Reverend Insanity
391 Demonic Path Alliance Army
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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391 Demonic Path Alliance Army

Chapter 391: Demonic Path Alliance Army
Translator: ChibiGeneral Editor: ChibiGeneral

Seconds passed like days, eventually, the cloud gradually settled down in the air.

Fang Yuan finally had the break he needed to curse the original owner of this blessed land. Such an important point was not mentioned at all in the recipe!

All because of him concentrating hard and reacting in time, together with the help of Feng Tian Yu, he was able to calm and stabilize the situation, slowly getting back his control, otherwise he would have failed.

As time passed, a mystical aura slowly spread.

The cloud completely digested the three-hundred-year lifespan Gu, calming down and turning back to the scene of 'blood field red wheat'. But at this moment, the red wheat had turned blue-green, as if new crops were growing in spring, almost overcrowding. This was what the recipe described as "three hundred years as spring".

"That mysterious Gu Immortal must've only developed the recipe but did not actually do it himself, otherwise, he would have mentioned it." Fang Yuan caught a break and thought hard: "Next, I have to use the five-hundred-year lifespan Gu, but no need to rush."

He wiped the sweat off his forehead, calling the land spirit: "Ba Gui, show me the image of the poisoned land.

Immediately, smoke images appeared in the air, showing a picture.

Long Qing Tian's corpse laid on the ground, as his surrounding sky and land were dyed a deep green colour.

This was Long Qing Tian's jade sky Gu poison.

This Gu originated from the immemorial era, it had a strong poison that Fang Yuan would not dare to touch.

At this moment, two Gu Masters appeared in the image, they had rank three cultivation.

"This place is weird, why is it so green?"

"Quickly, see, that corpse — It's Long Qing Tian!"

They entered this place and found Long Qing Tian's corpse by accident.

"Long Qing Tian is rank four peak stage, a famous demonic head, he was actually killed!"

"Quickly go see, his corpse might have something good!"

The two were happily running towards Long Qing Tian's corpse, driven by greed, they did not realize their bodies were infected by this green light.

"Courting death." Fang Yuan sneered, as expected, in less than ten steps, their poison reacted and the two of them turned into green light, dissipating.

"The jade sky Gu poison has gotten very deep, this region is almost finished, it has completely rotted, the loophole it forms will be even greater than the one Xiao Mang created."

Time was precious, every second was important, but Fang Yuan did not move regardless of how anxious he felt.

After five minutes, with a boom, the blessed land shook and the hall vibrated.

The second loophole tunnel was created!

The land spirit sighed, this way, the blessed land's speed of destruction doubled!

"Continue refining Gu!" Fang Yuan took out the five-hundred-year lifespan Gu and threw it into the cloud.

The cloud rumbled again, trying to break free of Fang Yuan's control.

But Fang Yuan was mentally prepared, he was not caught unaware like last time, and restrained it completely.

But quickly, he felt that there was nothing he could do.

The cloud's change this time, was not only giving off a slippery feeling, but also an arrogant brute force. Like a green snake that had evolved into a flood dragon, about to break free from Fang Yuan's control.

Feng Tian Yu quickly came to help, the two worked hard to suppress the cloud's transformation.

The cloud rumbled many times, about to break free at times, but was eventually suppressed.

Five minutes later, the cloud became clear again, showing a blood field with golden wheat ready for a bountiful harvest. It was the "five hundred years as autumn" scene.

Thankfully, he only refined this Gu after the poison broke out, if not, when the second loophole formed and the hall shook, this Gu refinement would have been interrupted and would not have succeeded.

Fang Yuan waited a while more, as the cloud slowly dispersed after maturing. From the water tank size, it shrunk into a new Gu, falling down.

Fang Yuan held it, it was like a peanut shell, golden and having markings on the surface, that is, scarlet blood traces.

The first false second aperture Gu could only survive for a week, it was unstable. As for this Gu, it could survive for forty years.

At this step, the real second aperture Gu had already formed, and was nurturing in the peanut shell.

But if it was allowed to develop on its own, not just a thousand years, but even if given then thousand years, it might not turn into the real product. Only by using a strong external force, to eliminate the false and make it real, turning from phantom to solid, can it attain a qualitative change, breaking free from mortality and become an immortal!

And this external force is none other than the rank six divine travel Gu!

"Next, we have to use an Immortal Gu to refine an Immortal Gu!" Fang Yuan took deep breaths, regulating his internal flow as he started the most important step of this entire refinement process.

At this time, in the outside world, sounds of killing was overwhelming the mountain...

"This dog is mine!"

"As long as you hand over your Gu worms, I will spare you your life."

"Kill all these eggmen, these variant humans are actually occupying one spirit spring, what a waste of resources!"


All sorts of plundering and robbing were happening, as Gu Masters killed till their eyes turned red, casualties increased greatly.

"Strange! Why have we not seen Lord Tie Mu Bai after so long!"

"Where did our Wu clan Wu Shen Tong go?"

Tie clan and Wu clan Gu Masters felt something amiss.

"Search, quickly go search!"

"The heavenly power's restriction is very small now, we can use most of our Gu worms. The situation is a mess now, there is killing everywhere, as blood flow into a river, we need to find our clan's experts to suppress the situation."

"Are there any places left unsearched?"

"The deepest part of this blessed land, there is a thick fog."

Just as these people placed their sights on the bronze hall, Mo Wu Tian had walked to the edge of the fog alone.

"There is the aura of a Immortal Gu…"

His purple eyes was deep and mysterious, with arrogance and wildness hidden within. Using the purple eyes, the fog dissipated at times, as an endless number of dogs appeared in Mo Wu Tian's vision.

He frowned.

There was strong defenses, just him alone cannot penetrate this defensive line. He needed external help.

His brows eased as Mo Wu Tian turned around.

He moved like lightning, tearing through the sky, moving a hundred miles as he landed before Hu Mei Er.

Hu Mei Er was first scared till she turned pale, after recognising Mo Wu Tian, she smiled: "Young master Wu Tian, you came too! This three kings inheritance has little meat but many wolves , you might get disappointed. Eh! You have advanced to rank five!"

Hu Mei Er looked at this man, unable to hide her shock.

She gulped, trying to alleviate this shock as she forced out a smile: "That's great, you have rank five strength, you have the ability to gain great rewards from this situation. These green eggmen have huge numbers, they have built structures and castles, I cannot break through. There is a green egg empress inside, as long as we capture her, we will be able to have endless fortune."

"Hehehe." Mo Wu Tian looked at the castle, laughing lightly: "Back then, King Bao, Wang Ba Dan, had eight egg empresses, and produced numerous eggmen. King Xin, Wang Xiao Ya's inheritance has divulge information Gu and undefeated hundred battles Gu. King Quan, Wang Er Gou, had two dog emperors, Ying Ming and Ba Huang. This is the essence of the three kings inheritance, but none of them interests me."

Hu Mei Er's smile froze: "To think that young master Wu Tian knows the three kings inheritance so clearly. Since you have no interests in it, why don't you let me have it."

"As expected of a woman, you are too short-sighted!" Mo Wu Tian laughed loudly, staring at Hu Mei Er's eyes: "Let me tell you, the land spirit of this blessed land is not dead, in the deepest area, a deceased Gu Immortal's treasure awaits!"

"What?!" Hu Mei Er was stunned.

"But there is a thick fog there and over a hundred thousand dogs guard it. To go to the central control hall, it is not enough with just the two of us." Mo Wu Tian laughed deeply.

Hu Mei Er was a smart woman, she immediately understood Mo Wu Tian's intentions.

Her eyes shone as she laughed curtly: "Hehehe, isn't it easy to recruit people?"

Hu Mei Er was a decisive person, she abandoned the green egg empress, recruiting demonic Gu Masters alone with Mo Wu Tian.

With her network, and Mo Wu Tian's cultivation and reputation, a large group of demonic Gu Masters soon gathered.

Adding in the details of the Gu Immortal's treasure, the demonic merchant Li Xian, Fiery Star Bao Tong, Rock Lizard Li Qiang and others all gathered.

Mo Wu Tian returned to the fog, no longer alone, but with a demonic army amounting to thousands of people.

"They are finally here…" Bai Ning Bing sitting on the hill stood up slowly.

The fog could obscure people's vision, but because of the land spirit's help, Bai Ning Bing had a clear vision, and could see the demonic alliance army.

Mo Wu Tian observed for a while before saying: "Li Qiang, bring three hundred people and attack head-on. After a few dozen steps, you will face the steel armor dogs. Fight as you retreat, move towards the left and engage with the chrysanthemum akita dogs. Defeat them and you will charge towards the south-east direction.

"Hu Mei Er, bring five hundred people, and go left. As you fighting your way through, you will encounter lightning symbol dogs, hedgedogs and corpse dogs, do not mind the losses, just charge towards the north."

"Bao Tong, go on the right path, bring eight hundred people. Towards the southwest direction, make a din and shout as you charge, no dogs will obstruct you for five hundred steps. After you encounter the lightning symbol dogs, fighting and charge with all you've got, if you cannot break through in forty-five minutes, retreat back here!"

"Li Xian, bring four hundred people as back-up, prepare for mobilization anytime, If I give no commands, take care of the returning troops."

"Then what about you Mo Wu Tian?" Li Xian's eyes shone with deep meaning as he asked.

"I will obviously stand guard at the base, why, you have a problem?" Mo Wu Tian looked at Li Xian lightly with his expression purple eyes.

Li Xian felt a chill in his spine.

"When did this Mo Wu Tian become so scary? His cultivation surged and his killing intent is overflowing, it seems he received an amazing ancient inheritance, if not, how could he improve so much? I had thought that little beast king could fight with him, but now it seems that he is truly the demonic path's number one genius, he is simply too fearsome."

Li Xian's heart turn cold as he obeyed the command.

With such an arrangement, four demonic experts brought their troops and charged towards the fog according to Mo Wu Tian's orders.


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