Reverend Insanity
394 Success at long last!
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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394 Success at long last!

Chapter 394: Success at long last!
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"Damn, why are there so many dogs!!"

Murderous yells, shouts, miserable howls, swearing and dog howls combined to form into a huge clamor that seemed to shake the world.

The battle had not even begun for five minutes; blood had formed into a river and there were corpses everywhere.

Bai Ning Bing hid at some secret place and used all her strength to mobile the dog groups. With the help of the land spirit, she was able to gradually stabilize the situation.

Lightning symbol dog, chrysanthemum akita dog and other common dog beasts suffered the most casualties. Gu Masters had charged halfway through the dog beasts and ran into the formation of the five great mountain dogs, having great casualties.

Heavy tai, green hua, smoke song, light heng and star heng; these five great dogs were very powerful and their circular formation was very reliable. They were like a huge dam that blocked these Gu Masters that were charging like a tide.

At this stage, both righteous and demonic factions suffered heavy casualties.

"Big brother, hold on!" Meng Tu grabbed Jiao Huang's arm; Jiao Huang had suffered heavy injuries from where blood flowed out without stopping.

Jiao Huang borrowed Meng Tu's strength to barely move along with the majority.

Right now, they could not retreat. They could not even stop to rest, if they left the troops, the dog beasts would submerge their tiny bodies.

"Brother, we have made a huge loss this time. We accepted Shang clan's assignment to get Fang Zheng's head. To think we would encounter an immortal treasure, sigh, we gave in to our desire for material benefits and thus fell into such desperate straits." Jiao Huang heaved a sigh.

These two were rank three peak stage Gu Masters, famous assassin group of demonic path. They had even succeeded in assassinating rank four Gu Master Xiao Fu Lu.

They thought of joining Shang clan and thus were prepared to secretly handle Fang Yuan. But the whole way, they did not find any good opportunity.

After charging into the blessed land, they encountered an immortal treasure, and followed with the majority; the result, they sent themselves into danger.

In this chaotic battle, only rank five experts could move unhindered. Rank four peak stage could fight valiantly. Rank four upper stage had to move with the crowd.

Those rank one and two Gu Masters made up the most of the casualties. Rank three Gu Masters also had to rely on luck to survive.

But even so, Gu Masters still charged forward endlessly. The illusionary immortal treasure ignited their most crazed fanatical desires.

They were charging recklessly, all delusional about obtaining the immortal treasure and attaining success in life, becoming an expert.

Only for a certain group of people, at the time of their deaths, they calmed down and regretted endlessly.

Unfortunately, it was too late.

"These people have gone mad, forgetting their own life or death at the enticement of the immortal treasure." Tie Ruo Nan slowed down her footsteps, she was shocked by the state of the battlefield!

Tie clan's four old-timers were surrounding her in a protective formation.

"The way I see it, this probably has to do with that Mo Wu Tian." The head of the Tie clan's four old-timers suddenly said in a soft voice.

"You are saying…" Tie Ruo Nan's gaze flashed.

Far away, Mo Wu Tian was moving forward in the lead, laughing crazily with his purple deep eyes flashing with dazzling light.

He was a soul path Gu Master and had secretly used his Gu to make everyone more fanatical.

"Demonic path members should all be put to death!" Tie Ruo Nan snorted, the killing intent in her heart surging up.

"Young master, Mo Wu Tian is a rank five expert, he is not someone we will be able to fight easily. We need to deal with urgent matters first, our objective is not him." One of the Tie clan's four old-timers persuaded.

Tie Ruo Nan pursed her lips and heavily nodded her head, her gaze firm as iron: "Right, the most important matter right now is still little beast king Fang Zheng!"

"Hahaha, I hadn't thought the enslavement path Gu Master in the dark would only amount to this." Mo Wu Tian laughed wildly, the fierce wind blowing in the battlefield blew his black hair and his demonic flames danced rampantly.

The united charge of righteous and demonic Gu Masters was going on much better than he expected.

Bai Ning Bing was after all a newbie, earlier, she had Fang Yuan's formations and instructions to follow. But the current situation had become more complex with a lot more new changes, it was a lot more than she could take and this in turn were flaws that were clear to Gu Masters at the level of Mo Wu Tian.

Mo Wu Tian's eyes flashed repeatedly with eerie light, at the same time as charging forward, he was doing multiple tasks. He constantly controlled his Gu to attack the dog beasts and also to influence people's minds and create a fanatical atmosphere; at the same time, he was also using his Gu to scout the battlefield.

Enslavement path Gu Masters always had powerful offense and could battle many opponents with just the strength of one person.

But everything in this world was balanced. Enslavement path had a clear disadvantage, besides the huge consumption of resources they needed, their individual strength was weak and were easy to kill.

Mo Wu Tian was searching for Bai Ning Bing's position, as long as he killed Bai Ning Bing, the dog beast formation would fall apart and a large majority of them would even scatter without a fight.

"Found you!" Mo Wu Tian's gaze suddenly concentrated as he discovered the hiding place of Bai Ning Bing.

"Hehehe, give me your life." He laughed and flung his sleeve, his figure turning into a ball of purple demonic fog.

The demonic fog moved through the battlefield at an astonishing speed and in just a few breaths' time was only a thousand steps away from Bai Ning Bing.

"Not good!" Bai Ning Bing discovered the charging fog and her heart sank.

Mo Wu Tian was a rank five Gu Master while Bai Ning Bing was only at rank four, by just this she would be hard pressed to fight him, let alone now when she was doing multiple tasks and controlling the dog beasts.

"Fortunately, I also have my trump cards!" Bai Ning Bing was startled but not panicked as she willed, "Go bite him, Ba Huang."

A hill sized enormous dog emperor heard the command and with one leap, flew over a hundred feet and smashed into Mo Wu Tian.


Ba Huang barked loudly, its bark was like a bolt from the blue, suppressing the whole battlefield and turning it silent. Following the bark, the dog beasts flared up with high morale; the casualties among the Gu Masters became more intense.

Dog emperor!

Its physique was majestic with its whole body covered with yellow sleek fur. It had a head like that of a lion with thick mane around its neck that was dazzling like a sun.

This was an emperor among the beasts and was not something that could be looked down upon. Once it used the wild Gu on it, it could contend against rank five Gu Masters!

"Damn it." Mo Wu Tian cursed when he was stopped by Ba Huang.

Bai Ning Bing let out a breath of relief, but right at this time, a dazzling silver light shot through the battlefield and appeared in front of her instantly.

"Hehehe. Demonic path junior, take a good look at me." The silver light turned into a human figure, rank five righteous path expert Xiao Mang!

"Ying Ming!" Bai Ning Bing withstood the pressure and commanded in her mind, sending out the second dog emperor.

This second dog emperor was the size of a normal dog beast. There were gorgeous patterns on its snowy white skin like pink cherry blossoms.

Withstanding Xiao Mang's intense pressure, the wild Gu on the dog emperor activated and created clouds below Ying Ming's feet, allowing it to fly.

"Just a mere wild dog… eh, it is actually a dog emperor!" Xiao Mang scoffed but after few exchanges of lightning fast attacks and defending, he withdrew his contempt and fought cautiously.

Bai Ning Bing's expression was gloomy.

Although the two rank five experts were blocked, this situation was only temporary.

Humans were the spirit of all living beings; human's wisdom was superior to beasts. Sooner or later, Mo Wu Tian and Xiao Mang would understand the dog emperors' trump cards and then could make their moves with ease, even bypassing them to directly kill Bai Ning Bing.

Bai Ning Bing looked around the battlefield, the other Gu Masters were still in the middle of the battlefield fighting and charging forward; they were temporarily of no threat.

Bai Ning Bing let out a breath of relief and turned her gaze towards the bronze hall.

"There is not much time…" Her blue eyes narrowed, letting out a clear and cold radiance.

Inside the bronze hall, Fang Yuan took large mouthfuls of air, gasping heavily. Meanwhile, Feng Tian Yu was already lying on the ground, unconscious.

Blood flowed out of Fang Yuan's seven orifices, but he did not care; a pair of bright eyes stared at front.

A Gu was letting out brilliant light as it floated it in the air.

It did not have a concrete shape; occasionally, it was like a colorful cloud and occasionally it was like a whirlpool of light.

"Success!" Fang Yuan was filled with joy, he had already succeeded in refining divine travel Gu.

Now only one step remained and he could obtain second aperture Gu!

"You succeeded, you really succeeded!" The land spirit appeared beside Fang Yuan. It was extremely weak but its eyes glowed with light, full of happiness at the success.

"You are worthy of being a future Gu Immortal, you could really refine divine travel Gu, amazing! It was indeed a correct choice to entrust this task to you. Now, the most difficult step has passed; it is smooth sailing ahead! Next, you need to use third watch Gu and it will be a success without the least bit of difficulty."

The land spirit heaved a long sigh, its sigh full of emotions.

"Thousands of years of effort has finally succeeded today. The recipe indeed works, I am truly happy. But such a pity… that I can't see the second aperture Gu in the end…"

After it finished speaking, the land spirit Ba Gui's body gradually turned fainter and fainter till it completely disappeared.

It was dead.

The immortal essence in the bronze cauldron was almost finished with only a thin trace remaining.

The blessed land had already collapsed for the most part and was at the brink of extinction.

The aged Ba Gui had been helping Fang Yuan in refining Gu and also helping Bai Ning Bing to guard; it finally could not endure such pressure and completely withered away.

But compared to previous life where it had died a death of desperation under many Gu Masters' attacks, it was much more blessed during this life and could even be said to have had a proper death.

Ba Gui's death meant the immortal essence could not be used anymore.

However, Fang Yuan was not nervous.

For the next final step, the immortal essence could be replaced with large amounts of primeval stones.

Even if Ba Gui was alive, that trace of immortal essence in the bronze cauldron was required to support the operation of the blessed land and simply could not be used to refine Gu.

"The difficulty of this Immortal Gu refinement exceeds Spring Autumn Cicada. Just now, that huge shock to the main hall almost caused all the efforts to be a waste, and in case the Gu refinement had failed, with just my mortal body, I will definitely die from the backlash without even having time to activate Spring Autumn Cicada."

"Moreover, this most crucial step had an extreme demand on mind and a mortal simply cannot endure it. Fortunately, I chose to enslave Feng Tian Yu just to be safe, otherwise this step could never have been completed."

In his previous life, Fang Yuan was already a Gu Immortal when he refined Spring Autumn Cicada. Now this time, he was refining Immortal Gu with the qualifications of a mortal and he should not have had any chance of success.

However, first, the mysterious Gu Immortal had racked his brain and used up all his life to research and perfect this recipe.

Second, the recipe used the Immortal Gu divine travel which greatly reduced the absurd difficulty.

And finally, it was not done by Fang Yuan alone, he had the help of land spirit and also enslavement path grandmaster Feng Tian Yu.

All these helped Fang Yuan to complete the most difficult and dangerous step.

"Next I have to use third watch Gu, this is much more simple. Right, I wonder how the situation outside is." Fang Yuan calmed his mind and then started hearing the shouts and commotion outside the main hall.

"Fang Yuan, be careful. Someone broke through the dog formation, a rank four Gu Master is coming towards you!" Right at this time, Bai Ning Bing's warning arrived.

"Hmm." Fang Yuan's expression was heavy as he slowly stood up.


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