Reverend Insanity
397 The battle has just begun
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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397 The battle has just begun

Chapter 397: The battle has just begun
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"There are truly are uncountable geniuses in this world…" After being solemn for a while, Fang Yuan raised his head and sighed.

"Bai Ning Bing, what a Bai Ning Bing… hehehe, I underestimated you, and fell victim to your schemes. It was a beautiful victory, your plan was flawless, while I was careless and overconfident, only thinking about the Immortal Gu, allowing you to succeed, it was my mistake!"

"I'm flattered. The reason I could plot against you was due to the perfect time, place and opportunity. If I were the one who had to refine an Immortal Gu while scheming against both the righteous and demonic factions, I would definitely have done worse than you." Bai Ning Bing answered seriously: "But now at this point, winner takes all and the loser loses everything, I hope you would stop your pointless struggle."

"Hehehe." Fang Yuan sneered: "The reason you have not killed me yet is because of the Immortal Gu, you want to know its effects and also the Immortal Gu recipe in my head."

Now that the land spirit was dead, the blessed land was on the brink of destruction, there were loopholes everywhere and without the heavenly power to suppress them, Gu Masters could use their Gu freely.

That is to say, Fang Yuan just had to think about it, and all his Gu would self-detonate, Bai Ning Bing and Tie Ruo Nan had no way to stop him.

"Tie Ruo Nan, Tie Mu Bai and the others died in my hands, you have to take this Immortal Gu back to redeem yourself, otherwise you will lose your young master position." Fang Yuan laughed sinisterly.

Tie Ruo Nan was expressionless, answering frankly: "That's right, Immortal Gu are unique, they are extremely important, when I bring it back it will be an unprecedented merit, I would receive the Tie clan Gu Immortals' nurturing and reward. As for the recipe to refine Immortal Gu, right now only you know about it, if I can contribute it to the clan, I would immediately become Tie clan young clan leader."

"When I ascend to the position of clan leader, I will be like Lord Tie Mu Bai, upholding justice and order. After all these things, I have learnt: To uphold justice, one needs to have great strength as well as a strong force! Only in this way can I repay Lord Tie Mu Bai's teachings, and allow him to feel at peace in the afterlife."

Saying so, Tie Ruo Nan thought about the Tie clansmen who died in Fang Yuan's hands, her eyes turning red as she felt intense fury and hatred, and also the great satisfaction of getting her revenge.

She breathed in deeply, staring sharply at Fang Yuan: "As for you, Gu Yue Fang Yuan, I will not kill you. You were able to refine an Immortal Gu using a mortal body, such refinement talent is truly spectacular. As long as you surrender, I will send you into the Tie clan Demon Suppression Tower to undergo reform. In the future, when you turn over a new leaf, and leave the tower, you will work for Tie clan, and contribute to the righteous path, repaying for your sins, this is the best outcome."

"Demon Suppression Tower…" Fang Yuan squinted: "You make it sound really nice! Hehehe, you want the Immortal Gu? Sure, let's make a transaction."

Fang Yuan talked about the details of the transaction as he focused on the movements outside the hall.

He was stalling for time.

In this situation, it may seem like a dead end but he still had one final resort.

Because of refining Gu, Fang Yuan's mind is tired and he had little primeval essence left. His rank four all-out effort Gu was not refined yet, and many beast phantoms were used up in the Gu refinement process.

He could not force it now, Fang Yuan was not in the best condition, while Bai Ning Bing and Tie Ruo Nan came prepared. Furthermore, there are the four Tie clan old-timers outside as well as Tie Bai Qi who manipulates dog groups.

Spring Autumn Cicada was indeed the best chance he had, but it carried an enormous risk, and carried the danger of dying. Unless he had no other options, Fang Yuan did not want to use it yet.

"My true opportunity lies in the experts waiting outside the hall. With just the dog group and Tie clan's four old-timers, they cannot block them all forever. As long as they fight their way in here, the situation would be completely overturned.

Fate worked in mysterious ways, not long ago, Fang Yuan was using all his methods to block the experts outside, but now he could not wish more for them to fight their way into the hall.


"This accursed Tie clan, the mastermind is them all along!"

"TIe clan's old clan leader Tie Mu Bai came personally, what attracted him? We should've guessed…"

"Tie clan is a super clan, but don't think of devouring this alone, the immortal treasure belongs to all of us!"

In the intense battlefield, everyone was excited.

Looking at the bronze hall, many Gu Masters' eyes were burning with passion.

The purple colored light barrier covered the entire bronze hall. Tie clan's four old-timers were at all four directions, guarding it securely.

As for Tie Bai Qi, he was standing at the door of the hall, looking down at all the Gu Masters as he manipulated the dog group.

He was an old man, his head was full of white hair, and he had a third eye on his forehead, shining brightly. He was a rank five enslavement path Gu Master, a Tie clan elder, and was once Tie Mu Bai's capable general. Under Tie Mu Bai's orders, he came out of cultivation, coming to the faraway San Cha mountain.

Right now, Tie Bai Qi was smiling as he looked at the battlefield.

The dog group was under his command, unleashing several times the fighting strength they had compared to before. Tie Bai Qi did not mind the losses, blocking all the experts outside.

"This old fool is really irritating." Mo Wu Tian's hair was flying in the air as he breathed roughly.

Before him, dog emperor Ba Huang was bathed in blood, in a condition worse than Mo Wu Tian. But soon, the healing Gu on it worked, and under the milky-white colored light, it began to heal rapidly.

Mo Wu Tian tried to attack while there was a chance, but a group of green hua dogs charged in.

"This again!" Mo Wu Tian gritted his teeth, forced to kill this group of reinforcements.

While it had the chance, Ba Huang managed to heal most of its injuries and became revitalized again.

Compared to the time Bai Ning Bing sent out the dog emperor and did not have the energy to control it, Tie Bai Qi had a much easier time. He manipulated the entire battlefield, and controlled the situation, showing the strength of the enslavement path fully.

On the other hand, Xiao Mang was also receiving great attention from Tie Bai Qi.

"This won't do, the immortal treasure is going to be taken by Tie clan!" Xiao Mang was anxious and hateful, but dog emperor Ying Ming was blocking his path, not allowing him to pass through.

"Bastard, you forced me!!" Xiao Mang growled, flying into the sky.

The sky already had one huge hole, tens of kilometers in diameter, as the outside showed the sky of the main world, full of clouds and was a bright sunny day.

Xiao Mang flew out of the hole, raising his hands.

Rank four, gather light Gu.

Large amounts of sunlight gathered on his palms, the light turned into a ball, flawless and huge; Xiao Mang was like an ant carrying a huge rice bowl.

Rank five, extreme light Gu.

The glorious light of the immemorial era, gathered into the ball, and caused a qualitative change, as the entire ball was infected with the glory of the immemorial times!

Rank five, river under the sun Gu.

The light ball exploded, turning into an overwhelming water of light, each drop was like a fragment of the sun, extremely bright and dazzling.

Killer move — Torrential Light Stream! 1

The river of light rolled and crashed as it poured down on the blessed land from the hole.

The light was blinding, and the waves were fierce, it turned the entire battlefield white, and everyone closed their eyes, unable to resist such a strong light.

"Oh no!" Tie Bai Qi tried to stop it, but the light river's formation was already complete, he could only reduce its impact by a little.

The grand light river was like a waterfall, crashing on the purple barrier.

The barrier only lasted for a moment before shattering, as the four old-timers who sustained the barrier spurted out mouthfuls of blood, gravely injured.

The light river broke the barrier and was weakened, but it continued on its way into the bronze hall.

The hall was immediately broken through, and the waterfall swept towards Fang, Bai, and Tie.

Bai Ning Bing and Tie Ruo Nan's pupils shrunk as they subconsciously tried to dodge.

Fang Yuan who was waiting for an opportunity, immediately reacted and activated his primeval essence.

Warp Gu!

He activated this rank five movement Gu.

This Gu was something he got from killing Chou Jiu the killer ghost doctor.

With a swoosh, Fang Yuan vanished on the spot.

The light river crashed on the floor, creating a huge hole that was about two meters deep.

Tie and Bai dodged in time, standing at the edge of the huge hole, extremely calm.

"He escaped indeed, hehehe. It seems he used warp Gu. I think this Gu came from killer ghost doctor." Tie Ruo Nan analyzed.

"We're letting him escape?" Bai Ning Bing looked at Tie Ruo Nan.

"You forgot about fixed star Gu? Don't worry, even if he escapes to the end of the world, Tie clan's four old-timers would be able to arrest him. Let me roam around for now and expend his primeval essence and energy. It saves us some trouble." Tie Ruo Nan smiled lightly, her tone showing a confident attitude towards grasping the situation.

After so many trials and difficulties, she had grown up a lot.


Intense pain assaulted him as Fang Yuan vomited a mouthful of blood, feeling extremely dizzy. A sense of disgust almost caused him to fall face flat on the ground, feeling like his intestines were all jumbled up.

Warp Gu was a space path Gu, tearing through space and transporting the Gu Master's body. The strong effect carried an equally intense backlash.

Gu Masters who constantly use warp Gu would have their tendons entangled, their blood would flow backwards, and their joints would be dislocated. On the outside, the Gu Master would get uglier and uglier, no matter how nice he looked originally, he would turn hideous.

To use the warp Gu, one had to use other Gu worms to modify his own body. But to Fang Yuan, he no longer cared.

"Second aperture Gu will be kept safe by you guys for now. I will return this hatred a million fold in the future!" Fang Yuan quickly assessed his surroundings, realizing that although he was out of the hall, he was still a distance from the bronze hall.

Large numbers of dogs came attacking, and he quickly chose to retreat.

Although second aperture Gu was in Tie Ruo Nan's hands, the control was still in Fang Yuan's hands. He refined the second aperture Gu single-handedly, now with just a thought, this Gu would self-detonate.

Of course, unless left without a choice, Fang Yuan would not do something so stupid.

"This battle has just begun. Bai Ning Bing, Tie Ruo Nan, just you wait. Hehehe." Fang Yuan laughed sinisterly.

To use second aperture Gu, immortal essence was needed, otherwise, an insane amount of primeval stones were needed to replace it.

To Fang Yuan, he could not keep this Gu into his aperture.

Spring Autumn Cicada's pressure was high enough, if he placed another Immortal Gu in, Fang Yuan's aperture would explode.

If an Immortal Gu was outside the aperture, its aura would leak, and everyone would notice. If Fang Yuan took the Immortal Gu and ran, he would become everyone's target, immediately being chased down by two rank five, more than ten rank four, and countless rank three and two Gu masters.

"Tie Ruo Nan has the Immortal Gu, she is definitely everyone's attack target. Hehe, I'll let you guys compete while I watch on the sidelines, becoming the final winner in the end!" Fang Yuan was resolved to retreat and recover his battle strength, before finding an opportunity to strike.

But heaven did not side with him, as quickly, many Gu Masters found out his movements and screamed.

"Who is it?"

"Little beast king, it seems he came out of the bronze hall!"

"Quick, quick, quick, block him! He must've gotten a portion of the treasure."

The voices attracted people's attention, as Fang Yuan's surrounding Gu Masters quickly turned around and attacked him.

But the first who attacked were a small group of heavy tai dogs.

Not only was Fang Yuan obstructed by righteous and demonic Gu Masters, he was also specially "taken care of" by Tie Bai Qi.


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