Reverend Insanity
385 Kindness, Grudge, Affection, Hatred
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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385 Kindness, Grudge, Affection, Hatred

Chapter 385: Kindness, Grudge, Affection, Hatred
Translator: ChibiGeneral Editor: ChibiGeneral

"Oh? What method?" Fang Yuan's eyebrows raised.

"Regarding this matter, I have to start from a long time ago…" Chou Jiu heaved a deep sigh as he recalled; hatred, grief, deep love and other complicated expressions appeared on his face.

"I have no time to listen to your story." Fang Yuan ruthlessly interrupted.

Chou Jiu choked: "Then I will make it short."

"My original name was Zeng Ah Niu. I was a farmer who made a living by collecting herbs, one time I unluckily fell from a cliff but I profited from it and entered Shadow Sect's blessed land. By passing the land spirit's test, I was able to become a disciple of Shadow Sect. The sect only had two disciples, me and a senior sister."

"Senior sister's surname is Chen and her first name is Jiu, she was as beautiful as an immortal fairy. She was raised by the land spirit since young and had never left the blessed land, thus her nature was truly innocent. Since birth, I was extremely ugly and had always suffered bullying and ridicule. But senior sister was always amiable and warm to me. I slowly started having feelings for her after being in contact with her all the time. We took an oath in front of the blessed land's sea, to protect and stand by each other. We cultivated together and entered deep into the door of life and death, capturing life Gu and death Gu…."

"That was the happiest time of my life and I had thought it could continue forever. After an earth calamity, the land spirit suffered injuries and went into hibernation; a hole appeared in the blessed land and connected it to the outside world, allowing a scoundrel to sneak in."

"This scoundrel was heavily injured at that time, and if I had known what would happen later because of him, I would have definitely killed him on the spot! But I didn't do that and instead saved him. He claimed his surname was Shang, and had blood red hair. He had exceptional eloquence, and using his flowery words, he slowly deceived senior sister during his recuperation. His appearance was indeed slightly better than mine and used his pretty boy face to win senior sister's favor. Senior sister was innocent and ignorant, the more she talked with him, the happier she became; in the end, she took the initiative to take care of him in every possible way."

"We argued many times about this, falling out with each other a lot. After that thief recovered, I wanted to expel him and continue living a fairytale life with senior sister. But who could have thought her heart had already changed and actually broke the oath we took at that time, injuring me and defecting with that scoundrel!"

"I was really regretful! I regretted my compassion which led to a disaster, and I hated senior sister Chen Jiu for falling in love with somebody else, and even more hatred towards that despicable scoundrel for robbing what I cherished. After I recovered from my injuries, I left the blessed land and roamed around Southern Border, searching for this adulterous couple. But what I didn't know was, this scoundrel had really high status and was the leader of Shang clan!"

Chou Jiu paused and looked at Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan was expressionless, he knew many behind-the-scene details due to his previous life memories and already knew who Chou Jiu was talking about in the middle of his conversation.

Chou Jiu could only give a forced smile at Fang Yuan's indifference: "It seems you have already guessed their identities. That's right, that thief is the current Shang clan leader Shang Yan Fei and my senior sister Chen Jiu is Doctor Su Shou. Shang clan is a super clan while I am a lone force, I roamed around Southern Border all these years and put in a lot of effort to deal with this adulterous couple! Unfortunately... unfortunately I am going to die here today and have no way of achieving my wish."

"Hehehe." Fang Yuan silently listened to end and suddenly laughed.

He looked at Chou Jiu who was sitting on the ground, his eyes shining brightly: "Killer ghost doctor, you made quite a good plan. According to your words, Shadow Sect has only you and Chen Jiu, if you die, I will have to obtain the information about life and death door from Shang Yan Fei and Doctor Su Shou. But why would they tell me about the matters regarding the blessed land of Shadow Sect so easily? At that time, we will have to fight, and no matter who wins, both will be favorable to you."

"Hahaha… little beast king, you are very blunt and straightforward. People who only plot and scheme will always act under the radar, but your thinking is meticulous and your way of doing things is domineering, you are truly a formidable person who has yet to shook the world. You are right, that is my plan. It is an open scheme and you have already seen through it, so are you still going to make inquiries about the Shadow Sect's blessed land from them?" Killer ghost doctor laughed heartily.

Fang Yuan looked at this rank five Gu Master for a while before sighing: "Of course."

Life and death door was an immemorial forbidden ground like the river of time.

There were many unique Gu inhabiting in that place.

Spring Autumn Cicada existed in the river of time; life and death door naturally also had similar Immortal Gu.

It was impossible for Fang Yuan to not be moved by such an enormous benefits. Thus, he clearly knew Chou Jiu's scheme, but was still going to go head-first into it.

Qiu laughed loudly with tears appearing in his eyes: "Little beast king, although you are a talent of the younger generation, I really admire you. I really look forward to the future where you collide with that adulterous couple. It is a pity I won't be able to see it."

"Our Shadow Sect has different views on life and death. We encountered each other among the countless sea of people because of life and yet my death will be because of you, this is a truly extraordinary fate. Maybe, you really are fated to find Shadow Sect's blessed land and the door of life and death. I might as well give this mysterious fate to you and hope you can grasp it."

Chou Jiu became tranquil and his gaze were deep as if he had seen through life and death: "It is no matter if I die now, after all in this world, who can live forever? One can gain a long life but immortality is a hopeless prospect. Even those Immortal Venerable and Demon Venerable will only turn into ashes in the end. Little beast king, I will end my own life, you don't need to do it."

Saying so, he committed suicide by biting off his tongue!

Blood sprayed out as his life went away, the ghost doctor, the head of the four great doctors in the future died like this.

"I did not expect to gain such important information by killing this ghost doctor. Shadow Sect's blessed land, life and death door… If I am able to rule them, they will definitely be a foundation to my hegemony. It seems I will have to change my plan again."

Every single Gu Master who cultivated to rank five needed to go through the survival of the fittest and many competitions before they were able to distinguish themselves; none of them were a simple character.

They all possessed their own individual opportunities, advantages, trump cards and secrets.

Right now, all the rank five Gu Masters in the blessed land were annihilated by Fang Yuan.

Tie Mu Bai, Wu Gui, Ku Mo, Wu Lan Shan and Chou Jiu had their own distinct individuality, deep foundation and powerful strength. If the current Fang Yuan was to fight them alone, any one of them could easily suppress him; he was absolutely not their match.

"So Doctor Su Shou's real name is Chen Jiu while the killer ghost doctor named himself Chou Jiu, it seems the hatred was born from love. No wonder in my previous life, during the battle of Yi Tian mountain, he took the initiative to go there and threw himself into that whirlpool, challenging Shang Yan Fei and confronting Doctor Su Shou. And after he was taken as a prisoner, he exposed the matter back then and was killed by Shang Yan Fei."

As for the kindness, grudge, affection and hatred entangling these three, Fang Yuan did not want to judge.

Sympathize with Chou Jiu? But Doctor Su Shou's choice was also completely understandable. Favor the rich and disdain the poor, detest ugliness and love beauty, these were common in the world.

Shang Yan Fei was a famous handsome man in Southern Border; comparing him to Chou Jiu, one was day and another was night.

The main reason Doctor Su Shou felt deeply attached to Chou Jiu was because she was pure and Chou Jiu was the first male she saw. And later when she met Shang Yan Fei, her eyes were opened and had a comparison.

Moreover, Chen Jiu was someone who innately pursued beauty.

When a patient came to visit her, she would first look at their appearance. If they were ugly, she would not treat them. If they were average, it would depend on her mood at that time and the patient's examination fees. If they were handsome and beautiful, she would treat them on the spot and not even charge fees.

Someone reproached her for this and she argued righteously: "You ugly beings, the fact that you are alive is simply staining the beauty of life, you should all just die and that will solve all troubles. As for beautiful things, of course we need to cherish and protect them by all means."

These words had caused an uproar in Shang clan city at that time. In the end, Shang Yan Fei personally appeared and suppressed this event.

Doctor Su Shou's position in Shang clan city was unique.

Back when Fang Yuan and Bai Ning Bing saw Doctor Su Shou together at Shang clan city, the difference in her attitude was very clear. She was indifferent to Fang Yuan whereas she was very gentle and amiable to Bai Ning Bing.

"But speaking of it, the four great doctors all have their own peculiarity. Leaving aside killer ghost doctor and Doctor Su Shou, Travelling Doctor Jiu Zhi likes to disguise himself as an old beggar and wander around aimlessly. Divine Doctor Sheng Shou is a male who likes other males."

Fang Yuan thought casually while taking out all the Gu of killer ghost doctor.

Chou Jiu had many Gu worms.

Most of them were healing Gu and besides that were movement Gu.

He did not have rank five healing Gu, but instead had a rank five movement Gu called warp Gu.

Warp Gu's shape was abstract and looked like a fried twisted dough. Its dark golden body was twisted around seven to eight times, its head was twisted around its body, its eyes and wings were misaligned; as if its creator had created it at a whim.

However, this appearance instead matched with its original owner's appearance.

Fang Yuan slightly sized it up before storing it. Then he used beast strength placenta Gu to swallow Chou Jiu's aperture.

Looking at Chou Jiu's corpse, he chuckled: "Chou Jiu... Chou Jiu, you are really cunning. If I did not have my previous life's memories, I would have truly been deceived by you."

Although Chou Jiu was dead, he was hiding a chance of resurrection.

In Fang Yuan's previous life, Chou Jiu's throat had been cut and assassinated during the middle stage of the battle in Yi Tian mountain. But not long later, he came back to life, causing both righteous and demonic path to be extremely startled.

It turns out, he had used remnant life Gu.

Remnant life Gu was a rank five expendable Gu, and as long as a Gu Master's body is intact after death, they can slowly recover after some time and resurrect.

However, since Chou Jiu was at the blessed land, the remnant life Gu's law fragment in his body was suppressed by the heavenly power and could not activate for the time being. But as long as the blessed land slowly crumbles, its suppression power would weaken and the remnant life Gu's power could activate again and resurrect him.

Chou Jiu had repeatedly praised and flattered Fang Yuan and put on a show that he was carefreely facing death; it was all to give a good impression to Fang Yuan so that after his death, his corpse would not be ripped apart by Fang Yuan.

In truth, Fang Yuan also did not have a habit of mutilating corpses.

"But today, I will make an exception for you." Fang Yuan ruthlessly attacked and soon turned Chou Jiu's corpse into minced meat.

He hesitated for a while and was still not satisfied, so he burnt the pool of blood and flesh into ashes.

With a wave of his palm, the ashes fluttered and drifted everywhere.

"Chou Jiu, if you can still resurrect from this, I will admit you have skills! Hahahaha…"


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