Reverend Insanity
386 He also died
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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386 He also died

Chapter 386: He also died
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"This is the forty-eighth round." Wu Shen Tong counted in his heart.

He came from Wu clan, the number one super clan in southern border, they had deep foundations, and were the supreme overlord of the righteous path. And he was the heavily nurtured enslavement path Gu Master in Wu clan, his attainments in enslavement was nothing to be scoffed at.

Wu Shen Tong's name might sound domineering, but in truth, he was thin as a stick, his skin was pale-yellow, and he looked like a sickly scholar.

In truth, he once had a broad shoulder and thin waist, and had a perfect body. But in one battle, he was afflicted with Long Qing Tian's jade sky Gu poison.

He went to Divine Doctor Sheng Shou for treatment.

Divine Doctor Sheng Shou touched his chest, his eyes shining as he sighed: "You came too late. The Gu poison has seeped into your bone marrow. I can preserve your life and cultivation, but because this poison is deeply rooted, it cannot be removed. From now you, you have to come here once in a while for treatment, I will help you detox at regular intervals."

Precisely because of jade sky Gu's poison, Wu Shen Tong became thinner and thinner each day, eventually ending up like this.

"I wonder which Gu Master is my next opponent?" Wu Shen Tong walked in the fog, his gaze solemn.

Just earlier, in the three options, he chose the front path.

In King Quan inheritance, towards the later stages, more options appeared. Most Gu Masters would choose to fight dog groups for safety, and in truth, they only chose other Gu Masters out of desperation.

No matter how big the dog group is, they were still beasts. With a Gu Master's guidance, even if the dog group is weak, they possessed great threat.

Wu Shen Tong however, took the opposite route, whenever he was given a chance to battle another Gu Master, he would not choose any other path.

"In terms of enslavement path mastery, I am top-tier in southern border. In this San Cha mountain, I am almost the best. Only two people can threaten me, one is Wu Gui because he is a rank five Gu Master that had once walked the enslavement path. But sadly, enslavement path used too much resources and he had to change paths midway. The other is Zhang San San, he is a true enslavement Gu Master, but his cultivation is inferior to me."

In the enslavement path, Wu Shen Tong had great advantage. In terms of seniority, Zhang San San was his junior. In this King Quan Inheritance, even if he had to fight Wu Gui head on, he had no fear.

With such great strength, he obviously had to target his enemies and eliminate as many competitors as possible.

Eventually, he will be left alone to devour this King Quan Inheritance.

This was Wu Shen Tong's brilliance.

"If I had to count, my next opponent should be the twenty-third. Hehe, it is your bad luck to have encouraged me."

Wu Shen Tong snorted internally as he stopped his steps.

Beside him, his group dog guarded him closely.

He looked at the other end of the fog, from the fog, a group of green-purple dogs with rotting skin appeared.

"Oh, corpse dogs." Wu Shen Tong laughed lightly.

He knew that these dogs were extremely useful early on in the inheritance. That is because these dogs can consume corpses to recover their injuries.

But towards the later parts, these corpse dogs would get weaker and weaker. That is because, these dogs were not as fast as the lightning symbol dogs, had lower defense than the steel armor dogs, and were not as united as the chrysanthemum akita dogs.

"Only those half-assed enslavement path Gu Masters would love these useless corpse dogs. Different paths are worlds' apart, how would those who aren't enslavement path Gu Masters know the true meaning of enslavement path without decades of experience?"

Wu Shen Tong thought about those Gu Masters and laughed in disdain.

But the next moment,he frowned lightly.

From the fog before him, corpse dogs continued to appear.

"This number is slightly huge, it seems that to win, I will have to pay a small price." Wu Shen Tong thought.

But soon, at the same time as the corpse dogs, different kinds of dogs started appearing in his vision.

"Chrysanthemum akita dogs! The number is slightly big, hmm… it seems this person has some attainments in the enslavement path." Wu Shen Tong nodded lightly.

"A combination of chrysanthemum akita dogs and corpse dogs, although the number is slightly big, their formation is extremely brittle. I just have to use a few dog kings to charge forward later, and they would disperse easily, as long as I act forcefully, I would be able to defeat them and attain victory."

"Eh, the other party actually has hedgedogs?"

From the fog, Wu Shen Tong saw hedgedogs appearing.

These dogs, their entire bodies were filled with spikes, attacking them would injure oneself.

If the steel armor dogs with huge defense were called tough, then these hedgedogs were tough with spikes. To eliminate them, one has to be prepared to get their throats punctured.

"So many hedgedogs! It seems this person is lucky, being able to gather such a huge group. Why didn't I have such luck?"

Wu Shen Tong sighed, immediately changing his battle strategy.

"The opponent had hedgedogs, I will use the steel armor dogs as the vanguard, and flank with the lightning symbol dogs. Once they engage in battle, the steel armor dogs will charge in and encircle with the lightning symbol dogs, attaining victory easily!"

But after the hedgedogs appeared, large numbers of lightning symbol dogs appeared from the fog.

Wu Shen Tong's expression turned grim.

The appearance of the dog group meant his earlier strategy no longer worked. That is because the opponent possessed a dog with high speed like lightning symbol dog, they could reverse flank him.

"To think they also have the lightning symbol dogs, and so many!" More and more lightning symbol dogs appeared in his vision, as Wu Shen Tong's expression turned ugly.

He thought: The other party has so many dogs, this cannot be explained with luck. Evidently, the other part is also an experienced enslavement path Gu Master, already able to threaten him.

"Who is it? Is it Wu Gui or Zhang San San? Regardless, this will be a tough fight. I can only improvise my battle tactic, and change accordingly, thankfully, I have a token!"

Thinking so, Wu Shen Tong's heart settled.

He took a look at his dog troop, there, a group of dogs laid on the ground, around a hundred and twenty.

The dogs were large in size, twice the size of ordinary dogs, they had sharp claws and their backs were wide and thick, while their nose and mouth resembled a lion's.

This was the heavy tai dog.

Heavy tai dog had defense equivalent to the steel armor dogs. In terms of unity, they matched the chrysanthemum akita dogs.

"In this King Quan Inheritance, out of the hundred types of dogs, only a few can be part of the main troop. Heavy tai dog is one of them. Lightning symbol dog, chrysanthemum akita dog, and steel armor dog, these dogs are too extreme, their weaknesses are too apparently, they cannot be relied on. Only a dog like heavy tai dog can be relied on. The larger the numbers, the stronger their battle strength.

Wu Shen Tong looked at his heavy tai dogs, feeling satisfied.

These were saved up by him after much difficulty. In usual battles, he did not use them, saving them until now.

"It seems this will be a hard battle, I have to use the heavy tai dogs. I believe that when I strike, the opponent should be very surprised. Hahaha…"

Thinking of this, Wu Shen Tong's lips curled into a smile.

But the next moment, his smile froze on his face.

From the other end of the fog, heavy tai dogs appeared too.

"The other party also have heavy tai dogs? Indeed, they are an expert in enslavement path, they naturally understand the excellence of the heavy tai dogs, thus they kept a few."

More and more heavy thai dogs appeared from the fog, as Wu Shen Tong started squinting, his brows frowning into a wrinkle.

"So many, why do they have so many heavy tai dogs?"

He had always regarded the heavy tai dogs as his trump card, seeing his opponent have them placed much mental pressure on Wu Shen Tong.

Suddenly, Wu Shen Tong's pupils shrunk as he stared at the fog.

He saw a domineering dog king.

"Heavy tai dog king! They actually have a heavy tai dog king!" Wu Shen Tong saw this and his heart sank.

With the dog king, the dog group's battle strength will surge several times. More importantly, Wu Shen Tong does not have a heavy tai dog king to fight back, his trump card would be suppressed by his opponent's dog king and have less fighting strength than normal.

In just a short moment, his trump card was no more.

"Tough battle, this will be an unprecedentedly tough battle! Who is it? Wu Gui or Zhang San San? It has to be one of them! High chance it is Wu Gui!"

Wu Shen Tong had lost his confidence towards this battle.

"The opponent's troops are larger than mine, I am likely to lose this. Even if I win this, it will be a tough victory and I would face great losses, unable to continue anymore."

Wu Shen Tong felt regret already.

But very quickly, he felt more than just simply regret.

His eye socket expanded more and more, as his mouth opened subconsciously.

His eyeballs were bulging out of his sockets, like his head was hit on the back. His expression turned from suspicious to shock, from shock to fear.

From the fog, not only did a large number of heavy tai dogs appear, even green hua dogs, smoke song dogs, light heng dogs and star heng dogs appeared!

Green hua dogs, a body covered in green scales, having an extraordinary disposition.

Smoke song dogs, oozing smoke from its nose and mouth, extremely rebellious.

Light heng dogs, a body of white fur, bright and gentle.

Star heng dogs, long and slim, stood out from the crowd.

How is this possible!" Wu Shen Tong screamed: "Green hua, smoke song, light heng and star heng all have differing specialties, they are on the same level, known as the five great mountain 1 dogs collectively, able to form a grand formation! How did they get so many dogs?"

What was hardest for Wu Shen Tong to believe was that the other party not only had large numbers of five great mountain dogs, they also had their respective dog kings!

"Who in the world is he? How can he have so many dog kings? Unbelievable! Is this an illusion?" In the fog, dogs were still coming out one after another, causing a great mental impact on Wu Shen Tong.

Compared to him, the other party was like a giant fighting a baby.

They could be compared at all!

Wu Shen Tong had no battle intent left. He had no way of winning this battle.

The other party just has to wave their hand and the dog groups would overwhelm him, regardless of his manipulation skills, there was no difference.

The different in military force could not be made up for with technical skills.

"Who is it? Did a rank five enslavement path Gu Master come to San Cha mountain? Impossible! Even if it is a rank five enslavement path Gu Master, how can they have such a large army? I have to see who the other party is!"

Wu Shen Tong grabbed his token as he stared at the fog.

From the fog, a persona appeared.

"Finally revealing your true identity?" Wu Shen Tong's sweat was dripping down his forehead as he gulped.


At this moment, there was a light sound and Fang Yuan appeared behind him.

"Who?" Wu Shen Tong felt something and before he turned back.

Fang Yuan placed his palm on his head, squeezing.


His head was popped like a balloon.

He was dead too.

From the fog, Bai Ning Bing walked out casually.

"How many rounds left?" She looked at Fang Yuan, yawning, like she had not gotten out of bed.


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