grand gamble!
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"Fixed star Gu, this is like a rope tied around my neck. Although I have methods to get rid of it, I need a lot of time to prepare. If I want to immediately get rid of the fixed star Gu, unless Bai Ning Bing took it back personally, otherwise, I can also chop off my left forearm…" Fang Yuan's heart was burning with this urge.

Fixed star Gu was hiding in Fang Yuan's forearm, once he discarded his forearm, Tie clan's four old-timers would only be able to retrieve his broken limb.

If if he did that, Fang Yuan would lose a limb.

He would have to treat it in the future, making a broken limb grow back, creating something from nothing, it would spend a lot of effort.

Not mentioning how troublesome healing would be, the thing now was once he loses his left arm, it would be alerting his enemies. Tie clan and Bai Ning Bing would immediately realize that Fang Yuan knew what was going on, and would immediately start their attacks.

That way, the attackers of the main hall would also include Tie clan and Bai Ning Bing.

To Fang Yuan, such a situation was worse than the previous life.

"I cannot alert them prematurely! I was lucky to rebirth, compared to last time, my only advantage is that I know what is going to happen. I have to go with the flow, since Tie clan and Bai Ning Bing are still usable to me now. Once I lose my arm, not only would Tie clan be forced to go against me, the situation will also change, and derail from the tracks of my previous life, I would lose my rebirth advantage completely."

But if he did not get rid of his arm, how would he get out of this situation, and counterattack under such dire circumstances?

Fang Yuan pondered, all sorts of people, incidents, cause and effect flickered in his mind.

Wang Xiao, Chou Jiu, Wu Shen Tong, Zhang San San, Long Qing Tian, Xiao Mang, Tie Ruo Nan, Bai Ning Bing, Mo Wu Tian, Yan Jun, Feng Tian Yu…

Slavery Gu, jade sky Gu poison, land spirit, bronze hall, immortal essence, fixed star Gu, second aperture Gu, undefeated hundred battles Gu…

Numerous choices give birth to unlimited possibilities. Infinite possibilities affect each other.

Fang Yuan's mind worked rapidly, all sorts of inspiration and scenarios happened in his head like lighting a flint in the darkness.

What should he do to protect himself, while maintaining the biggest benefits?

He thought and thought, expending his mental energy, in just a little bit of time, his ears were buzzing.

"Wait!" Suddenly, Fang Yuan's body shook.

"Maybe… take a step backwards, and the sea and sky becomes wider ? Should I consider this from a wider perspective?" An absurd thought appeared in this head.

"No way, if I do this, the risks are greater!" He shook his head, muttering as he denied this idea.

But this thought was rooted in his head, it continued to influence him.

"If I do this and manage to succeed, my gains will be overwhelming!" Fang Yuan's eyes shone brilliantly.

But the next moment, he shook his head again: "If there is even an inch of calculation mistake in this plan, I will be completely finished, the consequences would be worse than falling into Tie Ruo Nan's hands. The Spring Autumn Cicada has already been used, I cannot use rebirth again for a while…"

As he thought, Fang Yuan's gaze became solemn and deep.

Suddenly, he laughed lightly: "To think that I, a great demonic leader in my time, am being so careful and worried now, afraid to execute my plans. As long as there is hope, I should be brave enough to do it. Only an overwhelming benefit can cause me to go forward relentlessly. Fortune and risks come together, why should I go slow and steady to build my foundation? I want to ascend to heaven in one step!"

"That's right, this is the plan! Death without a proper burial if I fail, fly into the sky like a dragon if I succeed, and pave the way for my future plans. Hehehe, hahaha, life is but a few hundred years, it is all a grand gamble!" 

"Little beast king, don't be rash, we can talk this out. You want the path into Wu mountain, we can negotiate this, it can be discussed." Wang Xiao underneath his feet begged.

Fang Yuan laughed at times, remained solemn at times, frowned at times, and went back to laughing happily at times. He scared this rank five Gu Master, the lord of Wu mountain, a great demonic expert to death.

In Wang Xiao's heart, Fang Yuan was a maniac, a mentally ill person.

Demonic path is extreme, without a clan's support, cultivation is difficult. At times they struggled at death's door, they face great mental pressure. It is not uncommon for demonic Gu Masters to develop mental illnesses.

Especially when Fang Yuan talked to himself sometimes, or even made poems for himself, it intensified Wang Xiao's worries.

Against a normal person, he had his ways to deal with them. But dealing with a madman, even a Gu Immortal has no confidence.

"Oh? You plan to tell me Wu mountain's entrance?" Fang Yuan frowned, looking at Wang Xiao.

"Of course, but you have to let me off." Wang Xiao saw a reaction from Fang Yuan and shouted anxiously.

"Hmph!" Fang Yuan's gaze became sharp, pressing with his feet and with a crack, Wang Xiao's head was smash to bits.

Wang Xiao was a great expert, devious and cruel, cold and emotionless. To get him to say the correct entrance into Wu mountain, Zhang San San's rank five slavery Gu was needed.

But in Fang Yuan's new plan, Wang Xiao had been discarded, there is no need to waste time talking to him, thus he was directly killed.

A pity for Wang Xiao, the lord of Wu mountain yet he died so pathetically in Fang Yuan's hands.

After killing Wang Xiao, Fang Yuan took his Gu and used beast strength placenta Gu, devouring his and Yun Luo Tian's apertures.

"This way, beast strength placenta Gu's aptitude is eighty-three percent. In terms of immortal essence, we spent a little bit more than expected, slightly exceeding two portions. Ba Gui, you want me to stop?" Fang Yuan suddenly said.

Land spirit: "Eh? How did you know my thought?"

"Of course I know." Fang Yuan snorted, leaking the Spring Autumn Cicada's aura: "Ba Gui, have a feel, what do you think this is?"

The land spirit was speechless!

"This, this is the aura of a rank six Immortal Gu! It seems… it seems to be the Spring Autumn Cicada… Spring Autumn Cicada is the seventh mysterious Gu in this world! You are a mere mortal, how can you possess such an Immortal Gu?"

In his past life, Fang Yuan spent a lot of time talking to Ba Gui, eventually failing to convince it, thus gambling and revealing his greatest trump card, convincing the land spirit.

This time, Fang Yuan revealed Spring Autumn Cicada's aura from the start and went straight to the point: "Ba Gui, I will not lie to you, I am a future Gu Immortal, using the Spring Autumn Cicada to rebirth myself into the past."

"What?!" Land spirit was shocked beyond words, the information was too great, it could not accept it so readily.

Fang Yuan's expression was arrogant: "I came back from the future, I know everything. Ba Gui, I am your next master, I succeeded in refining the second aperture Gu in my previous life…"

Fang Yuan spoke.

In his last life, he convinced the land spirit, but now, he had the knowledge of the future, as well as the experience of refining second aperture Gu as evidence, the land spirit was quickly convinced.

"Young man, you really are my future master? Listening to your words, it seems you really succeeded in refining second aperture Gu! Regardless of whether you are lying to me, I am exhilarated. Because this means the success of second aperture Gu has been raised by thirty percent!" Land spirit said happily.

"Enough trash talk, Ba Gui, I came from the future, I know the dangers that are lurking. First, I need to kill a person!"


A moment later, Long Qing Tian died by Fang Yuan's hands.

In his last life, this Long Qing Tian went into a weakened land and used the jade sky Gu, poisoning the blessed land and forming a loophole, causing great damage to the blessed land, and also causing Fang Yuan a lot of trouble.

This time, Fang Yuan struck immediately after rebirth. Before Long Qing Tian entered that weakened area, he used the heavenly power to restrict him and easily killed him.

"Young man, I am starting to believe you. You killed a dangerous threat prematurely. Sigh, the three kings modified the blessed land, my control over this land is not strong anymore. You could sense this danger and have the Spring Autumn Cicada, you really came from the future..." Land spirit exclaimed.

Fang Yuan sighed, land spirit was old and dying, it was like a dying old man, it could not compare to a young land spirit.

For example, it could not even detect the fixed star Gu on Fang Yuan's arm.

Fang Yuan did not waste time with the land spirit, he worked quickly, taking Long Qing Tian's Gu worms and devoured his aperture.

In his previous life, because of the jade sky Gu poison, Fang Yuan could not take the battle loot after killing Long Qing Tian. But this time, he acted early and Long Qing Tian could not use his Gu, thus Fang Yuan had no restrictions.

After looting Long Qing Tian, Fang Yuan gained several useful things.

Other than the aperture, his greatest loot was jade sky Gu.

This Gu was like a dark green bamboo stem, palm-sized and hollow in the middle, it gave off a smooth texture when held in one's hands, like a piece of jade.

Rank five jade sky Gu originated from the immemorial era, it was extremely rare now. It had an extremely strong poison and there was barely any ways to deal with it, it could easily poison a person to death, causing them to fade into a green light.

This Gu had great use, Fang Yuan kept it carefully.

"Bai Gui, quickly transfer me to this place."

The next moment, Fang Yuan appeared in front of the demonic enslavement path master, Zhang San San.

Zhang San San had not even reacted before Fang Yuan attacked, ending his life.

Fang Yuan killed and plundered the aperture, it was the same thing again, causing the beast strength placenta Gu's aptitude to rise again.

Zhang San San was a rank four Gu Master, but had a rank five slavery Gu. Fang Yuan's greatest motive for killing him was this Gu.

With another flash, Fang Yuan appeared in front of killer ghost doctor Chou Jiu.

"Eh? Little beast king! How did you…" Chou Jiu saw Fang Yuan and was taken aback, his expression extremely shocked.

Fang Yuan's expression was plain as he used the rank five slavery Gu.

The slavery Gu exploded into a yellow light, landing on Chou Jiu.

Chou Jiu shouted: "F*ck! Rank five slavery Gu! You can kill me but not humiliate me , you want to enslave me, you are dreaming…"

He did not know that in the previous life, he begged Fang Yuan to use slavery Gu.

With the land spirit to suppress him, Chou Jiu could not use Gu worms, the slavery Gu was easily planted on him.

But to control a rank five Gu Master, it was not so easy, it was a contest of souls.

Chou Jiu resisted with all his strength, Fang Yuan's soul trembled as he entered a stalemate.

Chou Jiu sneered, his forehead full of sweat: "Little beast king, you are too naive. For an enslavement path Gu master, the soul's foundation is most important, the higher the better. It is not easy to control wild beasts, not to mention men. Man is the spirit of all beings, you want to control me who is a rank higher, it is wishful thinking, hehe… ahhh!"

Chou Jiu screamed in pain, as his smug laughter was terminated by Fang Yuan's slap.

With this interference, the contest of souls tilted towards Fang Yuan's advantage, as the yellow light merged into his body.

As long as it is fully merged, Chou Jiu would become Fang Yuan's most loyal slave!


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